Featured HandsAreNotBusy 1.2

Annoyed by the ancient "Hands are busy" bug? HandsAreNotBusy (HANB) is a mod that can fix certain scenarios of the "Hands are busy" bug for you!

What is HANB?

HANB allows you to reset your hand controller and certain queued events in the inventory controller to get out of the "Hands are busy" bug. It works best if you have a weapon equipped and use the hotkey as soon as the bug happens. Stay calm, don't panic and simply press the hotkey to fix your hands. :thumbup:

Can I change the hotkey?

Yes, in the Configuration Manager (F12) you can change the hotkey. Default is 'End'.

What should I avoid doing with HANB?

Do not spam the key, click it once gently and wait. Clicking it in rapid succession will most likely cause more harm.

What do I do if it didn't work or want to report a bug/incompatibility?

Report the exact steps you were doing to make your hands get stuck, and provide a log file so that I can try to reproduce it and add support for that specific scenario in the mod. "Hands are busy" is a very complicated bug to fix and this is a hacky workaround. So far it has been consistently working for me as long as the explained steps are followed.

How do I install/uninstall the mod?

Extract/remove the 'HandsAreNotBusy.dll' file to/from your BepInEx\plugins folder.

  • Version 1.2

    • Fix freeze when looting items after fixing your hands once
  • Version 1.1

    • Replaced reflection with property
    • You can now use HANB when accidentally queueing a discard on an equipped weapon
  • Version 1.0.0

  • Thank you for making this mod! I am a Chinese player and I want to ask may I repost your mod to our website? Of course I will indicate the source and your name

    • The license allows you to share it, as long as credits are given and when it's my original files being shared. :)

    • Thank you again!

  • Is this mod compatible with Spt Realism Mod?

    • I don't see why it wouldn't be. Try it and see :)

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  • Getting the bug where I can't pick items up at all after using your mods function.

    In my case I accidentally pressed "END" whilst trying to zero my optic, and afterwards I could no longer pick up anything.

    it seems that with the other people facing this issue as well, it may very well be caused by your mod.


    my log file attached here.

    • Thanks, I'll take a look at the log when I have time.
      I've had the same happen when using the mod while not having the actual bug.

    • Hey again!

      Thanks to your log I was able to fix it. Uploading a new version now :thumbup:

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    • Awesome! Thank you! glad I could help! :D

  • You've done the impossible for BSG, thank you!

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  • Absolute legend of a mod, works flawlessly!!!
    The fact you fixed what BSG doesnt is a godsend

  • I tried to use the KORD machine gun in Ground Zero and I was bugged! I had to reset my SPT! I hope this lets me use the KORD or at least be able to try it and leave it without having to crash my game.

    • Were you bugged with "Hands are busy"?

    • I don't know, there was no pop up that said "Hands are busy" when I tried to get off of the KORD. But when I used the default END hotkey when I was frozen after pressing F to get off the machine gun, I could leave the KORD and continue playing.

      So the mod worked and I could leave the bugged emplacement.

  • Dk where the reviews tab went on mods but just wanted to comment to say I'm an impatient idiot that constantly gets this bug cause I tend to reload mags while topping off other mags pretty consistently and just tried it; worked flawlessly and I had a huge grin appear on my face. Nice fix to a game-breaking bug finally $

    • Thank you! I am happy that it worked for you.

      As I mentioned in the overview, the bug is very complicated so if you ever run into a scenario where it does not work, do not be afraid to reach out and I'll see if I can add support for that specific sequence of events.


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  • Guys, does anyone have problems picking things up from the ground after using this function?

    • Send me your log files and I can take a look. Might be a bugged MovementState.

      \AppData\LocalLow\Battlestate Games\EscapeFromTarkov\Player.log

    • I've been having a similar issue if not the same issue and was curious if it had anything to do with this mod, where sometimes when i try to pickup items off of the ground my character is stuck in place and cannot move and i have to alt f4 the game

    • Sorry to both of you, I did not get a notification on your comments.

      This happens without the mod, or can be caused by another. I've had it happen a few times without "Hands are busy".

      The past above is expired, mind sending a new one?

    • This has been fixed in the latest version!

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  • i love you

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  • Actually exceptional mod, and surprised it didn't come sooner!

    Busy Hands is a HUGE issue in just about every survival game I've played and EFT is no exception. Hell, it even happens on live sometimes.

    Seems to function great too!

  • I don't understand what this mod does. In simple words, please explain what this mod does.

    • There is a bug in tarkov called busy hands, that happens sometimes in certain situations, like for example if you enter as a scav, enter your inventory and try to reload by using the right click reload on a magazine if you don't have enough space in your rig and BOOM you got busy hands and now you cannot do anything in the raid, you can't open doors, you can't use meds or eat food, you can't shoot or reload, this mod tries to fix that by clearing the queue for using items.

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  • I have a feeling this will come in HANDY!

    ha.. ha ha...

    I'll see myself out

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  • Is this real life?

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  • Timely rain!