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  • Any chance you could update Remove Tedious Quest Conditions? I really don't wanna snipe a scav in the left arm from 70+m away while bleeding and having a broken right leg.

    3.8.1 would be greatly appreciated ;)

  • sorry new to this messaging i also now after downloading latest SPT-AKI version have the same issue as a previous poster that you were trying to resolve this one-


    i have done a complete integrity check on BSG launcher and downloaded fresh installation of SPT_AKI i can play fine but the traders wont recognise my cash? Everything was working fine till i upgraded the SPT-AKI to version v3.7.6 and it patched everything
    Can you please help?

    • Not the place for this, post on the discord so we can laugh at you there.

    • i am sorry i am awaiting your discord to accept me i dont understand why you would laugh at me? i think all the work you all do is great i just can figure this out sorry if i disturbed you

    • Aww sorry for being mean, but why my wall of all places?
      Anywho, just click the checkbox on the buy bar ingame.

    • sorry i came to you because you seemed to sort the same issue for another person i cant click the checkmark it wont allow me to?

    • i am sorry to trouble you i have started a thread with all the logs hopefully someone will be able to see what's wrong, Thank you for your time


  • You think I could get bloohounds to spawn if I typed them correctly into the config of "AlltheBosses" mod, or is there more to that? Trying to get them to have a chance to spawn on all maps n stuff.

    • There will be a little more to it (but not much fingers crossed.) It is on my todo list, but no ETA.

  • You have the most useful mods. Thank you!

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  • hey kiki, does this mod not work on boss gear?!

    • Sorry but huh?

      I am going to need more details than that mate, I have quite a few mods published here.

    • oh god sorry, the degredation mod! tried to repair the killa helmet but it still degraded....

    • Using a repair kit? If you look at the update notes you will see that your repair skill impacts this, so it will not go to max.

  • Hi mate, love your mods especially your SmallTweaks mod but for some odd reason it's not letting me access the fleamarket with 3.5.3. I'm running a clean install and thought it might be KCYseeitemvalue but I was able to access the flea market again once I removed SmallTweaks from the mod folder, was this intentional and I didnt see it in the description?


    • Ah yes, I see I didnt put that in the main description, just release notes. Adjusted now.
      change line 35 from globals.config.RagFair.minUserLevel = 99 to //globals.config.RagFair.minUserLevel = 99 if you do not want this.

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  • sorry to bother you kiki, i installed your mod to keep the bots from talking. in a raid I killed a scav that after the name had written psyco mantis in parentheses, is it the work of your mod? XD I know metal gear, but I'd like to know what in particular

    • nope nothing to do with me

    • ok thanks a lot for answering me

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  • The files i need to make a report dont exist. I tried to follow the file path, but none of those logs were created, I dont think. Im responding here since the last post was marked as invalid, but the reason it was invalid is part of the problem, I believe.

  • kanalove

  • Kiki is so cute!

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  • we love you kiki

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  • Greetings.

    Thanks for your works.

    Would you update your mods?

  • hello, help me please with making in-raid health regeneration of my character?

  • Just wanted to say thank you, and a job well done on the color coding for Munitions Expert. It's a fantastic QOL addon. :D

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  • Hey! Please help me! I can not find a mod that removes the end of the raid time. I do not know English well and I cannot make a topic according to the rules.

  • i need help and got declined to join the guilded server

  • thank you for your help!!