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    I found that the simply turning off the settings left artifacts in the weapons stats, and likely elsewhere, but that was the most obvious.

    Removing the .dll seems to have fixed that. I gutted the mod.ts/mod.js files and added a few more configs for more minimum difficulty settings (scavs/raiders/rogues/bears/usec).

    I deleted all unused modules, all references not used in the db.

    Will do some testing. Not expecting you to maintain it, just didn't want to publish myself (as it isn't my work I'm just gutting it lol). Figured others may make use of it. However you want/don't want that to occur is fine with me.

    You absolutely have to remove the .dll if you don't want to use the Attachments and Recoil Overhaul, the config option for that feature has a tool tip explaining it. As long as that's removed, and only bot-related config options are enabled, weapons should be unaffected unless something else has gone wrong. So shouldn't be necessary to gut code. I did my best to be careful with the config options and took the time to make sure you could completely play with or without the bot changes, with or without the realism changes, etc.

    I really don't recommend gutting out parts, there may be sections that are needed or used by bots that you're not aware of. For example, some of the bot presets rely on changes to attachment compatibility. I can't think of anything else off the top of my head but there may be other changes you need to look for.

    Problem with a stripped version of the bot changes is that there could be some things that are missed that cause issues or crashes, and as I update the bot changes, refactor the code, rebalance things...that'd just cause a mess. Also SPT 3.4.0 will break many of my changes and I'll have to likely rewrite a good bit of it anyway.

    Yeah sorry about that but it's just too much hassle to maintain the two mods, it's only something I'd consider doing once I feel that the bot changes are pretty much done (and SPT stops making breaking changes to bots), but even then I may incorporate changes down the line where the bot changes depend on other changes I've made or vice versa. But again, with the config options, none of this should be necessary anyway.

    Server mods are written in .ts, and are compiled into .js for the server use. I appreciate the offer, but because the bot feature is in constant flux and in the future I'll be adding new features, I don't want the headache of maintaining two mods at the same time or have someone else upload it and maintain it. It's much easier for me to keep it in one mod so I can easily make the changes I need to. If it was a separate mod I'd also need to have two different config applications. You can disable everything except the bot config options and it would be the same thing as having it standalone (unless I forgot something), though I do get it's not as clean.

    Found the issue, if Rogues spawn with the tan SCAR-L magazine, it causes an error. No idea how or why, and the odds of it happening are very low actually. You have to be very unlucky for it to happen multiple times :D

    Fixed for next version, and I'll reupload the mod with the fix.

    Edit: I found more of the magazines in other bot files, I'll remove those and hope that fixes it ;(

    Thanks for the quick response! I'll download the new version.

    Something I was wondering about - is it possible to have the makeshift medkits for sale by Therapist? I know we can craft them, but right now I don't have too much of the flea market unlocked to buy the ingredients and so I don't always have the ingredients.

    E.g. Therapist sells 1 or 2 makeshift medkits per restock. This way, dying is not as punishing if you can't craft them yourself, but it doesn't make crafting them yourself obsolete.

    Yeah I can do that, but in a way is not redundant because Therapist can heal you after a raid?

    So after combining a number of mods/fixes I finally landed on your mods (with most things turned off) tiered bot gear, combined with lua's extended bot spawnpoints and luas custom spawn points.

    The combination feels very good, super dynamic spawn locations for bots, and players are tiered with me.

    Still got wrecked by a pistoling.. but tarkov is going to tarkov.

    Thanks so much for your help. I did end up doing the fix we mentioned above, but I thing there is more than that in the way of full support of POOP. :P

    That's good to hear! Yeah POOP is a big mess to get working :D

    Well, I enabled "medchanges". Once it worked (surprisingly), and I've decided to check. Rebooted the server and tried again - there are still console errors. It's working like 50/50, somewhere is an error. Oh, and also, with disabled "medchanges" it can throw errors.

    I think there were two different issues going on at the same time, one was due to the custom medical items but there's another caused by weapon generation.

    Could you please send me your config settings and a list of any other installed mods?

    This also looks super sus...

    That's just the bot behaviour types, this was changed substantially for 3.3.0, that won't even work anymore. It's something to do with cloning BigPipe, I just haven't looked at the code in enough detail to see why LUA is doing it. I think Lua is essentially creating a new bot type and using BigPipe as some sort of template, but somewhere in the process of modifying the cloned BigPipe something goes wrong so it just reverts back to being a 100% copy of him.

    Anyway, this is waaay outside the scope of support for Realism Mod, I wish you be the best of luck, and don't tell Lua I told you about any of this stuff and I didn't encouraged you to dig through his code :D

    Hey no worries at all, I'm always happy to help.

    In Lua's Spawn Rework, he clones Bigpiple:

    bots.types["assaultgroup"] = jsonUtil.clone(bots.types["followerbigpipe"]);

    I'm not sure what the purpose of this is, but this seems to be the cause of Scavs turning into Bigpipe. Somehow, my mod interferes with this process, or makes an existing bug more common.

    Anyway, the devs are creating tools for version 3.4.0 that will allow modders to more easily create bot waves, so if we're lucky someone will pick up where SR left off :)

    I love the staged bots/pmc loadouts, but can't live without LUA's bot spawn mechanics..
    What are the chances of me convincing you to build a standalone bot loadout mod that would work with POOP redux/LUA's?

    Willing to pay for it to be honest.

    I just want tarkov without cheaters/overgeared chads.

    Love the idea of every character effectively being a new wipe.

    Hi there, thanks for the kind offer but we're not allowed to take any sort of donations or commissions.

    I'd do it anyway if it was feasible for me to do it. Lua isn't working on Spawn Rework anymore, I spoke to them and they said there was significant changes since his last update that causes all sorts of bugs. POOP ( :D ) is simply a reupload of Spawn Rework, I'm not sure if they've rewritten anything or tried to fix these bugs. Looking at the comments for POOP, there's *lots* of bugs, so there's not much I can do.

    I've no idea why scavs turn into Bigpipe when my mod is used with SR (not sure if it happens with POOP too). Unfortunately that would have to be something Lua or the author of POOP would need to address themselves or help me with because I am at a loss as to why that would happen.

    As for making the bot changes standalone, you can disable everything except the bot changes if you want, it'd basically be the same thing as if it was standalone. I don't think it's any other changes that cause the issue anyway, but the bot changes themselves if I had to guess.

    I might release a standalone version of the bot changes once I've finished it, but unfortunately before that time it's too much work to maintain two big separate mods at the same time.

    Когда функция включена получается это. И ботов на карте нет. После отключения функции всё работает, но медицина как в ванильной версии. Или мне нужно включить "Revert Med Changes" для правильной работы? Я просто не понял.

    Yes indeed, I think the translation has confused me a little :D It should be fixed now anyway!

    Только что был на Lighthouse. Если функция "Med changes" включена, то в консоли появляются ошибки с красным текстом, как на фото выше, и ботов на карте нет, она пустая. Если отключить функцию, то они появляются. Всё стандартное, настроек никаких не делал, мод стоит только ACOG4Life на прицелы.

    Not sure if it's a mistranslation, but if the medicine changes are *disabled* the error will occur. It should all be working if the the medicine changes are *enabled*.

    Either way, I've updated the download link with the fixed version of the mod. You can redownload and reinstall (just overwrite the files in the user/mods folder) and it should all be working now.

    Yeah the issue with the arms blocking shots is pretty frustrating. I could increase the arm "overdamage", the amount of damage received by the whole body if hitting a "black" arm, but then armor would become meaningless. I think the issue is that somehow arms don't allow bullets to penetrate them correctly. It's something BSG needs to fix, many have complained over the years, but they do nothing about it.

    Technically recoil is already increased if your arms are damaged, but I'm not sure if this also applies to bots. Your ideas are good, I just don't think they are viable to implement, at least for now. I will add them to the list of potential ideas though!

    I think you just helped me solve the issue, I accidentally left the custom medical items in the inventory of Rogues, so if a user disabled the med changes they will not spawn. Whoops, and thanks!

    Scratch all that, I think I found the issue. I accidentally left some custom medical items in the inventory of Rogues. If you disabled the med changes, those custom meds don't exist, and so it prevents Rogues from spawning.

    I apologise for that, it slipped my mind. It will be fixed for the next version. I've also updated the download link to include the fix, you can redownload and reinstall, or you can manually do it if you prefer:

    I usually don't recommend this, but if you want you can go to db/bots/loadouts/raider_rogues/rogueLO.json, and search for "SUPERBOTMEDKIT" and remove them entirely including the quotes.

    Hi, thanks for your reply.

    1. I think there is a misunderstanding due to Google Translate here, it doesn't pick up subtlety or deliberate exaggeration. Unfortunately in EFT, shooting bots anywhere but the legs has little effect on their accuracy or ability to move. Only blacking their legs will slow them down. There isn't much that can be done about this by modders, the code for bots is beyond the reach of most of us. It's something that annoys me too, but sadly there isn't anything I can do about it.

    When you were shooting them in the chest, was it from the front? If they have no weapon, there is a ghost hitbox for their arms, so they soak up damage. The best test is to shoot them in the back so that the arms don't interfere. Apologies for that, I should have mentioned it but it slipped my mind. Even in normal play, the arms often will take a lot of shots that should have hit the chest, it's a problem in the live game too.

    Nothing that can be done about that, but as you said, it adds unpredictability at least!

    3. I'm glad you enjoy the fleamarket changes, I hope to expand on it more in the future.

    4. You can only sell items that are in the category you have unlocked. So if you cannot buy ammo from the fleamarket, you cannot sell ammo to it. That's something I have to look into to see if I can fix, but it might no be possible.

    5. That's a possibility, I'll have to look into how others have done this.

    I'm glad you're enjoying the mod, I appreciate the feedback as always. It's also good to get different perspectives.

    Yup. I removed the Lua's SR and it fixed it. Been getting scavs instead of the classic MCX .300 Blackout. Can't say I don't miss it. LMAO.


    Ha no problem, I'll try to get the two mods working together if I can figure it out. Not sure if Lua plans on updating their mod though

    Hey folks. Trying out the Realism mod, but. It seems most of my scavs are turning into Big Pipe? I also have the LUA Spawn Rework mod but it doesn't really change loadouts or scavs....I was wondering if this was the mod that was causing the problem, and whether or not it could be fixed?


    That's a bug with Lua's SR. It might just be their mod, or our mods are currently incompatible. SR hasn't been updated to 3.3.0, and their last release for 3.2.5 was largely untested.