Hud-ui disappears ingame (worse than it sounds)

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    Not sure how to explain what happens, but the hud-ui just sort of decides to disappear ingame after a while. (couple of minutes after a raid has started)

    After it's gone, I can no longer access my inventory, loot any item (body, container or loose loot) and no information is on my screen regardless of what action I take (such as checking my mag, getting shot etc etc)

    I also cannot access the options menu, or anything else for that matter. (f12 works, and tilde(?) "menu" also works iirc)

    If it happens while looting a body/container then it appears as if I leave the looting screen but I can't move, shoot or make any action what-so-ever - im just stuck looking at whatever I was looting.

    If it happens while just walking/running/shooting etc then I can still do those things, but I cannot access my inventory, press esc or anything else. Everything else around me still does what it usually does. Scavs/PMCs around me can still walk around and shoot etc, the sounds still plays normally.

    I can alt-tab just fine, and while doing so I cannot see anything out of the ordinary in the server launcher window, but when alt-tabing back into the game, the issue persists.

    At this point im not sure what to do, or what's causing it but needless to say the game is unplayable once it happens - worse if it happens while im in my inventory because then my only option is to alt-f4, if it happens while im walking around I can atleast walk to an extract and get out.

    I tried googling before deciding to post here and I can't find any results, perhaps im not searching for the right keywords - im not sure.

    Any ideas of what might be causing this, and possibly what I can do to fix it?

    If there is anything else I can provide, please let me know - and thank you in advance,


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    Remove all mods and try again, from the sounds of things you can get this to consistentally happen?

    all i can see in the logs that the UI is complaining about something missing but not much more than that



    WEEWOO :kekw:

  • Remove all mods and try again, from the sounds of things you can get this to consistentally happen?

    all i can see in the logs that the UI is complaining about something missing but not much more than that

    It happened on my first 2 raids after installing. Both were on Reserve, and both times it happened within minutes of spawning in, maybe 5 minutes let's say.

    Since then I've stayed away from Reserve and only played Factory, Woods and Customs (doing early game missions) and have not had the same thing happen on one of those maps, yet. (Although, the game sometimes just closes down on Customs for no apparent reason, but that's probably unrelated to this specific issue?)

    I can relate to the logs complaining about something missing, that was sort of my complaint when it happened lol.

    Are the logs saying anything about what might be related to the cause? Like, if it's noticing something missing shouldn't it be saying what that thing is?

    I appreciate the response, I will return to Reserve and see if I can get it to happen again before I start pulling mods and I will reply back here if it does.

  • exact same thing happened to me, also on reserve. i thought i hit a wrong button that hid the UI or something but i also couldn't open containers and doors and couldn't hit the D2 power switch

    i also wasn't using any mods so i'm not sure what the issue is, i'll make a post with the logs and stuff as soon as i figure it out

  • I... haven't been able to replicate this again so far.

    Played a couple of more times on Reserve, maybe 20-30min per run and haven't had it happen again.

    Although I did reinstall SPT-AKI due to getting lots of crashes on Customs and Woods, looked through the error log and seems to be memory related?

    Strange how it happened twice in a row after about the same amount of time in-raid, and only on Reserve? Well, I suppose I haven't visited Lighthouse yet so that remains to be seen.

    Anyhow, im not quite sure how to proceed. I guess I'll reply back if it happens again? :|

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