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Download any EFT version outside of its official way can get you banned.
If we find out that you downloaded EFT on a pirate website you'll be banned without further informations.

You need to own the game and keep it installed on your computer to play AKI.
  • Hi,

    For the SCAR H would it be possible to add different ammo types?

  • Hey, I was wondering if it's possible to make storage boxes capable of accepting anything. Like the JunkBox accept weapons and ammo? If so could you give me a clue where to go to edit it?

  • Hi, I'm working on a 16" barrel mod for FAL.

    I completed the modification by extracting the high/low modeling from the current .bundle file.

    The problem is I don't know how to proceed after this.

    Can you help me?

    Currently, I have two plans.

    1. Mod to replace the existing 16-inch barrel

    (Data needs to be modified to use handguards with a 21-inch barrel)

    2. A mod that adds a new 16-inch barrel

  • hi! will you do 12.12 content mod like you did with 12.11? (obviously without lighthouse map)

    • Nah, I don't think so. There is too much new content added

  • Howdy. First, I want to thank you for all the amazing ports you've been doing. I would like to learn how to do these ports myself and I was wondering if you can show me the basics? I have a few weapons I'd like to port from Hired Ops. Thanks in advance.

  • Love all of the work you do as always and I hope that you continue to add new weapons to the game. The VZ 58 would be a nice addition to your repertoire as a great replacement for the AKM :D.