Featured Questing Bots 0.3.2

You're no longer the only PMC running around placing markers and collecting quest items. The bots have transcended and are coming for you...

This is a work-in-progress! Many features are still in development. Please report bugs in the QuestingBots thread in Discord or in the Comments section here.

Mod Compatibility:

Highly Recommended
Looting Bots
NOT Compatible
AI Limit

Any other mods that disable AI in a similar manner. This mod relies on the AI being active throughout the entire map.

Starting with 0.2.10, Questing Bots has its own AI Limiter feature. Please see the tab below for more information.
CompatibleSWAG + DONUTS
Late to the Party
Previously Compatible (but not confirmed in SPT-AKI 3.7.0+)Custom Raid Times
Immersive Raids

NOTE: Please disable the PMC-spawning system in this mod if you're using other mods that manage spawning! Otherwise, there will be too many PMC's on the map.

The PMC-spawning system in this quest will be automatically disabled if any of the following mods are detected:

This mod will have a performance impact, so unfortunately it may be difficult to use on slower computers. I'll work on optimizations in future releases.


Configuration Options in config.json:

  • Version 0.3.2

    Feature Changes:

    • Bots will now toggle switches
    • Added prerequisites for some quests that require a switch to be in a certain position. For example, if the Hermetic extract switch is on in Reserve, don't allow bots to try and turn it on again (until it turns back off).
    • Automatically disable initial PMC spawns if MOAR is detected
    • Added logging message when a map has been loaded
    • Added logging message when quest data is being erased at the end of raids
    • Changed server message about PMC spawns being automatically disabled to a warning
    • Do not write a server message about PMC spawns being disabled if they're already disabled
    • Write a server message when the mod is completely disabled
    • Bug fix for dead bots still being assigned new quests
    • Bug fix for chanceForSelecting property for quests not working correctly (thanks, BSG...)
    • Bug fix for maxBots property for quests not actually being used
    • Bug fix for errors caused by rare condition where the mod searches for switches and doors in the map multiple times

    Quest Changes:

    • Added intermediate point for the "D2 Switch" quest in Reserve to reduce bot pathing failures to it
    • Reduced the chance for selecting the Customs "Power Switch" quest from 50% to 30%, and reduced the max distance to select it from 500m to 200m.
    • Added quests for KIBA alarm panels on Interchange that become available when the power switch is turned on
    • Changed the priority of the "Hidden Panel" quest in the Interchange Burger Spot bathroom from 19 to 20, changed the chance of selecting it from 15% to 20%, don't allow it to be selected until 180s after the raid starts, and only allow it to be selected when the power switch is turned on
    • Changed the priority of the "Safe Room" quest in Interchange from 19 to 18, changed the chance of selecting it from 30% to 10%, and only allow it to be selected if the power switch is turned on and keycard has been swiped in the Burger Spot bathroom
    • Added "Sewage Conduit Pump Switch" quest in Labs
    • Reduced the chance of the "Medical Block Elevator Power Switch" quest in Labs being selected from 10% to 5%
    • Reduced the chance of the "Cargo Block Elevator Power Switch" quest in Labs being selected from 15% to 5%
    • Reduced the chance of the "Main Elevator Power Switch" quest in Labs being selected from 10% to 5%
    • Only allow the "Parking Gate Controls" quest in Labs to be selected after 420s has elapsed in the raid and the gate isn't already open
    • Changed the priority of the "Parking Gate Alarm Controls" quest in Labs from 19 to 18, the chance of it being selected from 5% to 10%, at least 420s has elapsed in the raid, and only allow it to be selected if the Parking Gate is open and the alarm hasn't already been turned off
    • Only allow the "Hangar Gate Controls" quest in Labs to be selected after 420s has elapsed in the raid and the gate isn't already open
    • Only allow the "Hermetic Door Switch" quest in Reserve to be selected after 300s has elapsed in the raid and the switch isn't already on
    • Added D2-switch objective to the "D2 Area" quest in Reserve
    • Reduced the chance of the "D2 Area" quest in Reserve being selected from 30% to 15%
    • Added "Hermetic Alarm Patrol" quest in Reserve that can only be selected while the Hermetic extract switch is on

    config.json files from the 0.3.0 and 0.3.1 releases are fully compatible.

  • Version 0.3.1

    • Improved PMC group spawning system thanks to DrakiaXYZ
    • PMC's are no longer forced to be enemies with you
    • Removed the mod version number from the folder name
    • Removed obsolete code

    config.json files from the 0.3.0 release are fully compatible.

    Please make sure you delete previous versions of this mod from your \user\mods directory!

  • Version 0.3.0

    • Massive rewrite of the quest management system for bots. The quest-selection algorithm is about the same but will soon change too.
    • Added an option in the F12 menu to prevent bots from sprinting while questing (sprinting is enabled by default)
    • Bots will now crouch or go prone for a certain amount of time to simulate planting items for quests like Farming Part 1, Delivery from the Past, etc.
    • The limit for how many bots can do the same quest was moved from individual objectives to the parent quest itself
    • Make the wait time after a bot completes a quest unique for every quest instead of universal. Currently, this is still 10s for all quests.
    • Added minRaidET property for quests. The only quest currently using this is "Hermetic Door Switch" (300 s).
    • Added pmcsOnly property for quests. Now only PMC's can perform the Spawn-Rush and EFT quests.
    • If initial_PMC_spawns.enabled=true, force the PMC-conversion chance to be 0%. If it's >0%, it causes issues with PMC group spawns. Also removed server_pmc_conversion_factor from config.json.
    • If the PMC-conversion chance was set to 0% and it's not 0% when generating initial PMC's, write an error message in the server console.
    • Added units to the AI-Limiter distance options in the F12 menu
    • Added debug option to force initial PMC's to spawn (if initial_PMC_spawns.enabled=true) even when you select "None" for the amount of bots when entering a raid.
    • Added option to completely disable questing in config.json. I don't know why you'd want to do this, but it's there.
    • Revised debug messages to show more information about bots. This allows you to locate them more easily when using BotDebug.
    • Revised logging
      • Separate files are now generated for available quests and bot assignments
      • Removed quests from quest log if they aren't in the current map
      • Created new file showing all assignments for every questing bot along with their final status
      • Revised file naming
      • Remove commas from quest names, objective names, and bot names to prevent columns from being shifted in CSV files
    • Find switches on the map before generating quests (will be used in a future release)
    • Bug fix for constant "boss xxx has not been added to the follower dictionary" exceptions
    • Bug fix for you counting as an initial PMC in Scav runs
    • Bug fix for dead bots and boss followers counting toward max-bot limits for quests
    • Bug fix for questing logic running after a bot is dead
    • Bug fix for followers getting stuck when running to their boss and never trying to adjust their pathing
    • Bug fix for bot friendliness not being updated if EFT hasn't identified any enemies for its group. This mostly just affects the color of the bot text in BotDebug.
    • A LOT of refactoring (over 7000 lines of new/changed code)

    config.json files from previous releases are not compatible.

    Breaking Changes for Custom Quest Files:

    • maxBots was moved from quest objectives to the parent quest. If you don't move it, the default value of 2 will be used.
  • Version 0.2.10

    • Added AI limiter accessible via the F12 menu thanks to Props. Please see the README or Overview tab for more information.
    • Added PMC group spawns. Please see the README or Overview tab for more information.
    • Initial PMC spawning is automatically disabled if SWAG + DONUTS is detected thanks to DrakiaXYZ
    • Fixed broken PMC's that spawn south of the cinema on Streets and in the SW corner of Interchange thanks to DrakiaXYZ, WolfGrey, and Cosm1c Gam3r
    • Increased required version of Waypoints from 1.3.1 to 1.3.2, which is required for the previously mentioned fix to work properly
    • If boss questing is enabled, bosses with followers will use the same logic as PMC groups, so they will more effectively travel around the map as a group.
    • Reduced chance of bots selecting "standard" Resort quests in Shoreline
    • Implemented time-gating of questing logic to provide a small performance improvement. This can be disabled in the F12 menu if needed.
    • Allow bots with Shturman-follower, Cultist-priest, and Bloodhound "brains" to quest (if applicable)
    • Prevented PMC's from using Knight's "brain" because he gets stuck in combat for long periods of time
    • Force all PMC's to be hostile to you (I may revisit this in the future)
    • Bug fix (hopefully) for "0 of # initial PMC's were generated" error. This needs more investigation, but the root cause for this might actually be using other mods that are not compatible with the version of SPT-AKI being used.
    • Bug fix for infinite loop (causing the game to freeze) when failing to find a valid spawn point for an initial PMC group
    • Lots of refactoring

    config.json files from previous releases are not compatible.

    Huge thanks to nooky, Props, and DrakiaXYZ for help with developing and testing these changes. Also a huge thanks to everyone on Discord who tested the many alpha releases for this update. There are too many people to name, but you're all awesome.

  • Version 0.2.8

    • Updated for SPT-AKI 3.7.1

    config.json files from the 0.2.7 release are fully compatible.

    NOTE: Since SAIN hasn't been updated for SPT-AKI 3.7.1 yet, I'll ASSume it'll be compatible for now...

  • Version 0.2.7

    Compatible with SPT-AKI 3.7.0 only

  • Hello! For some reasons, bots in combat walk backwards, or start walking slowly in the middle of open-space. Also, they activate hermetic door on Reserve - and don't try to exit.

    What mod is responsible for their combat behaviour?

    • Also, console:

      [Questing Bots] Adjusting PMC spawn chances (0): assault: 0-0%, cursedassault: 0-0%, pmcbot: 0-0%, exusec: 0-0%, arenafighter: 0-0%, arenafighterevent: 0-0%, crazyassaultevent: 0-0%,

      is it ok?

    • Also: a group of 4 PMC spawned at the Reserve co-op exit, ran to the Med building. One of the group saw me sitting near the Tower at the train (100+ m) - and the whole group started slowly walking towards me.

      I was a Player Scav.

      Highly doubtful that a real 4-pack would drop a quest to charge towards a bot in 100+ m :))

    • Hi,

      Hopefully I can answer all of your questions:

      • All combat behavior is deferred to either vanilla EFT behavior or any mods that override it (like SAIN). This mod only detects when bots should be in combat and stops them from questing.
      • This mod limits how long bots are allowed to stay in combat as long as they don't see an enemy or are getting actively attacked. For your case in Reserve, they'll stay in combat until they can't see you for ~30 seconds. After that, they'll continue questing. It might not be the most realistic, but it's the best compromise I could find for now.
      • The message about adjusting PMC chances is correct. Those values all need to be 0% for the initial spawns in this mod to work correctly.
      • This mod does not instruct bots to extract. It's a planned feature but likely won't happen for a while.
    • I believe the walking backwards towards you when they lose sight of it is a bug from sain not this. I get that as well here and there. Seems to happen on low end scavs and not pmc, raiders etc.

  • How do you reduce the number of bot spawns?
    It feels like whenever 1 bot dies, another one spawns in it's place.
    I am using SAIN, Looting Bots and ServerValueModifier alongside the required mods.

    I am not using any other mods that modify bot behavior or spawns.

    But factory is almost unplayable because there's a constant flow of Scavs/PMCs spawning.

    Does it have anything to do with ServerValueModifier and the bot settings in there?

    • That doesn't sound right. In Factory, PMC's should only spawn in the beginning of the raid. I'd try removing SVM. If that doesn't work, please send me a link to your LogOutput.log file in your BepInEx directory right after closing the game.

    • Disabling ServerValueModifier, seems to have stopped the PMC's from spawning. I think this may be because the mod is converting some scavs to PMCs. But i am still getting a large amount of scavs spawning in.

    • QuestingBots doesn't change Scav spawns at all. Are you sure it's not the same without this mod installed?

    • I figured it out, apologies for the inconvenience.
      I had accidentally modified a setting in SAIN, that gave scavs a much higher chance to spawn in groups rather than individually. I'm sorry for the confusion.

    • No worries. Are you sure you don't mean DONUTS? SAIN doesn't affect spawning either.

  • One of the most important mod in SPT history. Thanks for your work! It's so fun encountering AI in various places.

    I have a feature request - loot run "quest". I know you are planning stash running but I think it would be a good way to populate other areas of maps via this quest. For example Shoreline villages loot run, backs of IDEA and OLI, various warehouses on Customs, School and Barracks on Reserve, military camp on Woods etc.

    Judging by my +100 hours of gameplay (your mod, Looting bots, DONUTS etc.) it's still rather rare to encounter PMCs there. Those kinds of quests could help a lot I hope.

    Also, would it be possible to make "camper" quests? Like camping extracts, some quest areas (like the bronze pocket watch truck) or high traffick areas?

    • Glad you're enjoying it!

      Yes, the "stash running" quest is partially intended to serve that purpose. I actually have "standard" quests for all of the locations you mentioned already in the mod. However, if you think the chances of seeing bots there are unrealistically low, I can crank up the odds they'll go there. I'm planning a large overhaul of the quest-selection algorithm in the next major release (either 0.4 or 0.5) so it might be worth waiting until that's out before making changes.

      I have a couple camping quests in the mod now, but I didn't want to make them likely for bots to select because it wasn't really the direction I wanted to take for the mod. I find campers more frustrating than exciting. However, you can create your own "custom" quests to add those.

  • So I think I figured out what is causing me to lag so much in the start of raids. I do have a lot of traders that have their own quests but specifically, Andrudis QuestManiac

    This mod causes the most lag. Is there any way to add a setting to make it so that the quests from this specific mod don't load? Because though this mod adds new traders it causes lots more quests specifically for the default traders as well. I assume the lag is because your mod is trying to load all the quests that the Quest Maniac mod provides.

    • Yup, that's a known issue. It's something I'll work on in the future.

    • Gotcha, without the Questmaniac mod doe everything runs smoothly! So good job.

  • How can I Check If its Work? Dont See any Problems in Server. But dont See Bots questing ^^

    • You can either use BotDebug and look for bots using the "BotObjectiveLayer" layer, or you can open the game console and look for messages about bots doing objectives.

  • SPT-AKI console error

    Hey there! I have been having constant issues basically every scav raid and I'm not really sure why, when I attempt one, it errors out with the error code in the image I attached. I redownloaded the mod and am up to date with 3.7.2 AKI, and have the latest File for Questing Bots as well. I even attempted reinstalling SPT fully and still get this like 90% either when I die as a scav or when I extract as one. My friend has the same mods basically I have installed and does not have this issue, I attempted moving some mods around for their order and sometimes it works for 1-2 raids and then just goes into failing again.

    • Apparently I just happened to find someone else having the same issue and they resolved it by removing old quest entries in their profile. I'll link it here in case anyone else has any issues and see if this solved my issues.

      RE: Blackscreen after raid end with SCAV

    • So this still seems to be happening after a couple scav runs and doing what the guy above did in his post. Unsure why Scav runs are busted, I only think its this mod possibly due to the QuestHelper function its talking about.

    • I think this is actually an SPT issue, and likely there's an issue with your profile. The QuestHelper class in the stack trace is in the SPT-AKI server code and not part of this mod. I'd ask for help maybe in the thread you linked. Sorry.

    • Ah, I see what you mean, I'll reach out over there then. Sorry about that, thank you for the assist!

    • To post a final update here in case anyone needs it; I was able to download the hotfix chompy uploaded for 3.7.3 and the scav raid issues I was having fully.

  • Hello! I am sure you've answered this question multiple times, but I could not find it while scanning the comments here.

    I was wondering what I would need to change to remove the SPT PMC conversion AFTER your initial PMC spawns at raid start. Basically, I would like to have only the initial PMCs spawn in. Then just the normal scavs spawning in throughout the raid.

    edit: I am using both Questing Bots and LTTP, but no other spawning mods

    Thanks in advance.

    Also, I love this mod! Thanks so much for your work on this.

    • Hi,

      If you're using initial PMC's in this mod, you don't need to change anything. The mod automatically adjusts the PMC conversion chance to do this. Just make sure that adjust_bot_spawn_chances.enabled=false in the LTTP 1.3.5 config. However, I'm very close to releasing LTTP 1.4.0, and that will have a different config option for this.

      One thing you may be noticing is that only some of the initial PMC's spawn right at the beginning of the raid, which is done partially for performance reasons and partially to allow Scavs to spawn. If you want to force ALL initial PMC's to spawn immediately, increase all of the values in initial_PMC_spawns.max_alive_initial_pmcs to something high (like 99) in this mod's config file. However, you should also increase initial_PMC_spawns.max_additional_bots to something like 10 and initial_PMC_spawns.max_total_bots to something like 35 or Scavs may not spawn for a long time. Please keep in mind that this will definitely affect performance.

      Glad you're enjoying the mod!

    • Awesome, thank you for your quick reply! You're a legend

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    • FYI - I just released LTTP 1.4.0, and the new config option is adjust_bot_spawn_chances.adjust_pmc_conversion_chances (false by default).

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  • With the mod AI PMC spawned right at sawmill and rushed in to trash Shturman like no tomorrow, I have to disable the mod to have any hope to get my Mjolnir purchase...

    If Questing Bots didn't add any spawn point then I should consider disable Donuts, it's kinda unfair to compete with AI who knows exactly where Shturman is..

    • If you're using DONUTS, Questing Bots has nothing to do with that.

    • Gotcha, does Questing Bot make AI PMC hunt Shturman explicitly though?

    • Not yet, but it will in a future release (maybe in 1-2 months). However, I'll make that quest configurable so you can disable it if you'd like.

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  • got some issues since updating SWAG Realism and Questing Bots....


    [2023-11-19T17:36:30.090Z] error: [Questing Bots] Cannot read standard quests for bigmap

    [2023-11-19T17:36:31.246Z] info: [Client Request] /QuestingBots/ReportError/Cannot%20read%20standard%20quests%

    • That should only happen if \user\mods\DanW-SPTQuestingBots\quests\standard\bigmap.json is missing, corrupted, or somehow locked. I recommend deleting all files for this mod and reinstalling it.

  • Can I make all pmc one group? I mean I want they attack me only, not kill each other. Because it's too much of them that lower fps, But when I found them, they were already dead

    • You can make large groups of them by changing the numbers in the right column of bots_per_group_distribution to higher numbers. However, if you make the numbers higher than the values in max_alive_initial_pmcs, the groups won't spawn.

      However, you cannot make all PMC's friendly with each other using this mod.

  • Any possibility to add specific AI limit distances for each map? I have it set quite low which is good on most maps but just not feasible on others, or at least make the AI limit mod able to work.

    • I'd rather focus on performance improvements that would make the AI limiter less needed. If people still have problems when the mod is "complete", then I'll consider doing this.

    • I see, however I don't think this mod is the main reason people need ai limiters in the first place, rather just general poor performance in general. In my case disabling the mod only gave me around 10-15 increased fps, in fact I found I lose far more fps with SWAG + Donuts on, which is the main reason I needed a way to use AI limit, as well as unstable map performance in general on certain larger maps which was being unsustainable. If it is not a feature that you are going to add in the near future, could you at least enable compatibility with the AI limit mod for the time being? As I found I did have far better performance with lower distances but think more precise tweaking options would indeed be good.

    • Allowing other AI limiter mods basically defeats the purpose of using this one, so hopefully you can understand my apprehension. Questing Bots relies on the bots... questing. If they're disabled, this mod isn't really doing anything. Unfortunately, it does require more CPU power than the base game, but I have to draw the line somewhere. If too many bots are disabled, I'll just get complaints saying "this mod isn't working". I'll consider making separate distance settings for each map in the future, but it's a lower priority for me right now. Sorry.

    • I understand, I would also suggest adding a config option to set the percentage for the amount of pmcs that can quest which could be 100% by default. That would probably increase the ai limit performance if lowered as some pmcs would still be disabled whereas others are still allowed to quest and also be more realistic as not all bots would be questing all the time. And another thing to look out for, I think the questing bots still do run a lot of the time even when running is disabled and when the quest configs are changed, maybe that still needs some tweaking.

    • You can reduce the values in max_alive_initial_pmcs to limit the number of active PMC's on the map. That should help with performance and is similar to what you're suggesting.

      What are you observing regarding your last comment?

  • since putting this mod on i get no bosses spawn at all, like reshala in customs, killa in factory... gonna remove it to 100% confirm whether its this mod

    EDIT - yes 1st raid after removing this mod the bosses are back, so def stops the spawning of bosses. tons of raids with this mod and literally no bosses.

    • Please play a few raids where bosses aren't spawning, and then immediately after closing the game post a link to your LogOutput.log file in your BepInEx directory.

      Also - are you using any other mod that affects spawning like SWAG+DONUTS?

    • use MOAR.... bosses spawn fine, then stopped when i added this mod....... have removed it and they spawning again

    • Have you tried setting initial_PMC_spawns.enabled=false in this mod?

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    • ill try that as no i didnt .... fingers crossed gonna give it a go

    • Dan your the man!! it worked, hopefully do the same to bloodhounds now too, cheers m8 your a diamond!!

  • Start the raid, a huge error occurs and frames drop.

    I searched for eae584ce26bc40229c1b1aa476bfa589 and eaebebb2fa0447b2a66055e98764a187 in the Aki database or mod, but it didn't exist... ;( I am using Aki 3.7.1

    • Interesting, somebody else just had that error too. We're not sure what caused it, but it should be fixed in 0.3.2 which will likely be posted tomorrow.

    • It works fine after 0.3.2 update. Thanks for the great work! :love:

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  • Okay, I've done more testing and hands down as you and I predicted earlier, when this mod is used with Andrudis QuestManiac the FPS tanks massively regardless of any options checked or unchecked in the F12 options. Thus making it basically unplayable.

    As far as making it work with Andrudis QuestManiac the only thing I can think of would be a way of enabling Questing Bots only with the vanilla EFT tasks and to somehow "ignore" any extra quests. In addition to this I suggest the ability to customize not only the types of AI that quest, but what quests they can take part in. Having the ability to enable/disable types of quests too.

    Not sure if what I just mentioned is what this means though --> ( Add configuration options to overwrite default settings for EFT-based quests and their objectives)

    These all look like great future additions!

    • Add new quest type: hidden-stash running
    • Add new quest type: boss hunter
    • Add new quest type: air-drop chaser
    • Add new quest-objective action: unlocking doors
    • Add new quest-objective action: pulling levers
    • Another quest-selection algorithm overhaul to replace the "priority" system with a "desirability" score for each quest
    • Allow player Scavs to quest (without allowing all Scavs to quest)

    Of course I also know you are continuing performance improvements as well! Once again, keep up the great work, and I as always, continue looking forward to your development.

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    • Only using EFT quests could work as a backup plan, but I'm hoping to make improvements in the next 1-2 major releases (0.4.x and 0.5.x) that should help with performance.

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    • Looking forward to it! Excited!

  • Hey, thanks for the awesome updates! I'd like to add some reasoning to wanting to disable the mod besides performance. So, a lot of mods will have an option in their config or even better, the f12 menu to completely disable them while in game. A lot of people, myself included, use this feature a lot for helping us narrow down what mod conflicts there may be or which mods are causing which bugs. I know you have been hesitant to add the feature to disable it, but I promise you that adding this only improves the mod overall, and we all really appreciate it despite your apprehension about it. Thank you!

    And great job overall on the mod. Its very impressive all the work you have been able to do in such a short time.

    • You actually can do this right now. There's an "Enable Questing" option in the F12 menu that's enabled by default. You can disable it for troubleshooting.

      In terms of making a map-specific option to disable questing (which you requested in a previous comment), I'd first like to try and improve performance first. I have some changes planned for the next 1-2 major releases that I think should help. If people are still struggling after that, I'll put something in.

      Glad you're enjoying it!

  • New update works like a charm, just like the last time. No slow down, no performance dips.

    I wonder if it's because I run 32gb of ram and a 7700x. Either way it's great ^^

    I had a read of the comments here, and soo many of them are people who added your mod to a 50 mod list, or people coming back here blaming your mod for things your mod doesn't change :D. I feel a lot of the modders here are underapreciated, and I just thought I'd comment again to make sure you're aware how good your work is !

    • I appreciate it!

      It's tough because modding, log files, stack traces, etc. are total black boxes for most people. If something isn't working, they have no idea where to start except blame the thing they most recently changed. Honestly I'd rather they report it and learn their issue is unrelated than not say anything and think the mod is crap. If I can fix something to make it better, I'd at least like to have the opportunity.

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  • Please use the normal folder name, and when update overwrite all files. Lot of issue in the future: why 2 version in my mods folder... Not big problem, but the not experienced modding people lot of problem with.

    • Yeah, I need to change that. I'll do that for the next release.

    • Fixed in 0.3.1.

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    • Love you! ;)

  • Getting huge memory leak leading to crashes while using this. Anyone else?

    • Can you please post a log file?

      EDIT: It sounds like this is caused by the error described in the pinned comment above.

    • Fixed with latest update

  • The new version wont load the F12 plug in on 3.7.0 ? I was looking to the limiter but i dont want to switch to 3.7.1 and have to redo all my custom stuff lol

    question: in the config, you have under quests, etf questing, spawn rush and spawn wander. there is a chance % priority and number of bots per quest. So, with scavs enabled to quest, if I change the chance to like 5% and limit the number of bots per quest to 1 or 2 , does that mean that every scav spawned would have 5% chance to quest or just roam its spawn like normal?

    Taking it further than, does that config control pmc/scav/bosses, and if you set questing and rush to 0, and wandering to like 25 then only 25% chance of just wandering action? I love the idea but i am trying to work around so many scavs running around. I am trying to get like out of 40 allowed. like 6-7 would go questing while the others stayed normal.

    sorry, another question, is it possible to restrict which bosses are allowed to quest? it makes the behavior of grouped bosses, like rashla/ gluhar and the cultist split up, but for sturman and sanitar its really cool because the 3 stack group can roam anywhere on the map and really F&^k up your day LOL

    • Sorry, only version 0.2.7 is compatible with SPT-AKI 3.7.0.

      The chance percentage is the chance that the bot will select that quest if offered to it. There is a description of the quest-selection algorithm in the Overview tab. However, it will be changing in the near future.

      It's not possible to choose which bosses will quests; it's just all or nothing.

      I'm not sure if that answers all of your questions, but hopefully that helps.

  • Is there anyway to limit the quests the bots can attempt to complete? I really like the idea of the mod but I have Andrudis-QuestManiac installed which has 4000+ quests so it kinda kills my pc when questing bots is installed haha. If there is a way to increase performance by just limiting to vanilla quests or something that would be cool (if it doesn't already exist).

    • Unfortunately no, it'll just take time for me to get all the features into the mod and then work on performance improvements.

    • All good bro, thanks for the reply. Maybe i should just upgrade my pc lel

  • Love the mod; It goes into the hall of fame for me for sure.

    It goes without saying, thank you so much for all the hard work put into this mod. It is a must have for me now.

    I just had a slight question, I apologize as well if it's been answered before I couldn't seen to find anything regarding it.

    It seems that it edits the max amounts of bots in a set lobby, is this limiting total bots or just PMC's? I've tried to change this value multiple times and it seems that it always loads the same amount regardless of any changes made(I've only made changes to the config.json inside of the mods file) If I am a Dumba$$ and there is another place that I am supposed to change it please let me know.

    Additionally; I've not noticed a huge performance dip while using this mod. However; I'm on a 7800x3d + 4070Ti & I use DLSS, so that might be why I don't notice a difference.

    • Glad you're enjoying it!

      This mod will generate PMC's between the actual minimum and maximum player amounts for each map (as defined by EFT unless another mod changes them). For example, Factory has a player count of 5-6 in EFT, so this mod will spawn 4-5 PMC's at the beginning of the raid (because you count as a PMC too). The total PMC count is a random number in that range. However, due to performance concerns, this mod limits the total number of alive PMC's to the numbers in the max_alive_initial_pmcs setting in config.json. As PMC's die, the remaining ones will spawn in to replace them. For example, 11 PMC's might be generated for Customs, but only 7 will be allowed to spawn right at the start of the raid (using default settings). As some of those 7 are killed, the remaining 4 will be allowed to spawn as long as the maximum number of alive bots on the map doesn't exceed 7.

      While I don't change any other bots spawns, I also prevent PMC's from spawning if the map is too "busy". Otherwise, spawning more PMC's will prevent Scavs from spawning. This is mostly just an issue on Lighthouse, but it's also for general performance concerns. To do this, I don't allow PMC's to spawn if the total number of alive bots is more than bot cap for the map minus min_other_bots_allowed_to_spawn. For example, If the bot cap for the map is 20, PMC's won't be allowed to spawn if there are 16 or more alive bots (using the default setting for min_other_bots_allowed_to_spawn).

      The system is a little complicated, but it mostly works. My goal was to mimic live Tarkov as much as possible while making compromises for performance.

      Hope that helps.

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    • Dan,

      Thank you so much for the detailed response. I have a pretty good understanding of the functionality of the mod now. I always have used Swag+SAIN and kinda bloated the map for an action filled map, usually setting the bot cap per map(Besides Labs/Factory, these are set to 25) The rest are set to 40(For a lot of people I know that's way too much) however, I found that I like my lobbies to be just filled to the brim with one encounter after the next.

      Once again, I still do not notice a performance drop with the mod. I do not know if that relates directly to me using DLSS(I would assume so at this point) I stay 75FPS+ @ 1440P and max settings.

      Thank you honestly for all the hard work. :)

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  • It would be awesome to have an option to completely disable the mod for specific maps, such as Streets for example. Even with somebody like me with a high-end, above average PC, at 1440p, I can barely maintain 30 to 40 FPS on Streets with Questing Bots enabled. Without it installed, my frames are almost doubled. Most maps perform relatively fine otherwise, but the option to disable it for some maps would make all the difference.

    • Have you tried using the AI Limiter in the F12 menu? You can disable questing for all bots outside of a certain radius from you.

    • I have it set to the minimum, 50 meters, on Streets. I have a 5800x, 32GB of RAM, and a 2080ti with an insane overclock. I play at 1440p high settings, with low streets textures enabled and DLSS on quality, and my frames on Streets are still cut in half with questing bots installed. Of course, part of it is because of the all the AI being handled by SPT on my CPU alone, but even so, Questing Bots easily drops Streets performance by upwards of 30% and sometimes 50% if Kaban and his guards are there.

      Funny enough, that's how I know if Kaban is there - the game will lag more than usual.

      That being said, the mod works very well and is difficult to play without because it adds so much and I have my mod list very well tuned with everything else, so honestly performance is the big thing that holds it back. I look forward to the optimizations planned for the future.

    • You can totally disable questing in the F12 menu, but I know that's a pain to have to remember to turn it on/off based on the map. I'll have to think about disabling questing entirely based on the map. I'm sure you can understand my hesitation because it kinda defeats the purpose of the mod.

      Hopefully in the future I can work on performance improvements and the fps drop won't be as bad.

  • Amazing!

    For the future would it be possible to maybe add the bots to turn on power say at interchange, reserve and other maps.

  • I've found that there are some errors in BepInEx log:

    While looking for reason I got some error spammed every second in console:

    Edit 1. I've also encountered different console error related to Questing Bots:

    • Interesting, this is a new one...

      Can you share the full directory path in which you've installed SPT-AKI? You can redact your name or other sensitive information if it's in there. For some reason, my server call to get that directory failed. It might be some kind of issue with your PC (firewall, anti-virus, etc.), or it might be abnormal characters in your directory path.

      The first Console Error you shared in unrelated to Questing Bots, so I suspect there may be another underlying problem. At the very least, I'd double-check that all of the mods you're using are actually compatible with the version of SPT-AKI you're using.

    • Path to the game folder is simply C:\SPT (my SSD drive). All of my mods, except ODT-item info are up to date. ODT-Item info works fine on 3.7.1 for my usage, despite it being 3.5.7 mod.

      I'm currently using Windows Defender and I haven't seen anything related to SPT-AKI in it.

      I've encountered that console error before I was using Questing Bots, but I can't find anywhere what can be cause of it (checked both forum and discord) and it doesn't happen often.

    • Sorry, I'm pretty stumped. Could you please try using only Questing Bots and its prereqs to see if it still happens? Otherwise, I have no idea how to reproduce it.

  • Is it possible to disable this for certain maps? It throroughly overwhelms my system on streets of tarkov.

    • You can experiment with the AI Limiter options in the F12 menu. You can use it to disable questing for bots outside of a certain radius of you. Changes should take effect within 2-3 seconds.

  • Would there be a way to prevent questing bots from sprinting everywhere?

    • I'm slowly working on that, so it'll get better over time. For an interim solution, check out LVNKY's comment below.

    • Thanks for the reply, could you send me the txt's that LVNKY sent you?

    • DM'ed

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    • The 0.3.0 release features an option in the F12 menu to prevent bots from sprinting while they're questing. This is a stopgap for an improved system down the road, but it might work for your purposes.

  • wayyyyy too many scavs on factory. how do i turn this down?

    • The short answer: This mod doesn't affect Scav spawns at all.

      The long answer: SPT adds a bunch of Scav spawns compared to live Tarkov. If you're using the PMC spawning system in this mod, you can get rid of them by adding the line this.iLocationConfig.customWaves.normal = {}; after the line this.iLocationConfig.customWaves.boss = {}; (line 306) in user\mods\DanW-SPTQuestingBots-0.2.x\src\mod.ts

  • i get this message over and over again... what does it mean?

    2023-11-05 18:43:36.941 +01:00||Error|Default|

    EXCEPTION: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

    at SPTQuestingBots.BotLogic.Objective.BotObjectiveManager.updateBotType () [0x0010a] in <492d310867114f719fe9c1dc903f85b6>:0

    at SPTQuestingBots.BotLogic.Objective.BotObjectiveManager.Update () [0x00021] in <492d310867114f719fe9c1dc903f85b6>:0

    2023-11-05 18:43:36.941 +01:00||Error|Default|NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

    SPTQuestingBots.BotLogic.Objective.BotObjectiveManager.updateBotType () (at <492d310867114f719fe9c1dc903f85b6>:0)

    SPTQuestingBots.BotLogic.Objective.BotObjectiveManager.Update () (at <492d310867114f719fe9c1dc903f85b6>:0)

    UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object)

    Class327:UnityEngine.ILogHandler.LogException(Exception, Object)

    UnityEngine.Debug:CallOverridenDebugHandler(Exception, Object)

    • This is likely related to the issue in my pinned comment above. I assume you're using SWAG+DONUTS?

    • yep... thinking about to delete SWAG :(

    • They're hopefully going to fix it soon, so you shouldn't have to wait too long.

    • @FuchseWillsJa , we may have a fix for this, can you try this swag donuts build please? https://cdn.discordapp.com/att…0e81794db6c943d6e92d990a&

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    • It seems to work! Only got a small ServerMessage that my Profile is corrupted. But it works for now.

  • Thanks for adding groups man this is a game changer now!!

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  • 2023-11-06 00:35:49.827 +13:00||Error|Default|

    EXCEPTION: System.InvalidOperationException: Boss Kobrakon has not been added to the follower dictionary

    at SPTQuestingBots.BotLogic.HiveMind.BotHiveMindMonitor.addBossFollower (EFT.BotOwner boss, EFT.BotOwner bot) [0x00066] in <492d310867114f719fe9c1dc903f85b6>:0

    at SPTQuestingBots.BotLogic.HiveMind.BotHiveMindMonitor.updateBosses () [0x000ad] in <492d310867114f719fe9c1dc903f85b6>:0

    at SPTQuestingBots.BotLogic.HiveMind.BotHiveMindMonitor.Update () [0x00026] in <492d310867114f719fe9c1dc903f85b6>:0

    It cause server crash

    • I had this bug during development, and I thought I had fixed it. I guess not.

      To help me troubleshoot, please do the following:

      1. Open config.json in your user\mods\DanW-SPTQuestingBots-0.2.x\config directory
      2. Ensure debug.enabled is true. If you need to change it to true, please restart the server too.
      3. Play the game until you see this error again, and then close it (either normally or force-killing it).
      4. Immediately after closing the game, please post a link to your LogOutput.log file in your BepInEx directory here or in the support thread. Restarting the game will erase this file.
    • Will do, and I did checked the outputlog, it seems to spamming constantly: "Kobrakon is now dead" after a killfeed log.

      FYI, the crash is related to out of memery issue

    • Thanks, that was my guess. I'll check it out.

    • This should (hopefully) be fixed in the 0.3.0 release.