Featured WTT - Pack 'n' Strap 1.0.6

Gear up with Pack 'n' Strap - the perfect combo of Small Cases and an ALL NEW battle belt module, for all your early-game adventures.



  • Version 1.0.6



    • converted ALL ID's over to MongoID and included methods to convert profile items over to the new ids (thanks again Drakia!)
    • updated model for small ammo pouch to NOT look like it was from Playstation 1 :kekw:
  • Version 1.0.52

    HOTFIX 2:

    • updated the customriglayouts to actually INCLUDE the new rig layouts /bonk
  • Version 1.0.51


    • removed the cases from being added to the bots container, causing them to run out of ammo. Thank you reysonk for the issue bringing it up!


  • Version 1.0.5

    CHANGELOG 5/2/24:

    - added TEN new belts, a true WTT Team effort of Tron and Evocatus 💪

    - adjusted pricing for all belts to be relative to their size

    - added ExcludedFilters to the slots so you can't infinitely nest belts inside eachother 🤣

    - fixed the server error that happened with SVM, instead of crapping out the server it now just _SPAMS_ you to disable the option in packNstrap or SVM 🤣

    - updated the modpage to detail each belt, it's size and trader/loyalty level

    It's WTT Thursday 😎

  • Version 1.0.4


    • added a new config option to add the cases to secure container filters, on by default (let's hope SVM doesnt fuck this)
    • added onto the config option to lose/keep armband on death, should now keep all items if loseArmbandOnDeath = false


    • fixed annoying bug causing magazine presets to fail to work (thank you DrakiaXYZ for the code contributions towards the fix!)
    • changed pointman loyal level to 2
    • moved layout bundles to be loaded from the client directory, fixes issues for people who run their server remotely
  • Version 1.0.3

    HOTFIX #3

    - ACTUALLY fixed the filters for the Docket. REEEEEEEE /bonkbonkbonk

  • Version 1.0.2

    HOTFIX #2:

    • added back the proper filters for the docscase and the toolpouch /bonk #2
  • Version 1.0.1


    - Fixed a major incompatibility with Use Items Anywhere that caused instant CTD when trying to use items in raid. Turns out it was a load order issue /bonk

  • Version 1.0.0


    Until a fix can be addressed, either turn off "addCasesToSecureContainer" in Pack N Strap config, or manually change your load order so SVM loads AFTER Pack N Strap

  • I have this error when booting just the server for SPT:

    TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '_props')

    TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '_props')

    at PackNStrap.postDBLoad (C:\Users\colby\OneDrive\Desktop\EFT\user\mods\zcarryhandlescope\src\mod.ts:70:64)

    at PostDBModLoader.executeModsAsync (C:\snapshot\src\loaders\PostDBModLoader.ts:77:45)

    at PostDBModLoader.onLoad (C:\snapshot\src\loaders\PostDBModLoader.ts:30:24)

    at App.load (C:\snapshot\src\utils\App.ts:57:26)

    TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '_props')

    TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '_props')

    at PackNStrap.postDBLoad (C:\Users\colby\OneDrive\Desktop\EFT\user\mods\zcarryhandlescope\src\mod.ts:70:64)

    at PostDBModLoader.executeModsAsync (C:\snapshot\src\loaders\PostDBModLoader.ts:77:45)

    at PostDBModLoader.onLoad (C:\snapshot\src\loaders\PostDBModLoader.ts:30:24)

    at App.load (C:\snapshot\src\utils\App.ts:57:26)

  • Need some help! new to SPT & mods, i downloaded it the way you shown, but none of the items are showing up in the traders or anywhere? help pls :D

  • Guys. your mod isn't working on MPT. It work on server side but on client it's even not booting. Soo hey why wouldnt you fix that, I hope that I have some problems, but everything is possible (I don't hope for any support, but I hope you can somehow tell me what the problem might be.)

    • That tone isn't entitled at all lmao.

      Pack N Strap *is* compatible with MPT, sounds like a skill issue 8)

      Also, zero context/logs/info, just "it don't work, sooo hey why don't you fix that" really makes me want to help you figure out out as well dude :thumbup:

    • I'm sorry if i seems rude, but a don't see someting in logs or ima gust stupid, game stops on loading screen and that's all, i don't wanna do it in conflict gust saing that i have some problems if you know someting about that. that's okey

      P.S: i respect what you do, and i thanx you for your work

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  • Hello, I have installed this mod and it always gives me the same error, I have tried both without the other mods, as well as a clean installation and the error persists, I don't know what's wrong, I have tried both the latest version of this mod and the previous one, I don't know if there's some other mod missing to make it work or what! Please, if you can, give me a solution.

    This is the error


    • You're trying to run this on 3.7 aren't you? lmao

    • I am running it on the latest version

  • a lot of the items are missing exclude filters which is causing problems with mods like lots of loot, a simple fix would be to have an empty exclude filter, but it still has to be present

    • I'll push that in the next update, thanks for the report!

  • can you make it possible to add several barter goods to barter?

    • I've actually made that exact system once, and fucking accidentally deleted it lmao :D
      I'll recreate it at some point here lol.

  • Really neat mod to use, don't get to use it much since I run with armbands that have other special features. Been wondering if there's a way to make some of these fit in the "Special" slots we get. Either way, really cool concept

    • The problem is the special slots show their inventory like backpacks/rigs, so it would clip into the inventory screen lol

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    • i remember there's supposed to be some plugin that should fix that? I think the server value editor mentions it. I saw it pop up for a second when breaking it in, but putting it on the far right one just had it hidden as well. Maybe something to look into. either way, love playing with this

    • HideSpecialIcon.dll from SVM hides the container inventory when in special slot (Injector case, Keytool, etc) - so it should work for WTT too ! :)

  • I just cant seem to get this working, set the config to false and have it running before SVM, but the belt rigs on NPCs are bugged, cant loot inside them or take them off the bodies, just not sure whats wrong

    • They're on NPCs? That's crazy lmao. They're probably in the armband slot, and the armband slot is not lootable.

  • Is there a way to allow the docket to store dogtags in the config?

  • Would love to see some of those packs and belts as Secure Containers in Pouch slot <3
    I always hated those huge cases that we supposedly drag along in our underwear :D

  • Using with realism and everything seems to be reasonably priced besides the small scav case. Comes out more expensive than the regular one so I avoided

    • What do you suggest would be a decent price to retain compat?

    • I havent reallly thought about it. I was looking at the storage space trying to come up with a price compared to the storage space of the regular case. havent yet but ill look more into it today

    • maybe a around 200k? seeing as you can fit about four of those in a regular scav case

  • Do the new cases spawn in the world in marked rooms? Im planning on starting a hardcore run so it would be good to know if all containers can either be bartered or found in round

  • What configs would I need to edit in order to allow these small cases to be put inside Item Cases and THICC Item Cases?

  • would it be possible to add another equipment slot like the tactical rigs/backpack and pouch slot? i really like this mod but im very bothered by not having a dedicated 'belt'-slot for them^^

  • I can't seem to sell the containers and belts to any trader, this also happens with some other mods so I'm not sure if this is a load order issue?

  • not sure if this is intended, when you have elite level strength, putting weapons into your belt counts as it being equipped and thus removes its weight, is this intended?

  • Would it be possible to enable the fanny pack or any other secure case for Scav runs?

    • What, like include them in the scav mode generation? That's an interesting idea...

    • Yeah, honestly I feel like having a 2x2 or similar fanny pack on all scav raids would be interseting. Random generation if possible would be dope as well, like having higher Fence rep would give a higher chance to have a fanny pack on scav raids type shit.

  • I was able to get this mod working in my solo SPT server, but when I have it in a Fika server for co-op, it seems that when others try and join me, this crashes the entire game for them. Is there any chance of a fix possibly for compatibility with Fika?

    • it IS compatible with fika lol.

    • Is there a mod order incompatibility with other common mods then? It just crashes when we have someone join the server with this mod installed.

    • Barbuzbal,

      Your friend needs to create a bundle folder and add to it for any mod that adds content to the game.

      For example, your friend open in User > Mods > WTT Pack n Strap and go into the bundles folder.

      Copy everything inside and then he needs to go to user > cache > bundles and paste it in there for every mod that adds new models/content. If it has a bundles folder, he needs to do that for each one. This will fix your issue.

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    • It worked! Thank you for the fix!

  • latest compatible with 3.8.0?

    • For me it wasn't. Had to update to 3.8.1 to get the belts to work properly.

    • There were no changes from 380 to 381.

  • So, weird question. I noticed that it seems like money auto-moves to Docket Cases if i have them in my stash when I sell stuff to traders, which is cool. But i've been noticing that when I get out of raids, the money in a wallet in my secure container is also gone, like it's being auto-pulled into the stash somehow.

    Any idea if this is because of Pack & Strap?

    • Nah, the docket case is literally cloning the documents case and has a new layout. Sounds like some other mod causing weird issues with your stash

    • ok cool, good to know. thanks!

  • does wearing a battle belt with nothing else remove tagged&cursed?

  • Great mod!

    Would be absolutely phenomenal if you were able to place battle belts in your pouch slot!

    Is this possible?

    • The problems with adding them to secure container slot are the belts wouldn't display on your character, and it would remove the reload/hotkeying feature. I could probably extend that to your secure container slot, but that would be so damn cheaty ;(. I think Use Items Anywhere extends to the secured container, can't remember of the top of my head

      It *IS* possible to push them to your secure container in the code, in the db/items/Gear_Belts.json, there is a section for each belt that is pushing it to ArmBand slot, you'd just add SecuredContainer to that section for every belt like this:

              "addtoInventorySlots": [

  • They work great as a container but when reloading the magazine from the gun just falls onto the floor if I don't have space in my rig.

  • Is there a way to add the battle belts to your backpack slot? I tried editing the code but kept running into problems.

    • In db/items/Gear_Belts.json, there is a section for each belt that is pushing it to ArmBand slot, you'd just add Backpack to that section for every belt like this:

              "addtoInventorySlots": [




      You will lose reload and hotkey functionality though, as they aren't extended to the backpack slot unless you use Use Items Anywhere

    • Ok, thanks for the reply!

  • Hi,

    any chance to get a Medic belt, where i can put in a Grizzly and a Surv12?

    2x2, 3x1 and a view 1x1

  • Very cool mod. I like how this helps eliminate crowding of the secure container with things you need to take every raid. My only issue so far is that it's somewhat inconvenient to access during a firefight especially if you want to store your heals inside.

    Would be interesting if we could get a way to add a custom bind to bring up the battle belt inventory faster.

  • Amazing mod, thank you for your work! I'm loving it! It would be amazing, if you wear one belt, you could see it's content like your backpack, or case, or pockets tho... but still; it's one of my favourit still! Thank you again!

  • New belts aint working nor opening. My inventory space is gone entirely (not wiped out) - probably because i put it on special slot. Plus you cannot put away the belt if you manage to put it on - only manual right mouse click solves the issue.

    ps. i use raid overhaul mod which may affect the inventory spaces. Previous version of WTT Pack n strap worked just fine. New plugin was installed correctly.

    • Thank you for the hotfix. Awesome belts!!

  • Hey, I have the same problem as @Shrine has. I DID put BepInEx there it is supposed to be. That was the plugin portion of mod, right? I had old version of the mod, I deleted old mod from user/mods, but forgot to delete from BepInEx, but I think when I was installing new version, it should have just replaced old files in BepInEx, right?

    BTW, old belts work fine, only new belts don't have any layout at all.

    • Same here, installed according to instructions, new belts have no layout.

      EDIT: seems to be fixed in the last hotfix!

    • thanks for noting me! And thanks for the fix to GrooveypenguinX!