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    Hey Valens, can you elaborate on what exactly those difficulty weights do? Cause for the life of me, I just don't get it.

    The most obvious thing would be: "the higher the number, the more difficult the bots get". But then your documentation presents some kind of a table with percentile chances and... wtf?

    Are those weights just basically a chance for each bot to spawn on a particular difficulty level?

    Yeah, ok. My point is: sometimes bugs like that produce pretty neat mechanics (remember "skiing" in Tribes games?).

    And having a boss respawn over and over on the same map sounds like a fun option ;)


    Fixed issues caused. I wasn't clearing the boss array each map, so they were all piling up on top of each other.

    How was that NOT a feature? animetantrum

    Trust me, I'm having a hard time getting the PMCs to work right (or even understanding how the configs interact with each other) ;)

    Oh, I believe you. From what I heard, the PMCs in this build are basically a bit toned down Lighthouse rogues and even online people keep complaining on their laserbeamyness.

    Yyyyyyeah... Just got laserbeamed by a MOVING pmc on Customs, from behind the gas station while I was camped up on the rocks near the sniper outpost.

    EDIT: Right... If I wanted to die after just two shots in the ARM, I'd be playing online ;D 1.1.0 somehow was more playable for me.

    I've always run AKI without running the LIVE version.

    Yeah, but it's still there, installed. I've got a brand new OS installation, so neither it, nor AKI is aware of a legit copy of Tarkov residing somewhere on the drive.

    I have to reinstall the whole live game, which is going to mess AKI up. Oh, well. At least now I have a PC capable of running (smoothly!) the game online.

    Awww maan... I've just set up a brand new PC and moved the SSD with Live (not updated since September) and AKI to it - since it's a brand new OS installation, would I have to run Live at least once to get AKI to run? Or will it run on its own?

    Cause at this point running Live will DEFINITELY prevent AKI from running :/

    Yes, if you don't want other bosses on that particular map.

    Those numbers are just probabilities of the boss spawning, so 0 obviously means "will never spawn here", 100 is "will always show up".

    Go into config.json, select the map you want ("enabled" has to be set to true), pick the boss on the bossList and set his percentage to 100.

    Example: Gluhar on Factory

    If you want "correct" bosses on every map, then just set the right one to 100 on each one.

    Maybe you should use these more user friendly names in the config and then just map them in the code to their actual codenames. It would help avoid this kind of confusion.

    I keep finding scavs with their weapons in what should be an unusable state - no pistol grips or whole stocks (imagine a "naked" Mosin and how fun would it be to shoot something like that). At first I thought it was the AdvancedBotLoadouts mod glitching out, but the same thing happens without it. Actually, even WITH the mod added, "CustomizeScavEquipmentChances" enabled and every "pistol grip" or "stock" spawn chance cranked up to 100, it still happens.

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