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  • Thank you for creating such amazing mods, playing SPT wouldn't be the same without your mods! <3

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  • Thank for you amazing works!
    Hope the Goofy Sounds mod can come back someday QQ

  • Thank you so much for your work, makes the game really enjoyable!

  • will goofy sounds ever come back? it made the game feel so much more fun and funny.

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  • Thank you so much for updating "Amands's Graphics" so quick.

    Now i will be waitting on "Amands's Hitmarker" and "Amands's Sense".

  • love your mods mate keep up the great work, very talented individual thank you for all you do, you should consider adding a patron or something so we can give back

  • Thanks for your work.

    I've read below that you're currently working on a Sense version for the newer Tarkov builds.

    As there is no comment section for the mod anymore I hope it's ok if share my wish here.
    Could you split the always-on toggle for dead bodies off as you did with the range?
    I would love to have bodies always highlighted while still having the option to ping for loose loot. (I use the ping more as a sonar than a highlight)

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  • Hello Amands ! Is the goofysound mod being discontinued? I love it alot ty.

  • HI Amands2Mello Is the sense mod being discontinued? I like it alot ty.

    • the sense mod I uploaded on this hub was an experimental version made months ago and untouched since and was just moved to GitHub.

      the release version of sense is in development for recent tarkov versions.

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    • So it will not be private anymore when 3.8.0 release and you update it for the new version?

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  • Just curious how to get your mod that marks loot? I'm newer to some of the maps, and saw a youtuber using it, but when I tried to find it on google, it says I don't have perms to view the page?

  • How do you get controller support to work with steam

    • This is how the user CQBABY is using with steam:
      When choosing game in the steam library to add as non steam game, don't choose the EFT file but choose the AKI Launcher as the game and start game from big picture mode. Essentially it will just launch the launcher and I started game with mouse. Have the server running in the background before launching from big picture mode.

  • Hello, Thank you for all you do, seriously incredible work. I wish there was a way to give our support for your hard work, I'm not sure if that's considered a grey area but I am just blown away by people like yourself and want to do more than just say thanks because I feel like thats just not enough. Thank you again.

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  • I just want to say, you are creating the kinds of mods which make me do double takes on what the mod actually does.

    You have creative mastery good Ma'am.

    Have this compliment from a stranger, as you continue to amaze me, and the community. :thumbup:

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  • Big thanks for help :D

  • You are a wizard. A maestro. sacrifice

    Going to name my firstborn after you. Thank you for the mods!

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