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  • glintch

    Replied to the thread
    • In progress
    Failed to download mirrors list.
    (Quote from Krisaldor)

    Version 2.13.0 worked for me as well there may be an issue with the 2.14.0 version
  • qq581018

    Commented on the file
    • SPT-AKI 3.6.1
    Game Panel HUD.
    Comment (File)
    I don't want to display hit and kill prompts, as well as hit scores. Is there any way to remove them?
  • Fontaine

    Replied to a comment by Darragen on the file
    • SPT-AKI 3.6.1
    SPT Realism Mod.
    Reply (File)
    Yeah it's absolutely garbage and has always annoyed me seeing it in games :D
  • MedDeatH

    Replied to a comment by PHOL on the file
    • SPT-AKI 3.6.1
    Kinda compatibility.
    Reply (File)
    something on your side? cheked all links from incognito,all works

    Replied to the thread Tokarev Mod 0 Extreme.
    NORVINSK_EVANGELION added a new version:



    Added the version 2.2.0 of the file
    • SPT-AKI 3.6.1
    Tokarev Mod 0 Extreme.
    File Version
    1. Add new ammunition: .223 Timbs Sabot Armor-peircing bullet.
    2. Fix language bug that non-English UI shows error, now it's in English.
    3. Retexture model: 51-1, APB stock pistolgrip, 2 rail mounts and 26-round magazine.
    4. Tweak items to access easier, balance
  • Reis

    Replied to a comment by darkbubbletea on the file
    • SPT-AKI 3.6.1
    Priscilu: the trader.
    Reply (File)
    Because he sells some Tarkov items, not all Tarkov items.
    But if you are talking about "Terragroup Labs Access Keycard", this one he sells it.
  • benhib00

    I have the same problem here, on stretts of tarkov, can't stay more than 10 minutes before the game crashes, no error in the log, nothing, just plain and simple game crash. it's only been since playin the latest SPT-AKI version, it has never done this…
  • SSH_

    Replied to a comment by Jaxander on the file
    • SPT-AKI 3.6.1
    Enable All Quest Items.
    Reply (File)
    Tested it and it worked fine for me.
  • OffBrandThor

    Commented on the file
    • SPT-AKI 3.6.1
    Camera Unsnap.
    Comment (File)
    soo i installed it and it wont run or work it wont even show up in the f12 menu and i put it in the plugins folder what am i doing wrong id love to use this