About Us

  • I joined the team during the EmuTarkov days as a moderator. I help with managing the pub and the direction of AKI with Senko-San. I love playing Escape from Tarkov, DayZ, and Minecraft. If I ban you for fun... it means I like you ;)

  • Joined the community February 2020 and a month later became a helper while the team was still under EmuTarkov. Helpers were limited and staff was lazy so I ended up getting admin permits to be able to manage and administrate plenty for them. As Senko was the main developer pushing out updated, he split to form an open source of which I followed him and he ended up inviting me to join him as staff. Ended up teaching people to mod skins since most of the methods ere based on editing map textures instead of directly texturing the models, since manuals and tutorials were scarce. Went to keep staffing on the community and taking over reddit, kept contact to adjust information spread via youtube videos on Portuguese and Brazilian communities, along with doing graphical work related for community posts and other advertisement style content.

  • I joined the team shortly after the migration to Guilded. I help moderate the Pub as as well as the mod site. I run Pub After Dark in my free time, where we explore the finer side of getting hammered and embarrassing ourselves.

  • I joined the community in the Summer of 2020 cause "single player tarkov?" Yes, please. In the Winter of 2020, Senko came running at me, screaming, holding a hammer, terrified. He handed it to me, told me to bonk the bad man. Been bonkin the bad mans ever since. I'm often found lurking in the Minecraft group in the Pub.

  • Oddba community Emissary and administrator.

  • Hacker0139

    Oddba community Emissary and administrator.

  • I worked on the project since the beginning as lead developer, I do both development work as management in the pub. love senko-san's anime and spend most of my spare time.programming.

  • Joined initially the first JustEmuTarkov community and then i have follow the movement from JET, to EmuTarkov, to now SPT-AKI.

    Been the first modder to mod the emulator version of the game with my famous AdvancedBotLoadouts. Worked on the whole actual sp-tarkov.com network and managing it entirely.

    Been invited to become part of staff members after i suggested to create a french group on the discord server, which have been done but didn't last long. I have been part of the staff for 3 years.