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    as per the Readme, don't go minus on weight, it will cause this to happen, i plan to add a guard to not allow this in the future

    Hi, I have fastHideoutProduction enabled but Purified Water Canister produced from the water collector still takes hours to produce. Is this a known issue? I'm still using version 2.7.1 but didn't see anything about this in the changelog. Thanks

    I was unaware of this, atm i don't have time to debug/update so sorry you'll have to deal with it for now

    something is breaking Sams mod, the helicrash one

    Followed install instructions but bushes still slow me down and cannot prone (AKI 2.3.1)

    can you post your logs?

    client logs are located > sptinstall/logs/Logs*date* *time* etc/ there will be a log in there called a *date**time*trace.log

    bepinex logs are located > sptinstall/bepinex/logoutput.log

    server logs are located > sptinstall/user/logs/server.log

    yeah the sorting button is a bit "eh", losing items after using it seems to be a common issue lately, I would suggest not using it personally, your profile probably still has the mag case in the same location as the other, when you go into the inventory it will load the first one I guess, without going into the profile and manually moving the location, try moving things away from the location of the item that has vanished, see if they come back

    hey there, can you remove all mods and see if you have any issues with selling and getting money back?

    I assume you also have used SPO at some point because of this "TML_DLLS_Faupi-MunitionsExpert 1.4.1"

    this is not how I pack that mod up.


    CWX added a new version:


    As per FAQ, Game Issues, PMC dies on raid start! or Missing textures!

    1. Delete all game files to do with EFT and SPT.

    2. redownload EFT from BSG's launcher,

    4. restart the SPT install process

    closing thread

    none of the options in this mod alters what the traders sell. you'd need to maybe look into a mod that creates a custom trader or something, sorry i cant help you with that