Kaeno-TraderScrolling 1.0.2

Allows for side scrolling of the traders

Simple mod that allows horizontal scrolling when you have a large number of traders

  • How can i fix the scroll being very slow? i need to scroll 10 full spins to see the next trader

    • You can just hold your LMB and drag along ;)

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  • Can anyone confirm if it works on 3.8.3?

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  • This mod makes the game unable to load into raid, any idea how to fix this?

  • it consistently says that things are loaded when it isnt loaded yet and i have narrowed my modlist to your mod as the one triggering the message and load error. i'm not sure if its just me and maybe a conflict with another mod but may wanna look into it.

  • is there a way to up the scroll speed, it's really slow on mine?

    • Dont use the mouse scrolling, click and drag it

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    • Thanks, don't know why i didn't think of that lol

    • Came here with the same question, thanks for that one!

    • same problem

    • tbf it would be nice to have the option to scroll

  • Is this working on 3.8?

    It doesn't for me

  • God bless u

  • thanks god you are exist

  • Your trader list looks like a smaller DPI to mine, is there any way to change teh UI scale in EFT?

  • Newb question here - how do you get to the game screen shown in this mod overview? I've never seen it, is that menu a new version or is that the mod?


    • That's the UI update, it's base game. 3.7.0 and forward will have it.

    • Awesome thanks! I'm still on 3.6 so that makes sense

  • For some reason I have to scroll forever to get the trader icons to move anywhere. Is there a configuration setting that I can change to increase movement of the icons?

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  • Thank you.

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