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  • met you in arma reforger KOTH
    cool guy great mods :D

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    • Yeah it was cool seeing someone else from spt community there. I've been playing it so much but the server is always full.

  • This here, THIS mod, makes it possible to become GOD.

    The GunGodTM

    This mod and All In Weapon mod by Lua makes it possible to become the gun guru himself(or herself/theyself whatever Im not judgey), allowing you to simply craft a weapon out of your ass's multitool and whatever junk is laying around.


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  • Thanks for the hard work very appreciated

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  • Thank you for your continued hard work.

    Love your mods; most are an instant install for me.

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  • sorry to bother you, but I didn't understand how to set the range in the mod no bush esp . I tried to open the mod file, but being dll I can not read anything. could you help me?

    • There is no more range. it should just 'work'.

      apparently boss ai is too smart for my fix though :)

    • thanks for your answer

  • Thanks!

    Thanks for your mods. Without AI spawning mod or AI difficulty mods SPT is just booring and it's tool for modders. Thanks for saving it <3

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  • Hello, i dont wat to flood under mod's comments.

    1) for SWAG to work does it take every time 2 raids to start working properly so it generates waves or just once when it's installed?

    2) Does this look good? i wanted to have only one pattern so i did delete others

    • 1) Gens wave in the beginning before the first wave and after every raid so that your next raid will be different.

      2) You don't have enough bot counts.

      There should be one bot count for each name you wrote in the botTypes.

      There should be 15 botcounts.

      Time-min and time-max only work if you set the specificTimeOnly to true. Otherwise,

      it wiill pull from whatever value you set in the config.

    • 1)So for every name of AI i need to write amount of waves?

      2) So basically SWAG starts working after first raid every time i run my SPT right?

    • 1) that is not the amount of waves though, that is the number of bots you want in one wave in the pattern you made. but yes, you need a number for each AI name you write.

      2)swag should work on first raid, and every raid.

    • it should be something like this fam

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