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  • Ignore or delete this comment, I made a post about your latest patcher giving errors when it was actually me that f'd up, I was downgrading my version of EFT by mistake :sleeping:

  • is sthere not gonna be any update for spt

  • hi Waffle,

    maybe im missing something but wil sptarkov have the upgrades that the live game has?

    ie,traders on same page at top and weapon rack etc?

  • Hey Waffle, was just wondering if there was any ETA on the update for

    Crying 1
  • aki patcher says it cannot decode delta files and i have used 7zip and windows 11 extraction tool and it continues to say the same thing i would love a response even if it is a typical regular andy mistake pleaseee.

    • hard to say. I would recommend using the installer and seeing if you get the same result.

  • 1st I would like to say thank you so much for all the effort and constant upragdes that you do for this community, really thank you so much. I wanted to know if you more or less have a ball park figure for when the latest version of single-player Tarkov will be uploaded? With the new patch?

    • I just handle patching and as far as that is concerned, we are up-to-date.

      We can't provide any ETA for releases as the process is pretty involved. You can check out the development progress in our discord

    • Thank you for the feedback and the as stance :)

  • Hi Waffle,

    Firstly thanks for all the hardwork you do.

    Is there an update due for version

    Many thanks

  • My apologies if this is not the correct way to inquire information.

    I'm trying to use your patcher but i am unable to downgrade from version might this be a recent release not yet covered?

    • latest patch is now available

    • Thanks for the super fast update. After a year of not playing tarkov i'm looking forward to this. Thanks for making it possible!

  • one question when will you haven the update of the pacth

  • is there any type of way I can go back to 12.11 from 0.13? I miss that patch man so many memories.

  • brother can you help me how to down grade to verison 12,11? thanks

  • I also keep getting the failed to decode error or it says its being used by another program around 77 percent completion

  • I keep getting the failed to decode error im on the lastest version of tarkov

    • Nevermind i fixed the issue sorry lol

    • How did you fix this? I'm having the same issue

    • Fiddy, Were you able to fix it?

      If not, I had the same issue and tried using 7zip to get it to successfully unzip.

  • Hate to bother you, but is there any other way I can get the files from this website? Im on a public network and believe the websites the files are on dont like it, and are keeping my computer from connecting

  • Hey Everyone! Everything works for great for me I think. I just had one question, I'm just wondering what does it take to get the streets map on the SPT-AKI working? Or is streets supposed to be working with the lasted patcher? IDK Im kinda lost but then again I'm new to this here site so i dont know how it all works.

    PS: THANK YOU TO: ADMIN, MODERS, and everyone who's part of this wonderful thing we got going on.

    • It's not in the currently spt release. You just have to wait. There is no eta

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    • Understood thanks for the response my guy.

  • On the latest version it says me failed to decode globalmanagers.assets

  • i updated tarkov then aki then the patcher made sure its the proper versions of each but the aki launcher won't detect I have a legit copy of eft. Any guesses on any fixes

    • Was all working fine until I updated your patcher. Aki was running fine with your old patcher version for I do believe two aki updates

  • .19420 just dropped

  • I keep receiving an error when I try to extract the patcher.exe file in the Patcher_12.12.31.19340_to_12.12.30.19078 download. There's also a couple more that throw errors right after that one. Any suggestions?

  • hi plz work on that file Escape From Tarkov of

    AKI Patcher for us

    i kwn you are busy with that :):):):):):*:*:*:*:*:love::love::love::love::love::saint::saint::saint::saint::saint::saint:<3<3<3<3<3

  • Sorry to bother, I keep getting issues with the patcher failing to decode Level13's stuff, I've snooped around for answers but couldn't find any. Seems like other people are having a similar issue too. I'm not sure if anything else will fail to decode after Level13.

  • Hello. What's the password for the patcher archive?

    • There is none, you are doing something weird my guy.

  • Question: why do I need to downgrade the version? And when will it be possible to play the patch 12.12.30?Thanks for the answer

  • links arent working for me for the latest ver, ive tried all 3 links and 2 separate browsers but still not loading:(

    edit: nevermind sorry its working again somehow idk why but happy it is
    ps: thanks for all your hard work making this mod <3

  • При распаковке или перемещении выходит ошибка.

  • can you upgrade the patcher to the version?

    Like 3
  • Hello, the link of this patcher is not available, will there be an alternative download link for this patcher?

    • I'll upload to gofile and mega until we resolve the issue on our website.

      Hope that helps

  • Version to the link is invalid could you try and help please.

    • update to the latest live version and downgrade from their.

  • Version to
    This link appears to be broken. Could you please take a look at it? Its for the latest downgrader/ patcher at the time of posting.

  • You are doing the lord's work by keeping this patcher updated every time they change the game.

    Well done good sir / madam / person. And thank you.