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  • Hi! Can you, please, share the automatic installer for version 3.3.0? Thanks. It works stable

  • I've got a question about contributing to translating mods to my native Polish language.

    How does one start on this subject??


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    i get an error when i run "escape from tarkov isn't installed on your computer please buy a copy"
  • I know you get a lot of questions and requests. But I was wondering how to update SPT from 3.0 to the new version without losing progress. If there is any way this is possible, it would be greatly appreciated. I have 2 profiles, one with mods and one without, and I have progressed to level 45 on each.

    • just copy you're profile folder to new version of AKI.

      usually there are compatibile with new versions.

  • download to new update broken?

  • Thank you for all of your updates, King.

    Could you update the 'mark all items found in raid' mod for 3.0.0?


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