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    • Эх, Сэм, что же за завалы по жизни у тебя пошли. Надеюсь, когда-нибудь свидимся, и порадуешь новыми модами

    • Земля пухом братишка.(

  • When the world needed him most, he vanished...

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  • The king has not yet returned.

  • Hope you're doing okay man. Loved your relfex sight rework. Made so many scopes actually usable. Either way wishin the best.

  • our messiah has not yet returned

  • Yo can i port your Fire support mod to SIT?


  • we hope you're okay! animelove

  • Hope your enjoying the Hiatus brother. Hope to see you back soon, and maybe an update to your optics rework.

  • o7

  • come back... we miss u :(

  • Love your mods

  • hi,

    id like to make a request for an FN F2000 MOD if possible. i would also like to thank you for all gun mods that you made. thx.

  • i am playing with your mods.





    nice mods god work

  • Здарова, Сэм. У тебя случайно нет желания прикоснуться к игре Chaser 2003 года? Возможно, у тебя есть инструментарий, чтобы переконвертировать модели из формата MSH и добавить в тапков как броню или одежду. Было бы классно бегать по заводу в броне коммандоса Марскорпа.

  • great mods man

  • hеy man you alive ?

  • Sam привет, у тебя не было случайно идеи сделать мод на GPS карту? Добавить что-то на подобии планшета где была бы карта локации и текущее местоположение игрока, и вообще можно ли это реализовать?

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  • Bro I love your mods! Is there any way to get the CTFSO helmet and gear in a different color? Or is that not possible? Thanks homie.

  • Do you take plugin requests? or can we collaborate on a plugin? You do impeccable work and I would love to see some good things happen :D

    • depends on what kind of plugin it will be

  • Ты знаешь русский? <3

  • This man stay making the best mods, thank you chief.

  • Bro, when you created mod machine gun?)

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  • have you ever thought about making a handheld flashlight mod?

    • Yes, but most likely it means there will be 2 flashlights, one that goes into weapons attachment slot, and second that you can use in hands. It'll be weird, innit

  • Got a mod idea

    It is the looting animations that were in the very first thing of tarkov. Where they would open the filing cabinet with their hands and then loot, doors, light switches, etc. I think it would be a cool thing to have these added/restored.

    What I'm meaning is the things found in this video. Just the looting animations.

  • Hey man, I noticed that you worked on the 16 inch barrel mod for the Fal that was published by KSS0314948, is there any way that you could bring that back to life?

  • maybe with the next mod you will make a Russian machine gun pkm or pkp pecheneg?

  • Hello bro, when will the next mod be?

  • Hey bro, i playing with your mod "fire support" and i saw only jet and evac heli, but rangefinder menu have second heli. Idk what is this, but how can i test it? I have 0 helis (charges) like that one(