What is SPT?

SPT, short for SIngle Player Tarkov, is a project that attempts to emulate the live Tarkov experience locally on your computer. It also provides a modding platform for others to alter the experience in many ways and share these changes as 'mods'.

Can i run EFT Live and SPT at the same time?

Don't do that! close SPT down (server and launcher) before starting Live.

How do i install SPT?

We have an installer that does 95% of the work for you, please make sure to follow the instructions exactly as described: SPT-AKI-INSTALLER

if you wish to install SPT manually, head to the articles page and follow the instructions inside the most recent release post.

There is also a guide written to explain the process of installing manually you can read here

Can i uninstall Live after installing SPT?

No. SPT needs Live installed to function. Moving your Live folder to another location will break SPT.

Do i need to own Escape From Tarkov to play SPT?


We take piracy very seriously and will ban anyone who shows evidence they do not own a legitimate copy of the game.

Can i play SPT with my friends / COOP ?

SPT-AKI will never have any multiplayer or co-op features, here are a few reasons why:

1. It goes against the goal of SPT which is to allow offline (solo) play of EFT, it has never been an objective to play with others, hence the name of the project, Single Player Tarkov.

2. SPT is a modification of EFTs offline raid mode where we save profile data after a raid. The ‘SPT Server’ is just a system for saving your profile to your hard drive, along with emulation of traders, flea market, hideout, etc.

3. BattleState Games - the developer of EFT - would demolish the project with significant legal pressure if COOP were added, SPT would instantly stop existing.

4. There have been a number of attempts to create a COOP system by people outside of SPT, so far all have failed due to the complexity.

Can i get banned for playing SPT?

As long as you follow the install instructions exactly there is 0% chance of being banned installing SPT.

We strongly advise against telling BSG staff/moderators you use SPT or make public videos showing yourself playing SPT, however!

While the EFT launcher doesn't check for SPT (as of 9th March 2023), we advise you not to have SPT server/launcher running when playing live EFT.

Live tarkov just updated, does this affect SPT?

No, SPT is separate to live Tarkov. You don't need to do anything to your existing SPT install and can keep playing.

What features does SPT have?

A list of features can be found here.

When i try to extract the contents of the SPT download zip, i get an error and can't extract!

When you are trying to unzip a file, you get an like the following:

! E:\Escape From Tarkov - Copy\Patcher_12.11.2.13615_to_12.10.2.12893.7z: Cannot open C:\Patcher_12.11.2.13615_to_12.10.2.12893\Aki_Data\Patcher\EscapeFromTarkov_Data\StreamingAssets\Windows\assets\content\items\equipment\armor_custom_thorcrv\item_equipment_armor_custom_thorcrv.bundle.manifest.del
The system cannot find the path specified.


The ZIP file is heavily compressed to save you bandwidth, you will need to use a tool like 7Zip or winrar to extract SPT.


Can I have multiple accounts/profiles in SPT?

SPT supports an unlimited number of profiles.

From the Launcher, logout of any profile by clicking "logout" in the bottom right of the window.

You should see your profile(s) in a list on the left.

Enter a username into the login box that does not currently exist, will prompt you to choose a new account type for the new profile.

if you with the swap profiles, click "logout" to see a list of available profiles again.

I have SPT installed and want to update to a newer version, how do I do that?

Each release of SPT has release notes and an `upgrading` sub-section that details how to update to it.

If you're 100% confident the newer version of SPT was made for the same version of EFT as your current SPT install, you can download using the below 'releases' link and extract into your existing SPT folder.

It is generally safer to install the newer version of SPT separately and then copy your existing profiles to the new install. Details can be found in the release notes

Refer to the FAQ question: https://hub.sp-tarkov.com/faq-…/36-how-do-i-install-spt/

Release notes and SPT zip download can be found here: https://dev.sp-tarkov.com/SPT-AKI/Stable-releases/releases

Can I buy and sell items on the flea market? / How does the flea market work?

SPT contains a simulated flea market. PMCs will list items for sale based around a snapshot of live prices we take when a SPT patch is released. A random number of offers is created on server start. When offer expire, new ones are generated. Prices vary around 20% above and below the average.

You can:

  • Buy items from the flea market
  • List items for sale on the flea market for currency (roubles/dollars/euros). Simulated players will buy your items, assuming they are fairly priced


  • You cannot list items for sale as a barter
  • Like live, the flea market in SPT will not show other player offers until you unlock it at level 15
Does the latest version of SPT contain airdrops?

Yes! As of 3.3.0, airdrops work.

How do I backup my profile/progress?

Find the folder you installed SPT into.

From here, go into users/profiles.

These files are your various profiles. You can use notepad to open them and look at the username.

Copy the profile you wish to back up to another folder for safe keeping.

If you encounter issues where you need to revert, you can then delete the contents of user/profiles, and transfer your backup files back in.

I need to 'downgrade' my EFT to use SPT, how do i do that?

Consider using the automatic installer, it will downgrade EFT for you, it can be found here.


How to use the downgrader in a few short, simple steps:

Follow these steps once you have the downgrader downloaded as well as the current version of SPT.

0.) Run an integrity check on your Live EFT game from the EFTs launcher. Some files, such as level177, may be missing in the Live game and they would not affect your live gameplay. This is NOT the case for downgrading your client. Missing such files could potentially prevent a successful downgrade.

1.) Have the contents from Live EFT Folder copied and pasted into a new folder (where you are going to keep SP EFT e.g. C:\SPT).

2.) Extract the downgrader's files (with 7zip, winRAR would cause unnecessary complications) into the folder (where you are going to have SP EFT) and run downgrader.exe.

2.5.) Make sure downgrader.exe keeps running until it is complete. It should let you know.

3.) Once that process is complete, extract all of SPT files that had been downloaded into the folder (where SP EFT is located).

4.) Run Server.exe and Launcher.exe. Enjoy.

Downgrader link: SPT-AKI Patcher

Make sure to verify that the clients you own is compatible first

Requirement: Windows .NET 5.0 (please download and install on your own)

I tried to join the discord but it's making me take a test! why?

To join the discord everyone is asked to answer 4 questions that show us you're capable of reading text and doing some level of googling. It's very easy and shouldn't take more than 10 minutes to complete.

The discord can be found here

I can't see any messages from a trader, its empty and i was sure i had some earlier!

There was a bug in SPT 3.4.0 that would cause the message window from a trader to become blank when you completed/failed certain quests.

To fix a profile with this problem you need to open your profile with some sort of editor and find the "dialogues" section.

From here, check each message, if the "templateId" value is an engilish sentance, this is what's causing your issue.

e.g., here is a message that's breaking the profile:

You will need to delete everything from the opening `{` to the closing `}`

Be careful, if you delete the last message to not to leave a trailing `,`

Make sure to delete that too.

I can't seem to join the SPT Pub Discord server

One of three possible reasons:

1. You don't have a custom avatar and are still using the Discord default. Please add a custom avatar to your Discord profile and rejoin. This is no longer applicable.
2. Your Discord account is younger than 1 month. Due to some recent banned users attempting to return to the server with fresh accounts, we were forced to up the minimum account age to 1 month.

3. Your privacy settings might be blocking our bot from sending you some required verification messages. The bot will send you and embed with instructions on how to verify that you're not a bot, so make sure your privacy settings aren't set too strict.

4. You've been naughty and got yourself banned. This probably doesn't apply to you if you've never joined our server before.

I want to make a mod pack of various mods for others to enjoy, is that allowed?

Yes, but there are some requirements that MUST be followed:

Explicit permission acquired from every mod author used in the pack

Follow all licence requirements for every mod in the pack

Launcher issues

When i start the launcher, it shows the error "No Servers available"

1) This can happen if the server has not had enough time to start up, please ensure you see a "Server is running" message in green before starting the launcher.

2) Ensure the launchers URL value is ``

I run the SPT Launcher and nothing happens, what do i do?

Make sure .NET 5 is installed.

.NET is a library made by microsoft used to help tools such as our Launcher work.

You can find the .NET installer here.

I tried to run the launcher and it asked me to install .NET 5, what is it?

.NET 5 is a framework from Microsoft to help with making tools like the launcher.

You can find the .NET installer here, it is required to use the launcher.

No connection can be established

Make sure that Server.exe says that the server is running.

Error: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"

Make sure you played EFT (Live) at least once on your current windows installation.

  1. Start the server (Server.exe).
  2. Start the client (EscapeFromTarkov.exe).
  3. Wait about 10 seconds on the game loading screen.
  4. Close the game (Alt + F4).
  5. Start Launcher.exe.
Cleaning the temp files
  1. Open the launcher.
  2. Click on the cogwheel in the right upper corner.
  3. Click the clean temp files button.
The launcher hangs when trying to patch, what do i do?

That can mean your EFT installation path is incorrect.

1. Open SPT folder/user/launcher/config.json using your favourite text editor (notepad)

2. Find GamePath:

  • Ensure the path is correct, it should point to where you installed SPT
  • Try changing all backwards slahes (\) to forward slashes (/)

Check to ensure your Anti-Virus isn't blocking the launcher from starting SPT.

SPT tells me i don't have EFT installed on my computer, what do i do?

1) Run Live tarkov at least once, reaching the main menu is enough

2) Make sure the SPT launcher game path is correct (see FAQ section `The launcher hangs when trying to patch, what do i do?`)

3) Reinstall live Tarkov and make sure you dont move the installed game anywhere


Server issues

How do I find and install a mod for SPT?

1) Download a mod from the hub here

2) Mods come in zip files, you will need to extract the mods contents into the SPT mod folder

3) Mods can be SERVER mods or CLIENT mods

Server mods

Extract the contents of the mod into its own folder at this location: `SPT/user/mods/`

Client Mods

Extract the contents into the following folder: `SPT/BepInEx/plugins/`

Client mods contain .DLL files.

Unless specified by the mod authors, all mods are installed as described above.


Port 443 is already in use. check if the server isn't already running

If you are encountering this issue, that means you are running an application that uses the port 443. The applications that usually use that port are:

  • Virtual Machine applications(VMWare...).
  • Web servers applications (wamp, xamp, apache...).

Or, you can use mods that let you change the port. eg:

SPT-Aki Configurator

I am getting a Cannot read property 'Price' of undefined error when going in a trader

Error type:

Then the solution is simple

This is most likely caused by a mod that isn't correctly updated to AKI.

Follow the below instructions


Check your mod list and their respective mod page to know if they are updated for the version you are using.

- Remove the mods one by one to find which mod is causing it.

- Once you found the mod, remove it from your mod list.

- Make sure that you don't have any item from the mod you are removing in your inventory, if you do, delete them first of your inventory.

- Restart the server and the game.

Game issues

Error: "Input string 'number' is not a valid integer."

⚠️ Close both the game and server when editing the profile⚠️ .

  1. Open <server>/user/profiles/yourProfileID.json in VSCodium.
  2. Search for the number appearing in the error
  3. Remove the ".5" of the number
  4. Save the file
  5. Start the server


Endless loading / Stuck on splashscreen / Game crash to desktop (specified cast is not value)

Possible error message:

2022-01-24 16:31:50.678 +01:00||Error|Default|

EXCEPTION: System.InvalidCastException: Specified cast is not valid.

at Aki.SinglePlayer.Patches.Bundles.EasyAssetsPatch+<GetManifestBundle>d__10.MoveNext () [0x00105] in <e1ab24df7ac04308bdd8e498420f2589>:0

Four potential causes:

1. Your client version is wrong

2. You're missing one of the prerequisite .NET runtimes - either .NET Framework 4.7.2 or .NET 6

3. Your antivirus is blocking one of the client .dll plugins

4. Your game files are corrupt (most likely cause of Specified cast is not valid error)


- Make sure you are using the correct client version according to your AKI version (needed version can be found on the download page)

- If not, check if a patch exists for your game version to downgrade to the needed version (Versions supported are found on the patcher page)


- Download .NET Framework 4.7.2 and .NET 6 Runtime. Order does not matter.


- Redownload and copy the Aki files into your install directory

- Delete everything related to EFT and SPT

- Redownload EFT from scratch and log into your live account, then start the install process for SPT again.

-(Optional) Delete the contents of the following folder `%appdata%\Battlestate Games`

Game crashes to desktop (2.3.0 and newer)

If your game crashes to desktop before you even see the initial loading screen, and no LogOutput.log file is generated in the /BepInEx directory, you might see a preloader_*.log file generated near your game .exe

If probably contains an error that starts like this:

System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. ---> HarmonyLib.HarmonyException: Patching exception in method static void Console::SetOut(System.IO.TextWriter newOut) ---> System.MissingMethodException: Mono.Cecil.MethodDefinition MonoMod.Utils.DynamicMethodDefinition.get_Definition()
  at HarmonyLib.PatchClassProcessor.ProcessPatchJob (HarmonyLib.PatchJobs`1+Job[T] job)

It's very likely you installed AKI 2.3.0 (or newer) on top of an old AKI version. Please completely delete your old SPT folder and make a fresh copy from Live before installing AKI 2.3.0 or newer.

Where do i find and use the underbarrel grenade launcher? (Pre-3.5.0)

This is no longer an issue as of SPT 3.5.0

As of SPT 3.3.0, the underbarrel grenade launcher (GP-34) has serious, game-breaking issues that prevent your character from performing any actions inside a raid. It is a highly broken item and has been blacklisted from purchase in SPT.

There aren't a lot of PMCs in my games

Option 1.

Look for a mod that changes AI spawn patterns. No examples will be provided here due to the active mods constantly changing between SPT-AKI versions.

Option 2.

Do this option at your own risk - incorrect edits to configuration files can cause errors when running the server.

  • Go to assets/configs/bot.json
  • Look for "convertIntoPmcChance" and adjust the values accordingly
  • Be careful not to set the min value higher than max

Additional note:

The "isUSEC" value determines how many PMCs will spawn as USEC. The remainder of PMCs will spawn as BEAR. For example, If you are USEC and would only like to fight BEAR PMCs, set the value to 0.

I can't extract from my raids!

pressing "O" and getting no extract list? Or screen goes black and doesn't load?
sorry this is a BSG bug and you'll need to either die and it be a loss or alt-f4 and it's like the raid never happened

I'm missing a few weapons from my preset list in game

For most of the guns, you first need to have them examined in order for them to appear in the preset list. You have examined one and its still not in? It's simple:

  • Examine the guns you want
  • Close your game
  • Restart the server
  • Open up back your game

That's not an issue, and is intended by BSG!

Regardless of this, you still have guns that still don't appear?

It might still be normal, as the most recent weapons might not appear because BSG didn't create presets for them.

There is probably a mod that adds it back at one point, but you will still need to wipe your profile get everything in the list.

Can't load into any map, xx.bundle not found

When loading on any map i am getting this error:


This error is simple! Follow the instructions below:


This error usually happens for a simple reason: You have special characters in your path to the game.
For fixing it, you simply need to remove any special character from your path (from your drive letter, to your game .exe).

- This error can also happen if you run your game from a Microsoft OneDrive cloud synced folder. If you do, remove the game from the OneDrive cloud and put it somewhere else.


Can't gather my bitcoins

If you can't gather your bitcoins, don't panic!

You need to wait for one more bitcoins to be able to collect the bitcoins. Since BSG is messing a lot with bitcoins, and that they are hardcoded, it is hard to keep up with these changes. So what you see in game isn't what you really have.

So patiently wait for a second bitcoin to be done before collecting one bitcoin

Can't buy something: You don't have some items required to finish the deal.

This is not an issue! Make sure you have checked the box at the bottom of the trade screen, or, make sure to click on "fill" button before willing to trade.
Also make sure that you have all the items in your stash, and not on your character stuff.


Item icons are incorrect
My scav karma resets when I finish a scav raid! / My scav karma does not take effect in-game!

If you tried to change your scav karma value by editing your profile, make sure you edit it for both your PMC AND your scav.

Cant find my screenshots at the location the game said

Current AKI versions with this issue:




There is no easy way to fix this, so for the time being print screen and paste to paint.

This will be fixed in a later release!

My character dies immediatly/falls through the ground/game has no textures when a raid starts! what do i do?

Sometimes the following errors can be found in your log files:

2022-04-25 15:53:57.662 -05:00||Error|Default|CollisionMeshData couldn't be created because the mesh has been marked as non-accessible. Mesh asset path "" Mesh name "fabric"
2022-04-25 15:53:57.662 -05:00||Error|Default|CollisionMeshData couldn't be created because the mesh has been marked as non-accessible. Mesh asset path "" Mesh name "metal"
2022-04-25 15:53:57.662 -05:00||Error|Default|CollisionMeshData couldn't be created because the mesh has been marked as non-accessible. Mesh asset path "" Mesh name "plastic"

1. Delete all game files related to EFT and SPT

2. Download EFT from BSG's launcher

4. Install SPT again

Bots shoot the floor and spin

BSG broke the Scav War option sometime in 2022, basically don’t use that option