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    So this is a sporadic problem, happens every few raids or so, can be fixed by restarting the server until the next occurence so it's not an absolute game breaker, but annoying all the same. I've seen few instances of it happening both here and on reddit with no solutions so it seems rare but it would appear the common denominator would be SVM. I'm just posting here with all my logs in case it's helpful. I'm about to start a run of 5 raids (as it always happens within this number) without any mods to see if it's an AKI issue although I suspect not, will report back.



    I found that if I join a raid with beacons in the special slots I spawn but have no control, not able to open TAB menu, unable to move or look around. My weapon also doesn't show, it's just like a locked free camera. Got around it by keeping beacons in vest then transferring them to special slot on spawn in. Didn't try leaving raid with them as I always complete the mission like a good PMC ;-P

    Server console shows no errors at any time.

    The profile was created with "3.0.0" and is used for each stable release.

    I have this problem since "3.2.0" (no mod)

    I'm seeing a lot of deserialization issues, try making a totally clean install and play it with a new profile and no mods and see if it works.

    hopefully it's not an AKI issue

    Do as Kobrakon has said and see if the issue persists. The devs aren't going to want to start looking for issues in AKI when it's very likely an issue arising from files pulled across mismatched AKI versions.

    Hey mate I just upgraded to 2.2.3 and I had the same server error message when trying to create a new profile, right as I clicked Next on the Face/Voice page. My existing profile loads fine (after removing Hideout Architect, saw your other post so cheers), and once I renamed my mods folder I was able to finish creation fine.

    So looking at your list the only mods we have in common is JustNU Core, Fins Fold Everything, Fix More Open Zones, Zarya Killer, Flea Market updater, OpenZones Shoreline. I no longer use FAIT due to all the bugs but use FAIL instead along with Server Value Modifier for the bot loadouts that works pretty well (it covers All In One too. worth a llook) Looking at your log it seems to happen when generating bots and mine when generating my PMC which points to a gear error, so try removing what I listed above and see if you can reproduce. My suspicions point at Zarya Killer as a new PMC has them in default inventory and if the hash name's been changed it might explain why your bot generation is failing if the mod is trying to delete an invalid hash, just a guess tho.

    I've lterally just started putting my new build together so haven't done any raids yet with my existing profile or a new one so can't say whether I'll run into your issue later, but if yours seems fine after you remove those mods start adding them back one by one before the server shits itself.

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    I've had this too, on multiple maps. It's sporadic, and I have no idea how to reliably reproduce it, seems completely random. As frustrating as it is, it is quite rare, and I just ALT-F4 and restart the raid. Would be nice to find a fix though so hopefully someone provides some insight.

    Try this, go to C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Local\Battlestate Games\BsgLauncher\CefCache

    Move all the contents into a new folder on your desktop (as opposed to deleting it, just in case..) so the CefCache folder is empty, reload the game see if it's fixed.

    I tried it on my install and it loaded and worked fine but all the trader icons reloaded, so this might fix your issue. I seem to remember this folder from a while back related to icon issues, but can't be sure, so worth a shot. Any issues, just replace the files.

    Yes, its a lot as i'm use to do on games that can be modded, like it and enjoying it. Thanks for your answer, i dont have a lot of knowledge it is true but you could have instead, maybe, telling me what is creating conflicts if you do know, that may be helpfull

    I understand, I'm a bit of a mod freak myself, currently running a Kerbal Space Program modlist 118 long and counting, attempting to get a probe on a flyby of Venus, I'm no stranger to troubleshooting, but with big modlists come big risks. The first thing to do is start removing mods until the issue goes away, but I've learnt that this in turn can corrupt a player profile so going forward I think you either need to start from scratch and test everything as you add mods or just cut down the amount you run if you don't have the patience. Trust me, I spend more time tweaking than playing in my games but it's fundamental to a hassle free experience, I'm sorry if you thought I was being rude, but most people find stating the obvious a lot worse.

    Are you unchecking the box to start a raid?

    If so, don't, you don't need to, with SP it uses the offline mode but still saves your progress, so leave the box checked. If you still have issues or it doesn't save after extraction then that's a different issue.

    습격을 시작하기 위해 확인란을 선택 취소하시겠습니까?
    그렇다면 필요하지 않습니다. SP에서는 오프라인 모드를 사용하지만 진행 상황은 계속 저장하므로 확인란을 선택된 상태로 두십시오. 여전히 문제가 있거나 추출 후 저장되지 않으면 다른 문제입니다.

    It is possible that you got unlucky and exited the game before a save was called. I am pretty sure I experienced this once some time back.
    You can check your server log to see if it has saved potentially?

    That's why I asked if he'd edited the Butter config, it has an option to reduce save points with the aim to reduce SSD wear, I assumed he'd missed a save before shutdown but they're pretty frequent by default.

    Yeah started a new one, that was the issue what you mention before. That fixed it. I have two, one old one used as testing now and new one that is vanilla and progressing. I wish there was CO-OP to get those Ghost recon vibes as that would be amazing without the sweaty online parts. (i know they dont want any COOP aspect). But yeah all that said fixed it thanks :D, i just have some glitches with the quests, some are showing up even when i didnt complete them lol.

    Ah glad it seems to have fixed it, I spent hours trawling through the configs and didn't think to just try that first lol. I'm gonna keep my old profile and then compare it with a new one at the same level to see exactly what it is that is causing the issue, modding is a science. Yeh CO-OP would be cool, but would most likely result in a cease and desist from BSG so best not to poke the hornet's nest. Anyway, may your raids be brimming with GPU's and Bitcoin, until we get to do it all over again with the new AKI.....