Featured SPT-AKI-INSTALLER 1.1.4

Simple installer for SPT-AKI, fully automated

Hey Peeps,

This is the first version of an SPT-AKI Installer,

this is fully automated, it will download the AKI version itself and Patcher also.


- Have .NET 6.0 installed.

- Update EFT to the latest version through the BSG launcher.

- Place the installer in an empty folder. (E.G. C:\SPT\)

- Run the installer.

- Wait for install to complete

- Start Aki.Server.exe, wait for it to start up

- Start Aki.launcher.exe

- Enter a name into the 'username' input box (any), choose the profile type you want to use, click 'login/register'

- Click 'Start game'

As this is the first version, there may be bugs we didn't find, any issues please use the support thread to the right >>>>

Before you download and use this, understand that it will download AKI and the relevant Patcher required for your client version from our GITEA Repo.

(the same place is if you download them separately)

If you experience issues After the installer is finished, follow the usual guidelines for issues, with checking the FAQ and if that doesn't help,

move to the support forum.

Example of the installer:

  • Version 1.1.4


    added warning message where EscapeFromTarkov.exe was not found in directory

    ^ if this does happen, check your game path assigned to BSG's launcher as we use this path.

  • Version 1.1.3


    Made adjustments to not require patching process when versions match

  • Version 1.1.2


    Waffle made a fucky wucky and now it should be fixed UwU

  • Version 1.1.1


    hopefully fixed issues with mirrorList

  • Version 1.1.0


    @waffle has been an absolute boss and got this up and running with a new system, we have dropped using GITEA for downloading the patcher as it doesnt seem like this will be fixed, it will download the files still.

    changed the layout, much easier to read and user friendly, will update the overview later on

  • Version 1.0.1


    fix for the installer trying to delete the patcher that doesn't exist if game version matches

  • Version 1.0.0

  • i got a massage that says no patcher available for your version and then i need to close tha install =( any help for this?

  • It says no patcher available for your version [I have the latest]. Any idea on what to do?

  • "File not found C:\Install_EFT/EscpeFromTarkov.exe"
    what is the problem? The game is installed, updates are delivered

  • No streets of tarkov ???

  • I would love for us to be able to choose which version of Spt we want, for example 3.2.2 ( which id like)

  • All goes well till the last step; Setup Client: A Patch Failed To Apply

    I restarted my PC, reinstalled the installer without success...

    • The Patcher note says; Failed to decode file delta ''D:/ Solo Tarkov/Escape From Tarkov.exe''

    • Re-downloaded Tarkov, still the same error...

  • installer goes well server to but when i launch the game instaly crash

  • When will 0.13 be ready? I know, this is a dumb question.

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  • everytime i try to run the patcher it tells me to download .net 6.0.6, i've uninstalled and reinstalled 4 times, any ideas?

  • When i try to start the Aki server itself it says files cant be extracted

  • i can't download the version 0.13 of tarkov because SPT-AKI write "failed to download patcher" can anybody help?

  • just wondering do i need to do any preprep to this outside installing windowsdesktop-runtime-6.0.4-win-x64 and the installer to its own file (any copy paste of EFT etc.) or do i just install/update EFT onto a drive run the SPT installer and then launch it from the SPT file I have the installer inside of?

  • Okay now it's working

  • Not working. Has this been patched for the latest update? Tells me no patcher available for your version

    • Try again bro the latest patch has release a minutes ago to

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  • cant find anything about it.. but how do i update SPT-AKI-INSTALLER?

    thanks for answers!

  • First time downloading SPT, can I play SPT and online interchangeably? Or do I have to play SPT until I uninstall all my mods and preform a clean download of tarkov?


    • I have done my own research ( A simple google Search) and found out I can play both interchangeably.

  • Good day, the patcher worked, but when i launched the game it is just spinning on main welcome screen, any ideas?

  • it keeps saying "Default server 'SPT-AKI' is not available." how do i fix it?

  • Access to the path 'C:\Users\***********\Desktop\New │

    │ │ folder\sptaki.zip' is denied.

    I get this error...I don't have any .zip file names ''sptaki''...I downloaded basically eveything all over the place but nothing works...HELP!

    • dont place it on your desktop, try C:\SPT\

    • Worked! Thanks and merry Xmas!

  • When trying to launch the server it tells me in red "Mod (ServerValueModifier1.8H1) is missing package.json" but package.json isn't missing, it is in the folder. Anybody help?

  • Спасибо за русский язык <3

  • Hai. I have installed and it runs from the .exe (in it's own folder) just fine. When it gets to release checks I get 'no patcher available'. BSG just updated so the game version is now (installer it says 20765). I'm guessing the newest BSG patch is not yet being recognised and am wondering if trhere is anything I can do? NET 6.o is installed and all that.

    • Update: waited a day. Patcher patched. Installed and running in an almost too good to be true fashion. Dev person, you are most excellent.

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  • what version of installer is 3.2.3 spt aki?

  • Yo, the installer for 3.3 also included BattleEye folder. Should i delete it?

  • Hello. I used the installer. took my 30gb space and nothing changed. I deleted tarkov and still, nothing. how do i get it back?

  • Can I use this to download older SPT versions?

  • Does this work for updating SPT AKI versions?

    • you should always be doing a fresh install for updating, especially when the required client versions change, so Yes i guess.

      update EFT with BSG, make a new folder for SPT, place installer in it, run it, it will install the latest.

      if you keep your profile that will likely work depending on what version you are upgrading from.

  • Worked like a dream. I audibly said "wow", it was that easy. Nice work!

  • Just wanted to thank you. I've been using your installer for the last handful of updates and it's worked flawlessly each time. Glad people like you put in the time and effort to streamline the process.

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  • bro this shit is really starting to be dog shit cause no one wants to help with the problem i have an theres no vid or anything about how to install this bs