Featured Rai's Hidden Caches 1.0.0

Adds a flare-like effect to all of the hidden stashes on the map! Smoke, lighting, and audio will emit from all the random secret caches to help you find them! Effects can be customized and toggled.



  • Version 1.0.0

    Built for SPT-AKI 3.8.0.

    Hey! Thanks for downloading, if you'd like to support my work, you're more than welcome to support me at the link below or follow along at my Ko-Fi page here:

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  • Hey guys,

    If you're still using SPT-AKI version 3.7.6 (or client version, I went ahead and backported it! You can download the old release here:


    Otherwise, the link in the Version tab here on the mod page will still take you to the version compiled for 3.8.0.

    Hope you find it useful if you aren't ready to update yet!

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  • Hy!

    Im using it on my 3.7.3 and seem to not find any i dont think it works!!

    Enny sugestions?


  • works brilliantly

  • Great mod, well done. I was wondering if this affects performance negatively in any way?

  • Hey, neat mod!
    I don't know if you take requests but I'll throw one either way and you can think about it.
    While this mod definitely helps with detecting stashes no doubt, I was wondering if there could be a way to make it a little more inconspicuous so to say. Perhaps using the DSP Transmitter it could help you detect the stashes, by beeping more frequently the closer you get to a stash. And of course upon searching it the beeping stops, so there's no confusion when looking for another stash.
    Just an idea, i hope you consider it!

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  • Not so hidden anymore, huh?

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  • So, I often do scav woods runs. I didn't realize how many caches there were, they're literally EVERYWHERE. A great mod to help you find those little buggers!

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  • super sick mod!

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  • Fantastic work rai!

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  • Will the mod work on version 3.7.6?

    • I would say probably not, because it was compiled against the assemblies for 0.14, but you can always try it and see. The source code is available, and it'd be as simple as changing the assemblies in the reference folders out for the ones used by 3.7.6.

    • Scratch that, check the pinned comment for a link to the backported version for 3.7.6!

  • Methinks this should be featured. Very good newbie learning tool, especially helpful for learning regularly profitable stash runs on hardcore profiles.

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  • hey very happy to see a mod like that very nice to learn all the stashes but where can i change the settings?
    thx in advance for any help :)

    • Press F12 while in Tarkov, it should open up BepineX menu and all the options shall be there

  • 오 이거 좋네요!!

  • Hey!

    If you're reading this, thanks for checking this out. I'd like to issue a challenge to anyone who uses my mod!

    If you use this mod and wander around each map a couple times, I guarantee you will find secret stashes you never knew existed! If you find one you never saw before, take a screenshot and leave a comment here with where you found it!

    Have fun! <3

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