SPT Realism Mod 1.2.2

Realistic Overhaul of SPT designed around making the game experience as realistic and hardcore as possible. Highly configurable!

  • Version 1.2.2

    SPT Realism Mod v1.2.2 for SPT AKI 3.8.3

    Please follow the download link to see the full patch notes. Several fixes, new mechanics, rebalancing and tweaks.

  • Version 1.2.1

    SPT Realism Mod v1.2.1 for SPT AKI 3.8.1

    Please follow the download link to see the full patch notes. Some fixes, improvements to stance scroll wheel bind, and tweaks to TTK.

  • Version 1.2.0

    SPT Realism Mod v1.2.0 for SPT AKI 3.8.1

    Please follow the download link to see the full patch notes. Updated to 3.8.1, linux compatibility, added scroll wheel bind and multi-key bind options for stances, a few tweaks and fixes.

  • Version 1.1.2

    SPT Realism Mod v1.1.2 for SPT AKI 3.8.0

    Please follow the download link to see the full patch notes. This build has fixes, including for scav looting bots compatibility, and numerous tweaks and balance changes.

  • Version 1.1.1

    SPT Realism Mod v1.1.1 for SPT AKI 3.8.0

    Please follow the download link to see the full patch notes. This build has fixes for the fix for looting bots compatibility (was allowing looting bots compat option when loot changes were disabled which should not be possible), and being able to use multiple AR-15 style stocks.

  • Version 1.1.0

    SPT Realism Mod v1.1.0 for SPT AKI 3.8.0

    Please follow the download link to see the full patch notes. This release brings back bot loot progression, has important fixes, balance changes and some additional attachments and calibre conversion.

  • Version 1.0.1

    SPT Realism Mod v1.0.1 for SPT AKI 3.8.0

    Please follow the download link to see the full patch notes. This patch contains a number of fixes, balance changes and additional config options that were requested.

    Important Fixes:

    • Fixed player scavs spawning with invalid armor.
    • Fixed lack of headbob, camera aimpunch and tilting of player view when leaning. Also fixes the issue with using freelook while leaning.

  • Version 1.0.0

    SPT Realism Mod v1.0.0 for SPT AKI 3.8.0

    NOT compatible with earlier versions of SPT!


    Realism Mod has finally reached version v1.0 with its update to EFT patch 14. The bulk of the features I had planned from the start are now implemented, as well as the features I had been waiting on BSG to implement like plates

    There are still many more ideas I have kicking around and a few things still need to be implemented, and there are possible new features for the future, but I now consider Realism mod to be close to "done" and feature complete as is.

    Thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way and supported me, everyone who provided feedback and bug reports, you've all been invaluable in the development of this mod. Here's a mod trailer to celebrate:

    Follow the download link to see the release notes with fixes, changes and new features.

  • Version 0.14.12

    SPT Realism Mod v0.14.12 for SPT AKI 3.7.6 - Hotfix

    NOT compatible with earlier versions of SPT


    • Fixed melee hits not registering

    Known Issues:

    • Can hit self with melee in the legs.
    • If enabling "Add Keys to PMCs" they will often spawn with multiple keys, and most of the time at least 1. I've tried everything to prevent this.
    • SPT/EFT is cursed.
  • Version 0.14.11

    SPT Realism Mod v0.14.11 for SPT AKI 3.7.6 - REUPLOADED 31/12/2023

    NOT compatible with earlier versions of SPT

    Just a small update to 3.7.6 with some minor fixes and changes.

    31/12/2023 Reupload: fixed canted sight no longer being compatible with slots it should be.


    • Fixed how the "flatness" attachment stat affects the displayed vertical recoil stat of weapons to avoid confusion.
    • Improved how tac devices are added to additional weapon slots, now almost all slots that accept canted sights will also accept tac devices.
    • Fixed BSG flea blacklist always being enforced if Realism is installed.
    • Fixed revolvers and .338 ammo not being affected by trader stock changes.
    • Fixed incorrect handling of generating ammo in bot chambers which led to error spam in the error log.

    Tweaks & Minor Changes:

    • Increased trader money stock.
    • Improved the selection of USEC helmets during night raids, at tier 3-5 they should now almost always spawn with helmets capable of accepting NVGs.
    • Nerfed AR-15 pattern rifle recoil.
    • Improved selection of 5.56 ammo for Bears at tiers 3-4.
    • Slightly increased weapon recoil by changing default Convergence Multi and Recoil Climb config values.

    Known Issues:

    • Can hit self with melee in the legs.
    • If enabling "Add Keys to PMCs" they will often spawn with multiple keys, and most of the time at least 1. I've tried everything to prevent this.
    • SPT/EFT is cursed.
  • are you able to change certain things about how meds work? there are some things i dont like and id like to change them out.

  • Hi Fontaine, thanks for the no doubt endless hours you've put into this mod - game-changer, literally. Just have a query regarding something that's happening in version 1.2.2.

    With med changes enabled, I'm getting a health regen effect with no meds applied (passive HOT.) It varies with I believe Vitality, +12.6 or so for my level 18 character and +31.20 for my test L69 character.

    Tested by leg damage by jumping off things. I took out all other mods (I use about eight) and it was still there, took out Realism and it was gone, put back Realism and turned off med changes and it was still gone.

    Can't see where healing over time would be applied (without stim obviously) but I am a dufus with BepInEx/Unity modding so probably not surprising.

    Hope you can help me track this down so passive healing can BEGONE haha.

    • check out and read the medical tab of the overview page

    • <sigh> you'd have thought that having used Realism for several months I would have noticed the passive regen before. I guess I usually take damage from being shot! (then use a kit) and shouldn't have been testing by jumping off stuff.

      Thanks for the prompt answer.

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  • Hello. I'm testing version 1.3.0 RC3. Everything works great except for one thing - toxic zones. I received a dose of toxin. Finished the raid. The medic offered to treat the wounds. I was cured, but the toxins remained. This is fine? Then I started playing for Scav, he also had intoxication in the raid at the start of the game.

    • That's not an issue or bug

  • i actually got a reply from my comment from the Immersive Daylight Cycle mod that i felt had some great ideas. for crediting reasons, the person who made this reply and the suggestions goes by the username "Balucha". hopefully you could implement some of these ideas for us, because i feel like they fit perfectly with the realism idea. heres the comment: "Agreed! I wanted to ask if you might consider some kind of sleeping mechanic to add to the immersion and be closer to the STALKER dream. Something like this would require players to plan their journeys more carefully, and decide when to call it on a mission and head back to base or set up camp. Something like interacting with Rest Space in Hideout gives you option to sleep which skips in game time forward 6-8 hours. It could leave you with low Hydration and reduced Energy, heal some light wounds, and only be done every so many hours. Drinking caffeine could increase this time and drinking alcohol could reduce it. Further ideas could be quality of sleep which affects healing amount/energy on wakeup, and could give you status effects like pain or focus, or even boost a random skill, as well as sleeping at campsites in raid, which results in a shorter time skip and worse sleep quality. Not sleeping for 18 hours could result in reduced focus and lower stamina." (just an fyi, regarding his whole "head back to base comment", he said this because i was referencing how the Immersive Daylight Cycle mod worked well with the Path To Tarkov Reloaded mod which has updated map to map travel.)

    • I don't think sleep fits EFT and how it's structured as a MP game

    • i dont think its somethin like you sleep, wait a bit and get back on. i feel like sleep could just be an instant thing that changes time and gives the following effects, yknow?

  • Add a revert recoil checkbox in the realism config so we can have stances with Live recoil? I like the mod for all the AI features and the blacklist remover so would be cool to see if that could be an option.

  • Hey, love the mod, prob my fav one so far <3, is there a way to disable to realistic flea market and bring the SPT vanilla flea market? Thank you <3

  • since using this mod ALL pmc are BEAR?

  • Do you happen to have an advanced guideline on how to add modded weapons (ie WTT Armory HK417) to bot loadouts in realism and how to customize it? I am willing to sit down for a while to read on it. Thanks!

  • Thanks for the amazing mod!

    Just wondering, is there anyway to reduce the amount of meds, specifically Ibuprofen that the PMCs have in them? I love the custom loadouts realism provided but I feel like PMCs have far too many meds. Anyway to adjust this?


    • Not sure what version you're running but I haven't noticed that

    • Would other mods I have conflict with it, like a loot buff mod possibly?

  • Forgive me if i ask something dumb... but...

    Is this mod compatible with SAIN? I've seen SAIN recommending this mod. But it seems like realism mod overwrites SAIN+DONUTS+BigBrains+Waypoints.
    Bots became VERY stupid, very straightforward, always in same places, always doing the exact same things.

    Had 5 shoreline runs, doing same route (4 times spawned in same area and moved same path) and bots behaved the same way in same places every time. Even had the majority of same loot (two bots rushed me, both equipped with same SV-98, sub-machine gun and had water canister each). Not to mention that they hear me 100m away loading bullets in my mag and pushing me even tho i havent shot anyone at Resort and entered it without even sprinting, just walked in from west.

    I disabled "Bot changes" in settings, havent tested it yet. So "Boss Spawn Tweaks", "Spawn Wave Tweaks" and "Bot Health" will be still working?

    P.S. suggestion for medical system, as most players seems to disable it. Is it possible to reduce the "health pool" of meds? f.e. Grizzly having 1000 or 1200 instead of 1800. Salewa having 200, instead of 400.
    With increased player and bot health - it makes so one med is enough to heal 1-2 wounds. Would result in less meds stockpiled in stash.
    Oh and longer healing animations would be awesome. No more quick bandaging yourself and stomach fullhp again, need to heal for 5-10s. And 15-25s to use surgical. Forces you to win fight or flee in order to heal, rather than healing midfight

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    • UPD: nevermind. The cause of the problem was not this mod, but EFT recieving new patch, which broke bots. Just happened that i installed Realism mod at the same day.

      Altho notcied two problems:
      1. There is no "Food reverse". So now i got a case full of 1/40 and 1/60 drinks
      2. Player Scavs spawn with original amount of HP, regardless if you changed it with mod. So i'm spawning with 510/715 health scavs. Not a big deal, quite immersive actually. As he is beaten up by life scav that is not in perfect condition.

  • QOL suggestion:

    Next to the armor level designation (eg SAPI) when I inspect individual armor plates or protective eyewear, it would be real swell if it also stated the armor level as implemented through the mod, for example XSAPI (10), or NIJ III (lvl 8), or however you would phrase it

    • that would defeat the point tbh

  • Hello, I have a question regarding active headsets. After I updated the mod I'm having a constant deafening effect on them. I mean, every time I put a headset on in raid, I can hear only an abmient noise, but everything else becomes like muffled. So is it your change or I have something wrong with the setup? Cause if I remove the mod everything is back to normal. Love your mod, but It's literally unplayable now, so any help would be really appreciated. Thank you.

    • Consider how ear defenders work IRL and the config options related to adjusting them, and the fact that different headsets have different profiles based on their NRR rating stat shown in the inspect menu, and also you can disable these changes if you look at the configs

    • Thank you! It turned out that I accidentally touched a headset cutoff threshold to -35 something. After reset everything went back to normal.

  • Hi there, It seems that normal scavs dont spawn with 6B13 armors at all? Or its just my luck is really bad but this makes Sew it Good Part 3 impossible to complete....

    • Why Scavs specifically? and they don't need to be FIR anyway

    • Hmm, sew it good does require the 6B13 armors to be find in raid so it was a pain in the ass for me to found them.. usually in online it’s quite easy to find them on scavs but it is very hard to find a scav wearing that armor with this mod. I ended up find one in marked room and one from one of Kaban’s guard for the quest…

    • by default with Realism quest items don't need to be FIR...again not sure why it needs to be a scav that has the armor (which they can spawn with), since PMCs will also spawn with it..

  • Loving the mod! Question for you - with the recent live edition of tarkov updating the armor hitboxes, do you anticipate your mod being affected by this at all? TBH I would much rather prefer using your mod and how you have everything set up over live. Maybe I'm one of the crazy few, but I don't mind the gaps in armor and how there's a chance low pen ammo can kill someone - moreso if I'm tactically smart and attack from a flank. And yes, understood I don't ever have to update live tarkov if I don't want to ... but looking ahead to 3.9.0 of SPT, I'm guessing at some point I will need to.

    Keep up the great work!!!

    • I'll need to somehow modify the armor hitboxes at run time

  • Whenever I wear Tagillas face mask this error keeps popping up.

    [Exception] : NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

    RealismMod.AimController.ADSCheck (EFT.Player player, EFT.Player+FirearmController fc) (at <d756b35a48094602b192c63da32c9448>:0)

    RealismMod.PlayerLateUpdatePatch.PWAUpdate (EFT.Player player, EFT.Player+FirearmController fc) (at <d756b35a48094602b192c63da32c9448>:0)

    RealismMod.PlayerLateUpdatePatch.PatchPostfix (EFT.Player __instance) (at <d756b35a48094602b192c63da32c9448>:0)

    (wrapper dynamic-method) EFT.Player.DMD<EFT.Player::LateUpdate>(EFT.Player)

    UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object)

    Class358:UnityEngine.ILogHandler.LogException(Exception, Object)

    UnityEngine.Debug:CallOverridenDebugHandler(Exception, Object)

    • Note the aiming of anything with this error causes it to be off centered but doesn't seem to cause any fps issues, it just keeps getting spammed 24/7.

  • are the bot loadouts just copied from arena loadouts? they look exactly the same

    • you mean the loadouts that aren't nearly exactly the same as Arena, that are randomized so can't be exactly the same, and were made long before Arena even came out?

  • I love what you did with this mod, Fontaine, thanks for the insane amount of work it must have meant!

    Maybe someone can tell me if there is any resource where I can check if my question has already been answered? Clicking on the support thread on the right brings me to the Hub's dashboard; Github and the SPT Discord also didn't get me to an answer.

    Just in case, someone here knows: I was wondering why I can't set the 'Stock Modifier Min' in the config.exe.

    Cheers everyone and thanks again for the hard work.

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    • it does set the min, exe is just bugged

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  • Hi! Is there any way to increase weapon durability loss rate?

  • anybody else get a bug where your weapon and hands start windmill spinning around your body after toggling active aim?

  • I notice that a lot of trader Items list as "out of stock". Even from the default traders. Any idea what that could be ?

  • Suggestion/Feedback.

    When realism mod is added after a profile has been created and progressed. The armor, helmets and other armor related items will not have the full hp amount in line with the changes done by realism.

    Reverting back is not an issue though.

    It would be great if realism somehow could make pre existing/owned armors, helmets etc have the full new hp amount of possible.

  • hello i was wondering about the headsets noise reduction rating, so is it the higher the number the better it is reducing the deafening or is it vice versa, i've played your mod since 3.8.0 and i love the mod keep up the good work, i wish i was seeing some of this wonderful thinking in live tarkov

    • it's how much it protects your hearing IRL, how aggressively it reduces loud audio like gunshots

  • How exactly would I go about removing the trades on the flea market and just using it as a means to navigate the traders?

  • so idk if its a realism thing or if other mods i have are interfering but im trying to do punisher 4 and pmcs are taking an assload of time to load in. scavs also take a while to spawn in. the only bots that spawn in immediately are bosses and rogues. is this cause of realism or some other mod i have?

    • Well, it depends of what mods you have installed

    • the only mods that i have installed that affect bots are looting bots, questing bots and sain

  • I have been using `Add keys to PMC's` for a long time and I have never had a situation where the bots had many keys. 95% of the time there are no keys. Sometimes they have one key, but could have found it in a raid.

  • great mod wish there was a bit more depth to the trader/flea customization though :) something like the ability to increase the amount of low tier ammo or meds instead of just a broad increase

  • Hello Mr. Fontaine, sir! I have found an error in your code that prevents the Malfunction changes to take effect. Would you like me to elaborate?

    • if you have a verifiable bug to report then please report it

    • In file "weapons_globals.ts", function definition loadGlobalMalfChanges() does not work because of a mistake in the iterator

      for (let i in this.itemDB) {
      let serverItem = this.itemDB[i]


      for (let i in this.itemDB()) {
      let serverItem = this.itemDB()[i];

      It is ~34th line (I have found this by altering the mod to make PMC's equipment unlootable, that's why I am not sure the line # is accurate)

      For proof, just compare it with any other iterator of the same style, "gear.ts" has the proper variant.

      I hope this helps!

  • Can anyone tell me what the default health per bodypart is in the mod? I screwed mine up with svm and can't get the default values back

  • How to make hold breath like vanilla?

  • After changing in Realism Mod config app base health, sometimes when I play scav I do not get more hp, I still have 510 but maximum health is rised, sometimes it works fine, anyone can help?