Toasty All Quests Finished Kiki Repack

  • kikirio added a new file:


    This is a quick update to post 1.0.0 AKI, all credit to Toasty the original author, I haven't changed anything other than correcting the paths.

    Edit, as an aside, this will not work with quests you have accepted before installing this mod, as it sets the conditions on quest acceptance AFAIK.

    This mod will change the finish condition for every quest so they can be completed automatically (you will meet the finish conditions without having to do anything). It is useful for completing any bugged quests or just skipping all the quests if that's what you desire. This is incompatible with any mod that alters quest finishing conditions (such as my Remove Tedious Quests mod). Uninstalling will return quests to normal and allow you to use other quest mods. Any quest completed with this will remain completed even after you uninstall and any progress you made before installing will be preserved. This pairs well with Ereshkigal's All Quests Available mod in the AIO and would allow you to start and finish every quest in the game as soon as you start a new profile.

    Special thanks to Ereshkigal as this is essentially just a value change from their All Quests Available mod found in their AIO. All credit should go to them.

  • kikirio added a new version:


    I have given all my mods a sizeable refactor which should make the code a fair bit easier to follow. I have also added most of my todo list (any specific changes below), and want to release everything before things get hectic in my life again ^^.

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