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Download any EFT version outside of its official way can get you banned.
If we find out that you downloaded EFT on a pirate website you'll be banned without further informations.

You need to own the game and keep it installed on your computer to play AKI.
  • Hey everyone, a quick announcement from me:

    Most of you probably noticed my inactivity over the months and that I left the discord as well. Finally found a new project to work on, and thus I'll be much less active here. Don't worry tho, the current dev and staff team is more than capable to keep the project running!

    For my new project I want to see how much I can improve the current tooling out there for dnd5e, as most of them really don't fit for me. I want to make something like aurora but with a more expanded compedium and dungeon master tools, maybe even tools to run sessions on.

    For this project I'll need a lot of dnd5e books from dndbeyond, I pretty much need all of them. If you wanna help me out, you can gift me these books (select purchase as a gift during checkout). My account: link. It is much appriciated!

    Keep in mind that there is a chance that I won't complete this new project (like with any project). Even so, there is much use I'll be able to get out of these books so it's never wasted on me.

    Books I currently own:
    - Player's Handbook

    - Essentials Kit (Dragon of Icespire Peak, Storm Lord’s Wrath, Sleeping Dragon’s Wake, Divine Contention)

  • How long does it usually take for you to update the launcher after a patch update?

  • Thanks to everyone who left a wonderful message on my wall!

    I don't check here often, but it warms my heart to read them.

  • I want to thank you for your work as well. I have been enjoying it a lot. And let's be honest here, Ragnarok below The OCD Guy is a fucking asshole.

  • Dear Senko-San

    I want to give you and your team some positivity for your weekend.

    Thank you so much for working on this project. We all (I hope) appreciate it very much, and I personally think you are doing a fantastic job.

    And please ignore any comment/questions regarding release dates from others.

    Thank you very much.

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  • Still no update? jesus christ

  • I have been playing your mod now for about a month absolutely love it, but did notice 2 things you might want to fix if you haven't already, the Sanitar's ophtalmoscope will not spawn in the plant at the locked cottage, and when I make bit coins an error occurs to prevent me from receiving them. Otherwise everything feels great.

  • dear senko,

    really want to play your mod, friend. i suck at tarkov, so i truly appreciated being able to enjoy its content without having to interact with people better than me. but i updated without thinking, never backed up, and now i'm at your mercy. please-- i bought a vastly inferior game, insurgency: sandstorm, to fill the void, but you don't even look at your magazine during the magchecks! it's all incredibly disheartening.

    looking forward to news, My Hero Senko.

  • Is this going to be updated?

  • attempting to run aki 1.5.1 like told with the patcher. gives this error and auto closes;

    [undefined][] /launcher/server/connect

    [undefined][] /files/launcher/bg.png

    [undefined][] /launcher/profile/register

    [undefined][] /launcher/profile/login

    [undefined][] /launcher/profile/get

  • hey, when is the latest update for the SPT-AKI which is 12.11 :)

  • I tried Bleeding Edge version, I know its early dev version but I got massive stuttering on the whole game, never had it with this mod or orginal game. What may be the issue?

  • Fixed found mod on forum, thanks

  • The 1.6 does NOT work with newest EFT version

    • That would be since it's build for EFT

    • Yeah but why new update to old game version? I was hoping it was error and its for the new one.

    • They we're probably working on it before 12.11 was released, therefore it was released now. Just hold the horses and wait. They are working as hard as they can. :)

    • Yea sure mate :D

  • Hi.

    this is my first time coming here, i dint know there is a single player mod for this game. i cant wait for the new version of the STP-AKI to try out this, i have seen the the videos on youtube and this looks awsome cant wait to play the single player mod.

    i hope its gona be soon :D :D . and Btw keep up the good and hard work.

    Have a nice day sir.

  • i hate to beone of the people reeing for the new version but
    (seriously though keep up the good work)


  • Any info when we can expect new version?

  • is there no more updates?

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  • My hype is unreal. Too bad the live servers are shitting the bed here. Looking forward for the update for 12.11!

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  • Am I able to play the sp mod with the new 12.11 or will I haft to wait for a newer mod

  • Can you post the new version? i have infinite loading screen and i am on version or something like that.

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  • I need help I keep getting the infinite loading screen

  • can u pls do a Video how to install ^^

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  • Test!