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If you have questions regarding SPT, we have a FAQ you can read here

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How to play SPT once installed:

  • Run Aki.Server.exe and wait for it to display "Happy Playing!" in green
  • Run Aki.Launcher.exe
  • Enter a username for your profile, and click Login/Register
  • Pick a profile template you like
  • Click "Start Game"

Common Mods:

Here are some popular mods you may be interested in (the order of mods listed is random and does not indicate any sort of preference):

Lighting and postprocessing overhaul
Realistic overhaul of SPT designed around making the game experience as realistic and hardcore as possible. PLEASE READ README BEFORE INSTALLING
SWAG + Donuts
REQUIRES Waypoints
Dynamic bot spawning mod with custom spawn points
REQUIRES BigBrain & Waypoints
Full AI overhall, adds bot personalities
Library for adding extra logic layers to bots
REQUIRED for SAIN & Swag+Donuts
Library for adding custom bot paths/routes
Bots now loot bodies/containers
Adds ability for AI PMCs to have goals and objectives
External app that allows modification of many SPT config settings
Enhances NVGs to be more realistic
Adds ability to search and filter your stash
Adds shortcut (Ctrl+LMB) to move items to an open container
Improves Task list page with various improvements
Laser brightness improvements
Adds ability to make changes to repeatable quests (multipliers / quest types)
Custom quest loader, required by certain trader mods
Requires Virtual's Custom Quest Loader
A custom trader with custom questline
Requires Virtual's Custom Quest Loader
Another new trader with a lot of quests and balanced progression
Requires Virtual's Custom Quest Loader
Add a new trader with quests and clothing
Adds a custom trader who focuses on selling items needed in the hideout
Customises PMC gear based on their level
Updates flea prices to match prices from live EFT
Reduces game difficulty via various health system changes (regeneration etc)
Adds tooltips in-raid to show quest objective and extract locations
Adds ability to open doors via shooting them
Allows armor to gradulary repair itself over time
Disable/enable bots that are a configurable distance from player
Prevents bots from seeing through bushes (Do not use with SAIN)
Prevents bots from instantly detecting you threw a grenade
Adds ability to edit weapons mid-raid
Shows a toast message on screen when a boss spawns
Adds configuration of trader reputation gain
Increases the distance items can be picked up
Alters trader barters to use currency
Removes in game FPS limit of 144
Adds various Trader/Preset UI improvements
Adds tooltip to mod items to help dissern what is an upgrade
Adds various QoL fixes to the game UI
Adds ability to adjust time interval between Ram cleanup runs
Adds various belts and small containers
Adds a new boss with new weapons and armor
Adds new player heads
Cheech and Chong head and voice pack
Adds new Resilience skill that prevents disease
Adds Kukri knife from Unheard game edition
Adds various extended magazines
Remove wait times from various quests to allow them to be started immediately
Adds stats to the descriptions of ammo, showing damage and penetration values. Compatible with Realism
Addon For Ammo Stats In Description
A library for other mods to use hexcodes for background colors of icons for their items
Allows your character to use all the clothing, heads, and voices from USEC, BEAR, Scav and bosses
Allows any armor plate to be put in any armor vest. Also allows for soft armor inserts to be replaced
Removes ground clutter to help with FPS
Requires EFT Api
Highly customizable, modular and integrated HUD Extension system
Api Framework for Client Mods
A mod that adds checkmarks and more detailed tooltips to items to indicate if it is needed for hideout upgrades, quests, or if it is on your wishlist
Adds a button to skip quest objectives
Allows the trader bar to scroll left to right (useful when using multiple trader mods)

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