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  • Hello, open my homepage friend (traveler, doctor, commander)

    I may not always be online, If you encountered problem with my mod, please report in Support Thread or Message.

    This my Discord: kmyuhkyuk (and community same name)

    If you have ideas or suggestions(except mod problem), you can chat on Discord or @me in the SPT-Pub server. usually I will first look community, but I also look Discord from sometimes

    My Discord group Join EFT Mods Project

    OR QQ group Join【ODDBA Mods Project Fans】 (Always online)

  • Love your addons, Very nice but I would really like someday if the Assault in Progress mod will be updated with more music, I can loadc it just fine on new version but I just wanna know how we can make new music packs for it <3

  • why dont you keep old versions of the Game Panel HUD mod? looking at them and they are all the same version 2.7.7 .

    Why have links to old versions if they are all the same? it doesnt work on 3.6.1 despite the link claiming so and looking into it its because the old links all download 2.7.7

  • Can you maybe tell me which version of the HUD mod is compatible with 3.5.6?

  • Hello, are you planning to update and post your mod for new video cards on this site? ( )

  • good moder

  • im having hard time with your mod boss can you help me when you get a chance please and thank you :)

  • your mods are amazing thank youuuuuuuu!!! animeokay

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