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  • Will wtt work with mods like realism?

  • Hey Groovey, appreciate you and your teams work.

    Is there an ETA on the release of WTT?

    • There is no official ETA, as we are just a small, dedicated group who do this in our spare time. We have a ton of content already made, and a lot more we'd like to accomplish before release.

      We'll keep you guys posted, and plan to do more content packs to hopefully tide you over until WTT sees it's inevitable release Thursday, REDACTED, 20XX.

    • Okay, completely understandable. I appreciate the reply and your work!

  • Great work dude.

    Any chance Pack and strap could get a version with just the case additions?
    Conflicts with other mods that changes loadouts.

    • I don't plan on splitting pack n strap up, not anytime soon anyways. All of these features are ripped from our main WTT mod we are working on, we're just doing content releases for the community 8)

      What mod is Pack N Strap conflicting with? And what do you mean by loadouts, like gear loadouts? If you could provide a little more info I can try and look into it.

    • There are some conflicts with Realism mode that randomize amount of items for sale for erach Vendors. When Piecekeaper has 0 Kukri for sale - his inventory bugging.

    • Error converting value (null) to type 'System.Int 32.

      Path 'unheard_kukri, line 1, position 33775.

    • But already fix that