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  • it would be cool if can make the shadow company outfit from mw2019?

  • Will tou be able to make a special weapon modification that can shoot video from the side of the weapon?

    • If you can, please write to me

  • Many thanks for mods. :)

  • Hello, can you please fix you're AWESOME mod "HELICOPTER CRASH SITES" for 3.2.1...loot just don't spawn in the container...

  • i found you in game! version 2.3.1 :)

  • samswat when agent orange mod?

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  • I think the 3.0.0 download links of your old mods updated to 3.2.1 go wrong now.They lead to the 3.2.1 version files which are incompatible with 3.0.0.

    Fix this pls.Thanks.

  • Are you updating the crashed choppers mod? might plan on updating it

    • If you mean you want to update it yourself - go ahead. I'm not doing it for now

  • I like how you updated a vast amount of mods all at once. I thought you were gone and I was bummed. Glad to see youre still going strong. Thank you so much :!:<3

  • Aye where you been my guy ;(

  • You are cool and a nice person, I wish you a good day that is all.

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  • SamSWAT,can you make a mod for ots 14 thunderstorms?

  • SamSWAT, helicrash update for new SPT planned? <3

  • Hey SamSwat is it possible you can make the JW3 CombatMaster 2011 Pistol for tarkov?

  • bro makes cracked mods, he on x games mode

  • do you have any plans to add more new guns? Something neat like an ACR or XM8?

  • yo are u real samSWAT?

  • Hey i have been following your mods for sometime now and I think it would be pretty cool to see you add the C7A2 and C8A2 to tarkov.

  • hi all iam fun of you gun master

    i wonder if there can make new gun of

    AXMC .338

    i will be love that to play on that abd tnx you master samswat


  • Want to let some <3 here.... great mods, your the kind of make things happend !

  • Do you take requests for making and adding weapon models?

    • Well you definitely can share it with me but I can't promise I'll do it

    • Barrett M82. (50. BMG)
      Probably wouldn't be much different to the .338LM MK-18.
      Just thought it would be a cool gun to play with. Loud and Unique. Although not customizable.

  • Thanks for your wonderful works, which made my PMC more handsome! I wonder have you ever thought about integrating several character mods to produce more helmet combinations? I tried but failed.

  • Ok I downloaded your anime rear sight mods which was really cool, then I found the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. exo suit mod which was also ported by you that I downloaded. THEN I found you ported the MIL-SIM: CTSFO I over TOO and I'm telling a friend about your increased FOV hud. Keep up the good work, I like your mods.

  • Henlo! First of all - i wanna thank you for all ur mods - really love it. So basically i want to know: is there any possible to change gloves of ur PMC? If there IS such opportunity - what program i should use for it? Oh, and how can i add side KeyMod for some of handguards (CAF WASR for example. Каюсь, я извращенец.)? I tried to do so via items.json, and actually manage to attach tactical device, but it was invisible and unusable. Any ideas? Thanks in advance m8!

    • 1. It is possible but you won't be able to do it if you don't know 3d modelling. Character upper body is a single 3d mesh, same for first person hands (ye, they are different models) so in order to change gloves, you'll need to do a lot of things, like cut, merge, a bit of topology and other stuff and I'm not even talking about textures.

      2. tldr - it requires medium knowledge of bundle editing and how unity works.

      If you don't know what a gameobject is, you probably shouldn't be making these changes

  • Привет, снова к тебе с вопросами так как мой английский слабее чем у младенца ;( Короче, чтобы решить проблему с предметами из модов которых нет на барахолке, я решил сделать своего продавца этих предметов. Как его закодить я нашёл, а вот как это дело в мод скомпелировать так и не понял. В общем, если есть русский гайд, или если тебе будет несложно объяснить как это дело запустить, то подскажи, пожалуйста. ;)

    • С ними я сам не в ладах, последнее, что я делал с кастомным торговцем - это звуки из Squad. Но я уверен, что это уже устарело

  • Привет, прости что задаю вопрос на странице, но на данный момент он очень актуален. После обновы 2.3.0 в игре на блошином рынке не отображаются предложения по продаже оружия и снаряжения из модов, никакие боты торговцы их не продают. Это можно как-то исправить?

    • Похоже, что нет. Это вина разработчиков аки, они во время переработки барахолки что-то затронули. Единственный вариант, который я пока вижу - добавлять предметы в ассортимент торговцев, механику, праропу и т.д. Они автоматом появятся в списке на барахолке тоже

  • thanks for the great mods, the community appreciates you

    your custom content is espiscally game breaking (in a good way)

  • Привет SAMSWAT. Если не сложно, то можешь рассказать при помощи какой программы или инструментария ты создаёшь моды для таркова?

  • yo, just wanted to say thanks for the time and weather mod! it really is amazing, i was having a hard time finding a weather mod to help with the fog. thanks again!

  • btw sam when is the g36 coming out?