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  • Update - 11/16/2022

    I'm still alive but development of the mod has been paused so that I can focus on my studies in college. I haven't abandoned the mod, and there's no ETA on when I will release an update, but I plan to release an update when I feel like I've reached a good enough point. Personally, I'd prefer if people could leave the mod alone for now, I'd rather not hand it over to someone else. I'm hoping to try and push something during winter break when my college semester ends.

    For those wondering, current reasons why I haven't pushed out an update of what I've already achieved is mostly due to the following:

    Some custom weapons are missing audio

    Some textures could be polished/I'm not really proud of it

    Some guns aren't finished or are bugged

    A lot of minor stuff that I want completed aren't done yet (custom ammo, attachments for custom weapons, etc).

    Uniforms/clothing not having the right FPS hands

    Custom bullet stats unfinished or missing things

    Helmet attachment overhaul unfinished

    As proof that I am still working on it, here's some stuff that I've been working on:






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    • I respect you The_Katto. You're a great Modder for SPT-AKI, I never seen high quality mods before when I saw your mods. Upload it when you're comfortable or finished with it. :D

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    • It looks wonderful, keep up the great work and try not to worry about when it releases. As long as it does eventually, then the wait will be worth it.

    • Just so you know: your mod has the best quality I've seen so far. Also, schoolwork always matters the most, so we completely understand. If you are in the US, happy thanksgiving!

    • enseñame el arte de hacer mods hermosos

    • Really like stuff you are working currently, keep up the good work and in College are you studying something in game design or did you pick up the modeling, and coding skills in your free time?

  • Will you continue development or have you already finished?

  • You still alive in 2024?

  • this guy keeps stealing peoples work including yours KMC-CORE 3.0.3

  • Mods look awesome, hope you're doing well with college!

    Cant wait to see if you are able to make your mods compatible with the 3.5.7 version of the game :)

  • Looking forward to some updated CASTLE gear.

  • Looking forward to 3.0.0 version mods!

  • hey just wondering if mods still work im new to all this and have no clue what im doing

    • The KMC Core will work if you use an SPT version before 3.0.0

  • kinda smelly.

  • Looking forward to 12.12, any idea on an ETA? :)

  • Love your content. Can't wait to see what you do with the new updates being worked on and such. Give my kudos to anyone involved in either helping your or supporting you.

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  • You and everybody you`re working with, make absolutely OUTSTANDING mods!

    Literaly on Tripple A Quality, BSG should employ you guys, for real.

    Thank you so much!

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  • :爱:

  • good afternoon i have noticed your performance in helping people i would like to know if you could help me with 2 question about the bread & butter mod i only use it but i noticed that i do not find boss on the maps since i am already level 14 ? Why will it be and will act and I wanted to leave the game but difficult in relation to bots can you help me?

    • I've never used that mod so I, unfortunately, cannot help you. Instead, you should contact the author of that mod or use the support thread that can be located on that mod's page.

  • very cool and epic fellow :) senkobreadisreal