Single Player Tarkov

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Download the installer here, it's the easiest way to play SPT.
A guide to using our Installer can be found here

Manual install files
Raw Release Files
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If you have questions regarding SPT, we have a FAQ you can read here

If you can't find an answer to your question, you can join the Discord and ask there. A link can be found in the top right of this page.

How to play SPT once installed:

  • Run Aki.Server.exe and wait for it to display "Happy Playing!" in green
  • Run Aki.Launcher.exe
  • Enter a username for your profile, and click Login/Register
  • Pick a profile template you like
  • Click "Start Game"

Common Mods:

Here are some popular mods you may be interested in (the order of mods listed is random and does not indicate any sort of preference):

The hub is on fire, but should still be accessible (maybe). You shouldn't use it. If you do have to use it, log out by clearing your cookies.

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