Something is borked with key spawns in jackets and drawers since SPT 3.5.*

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    Ever since 3.5 was released I seem to get a weird amount of Interchange keys spawn when I search jackets and drawers. I play with Pestily's hardcore rules and finding keys is very important to progress the questlines. I'm now about 250 raids into the game, and I have found the interchange "Power" key about 200 times. I am still looking for the ORB key for reserve and am stuck. I recall in SPT 2.4.* I was very satisfied with the amount of different keys I was able to find, but that is now gone.

    Anyways, great work with this project, kept me playing this game after losing the will to play the online version.

  • So, a little more info. It seems that Interchange keys are the most likely to spawn, after that it's Streets then Lighhouse. It's as if the loot pool first take from Interchange, then those other two. Reserve and Customs are very rare, the older the maps the less chance of it spawning.

    I've read that the statistical chance of items spawning is from 30000 raids, but does these include the same amount of raids from Streets and Lighthouse as it does from Customs and Reserve? If not, you have a problem with tainted pools which would explain the issues I am having.

    Sorry to be a bother, but this bugs me to no end - If I find one more "Power" key I'll rage quit this game;)

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    Each map has about 4-8k runs each. Is it possible keys are just rare and you're getting bad luck?

    For the container loot gen, we take the loot of all maps and combine into one pool for each container, e.g. duffle bags loot in interchange and customs and reserve (and so on for all maps) are combined.

  • But why are Interchange keys so common? I have found many Kiba Arms store keys in 3.5, I never used to find them in previous versions, I got them from doing quests. And even rare Streets keys, like the marked room one, are more common than some Reserve and Customs keys. And the Factory key seems to only be available through quest reward. But sure, I can be that unlucky :D

    Speaking of Street's marked room, the lose ammo spawned there are always the same types in the same places. In the Bleeding Edge version of 3.5 it was more varied.

  • In the last 2 days pretty much every key I found has been for Interchange and it's not the best keys. I'm stuck on Customs quests because of rarity of keys and I refuse to use the Flea Market as I am doing a Hardcore play through right now. Also how come the Flea is open at level 1?

    Rad Roach

  • I am having the same behavior in 3.5.0.

    I turned the loot multiplier up to 10x and then 20x to check customs for keys.

    The factory key never seems to spawn in either location. The desk in dorms is always empty and the locker in the dead scav building has keys for dorms such as 214, 218, 220, 315.

    Key 203 never seems to spawn in the cup in room 214.

    The 204** key has never spawned in the "wallet" jacket near old gas station.

    Key 114 never seems to spawn in the jacket near the checkpoint.

    Key 110 and the checkpoint key don't seem to spawn unless I crank the loot to at least 6x then they spawn almost every raid.

    I have done over 100 raids and have found one 206 dorm key on a scav, zero dorm 303 keys for the skier quest, and zero director customs office keys.

    I have found a ton of register keys for interchange and random keys for Streets in drawers, jackets, and scavs.

    I have to agree with R@S the amount of keys I find Streets>Lighthouse>Interchange>Reserve>Shoreline>Customs

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    It's possible that those keys don't spawn in Live offline raids, either. It would explain why they're not present in SPT.

    If anyone could do some offline raids in Live to check if any of the keys spawn as expected there, it would help us with the investigation. If they keys do spawn in Live offline raids, then we could fairly confidently state that it's an issue with SPT.

  • I'm testing the spawns on live offline raids. I'll take a minute since not all are 100% chance to spawn.

    I'm confused where you say the 214 key spawns tho, when I looked it up it's near the storage/garage area?

    Dorm room 214 key
    Dorm room 214 key (Dorm 214) is a Key in Escape from Tarkov. A dorm room key with 214 tag on it. Only 4 can be held in your PMC inventory at one time This is…

  • So I have done ~20 runs on customs checking a few key locations. So far I have not found a Factory key in either location. I did find a 114 key in the jacket in the car where it should be and one of the first five scavs I killed had a 206 key on him.


    So I have done another 8 runs and still no key(Factory) I'm going to go out on a limb and say offline mode spawns either less loot overall than Live or some loot items just do not spawn in offline such as keys.

    There seems to be a lot of posts around September of 2021 on the subreddit about a change made to offline loot not matching Live loot.

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  • About the Factory key, I think the devs removed those lose spawn points a couple of wipes ago. It doesn't spawn in 3 story dorm anymore, but you could still find it in jackets.

    Another change was the drawers where you could find some of the custom keys, now you can find any key there. If the pool of 30000 raids where done before this change, how can the pool for drawer represent an accurate picture of how it works in the Live version?

    Anyways, thanks to all who replied in this thread, I thought I was the only one who saw this as a bug, not a feature :)

    I've quit playing this game until the next update, hopefully it'll be fixed by then. Atleast I managed to get the Kappa in my hardcore playthrough 8)

  • The 203 Dorms Key in room 214 has a  "probability": 0.0006465517241379311, and has only been found in our dumps 3 times out of thousands. its rare asf.

    You are more likely to find the key in Weapon Boxes and Drawers

    EDIT: Just checked 3.5.0 and it never spawned on customs looseloot at all if anything this is a extra feature that has only just been implemented with the new loot generation

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    There are currently 2 spawns for Factory Emergency Exit Key, at a relativeProbability of 1.

    Additionally I've provided all the keys worried about with their probability, and relativeProbability inside of that probability.

    This is all checking the looseLoot file for Customs, only. These keys do exist.

    They are RARE. Please use a mod to tune your loot values as you would enjoy it but this isn't an issue within SPT. Perhaps over time as we gather more dumps this will change but for now; this is the data we have.

    And yes, of course, it's only natural that "live" offline raids simply have less loot because they don't tailor loot like they do live raids.

    As for why Interchange keys are more common? Likely because there's just way more of them.

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    The 203 Dorms Key in room 214 has a  "probability": 0.0006465517241379311, and has only been found in our dumps 3 times out of thousands. its rare asf.

    You are more likely to find the key in Weapon Boxes and Drawers

    because of this, its not a bug, its just low chance, use a mod to up loot chances.



    WEEWOO :kekw:

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