Featured Lotus 1.2.4

Lotus is a merchant who travels all around the world to different places, like the city of Tarkov. Some people see it a hopeless case but Lotus sees opportunities. For her business is business, and Tarkov is the perfect place for it.

Lotus currently comes with 134 Custom Quests:

92 for Lotus, 17 for Prapor, 13 for Peacekeeper, 5 for Skier, 3 for Ragman, 3 for Jaeger, 1 for Fence

However you will not be able to do all of them by default since there are some questlines where you need to pick the trader, currently the only 2 big questlines which you can choose are for Prapor and Peacekeeper

A lot of the Quests unlock New Trades.

If you play with Softcore, Hardcore Rules, without Flea Market or on a ZeroToHero profile, this might be for you.

Her first quest appears at level 5

I highly recommend to keep making backups of your profile, especially when updating or removing the mod

If you spot any bugs or Issues, feel free to let me know about them in the comments


Also huge thanks to Virtual for his Custom Quest Loader

  • Version 1.2.4

    Always make a backup when installing, uninstalling or updating mods!

    For SPT 3.8.X

    - Fixed an Issue with Quests where you could not obtain "Checkmate - Part 8" and "Narcotic - Part 2"

  • Version 1.2.3

    Always make a backup of your profile when installing, uninstalling or updating mods!

    For SPT AKI 3.8.x

    - Fixed an Issue with the Quests "Ruaf Infiltrator - Part 1" and all Ammo Quests where they could not be obtained even tho the requirements were met

  • Version 1.2.2

    Always make a backup of your profile when installing, uninstalling or updating mods!

    For SPT 3.8.0 - 3.8.1

    - Fixed "Alyonka Chocolate Bars" not showing up on Lotus anymore ( no idea what caused this )

    - Fixed an Issue with the Quest "Checkmate - Part 1" where the zone for Black Pawn was broken

    - Fixed a few locales ^^

  • Version 1.2.1

    Always make a backup of your profile when installing, uninstalling or updating mods!

    For SPT 3.8.0

    - Fixed an Issue where the quest "Light of the Lotus - part 1" could not be obtained, also changed the starting requirements of the quest so you can get it quicker, it only requires the quests "fuel delivery" and "ready for battle"

  • Version 1.2.0

    Always make a backup of your profile when installing, uninstalling and updating mods!

    For SPT AKI 3.8.0

    Big update ^^

    Huge thanks to everyone again who reported issues or made suggestions on things I could add or change.

    New ! :

    - Added a total of 58 new Quests, everything included from starter quests to late endgame quests

    - Added 2 OPTIONAL Questlines where you need to choose either Prapor or Peacekeeper (if you want both, you can use profile editor and mark the quest which you failed as "available for finish")

    - Added normal trades for the 4 Thermal Optics that Lotus sells

    - Added black T-30 Backpack

    - Added new builds for M4A1, MCX .300 Blackout, AK-102 and G36C

    - Added the the CQCM Facemask

    - Added the tan NT4 Suppressor

    - Added small and big Tushonka, Can of Squash, Can of Herring, Vodka and Milk

    - Added both OKP-7 Sights

    - Added Green Flare Cartridges

    - Added Signal Flare Pistol

    - Added barters for both Underbarrel Grenadelauncher

    - Added a barter for a Tank Battery

    - Added a barter for the MOE Rubber Buttpad

    - Added barters for both SE-5 Grips

    - Added a barter for Milk

    - Added a barter for the M4-SD Suppressor

    - Added a barter for the CQCM Facemask

    - Added a barter for Red and Poison-Green Flare Cartridges

    Fixed :

    - Fixed every quest that required "specified gear" where I kinda messed up the ID's and you were actually required to use only one item instead of the ones that you actually had to wear in combination

    - Some quests which required to use "AK-Type Rifles" were missing the AK-101 and AK-102, also added the RD-704 to these quests

    - Some quests required "Bodyguard" kills, however they were missing Shturman's guards

    - If you were high level and completed her first quest, you would get like 20 quests, this is now fixed, now the intro leads to a few other small starting quests, which then lead to the main quests

    Changes :

    - Barter for the ECHO-1 Thermal optic reduced from 6 Silver Badges to 4

    - Barter for modded MK-18 Mjolnir increased from 1 AESA to 3 AESAs

    - Moved the LL2 AKS-74UB build to LL3

    - Moved the LL2 AK-74N build to LL3

    - Moved the LL2 MP155 Ultima build to LL3

    - Moved the LL2 Vector .45 build to LL3
    - Moved the LL2 P90 build to LL3
    - Moved the Valday PS-320 1-6x from LL2 to LL3
    - Moved the MK47 Lower and Upper from LL2 to LL3

    - Moved the LL2 AK-12 build to LL3
    - Moved the LL3 AK-12 build barter to LL2

    - One of the cultist quests required to turn in masks, added a few more masks like the gasmasks and the shattered armored mask to the pool and also changed the needed masks from 5 to 3

    - Slightly nerfed the rewards for the Quest "Light of the Lotus - part 16" since the questline got expanded

    Locked the following existing items behind some of the new quests:

    - modded MK-18 barter, AXMC, Alusplint,Calok-B, Propital, Zagustin, Obdolbos, Trimadol, Meldonin, Perfortoran, MULE, ETG, Zhuk DFL, Vulkan, Thor armor, Zabralo and "meta" SVD

    Also, theres a high chance i messed up something after further testing, if you notice something, please report it to me in the comments of the modpage or the "Lotus" Thread in the official SPT discord, thank you!

  • Version 1.1.15

    Always make backups of your profile when installing or uninstalling mods!

    For SPT AKI 3.8.0

    Just a quick fix

    - Surefire RC2 Suppressor had dollars set as the id so you bought a dollar for 345$ instead of the suppressor (how tf did this happen, this is embarrassing)

  • Version 1.1.14

    Always make backups of your profile when installing or uninstalling mods!

    For SPT AKI 3.8.0

    - Fixed an issue with the quest "Tarkov Cleaner - Lighthouse" where the id for the location was incorrect which made none of the kills count

    - Added IOTV Gen4 body armor (High Mobility Kit) to Lotus level 3

    - Added IOTV Gen4 body armor (Full Protection Kit) to Lotus level 4 and a barter for it to level 3

    - Added Black Ulach to Lotus level 4 and a barter for it to level 3

    - Added Tan Ulach to Lotus level 4 and a barter for it to level 3

    - Added 6B47 (Digital Flora Cover) to Lotus level 2 and a barter for it to level 1

    - Added Blackrock Chestrig barter to Lotus level 2

    - Added Khamelion Chestrig to Lotus level 1

    - Added AK VS Combo handguard to Lotus level 3

    - Moved the BNTI Gzhel-K body armor to Lotus level 4 and added a barter for it to level 3

    - Moved the Hexgrid to level 2 because its shit

    - Changed the price of the Bastion helmet from 613$ to 380$

    And also huge thanks again to everyone who reported issues, gave suggestions and left feedback ^^

  • Version 1.1.13

    Always make backups of your profile when installing or uninstalling mods!

    - I took my time and reworked pretty much every single item price on Lotus so you cant buy something from here and sell it back for more money again

    - Fixxed "7.62x51mm M993" and "7.62x39mm MAI AP" ammo packs not giving any ammo, so im pretty sure all of the ammo boxxes should be fixxed now :thumbup:

    - "Fixxed" (?) an Issue with the quest "RUAF Infiltrator - part 1" where you had 2 objectives that required you to extract through certain extracts, that triggered when dying.

  • Version 1.1.12

    Always make Backups of your profile when installing or uninstalling mods and i HIGHLY recommend doing it this time especially.

    For SPT AKI 3.8.0

    - Fixxed an Issue with the quest "Light of the Lotus - part 12" where you werent able to finish the quest for some reason.

    - Fixxed an Issue where you were able to complete both "Valuable Payment" from Skier and "New Dealer in Town" from Lotus even tho completing one of these should fail the other one, this only occured if you only accepted one quest and completed it before accepting the other one.

    - Changed the amount of roubles needed for these 2 quests from 9000 to 3500 because it really was too much

    - Changed the unlock level for these quests to 30

    Thanks again to everyone who reported these things :thumbup:

  • Version 1.1.11

    Always make Backups of your profile when installing or uninstalling mods!

    For SPT AKI 3.8.0

    - Fixxed an Issue where the quests "Well Connected" and "Cooperation Is Important" were missing the map requirement for the Kills

    - Fixxed an Issue where the quest "Light of the Lotus - part 10" showed Ground Zero as the location even tho it should say Customs

    - Removed the requirement to hand over Big Pipes Plate Carrier for the quest "Imports" because somehow the game does not let you do that.

  • Just wanted to drop this here rq, if anyone notices that you can buy an item from Lotus (Level 4 especially since it has the highest selling rate) and resell it for more money to her again, feel free to report that to me :thumbup:

    And Huge thanks to everyone who downloaded my mod, gave feedback and reported issues. And I hope everyone is having fun with it ^^

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  • Hello! i have a issue with not being able to recive any quests from lotus, i was wondering if there are any requierments that i need to get for the quests to show up in the quest list? :) Really enjoy the mod tho ^^

    • hello, yes you need to download virtuals custom questloader, otherwise the quests wont work :)

  • Hey, a quick question.
    I realy enjoyed playing with this mod. But now i got some issues with some quest.
    With Light of the Lotus Part 6: It says "Locate the Stairwell of the two and three Story Dorms Building".
    I ran around dorms and every stairwell there is but it does not complete the quest. And the same happens for me on Pokloneniye Part 1 with the Checkpoint West of Sawmill at Night.
    Myb someone had the same issue and got a fix for it ?


    • Known Issue, i cant really do anything about it since its an issue with the zones in general
      only thing i could really recommend is reinstall lotus and virtuals custom questloader and use 7zip, also some mods cause the zones not to function properly like the heli crash mod (apparently)

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  • Hey, a quick suggestion, maybe adding a Gamma Container to one of the questline finales would be great for those that start with profiles that aren't EoD, like "Zero to Hero".

    As for the quests, im having a huge blast, the tasks feels grounded and intuitive, cosplaying as Killa in Interchange was funnier that it should had been.


    The trader can feel a little too OP with how low its prices are compared to the Flea or other traders, more specifically Alyonkas and Sugar, those cost 1/5 of the Flea value, or the Ammo Box, that costs half of Mechanic's one, so it ends up being 1/4 of the Flea value.

    Overall im extremelly glad that i gave this mod a chance, i just ended up ignoring the items that are too cheap and everything else is amazing.

    • Hello, thanks for the idea ^^ I will keep that in mind when i make more quests in the future.

      For flea value, i dont take that into account because i mainly made it for playing without flea since i think flea is unbalanced and makes the game too easy anyway, but im always open for suggestions of improvements so thanks again :thumbup:

      And im very happy that you enjoy it :)

  • Still can't start the chain of The Western connection quest which exactly quest to I need to start it?

    • how many of my prapor quests have you gotten already?
      there should be a quest called "for the motherland", if you accept this quest, you will also get a quest from peacekeeper, if you complete PK's quest you will get the questline western connection, if you complete prapors quest, you will get different quests

  • I have finished Checkmate p.6 but not getting part 7, does it have any other requirment or i am bugged?

    • hello, some quests have multiple requirements, checkmate 7 requires one of my prapor quests

    • Oh really, which one it could be? :S

    • i think it was called "like in old times"

    • And that quest also has some requirement because i cant find it?

    • yes some quests have multiple requirements, so i suggest just playing through them ^^

      i think you had to complete checkmate part 4, ruaf infiltrator part 4 and hit level 20

  • Hello, was adding swag donuts to the mods folder and when I ran the game, all the lotus quest got reset. No progress on them, nothing. Completed them again, but checkmate would never show up again. Is there a way to force it to show up? As I know the profile editor doesn't show the quest unless you already have it. (Even though I completed it before it just poofed away)

    • ^Also have reinstalled lotus and tried a new profile to see if checkmate shows up at all, I understand you need lvl 10 for it to show up again, doesn't show up

    • what version of lotus and spt are you on? adding swag/donuts or any other mod should not reset any progress.
      any chance you forgot to reinstall the questloader too?

    • Newest SPT version, lotus 1.2.3, and questloader is there, made sure to get the actual quest loader first and then put lotus's quest loader folders into it.

    • weird, that should not happen, idk what could cause it tho sorry

    • No biggie, but is there any way to force quest to show up? Maybe getting rid of the pre req?

  • its a bit strange when i finished the checkmate7 i didnt get checkmate8, same to narco2/3

    i can found them in the files, and i can load 134 quests in lotus when i started spt-aki server

    mb it was caused by i update lotus from 1.1.1 to 1.2.3 in the same profile?

    btw i cannot find them in profile editor, rly strange ;(

    • Hello, i think i found the issue with the 2 quests, fix should be released soon, thanks for reporting ^^

      For profile editor, its normal, modded quests dont show up until you had them atleast once

    • OK i got it and thx alot, at first i thought it will be available after a few hours like quests of lightkeeper,

      after 24 hours i still didn't get it so i decided to ask here XD :D

  • Hello! I love your mod and been using it extensively, but I'm stuck on Light of the Lotus part one. Not because of a bug, I don't think, but I can't ever seem to find a 7.62 Kalashnikov in raid. Do VPOs not count? Is there something I can craft in the hideout instead?

    • hello, glad to hear you like it ^^

      vpo's are seperated in that quest but you can craft akm's with level 1 or level 2 workbench

  • checkmate part 1 seems to be bugged I've been all over the black pawn building and it hasn't ticked it on the quest every other one worked fine

    • hello, this was fixed a few days ago, should be version 1.2.3

    • i have used that version still not completing the quest ill keep trying to see if its something ive done wrong

    • hmm, idk what could be the issue then, if one zone works all the others should work too, might be a mod conflict, apparently the crashed heli mod breaks these zones. Otherwise i could only advise completely reinstalling lotus and the questloader again

  • How do you start quest chain The Western connection?

    • hello, you need to choose the mission from peacekeeper instead of prapor

      if you chose prapor already you can just use profile editor and mark the quest "Lotus_keepingpeace_peacekeeper" (thats how it should show up there) as available for finish

    • I don't have that in profile editor, so I think I don't completed something (40lvl). I have a lot of lotus completed 40 quests~ but not so much other traders

    • oh okay, you need to do the custom prapor quests for that

  • Hello, my great author. Can I translate your mod into Chinese and share it with ODDBA?

    • I plan to share each of your subsequent versions and translate them.She is simply a mentor.

    • hello, if you want to publish the locales you can do that, just the one locale file for the language you want (chinese in this case), and just upload that one file and link the main mod ^^

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    • Thank U!

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  • Hey!

    I've spoke to GhostFenixx (SVM) as there may be an issue between SVM and Lotus. If I enable the option in SVM to remove the key card requirement for Labs, it doesn't seem to take effect and still requires a Key Card. He can't reproduce the error but he's heard it may be related to Lotus. Are you aware of anything?

    • svm seems to cause a headache for a lot of modders according to the spt discord, lotus has a custom keycard so im guessing that it conflicts with that

  • add new guns pls (762 AK-74u?)

    • you mean modded ones?

    • yes!!!

    • i was thinking about adding the modded Hk416 16.5 inch heavy barrel to lotus ( i always do that on my normal install ), but idk if i need to ask a modder for permission and i actually wanna avoid adding modded items to lotus unless theres a way for me to add an "optional assort" or something

      I could probably do that in the future tho :thumbup:

  • Hey! found couple of missions that when coupled with the mod "Skill extended" don't work (the first is the "Fuel delivery" and the second is "Light of the Lotus - Part 6") dunno if any1 else may have this problem so thought of writing here. Also, is there any way you can fix this or do I have to let SE dev know about this? first time reporting, maybe both can't do anything about this, don't know. (if this goes to the support thread, can't use it cuz the forum is dead sorry.)

    • also maybe I'm dumb af but after removing the mod, I only got the trigger to the saferoom on Interchange and the stash on Woods but both stairwells on Customs and Sanitars office on Shoreline didn't work

    • known issue, i really dont know what is causing it but it seems to be a problem with custom quests in general, usually caused by not using 7zip, otherwise idk what else could cause it

    • Didn't know I had to use a specific software (I always use winrar), will give it a try, also is this a fix for the quest Light of the Lotus 6 or maybe for both problems?

    • Works fine now! tyty

    • awesome, glad to hear it works now ^^

  • can we have this mod ported for FIKA?

    • i dont really know how fika works so someone else would need to figure it out

    • it works with fika Lil bro

  • hi , Check this issue was reported a few days ago, saw a update but this error still seem to be with fiki / MPT

    [UNHANDLED] [/files/bundle/assets/content/items/item_keycard_lab_mesh]

    in console

    • hello, but sorry i cant offer any support for fika / mpt since this mod is made for SPT

  • Hi. This merchant is very sophisticated and cool. I would like to know if there will be a switch in the config in which it will be possible to remove all the merchant's money-related offers. I love playing Hardcore Rules, and it's important for me not to be tempted by money offers.

    Спасибо :)

    • Hello, i do not have a feature which does that, however there are other mods that can do that and they should also work with modded traders -> Barter Economy

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  • Where can I find the line for the level requirement (5) for Lotus?

    • you mean in the questfiles? user/mods/virtuals custom questloader/database/quests and then lotus_quests, search for "lotus_intro" and then the "AvailableForStart" condition, hope this helps ^^

    • Right on, cheers! :)

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  • I was just wondering if the correct amount of total quests is 70/70, I have trades that require western connection 4 which I can find in the files but I cant seem to get to activate in game.

    • yes not all quests are on lotus, there are a few for prapor, skier, fence and peacekeeper, theres some optional questlines so you wont get all quests at once (unless you use profile editor)

  • 你好LL,为什么新版本只有67个任务?我试过很多次,解锁子弹的任务都没了。

    • 对于解锁 M855A1 等任务,更新到最新版本后,之前收集子弹的任务不再可用。

    • Hello, any chance you accidentally uninstalled the questloader? Try reinstalling the questloader, idk what else could have caused this

    • Alright I checked again, the ammo quests got locked behind one of the new starter quests, did you complete those?

    • 你能告诉我这是哪个任务吗?由于我的英语不熟练,我正在使用翻译软件进行交流。感谢您的理解。

    • The quest should be called "ammo gathering"

  • I've been really trying to find how I can reduce the the amount which you can sell items to her for.

    I'm running Realism and for example:

    I can sell a flashdrive to Therapist for approx. 8k while Lotus will buy it from me for approx. 28k.

    If you could please provide me with a way to change this I would be even more grateful than I already am for this awesome mod. Thanks!

    • Hello, I dont think I know how it works together with realism sadly, you could try editing the base.json in user/mods/Lotus/db, scroll down till you see the loyalty levels, there should be "buy_price_coef" for each level, lower number = higher selling price, hope this helped ^^

    • You were spot on! Thank you kindly for helping out :)

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    • Hello again, any chance you can help me with how I can increase the prices as well? I want her things to be more expensive. Is there some kind of multiplier line? Struggling to find it..

    • sadly theres only scripted prices, you would need to go into the assort.json for that

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    • I think what she meant is there is sadly no function made to raise the prices across the board. At this time they have to be adjusted manually for each item unless some sort of price multiplier is coded.

  • Hey there! I completed the first of Lotus' quests, but no more show up. Trader windows shows 18/18 completed. Are more quests time-gated?

    • no none of them are time gated, are you on the latest version?

    • I am! Just added last night. I am also on 3.8. All quests worked well, but only 18 show up. No new quests now.

    • Oops, I see an update was done 13 hours ago.

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  • quick question is this trader mod compatible with Artem trader mod ? i am asking cause when i played 3.7.1 i had issues with quest areas not recognised when using both mods

    • i had no issues when running lotus with both artem and scorpion, so it must be a mod conflict or it is caused by unzipping the files with anything other with 7zip

  • Any idea what might be causing Lotus (just her, not VCQL) to not let me access Labs? It pops the screen saying "you need a keycard for this map" but won't let me in no matter where I put the keycard - backpack, pockets, loose in Gamma, in Docs case, or in any of the Gilded Key Storage containers. With or without the Lab key req turned off in SVM. Tried FiR vs non-FiR keycard as well, though I doubt that makes a difference. Latest versions of everything.

    Will happily grab whatever info you think might be helpful. Mod list:

    • Mod: SVM version: 1.8.1 by: GhostFenixx loaded
    • Mod: LiveFleaPrices version: 1.1.1 by: DrakiaXYZ loaded
    • Mod: AmmoStats version: 3.1.0 by: RaiRaiTheRaichu loaded
    • Mod: LiveBitcoinPrices version: 1.1.0 by: Square loaded
    • Mod: Gilded Key Storage version: 1.3.2 by: Jehree loaded
    • Mod: MoreCheckmarksBackend version: 1.5.13 by: VIP loaded
    • Mod: NoDiscardLimit version: 1.4.0 by: Skwizzy loaded
    • Mod: SWAG + DONUTS version: 3.3.4 by: nooky and props loaded
    • Mod: SAIN version: 2.1.12 by: zSolarint loaded
    • Mod: AlgorithmicLevelProgression version: 4.1.0 by: DewardianDev loaded
    • Mod: BrightLasers version: 1.0.0 by: acidphantasm loaded
    • Mod: BRNVG - N-15 Adapter version: 1.0.0 by: Borkel loaded
    • Mod: TraderModding version: 1.6.2 by: ChooChoo and wara loaded
    • Mod: SPTQuestingBots version: 0.5.0 by: DanW loaded
    • Mod: Lotus version: 1.1.14 by: Lunnayaluna loaded
    • Mod: CollectorEarlyStart version: 1.0.0 by: Nader loaded
    • Mod: UnrestrictedPlates version: 1.0.1 by: RaiRaiTheRaichu loaded
    • Mod: tarkov-stash version: 0.8.2 by: agavalda loaded
    • Mod: Virtuals Custom Quest Loader version: 2.0.0 by: Virtual loaded
    • Mod: gearprotaction version: 2.0.0 by: HANAVI loaded
    • Can you try on an empty install with just lotus + questloader? Since i never had that issue its hard to figure out what the problem could be

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    • Removing Lotus/VCQL fixed the Labs issue on my original, modded install, but a fresh install with nothing but Lotus/VCQL/SVM didn't have the issue - SVM Default profile with the only change being "let me into Labs without a card". I'm pretty much forced to assume that neither Lotus/VCQL are causing the issue and are merely related somehow, so don't worry about this as a bug or anything.

      Still strange that card itself on the "you need one of these to queue up for Labs" changed from a normal Labs access card to the Keycard with a blue marking on that screen, so who knows what's causing it. I appreciate the reply nonetheless - keep up with the great quests and everything!

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  • Hi, The Quests from the trader doesnt appear in my game, i have the dependencies installed aswell

    • hello, quests should show up at level 5, if they dont show up it means virtuals custom questloader is missing

  • I'm not sure if this is a critical error, but when I join my server (by logging into the game), I get this error in my Aki Server console:

    [UNHANDLED] [/files/bundle/assets/content/items/item_keycard_lab_mesh]

    I'm using Aki version 3.8.0.

    I also tried installing a new version of Lotus + deleting the cache, but I still get this message. This does not seem to affect the game in any way, but I decided to report it. Maybe I did something wrong somewhere, I don’t know. I haven't found how to fix this.

    I found what lab_mesh in Lotus bundle forlder, so I was think I need write here :D

    ? 1
    • hello, thanks for reporting ^^

      also any chance you are running this mod on MPT or SIT? I dont think i have seen it on SPT yet

    • I have the exact same issue and yeah, I'm running it with MPT. And I've also narrowed it down to Lotus. Is there something that could be done about it?

    • Yes, I use MPT

      I probably should have said this, sorry

    • Hi there, Also reporting that i also encounter the same problem running MPT / Fika

  • HI!Love this mod.
    Sorry for my poor english,is it possible that update the mod version with our quests progress?

    After we updatd mod version(from maybe V1.1.10 to to the last release)",Some quests's progress is ok but some quests like"New cantacts"or "Checkmate part-6"are need to be done again.

    • hello, you can just use profile editor to set these quests to "available for finish" again

    • I will try it,thx!

  • so to change prices for custom traders without having to edit the trader itself (the easy way)

    make sure ur svm settings are still the desired x amount (x5.00 for example) so the buy prices arent fucked when ur buying items/ammo for guns and not changed when you use the right click buy function

    goto Aki-Data/Server/configs/trader.json

    ctrl f // search for \\ traderpricemultipler

    change to the desired number to help balance prices :D

    took me 4hrs of going in circles hope it helps <3

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  • I have translated the new version into Russian: FREE LINK

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    • Hello ^^, If you want you can actually upload the translation yourself on the SPT website.

      Filepath should just be "user/mods/Virtual's Custom Quest Loader/database/locales/ru" :thumbup:

      If you're interested I could send you an image for it on discord if you are on the SPT server

    • The site is very, very laggy, so for now, in the comments)