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Download any EFT version outside of its official way can get you banned.
If we find out that you downloaded EFT on a pirate website you'll be banned without further informations.

You need to own the game and keep it installed on your computer to play AKI.

    Lua added a new version:

    • Fixed "DisableFolderList" when more than one folder disabled

    Lua added a new version:

    • Added Checking for not generated role types
    • Added "BotReload" skill to raider/scav default skills change list
    • Removed "followergluharsnipe" from raider default role list

    Lua added a new version:

    • Fixed Skipping "factory4_night" map generation
    • Renamed "RemoveDefaultSpawnPoints" to "DisableDefaultSpawnPoints"
    • Changed default value of mod "Enabled" to true
    • Updated More detailed logs
    • Updated !Readme/example.json
    • Updated "DisableDefaultSpawnPoints" to use each maps and each categories
    • Added Debug configs for Unlimited Raid Time, Stamina, No Fall Damage
    • Added "PrintMapLoadLogs" config, default is enabled
    • Added No spawn point checks for "Player" and "Bot" and recover spawn points from map file

    Hello Lua,

    In the hopes of thurthering the expansiveness of the mod files database can you please contact me either via this site or through my email? If interested for my email plz let me know so i don't let my address sit here too long.

    Sorry for posting this in your support thread i was unaware of any other way to attempt a conversation with you.

    Yon can contact me via discord as well.

    Join the SPT server and ping or dm me

    Lua added a new version:

    • Fixed spawn problem with PMC
    • Fixed random type boss spawns error when more than one wave generated
    • Removed *_insta_spawn_time for all types to avoid spawn problems
    • Updated wave spawn time generated format (Added: Instant text when wave spawn time is lower than 1s)
    • Lua Pattern has been updated
      • max_boss reduced to 1 from 2 (boss followers took too many spaces for other types)

    Lua added a new version:

    • Updated map info gathering method, Now it's properly uses all Spawn Zones.
      • If you want to update the list, simply delete the files in "config/spawnpoints"
        (Backup If you have own custom spawn points)
      • Thanks for the report, Danersx!

    [ERROR] factory4_night - (bossBully, bossGluhar, bossKilla, bossKojaniy, bossSanitar, bossTagilla) Boss has bad type settings bossTagilla, Removed...

    [ERROR] factory4_night - (bossTagilla | bossTagilla) Boss has bad type settings, Skipping...

    getting this error for all maps except woods.. version 1.5.1(aki)


    Lua added a new version:

    • Fixed PMC's USEC Spawn chance config is not working

    People who having trouble spawn PMC with Fin's AI Mod,

    re-name Fin's AI Mod folder to "zFin-AITweaks" That hopefully fix the problem.

    Lua added a new file:


    Custom Spawn Point Maker

    :!: This is a tool for Custom Spawn Point mod:!:

    • Generate JSON file with custom spawn point template to use
    • It doesn't give you Ready-To-Use spawn points but quick template without taking a screenshot or building AKI-Modules
    • Required to edit lines like "Sides" and "Categories" and little bit of care
    1. Go to the place where you want to make custom pawn point
    2. Press the "INSERT" key
    3. Check JSON files are generated in "mods/Lua-CustomSpawnPointMaker/CustomSpawnPoints" by daily format
    4. Use it to your own presets for Custom Spawn Point mod also "How to add" Guides are included in the CSP mod.

    Lua added a new version:

    • Code Refactored
    • Added Health Multiplier
    • Added Energy, Hydration Config
    • Added Role List Config
    • Added Scav, Raider Role
    • Added Chance for Raider, Boss Role

    Lua added a new version:

    • Fixed multiple presets loading
    • A little bit of refactoring
    • Removed example of spawn presets (Lua)
    • (1.2 Re-upload) Removed debug code

    However, even tested with only Player Boss Scav in mods list

    I have to investigate deeper to fix this problem but It shouldn't be happening on SPT side and sadly It may your problem only.

    For now I suggest to "GenerateScavProfileOnStartup" set false and leave it be, sorry.