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    Hello, i get tons of [ERROR] Fin's AI Tweaks: Object with ID 5c925fa22e221601da359b7b,5efb0da7a29a85116f6ea05f in followergluharsnipe's inventory appears to be an invalid item. This may cause issues. messages in the Server Log if I add the Bread & Butter Mod and Fin's AI Tweaks, are those both not compatible or can I just ignore this messages? Thanks!

    EDIT: A note on errors before raids, because I get this question a lot. TL;DR here, and the long explanation below:

    TL;DR: The errors aren't harmful, and are just hiccups in weapon randomization where a flawed random weapon is being replaced with a weapon from Tarkov's presets.

    Do you mean with "Before the Raid" the Server Log? Or is that something different?

    The server wont start, its a clean new copy of EFT with the server, modules and client files from AKI 1.4.3.

    I did put all files directly into the EFT Copy folder (like usual). I used AKI 1.1.0 recently without ptoblems.

    I also launched the maingame, even leveld to level 8 on LIVE tarkov before i made a copy.

    .NET is installed, AKI worked with previous version.

    Server.exe just instantly closes again.