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  • Hi man ! Do you know how mak rig back to normal after unstalling you big rigs mod ?

  • Ay man, Love your mods. Most are must have. JET had a All in weapon type mod like you have here on aki and your ones great but I see you have a placeholder for any ammo any mag in any gun.

    Hope you add it as clodans any ammo any mag is outdated, many people have been asking for it in the thread. Would be great man.

  • Thank you so much for all you do.

  • hey fin. thx for all the great mods. i like to play tarkov a bit more ez. with weather and stuff item value bigger backpacks. but to balance the game i can always count on your mods. currently using the mods. hardcore mode (not all settings :P) auto balance lvls. big rigs. chocking hazard. ecomemy tweaks. eerie silance. fold everything again. in raid modding. limited inventories. and ofcourse fin ai tweaks.

    all these mods make for a harder tarkov while its more ez to play i thank you (and ofcourse all other modders like cwx big fan of him, nootropix, kiki and more for there mods but i used you the most so i post it here) also give my loves in discord but i have a diffrent name there :)