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  • great mods man

  • hеy man you alive ?

  • Sam привет, у тебя не было случайно идеи сделать мод на GPS карту? Добавить что-то на подобии планшета где была бы карта локации и текущее местоположение игрока, и вообще можно ли это реализовать?

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  • Bro I love your mods! Is there any way to get the CTFSO helmet and gear in a different color? Or is that not possible? Thanks homie.

  • Do you take plugin requests? or can we collaborate on a plugin? You do impeccable work and I would love to see some good things happen :D

    • depends on what kind of plugin it will be

  • Ты знаешь русский? <3

  • This man stay making the best mods, thank you chief.

  • Bro, when you created mod machine gun?)

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  • have you ever thought about making a handheld flashlight mod?

    • Yes, but most likely it means there will be 2 flashlights, one that goes into weapons attachment slot, and second that you can use in hands. It'll be weird, innit

  • Got a mod idea

    It is the looting animations that were in the very first thing of tarkov. Where they would open the filing cabinet with their hands and then loot, doors, light switches, etc. I think it would be a cool thing to have these added/restored.

    What I'm meaning is the things found in this video. Just the looting animations.

  • Hey man, I noticed that you worked on the 16 inch barrel mod for the Fal that was published by KSS0314948, is there any way that you could bring that back to life?

  • maybe with the next mod you will make a Russian machine gun pkm or pkp pecheneg?

  • Hello bro, when will the next mod be?

  • Hey bro, i playing with your mod "fire support" and i saw only jet and evac heli, but rangefinder menu have second heli. Idk what is this, but how can i test it? I have 0 helis (charges) like that one(


    Bro you are so close to perfection and to new era.Your "REFLEX SIGHTS REWORK" mod can be able to fix the wearing t-7 thermal and using any optic with weapons problem.I am using modularNVG mod with this mod.And you can see inside Holosun HS401G5 optic and COMP M4(propably its happening with close range optics) a little bit while t-7 is on.Cant you do a coding/moding to reveal whole inside of optic like the inner edges of optic.And thank you for these amazing works-mods <3<3<3

    • not sure if I can fix this because it will break reticle size

  • Howdy. I was wondering if you can teach me how to port weapons from different games. I honestly just want the AWM from Hired Ops but also would like to port other weapons as well. Thank you.

  • Not here to make demands, but the USEF model with green cams (or any version really) from MW2019 would be great.

    Any chance at all that could happen?

  • i always thought tobi's mask from naruto would be cool

  • it would be cool if can make the shadow company outfit from mw2019?

  • Will tou be able to make a special weapon modification that can shoot video from the side of the weapon?

    • If you can, please write to me

  • Many thanks for mods. :)

  • Hello, can you please fix you're AWESOME mod "HELICOPTER CRASH SITES" for 3.2.1...loot just don't spawn in the container...

  • i found you in game! version 2.3.1 :)

  • samswat when agent orange mod?

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  • I think the 3.0.0 download links of your old mods updated to 3.2.1 go wrong now.They lead to the 3.2.1 version files which are incompatible with 3.0.0.

    Fix this pls.Thanks.

  • Are you updating the crashed choppers mod? might plan on updating it

    • If you mean you want to update it yourself - go ahead. I'm not doing it for now

  • I like how you updated a vast amount of mods all at once. I thought you were gone and I was bummed. Glad to see youre still going strong. Thank you so much :!:<3

  • Aye where you been my guy ;(

  • You are cool and a nice person, I wish you a good day that is all.

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  • SamSWAT,can you make a mod for ots 14 thunderstorms?