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  • Hey, i cant join the discord channel, despite being logged in discord app on my desktop right now.
    It says the invitation is not ready anymore.

    it send me to verify my account, but when i give in my discord data, it says i have already an acc, well , duh!!
    What is this Bullshit? Why is 3.8. only on discord?
    Wtf should i do now?

    • My wall isn't a place for support.

      What invite are you using for discord?

      And if you're looking for 3.8.0, it's in testing only. It's not ready for release, and not for the general public to play on yet.

      What should you do? Make sure you're using the right discord invite link, make sure your discord account meets all criteria like 30+ days old and not using the default avatar, and whatever you do, please don't pester devs for updates on 3.8.0, it's not ready yet to play with.

    • I clicked on the main mods page, right side, on join.
      But this link now worked, kinda.
      Created another discord account just for you guys.
      Gosh i hate discord so much.
      Thanks for your help

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  • When 14 patch?

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    • + 1 week for asking

    • no pls dont wait so long pls ;(;(;(;(

    • Aaaand warned. Don't do this shit.

      My wall (or DMs) are not for support for the project.

  • yoooo a homestuck pfp nice

  • hello i got a strange error after I downloaded the game and launched the server. It was my first time downloading it so im not sure what could have caused it, I need some help

  • Hello. I've been playing SPT for a long time and I really like it. Thank you for that. However, as of version 3.0.0, the game is crashing a lot in matches. a lot of LEG when I'm inside the RAID. Could you help me?

  • dude, you are literally chad of AKI community! Thanks for these mods!

  • hi i need help i dont seem to have the map stashes on the stp game for some reason i have no mods installed well all the stp ones

  • *boop

  • Literally my favorite person in this community.


  • i sent u a friend req. on discord...

    Crying 2 Happy 1