SPT Realism Mod 0.6.5

Realistic Overhaul of SPT designed around making the game experience as realistic and hardcore as possible. Highly configurable!

  • Version 0.6.5

    SPT Realism Mod v0.6.5 for SPT AKI 3.4.x

    NOT compatible with 3.5.0 or earlier versions of SPT.

    Mirror in case you can't access Mediafire: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nhqm…0.6.5-SPT-v3.4.1.rar?dl=0

    Mostly a small update with QOL changes, fixes and tweaks.


    • Fixed 'Realistic Player' Health config option still setting player health if it's turned off. There's now a separate config option to reset player health from realism's setting to default.
    • Fixed pistols being too affected by balance.
    • Fixed accuracy/MOA stat calculations that made some builds have very low or negative accuracy. Corrected accuracy stat for MP-18 and T-5000.
    • Fixed MP-18 balance.
    • Fixed Realism profile preset not having the correct HP resource for the starting makeshift medkits.
    • Fixed all headwear having the faceshield note.


    • Endurance Leveling: incorporated my Always Level Endurance mod (if you are using that, you can uninstall it now). No matter how overweight you are, you can still level endurance. This should fix the issue of not being able to level endurance with the movement/weight changes enabled. Weight limits have been tweaked to take this into account.
    • UniformAim Compatibility: added compatibility for the Uniform Aim mod.
    • Armor Classes: Armor classes will display their IRL armor classification instead of a number. This can be disabled in the in-game config.
    • Config: added config option for multiplying bot HP (except head). Added config options from my standalone Recoil & Attachment Overhaul, let's you tweak recoil and share presets, check the mod's overview page for details. Added option for disabling player weight limits changes.
    • Tiered Spawns: Made boss and raider/rogue spawn chances tiered. Bosses etc. start off with a very low chance to spawn that gradually increases as you level your PMC.
    • Bots: lowered odds of higher tiers between player level 1-15 to make early game last longer. Various tweaks and corrections to loadouts.
    • Weapon Tweaks: Increased forward balance of AKs, made SMGs more accurate, reduced the negative ADS penalties of all scopes that have them, tweaked ASH-12 to have better ergo, increased AK recoil angle, small nerf to MP9 recoil, nerfed SA58 and and SCAR-H recoil, tweaks to G36 and MK-18, increased rearward recoil on many "high calibre" rifles and SMGs, increased dispersion on pistols.
    • Stat Calc Tweaks: increased the impact of weight and balance on recoil, especially for pistols.
    • Recoil Tweaks: recoil has been tweaked so that rearward recoil increases per shot, improving recoil feel. Camera recoil no longer decreases per shot by default, but this can be re-enabled. Added many more in-game config options for tweaking recoil.
    • Attachment Tweaks: various small stat tweaks to muzzle devices, reduced accuracy stat bonus for grips and stocks.
    • Traders: modified the cost of certain types of items. Meds, food and ammo is more expensive while helmets are less expensive.
    • Armor: rebalanced/corrected some armor based on their real classifications.
    • Patch 13 weapon stats: Added stats for RSH-12, AUG and SR-2M ported from patch 13 by Mighty_Condor.
    • Ammo: small tweaks to accuracy stats.
    • Health: halved damage taken from dehydration and exhaustion state, upped light bleed chance slightly and decreased its damage.
    • Fleamarket: fixed some bad category logic, added grenade launchers and flares to restrictions. Increased minimum flea offers for the hardcore config option, there's currently an SPT bug that doesn't let you buy offers if only one offer is remaining.
    • Legacy Recoil Changes: small tweaks to legacy recoil changes.
  • Version 0.6.4

    SPT Realism Mod v0.6.4 for SPT AKI 3.4.1 - HOTFIX

    Compatible with 3.4.0 but not earlier versions.

    Mirror in case you can't access Mediafire: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3rxs…0.6.4-SPT-v3.4.1.rar?dl=0

    Updated to 3.4.1 with critical fix for Airdrops


    • Fixed Airdrops randomly causing server to crash when the Airdrop changes are enabled, making it impossible to extract or end the raid, for real, on God:



    • Recoil Rework: Reworked recoil feel for full auto fire when using the Overhaul, making it feel much smoother and less erratic/jumpy. It is also a bit more challenging to control now, making weapon customization more impactful. Burst fire and semi auto will always be more viable than trying to mag dump, as was originally intended. Feedback on this change compared to how it was before would be appreciated.
  • Version 0.6.3

    SPT Realism Mod v0.6.3 for SPT AKI 3.4.0 (not yet tested with 3.4.1)

    NOT compatible with earlier versions of SPT.

    Mirror in case you can't access Mediafire: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t5vz…0.6.3-SPT-v3.4.0.rar?dl=0

    Updated to 3.4.0, with fixes, tweaks and some new features like dynamic trader inventories.


    • Fixed the recoil and attachment overhauls not applying to Player Scavs properly (Whoops! I never play as P. Scav, surprised no one noticed).
    • Fixed Player Scav having the wrong health.
    • Fixed Tagilla masks allowing ADS if the Faceshield Overhaul is enabled.
    • Fixed stock adapters not applying stats correctly.


    • Seasonal Events: added a check for seasonal events. For now just did Christmas: 30% trader discount and made bots spawn with Christmas ornaments. A bit late for Western Christmas but in time for Orthodox Christmas :D  
    • Dynamic Trader Inventories: traders now have randomized stock and item availability. For example. the amount of ammo available per reset will be random within a range, and sometimes it won't be available at all. Weapons and armor will never have more than one of an item available at a time, meds have limited quantities. The loyalty level requirement of items have a chance to be lowered by 1, so for example if an item normally has a LL of 3, it has a chance to appear at LL 2. The prices of items is also randomized within a range. Every trader reset the LL, stock count, availability and price will be randomized. This creates scarcity and uncertainty and compliments the 'Tiered Flea' + 'Hardcore Flea' config options. This option can be disabled in the config via the 'Trader Changes' option. More trader changes to come in the future.
    • Trader Changes: The LL requirements for ammo, weapons and armor has been changed to reflect the mod's ammo, armor and weapon balance. Makeshift medkits have been added to Therapist. I've added a system that allows me to easily add items to traders in the future, for now; Ragman has some helmet setups for sale that can include a faceshield or NVG. Mechanic now sells some complete scopes (mount + scope), and has three new weapon versions: Custom SKS, Custom OP-SKS and a Custom STM-9. These are available only as stripped down receivers for now. The descriptions will say what's different about them. I will add more custom versions of existing weapons in the future.
    • Weapon Balance: buffed the recoil of many weapons, especially the AKs, VAL/VSS, MP7, P90 and Vectors. Tweaked recoil feel a little. Reduced double-action accuracy debuff by a lot. Increased base ergo for all weapons except pistols. Tweaked the semi-auto ROF on all weapons so that some are noticeably slower than others and therefore makes attachments that increase semi ROF more useful. Tweaked impact of weight, ergo and balance on weapon handling; Heavier/unbalanced weapons should be penalized a bit less, and weight should reduce recoil more. Strength skill now reduces the impact of weight on reload, chambering and aim move speed. Decreased the effect of blacked arms on weapon sway.
    • Gear Conflicts: Made NVG mounts conflict with faceshields to reduce the chance of bots spawning with incomplete NVGs. This can be disabled via the 'Headgear Conflicts' option.
    • Ammo Balance: buffed the penetration of 9x39 to more closely line up with claimed IRL performance, lowered its damage. Lowered damage of .300 BLK. Lowered damage of some pistol rounds. Reduced ROF gain/loss from ammo.
    • Attachment Balance: reduced the ROF gain from boosters and suppressors. Nerfed Zenitco stocks a little, buffed SKS UAS. Corrected Tapco SKS stock giving accuracy buff. Also other minor balance tweaks.
    • Boss Loadouts: modified the loadouts of the Goons, Killa and Tagilla. They won't be drastically different from base SPT/EFT, but improved. They have a bigger variety of weapons and weapon builds that are tiered. Their loot pools and odds for different ammo, weapons and gear is tiered. They are more likely to have better helmets (in the case of Goons and Tagilla), depending on the map and their tier. There is a new config option to force them to have their unique items for the sake of quests (Bigpipe's hat and pipe, Tagilla's masks, Knight's mask). The difference between tiers for bosses isn't nearly as drastic as that for PMCs, but hopefully still noticeable. I will improve them over time and eventually get to all the other bosses and bot types.
    • Bot Loadouts: improved the dynamic changes to bot loadouts based on time of day and map type. Tweaked and improved PMC loadouts. Changed how SPT handles loot generation so hopefully it improves bot loot in general. This may cause conflicts with other mods if they also change bot loot generation.
    • Bot Spawns: adjusted the 'Spawn Tweaks' option so that bosses will only spawn where you would find them in live if they are on their "main" map, and if they are on a different map they will only spawn where the "main" boss of that map will not. This means that the bosses (and Rogues/Raiders) no longer compete for spawn points, and are therefore more likely to spawn in general, and it's more likely to have more than one boss on a map at a time. Increased Scav to PMC conversion chance. Increased Rogue spawns on Lighthouse. Fixed Raiders spawning before their trigger is activated on Labs. Made Rogue and Raider squad sized consistently bigger.
    • Player: tweaked player weight limits, lowered sprint acceleration. Lowered leg and stomach overdamage, slightly increasing shots to kill for lower damage rounds.
    • Quests: if the 'Remove FIR Requirement' config option is enabled, it will now also make it so quests don't require the item to be FIR.
    • Config: improved the config app so that it will disable other config options if other options are enabled which conflict with it, or if options they require to be enabled are disabled. The server will now log an error if the RealismMod.dll is missing and 'Recoil, Ballistics and Attachment Overhaul' is enabled and automatically disable these changes, and will show an error if the .dll is present but the 'Recoil, Ballistics and Attachment Overhaul' is disabled. The client will detect this and disable its patches. Made more config options independent of others which allows for greater customization.
    • Optimization: cleaned up and optimized code so server startup, end-of-raid load and flea should be a bit faster.
  • Version 0.6.2

    SPT Realism Mod v0.6.2 for SPT AKI 3.3.0

    NOT compatible with earlier version of SPT, will not be compatible with 3.4.0.

    Mirror in case you can't access Mediafire: https://www.dropbox.com/s/z5w9…0.6.2-SPT-v3.3.0.rar?dl=0

    First ballistics overhaul for Realism Mod with a few new features, fixes and tweaks.


    • Fixed weapons having really high rate of fire, and other issues, if the 'Realism' config option was disabled (now called 'Realistic Ballistics') while using the 'Recoil and Attachment Overhaul'. Note: the overhaul is balanced around the changes to ballistics, it is not recommended to use it without it.
    • Fixed Rogues and USEC not spawning and crashing server due to a cursed weapon mod.
    • Fixed OpenZones config option not taking effect.
    • Fixed bugs related to blacked arms not changing ADS and reload speed properly.
    • Fixed stock chases contributing to rear balance. They will either be neutral or contribute to forward balance (like EBR).
    • Removed player weight factor from aim sway, drag and ADS speed due to too many BSG bugs related to this feature.
    • Fixed barrels not displaying MOA correctly.
    • Fixed Mastering having many duplicate weapons and not applying XP properly.
    • Optimized player level checking, making start-up and end-of-raid loading faster and prevents it from causing server request timeouts.
    • Fixed Knight's and Glorious-E mask having level 11 armor if 'Buff Helmets' is enabled, and giving masks and clothing items an armor level.
    • Added a check for negative HP values at the end of a raid, that corrects the health to 15 HP if this occurs.


    • Configuration: the 'Realism' config option has been split so that player's health changes can be disabled if you want to use another mod to raise player health to make the game easier (note: default EFT health is lower than what Realism Mod raises it to, only disable if using another mod to raise health). Split bot difficulty config option from changes to PMC types.
    • Muzzle Velocity Factor: The total muzzle velocity of a weapon will change the starting damage, penetration, fragmentation, and ballistic coefficient of rounds fired. So the same ammo from a short barrel will do less damage, penetration etc. than that out of a longer barrel. The amount of velocity gained/lost at different barrel lengths is different for each calibre based on real-world data or best possible match in the case of more obscure calibres. The damage and velocity stats for ammo has been rebalanced with these changes in mind. The 'Recoil, Ballistics and Attachment Overhaul' config option *must* be enabled for this to take effect and the 'Realistic Ballistics' option enabled for it to be balanced. Added the 'standard' barrel length for each calibre to the ammo's description. This is the barrel length that the ammo stats are set to. Can be disabled with the in-game config (press F12).
    • Boss Spawn Tweaks: Added config option that increases boss spawn chances, makes them able to spawn in more parts of maps, and different maps. Raiders and Rogues can spawn on most maps in many different areas, with about the same chance as bosses. Raider trigger spawns (Labs exfils, D2 switch, etc.) are set to 100% chance. Rogues are much more likely to spawn on Lighthouse. Raiders are much more likely to spawn on Reserve. Cultists are slightly more common and can be found in more parts of the maps they usually spawn on.
    • Airdrops: increased airdrop % chance on all maps, and increased the min and max amount of loot.
    • Attachment and Weapon Balancing: redid the balance of a few weapons due to changes in some stock's contribution to balance. Nerfed pistol accuracy significantly. Buffed 7.62x39 AK recoil. Various stat tweaks to different stocks and other attachments.
    • FIR Option: added config option that makes all items extracted from a raid count as FIR.
    • Player: tweaked player speed, fall damage and weight limits slightly. Increased chest health by 5 to 120 to allow for a wider gap in Shots-To-Kill between different rounds.
    • Ammo Firerate Stat: added in-game stat for ammo firerate modifier. Reduced the firerate gain from ammo to 25% of the recoil stat.
    • Strength Skill: strength skill now reduces the effect of weight on aim sway and aim inertia.
    • Weight, Balance, Ergo: tweaked the contribution of these factors to ADS speed, inertia, sway and arm stamina drain. The effect of weight has been lowered, while the effect of ergo and balance has been raised.
    • Recoil: tweaked recoil gain per shot so that the first 10 shots have slightly more recoil, and that recoil gain continues for longer.
    • Reload: tweaked reload speeds, added chamber speed stats to pistol slides. Now different slides will have different cocking/recocking/malfunction clearing speeds.
    • Bots: tweaked PMC loot and weapon loadouts, improved weapons for PMC LO3 and made loot slightly better for LO4. Added loot pools to Rogues. Made it so Bear only speaks English at tiers 3-4. Tweaks to generation chances for armor, bags, ammo and weapons. Reduced chances for cracked AI types when 'PMC Types' changes is enabled.
    • Fleamarket: improved sell chances and reduced prices slightly for the 'Hardcore Flea Config' option.
    • Armor: added note in the description of faceshields that cannot allow ADS.
    • Medical Items: reduced the skill and stamina debuff from most medical items, especially the endurance skill.
    • Ammo: nerfed damage and fragmentation chance for most pistol calibres. The reasoning behind this is that IRL these rounds are anaemic, they aren't supposed to be on par with rifle rounds. They will feel weak vs. armor, and if you don't have good shot placement. Adjusted the recoil and accuracy stats of some rounds. Reduced the ballistic coefficient of buckshot, this means that they will do less damage over distance and have more drop.

  • Version 0.6.1

    Some gunsmith quests weren't completable, so here's a fix.

    Unfortunately If I make any changes to weapon or attachment balance, even just changing the weight, I can potentially mess up gunsmith quests, so I forgot to update requirements with the changes from last mod version. I'll take the L on that one, my bad. There is now a config option that cuts the quest requirements in half in case you get stuck or I make breaking changes in the future.


    • Fixed Gunsmith Quests (for the final time this time, for real).


    • Bot Loadouts: Tier 3 PMC loadouts have been improved significantly in terms of gear (helmets, armor, backpacks) and weapon mods (especially Bear). Added some missing presets. Increased loot for all PMC tiers significantly.
    • Config: Added config option for making Gunsmith quests easy to complete. Updated config to show mod and SPT version, and changed it from a console app to a windows app so that you don't have two windows opening when you start up the config.
    • Player: Increased fall damage a tiny bit.
  • Version 0.6.0

    • SPT Realism Mod w/ Recoil and Attachment Overhaul for SPT AKI 3.3.0

      NOT compatible with SPT AKI 3.2.5 or earlier.

      Mirror in case you can't access Mediafire: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t47k…-Overhaul-v0.6.0.rar?dl=0

      This version has a lot of substantial changes and fixes, as well as being updated for a significant SPT patch. I more than likely forgot to put something in the patch notes due to how many changes I've made. There may be unforeseen bugs and issues. Please report any in the support thread, thank you!


      • Fixed big causing weapons to not have the correct stats if an arm is blacked (thanks BSG for the weird code). This should resolve weapons having too high/low recoil and rate of fire if an arm is blacked.
      • Fixed Benelli shotgun causing crashes.
      • Fixed buffer tube weapons not getting recoil stats from their stocks.
      • Fixed MP7A2 not having its stats adjusted.
      • Made ergo, weight and balance stats and related calculations more consistent.
      • Rounded the values for new weapon stats.
      • Rounded off values used for new recoil mechanic, hopefully making recoil more consistent.
      • Adjusted the impact having no/folded stock has.
      • Fixed recoil increase per shot not being reset correctly.
      • Fixed recoil config options not taking affect properly.
      • Fixed flea market config options not taking affect properly.


    • I'll hit character limit, so I have to do the rest in images:

    • Edit: forgot to mention that Faceshields that allow ADS will now have it stated in their description.

    Part 1

    Part 2



  • Version 0.5.3

    SPT Realism Mod w/ Recoil and Attachment Overhaul for SPT AKI 3.2.5

    NOT compatible with SPT AKI 3.2.4 or earlier.

    Mirror in case you can't access Mediafire: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mb1w…-Overhaul-v0.5.3.rar?dl=0

    Just an update to 3.2.5 with minor changes/fixes.


    • Fixed recoil damping (recoil wiggle) not being set.
    • Fixed potential bug causing bosses to get the wrong difficulty.
    • Fixed potential bug causing VSS, VAL and other weapons having very low ROF.


    • Airdrops: airdrops now have 'types' (medical supplies, food, ammo, weapons, electronics, etc.). Each raid there is a % chance of a different type of airdrop. Also tweaked the frequency and timing of airdrops, making them more rare and happening later in the raid. First iteration of these changes, will tweak it over time.
    • Attachment and Weapon Balancing: Nerfed Magpul AFG, buffed Fortis + Skeletonized foregrip. Lowered ROF gain from suppressors and skewed it towards semi ROF. Lowered camera recoil on some shotguns. Buffed 5.56 ARs recoil angle.
    • Configuration: added config options for airdrops and fall damage.
    • Player: Lowered fall damage a small bit and made fall damage changes configurable.
  • Version 0.5.2

    SPT Realism Mod w/ Recoil and Attachment Overhaul HOTFIX 2 for SPT AKI 3.2.4.

    NOT compatible with SPT AKI 3.2.3 or earlier, not compatible with 3.2.5.

    Mirror in case you can't access Mediafire: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4zfp…-Overhaul-v0.5.2.rar?dl=0

    Second Hotfix for the Overhaul fixing a number of issues and bugs, as well as balance changes.


    • Fixed Auto ROF not being displayed in Weapon Inspect menu.
    • Fixed mistakes in calculating weapon ergo, folded weapon stats and accuracy.
    • Fixed bug causing the player to have reduced movement speed when attempting to ADS while using a faceshield.


    • Bots: moved Tier 3 PMCs to a 4th Tier, and split Tier 2 into two different tiers. Tier 2 remains the same, and Tier 3 has the same base as Tier 2 but with better gear odds, armor and with lower tier weapons removed. I will expand on this in the future. The odds of each tier per level has been adjusted to take this into account, and there should be a much smoother gradient of progression, with a bit of randomness added in. Added the foundation for new tiered loadouts for Rogues and Raiders. For now, I've changed their gear and weapon selection, and changed their appearance from a cursed PMC/Scav hybrid to each having a unique, lore-based aesthetic. Very WIP. Gave all bots elite Vitality, so that they will bleed out less often, meaning you are less likely to just find piles of corpses. Added most quest keys to PMCs and Scavs: USEC have Shoreline keys, Bear have Reserve keys, and Scavs have Customs keys. Nerfed scav backpack chances for larger packs.
    • Attachment and Weapon Balancing: buffed the AK family of rifles a little bit. Buffed UMP and VAL/VSS recoil angle. Nerfed AR-15 family of rifles a little bit. Corrected weight for all Zenitco parts. Reduced shotgun spread a little bit and standardized it across all shotguns (more buffs to shotgun spread to come). Started adjusting the base accuracy stat for weapons and barrels to be realistic. Adjusted stats for stock adapters, buffer tubes and PDW stocks. Tweaked all rifle pistol grips, they now all should give better ergo for the most part. Tweaked and corrected the ROF for short-barreled AKs, and the ROF gain from boosters, to be realistic. Corrected base balance for (hopefully) all weapons now. Increased MP5 recoil. Adjusted and corrected mounted weapon recoil stats.
    • Flea Market: made the hardcore flea config less punishing: prices are lower, and there are more offers. Weapon mods have been divided into more specific categories that are unlocked earlier in the Tiered Flea progression. Fixed various mistakes.
    • Player: decreased fall and jump penalty a small bit.
    • Configuration: added configuration options to the in-game menu (press F12). You can now adjust the reduction to sensitivity while firing (I recommend only adjusting the Sensitivity Limit). You can also select which weapon stats to display (Balance, Dispersion, Recoil Angle, Semi ROF, Camera Recoil). You can disable/enable the Faceshield and Inspectionless Malfunctions mechanics. Faceshield config option has been removed from the config.json file, use the in-game option instead.
    • Aim Sway: lowered base and max aim sway and drag. Made pistols have reduced aim drag but increase aim sway, and made stockless weapons get an increase to both.
    • Weight and Balance: increased the impact of balance on ergo, and decreased the impact of weight. Increased the impact of weight and balance in reducing recoil.
    • Custom Icons: added some custom icons and repurposed existing icons for the new stats. Using code from Munitions Expert, credit to Faupi and CWX.
    • Penalties: tweaked the penalty from having a folded stock or no stock.

    Future Plans:

    The following features and changes for the Overhaul are to be implemented next:

    • Making chokes and ammo change buckshot spread (in base EFT, they don't).
    • Stats and mechanics for barrels, receivers, slides, and gasblocks.
    • Finishing accuracy, cooling/heating, durability burn stats.
    • Adding malfunction chance stat to weapon mods.
    • Adding text or stats to indicate that a weapon mod has bonuses/detriments, and other conditional stat changes.
    • Ammo recoil stat changing camera recoil as well as V and H recoil.
  • Version 0.5.1

    SPT Realism Mod w/ Recoil and Attachment Overhaul HOTFIX for SPT AKI 3.2.4.

    NOT compatible with SPT AKI 3.2.3 or earlier, won't be compatible if client version changes with 3.2.5.

    Mirror in case you can't access Mediafire: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2hou…T-RELEASE-v5.0.1.rar?dl=0

    Hotfix for the Overhaul fixing a number of issues and bugs, as well as balance changes.


    • Compatibility: added null checks which should make mods that add new weapon attachments compatible. I am unsure if new weapons will be compatible, as I haven't found any up-to-date mods that add them. Please let me know of any specific mods that seem to conflict with the overhaul and I will look into it. Mods that change weapon attachment compatibility will most likely not be compatible, there's a slim chance it might work if it is loaded BEFORE this mod in the load order.
    • Fixed Mechanic Gunsmith Quests: they should now all be completable. Also updated the Quest descriptions with the new stat requirements. Let me know if any of them are an issue. Thanks to Chabo for going through and finding the quests that had problems.
    • Fixed bug causing weapons to not update their stats properly if changing parts that have the same weight in-raid.
    • Fixed bug where weight and ergonomics were not taken into account for weapon "aim drag" and inertia. Lowered the base amount of aim drag/inertia so that lighter weapons are more reactive than base EFT.
    • Fixed auto fire rate not being displayed.
    • Fixed Reactor brake stacking stats with its suppressor.


    • Aim Sway: aim sway is now affected by the weight and ergonomics of the weapon (mostly weight). Base aim sway is lower than base EFT. I recommend disabling the "Hold Breath" keybind for it to be properly balanced, and to make aiming more challenging.
    • Ergo and Weight: upped the impact of balance on ergonomics. Overall, heavy weight is less punishing in terms of arm stamina drain.
    • Tweaks to various weapon stats: rebalanced pistols significantly, increased base vertical recoil for most ARs, reduced recoil for Bolt Actions, reduced Horizontal recoil for shotguns, increased recoil overall for DMRs. Gave correct weight and tweaked balance for AKM, AK74, and DVL.
    • Tweaks to attachments: reduced ROF gain from suppressors, added negative ergo values to high capacity magazines.
    • Tweaks to ammo: buffed damage for .357, 12ga and KS23 buckshot.
    • Tweaks to player: increased stamina capacity and regeneration rate, reduce arm stamina drain rate. Lowered base weight limits so penalties kick in a little bit sooner (2-3kgs), but upped the max weight ceiling. Reduced arm and leg overdamage by 5%.
    • Lowered chance of tier 3 bots spawning during tier 2. Upped PMC same-side hostile chance.
  • Version 0.5.0

    SPT Realism Mod w/ Recoil and Attachment Overhaul for SPT AKI 3.2.4.(NOT compatible with SPT AKI 3.2.3 or earlier, won't be compatible if client version changes with 3.2.5).

    Mirror in case Mediafire is blocked in your country: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3dhf…aul-TEST-RELEASE.rar?dl=0

    Make sure to fully uninstall STPRM before moving to the latest version, MAKE SURE TO DELETE "InspetionlessMalfs.dll too (delete the mod folder from user/mods).

    Test release of the Recoil and Attachment overhaul. This is unfinished and not feature complete. I am releasing this to get feedback and to find issues and bugs. Any feedback/bugs/issues, please post in my support thread!


    • Recoil and Attachment Overhaul: first iteration. The recoil and attachment mechanics have been overhauled and changed dramatically, with new mechanics added.

    Recoil Overhaul:

    Attachment Overhaul:

    Faceshield Overhaul:


    There will be compatibility issues, some of them I will be able to address in the future but many I will not:

    • ANY MOD THAT ADDS WEAPONS, ATTACHMENTS OR ARMOR IS NOT COMPATIBLE. I will explain to users/modders how to make their items compatible and add some functionality/tools to make it easier in the future.
    • Uniform Aim mod is NOT compatible.
    • Other plugin/client mods that change anything related to weapons or aiming will likely not be compatible.
    • Mods that change weapon or attachment stats will NOT be compatible unless made specifically with the new recoil system in mind.

    My primary concern at the moment is ironing out bugs and issues and finishing this overhaul before I worry about compatibility too much. Do please let me know of any compatibility issues you come across.



    • See the Overview page, "Recoil and Attachment Overhaul" tab for details about all issues with this overhaul.

    Please let me know if you see anything that seems off and report bugs!

    Future Plans:

    This overhaul amounts to months of work. There's still a lot of work and mechanics to add which will take time! But I can't work on this full time, and I need to work on other things to avoid burn out. I will finish balancing stats and address any bugs/issues that arise from feedback, but I will stop working on this overhaul for a little while and focus on improving other features and mechanics. IRL is getting very busy for me too so updates will slow again. I will do my best to keep the mod up to date with new SPT versions.


  • Is this mod compatible with KMC Server Value Modifier?

  • If I remove realism.dll does it disable any other change made by sptrealism? I like the mod just not the recoil changes and such. I tried it and only enabled the bot changes, all examined items, trader changes and no fir requirement but it didnt seem to enable any of these changes.

    • Nevermind I found the problem, I was trying to use a digital flora camo mod and it somehow disabled all other mods, I deleted it and now it works

    • If you want to disable the recoil, ballistics and attachment changes, you have to remove the .dll and make sure to disable the config option for it in the config app. Sounds like you got it working though.

  • Hello, I've been playing with this mod for pretty much the entire time I've had SPTarkov installed and it's excellent, but I have a few questions regarding the OpenZones fix.

    >Does Lua's custom spawnpoints work?


    >How do I test to see it OpenZones is working properly?

    I've had issues with it where the bots seemingly all spawn where they should be by default and walk around in their designated zones for the entire raid. Thanks for your help in advance, cheers.

    • Custom spawn points should be compatible if it still works with the latest version of SPT. Not sure what you mean with the issue you describe, that's how bots work in EFT/SPT, they can't roam around. As the config tooltip says it just adds more (missing) spawn zones for bots.

  • Not sure if it is intended but with at least Realism Start I can buy Kobra Sights with mount for PP-19 where it says only 1 is available but after clicking "filter by item" I could repeat this and buy 5 pieces on the flea market.

    PS: Thank you very much for such a great Mod. Pretty much a must and I say this after checking every single mod on this website for days.

    • That's a SPT bug, up the devs to to fix. Hopefully fixed for 3.5.0

  • Im not sure if OpenZone works. Is there any way to test that?

    • It works. The way to test it is to play with it enabled, and then disabled.

    • Does OpenZone let bots spawn anywhere on the map or just in more locations? I was hoping they could move around the map but so far ive only encountered them in regular scav locations. If they can only spawn in predetermined locations is there any way to make them move?

    • In EFT, AI can only exist where BSG have set up nav meshes for them. In SPT you will only ever see AI spawn where they can in live and openzones option just adds spawn zones that are missing in SPT.

    • Oh thats a shame. Thank you for your time

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  • Been noticing a severe lack of scav snipers and this might have something to do with it.

    Required slot 'mod_stock' on weapon_izhmash_mosin_infantry_762x54 FirstPrimaryWeapon was empty
    Realism Mod: Preset was Fetched.
    Required slot 'mod_stock' on weapon_izhmash_mosin_infantry_762x54 FirstPrimaryWeapon was empty
    Weapon 5bfd297f0db834001a669119 was generated incorrectly, falling back to weapon preset see error above
    Required slot 'mod_mount' on mount_mosin_kochetov_mount mod_mount was empty
    Realism Mod: Failed To Find Custom Preset For Bot marksman At Tier undefined
    Weapon 5ae08f0a5acfc408fb1398a1 was generated incorrectly, falling back to weapon preset see error above

    level 15 PMC on woods when that was generated

    • That error just means it's fetching weapon presets, as it says. That doesn't stop bots from spawning. I see sniper scavs spawn, either you're "unlucky" or you've another mod that might be conflicting. Maybe POOP or SWAG?

  • Any option to turn off armor class names, or any wiki that lists them. I found the DRD body armor with the classification of "VSM" and don't know if its better than THOR. I checked the armor tab in this page but no listing for VSM is on there. I'm probably very stupid and missed something.

    • Check this mod's overview page, it states you can turn off the class names back to numbers in the config. DRD armor will naturally be lower armor lvl than THOR, it's a re-skinned PACA. VSM is a joke referring to Dr Disrespect.

    • Yep, I knew I was stupid and missed something. Thanks for making this mod (definitely in my top 5) and thanks for answering questions, even if they're stupid ones like mine. :thumbup:

    • Not at all, you'd only know of it if you watched him tbf. Glad you're enjoying the mod :)

  • Does this mod work with FU Inertia?

    • If you disable the movement/inertia changes it should

  • The gunsmith "unstuck" doesn't seem to be working, Part 4 i have all the required stats, but still can't turn in the gun.

    • I've had the same issue with Part 1, even with enabling the unstuck... not sure what to even do for that one? I.e., I've had an MP-133 with PK-06, 8-round chamber, with AND without pistol grip, and TBL, and can never turn it in.

    • No pistol grip, 133 with custom forestock, blue laser, and an RK6, the quest dialogue is supposed to show the new requirements, but some don't work.

    • Were you able to build the M4 for Gunsmith Part 4? I can't install the handguard ...

      Looks like a few items I purchased were corrupted, purchased those same items again and it went together without an issue. BUT ... I still can't submit the M4 to Mechanic :(


    • Sometimes that happens when purchasing items from the flea, it's an SPT bug possibly related to buying the last of that item listed on the flea or it's trying to buy an item that has no listings on the flea. I've reported it to the devs, it's now up to them to fix it. To avoid it for now you'd have to check the listings manually and buy them there.

      This wouldn't have anything to do with being able to hand in weapons to Mechanic though.

      I've checked and completed the GS quests many times now. Every time it's been user error (not reading the new requirements, failing to meet requirements in terms of durability or required parts, using another mod that changes quests that reverts GS requirements back to default, not installing/configuring the mod correctly). The "unstuck GS quests" config option reduces ergo and recoil requirements by 90%, removes weight and size requirements. Your best bet is to use Profile Editor to complete them at that point.

  • Hello, not long ago one mod came out and again I decided to install your mod. But there is one thing, I have such a mod installed that I can take any item to the raid, and as a result, when I installed your mod, I have an overload (large weight) without leaving the raid. Because I put a container in my backpack in order to take out more things from the raid for sale to merchants. In your mod, is there something in the files that relates to the weight of objects? I hope I wrote correctly.

    • Not sure what you're asking. There's no option to change the weight of game items. If you want to modify player weight limits then you can disable that in the config.

    • Hello - do you mean the configuration of your mod or did you mean the ServerValueModifier mod? In my ServerValueModifier, the weight of items is 0. Or in your mod, in the menu section on F12, you can turn it off.

    • make sure SVM is loaded last

    • hi yes it loads last

  • I have bot changes on, character level is 23, Big Pipe spawned on factory for the first time (no clue why, don't use Lua's or a any other bot changes besdies SVM to up percentage of spawn) and he had .300 blackout. How do I remove both bosses from spawning where they wouldn't in live and is my bot changes not functioning correctly if he's using .300blk

    • That's the spawn tweaks, you can disable them it in the config if you don't want the boss spawns to be different to live. Boss loadouts have been changed. Check the Overview page for details on the bot changes and all features of the mod.

  • Hey there - first off, thank you for your hard work. this is a wonderful mod and contribution to this community.

    I have questions around bot spawns - I've noticed that bots seem to spawn in waves, much like SWAG - can this be adjusted in any way or are they fixed values? thanks in advance!

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    • Thanks for the kind words. I do not touch how bots spawn or how often, that's just how SPT works, they spawn in waves throughout the raid. You'd need a mod that changes those things that's configurable. I've heard SWAG causes issues with this mod.

  • I cannot get any bots to spawn, I have tried a fresh install of the mod and spt but it did not help. Am I missing something?

    • Please make a post in the support thread with mod version, SPT version, config options and a list of other mods installed.

  • When I am looking to complete mechanic's gunsmithing quests, it seems the ergonomic requirements are unreachable due to the ballistics overhaul that tweaks attachment and gun values. I have significantly lower ergonomic values even when I search up the required parts to mod out the gun. Can you please advise me? Maybe I've missed something.

    • I might also add, I also tried the "reduce mechanic requirements" checkbox and run into the same problem.

    • Please check the quest's description, and make sure you're not running mods that affect quests. Otherwise use Profile Editor to complete them.

  • How can I get SamSwat's EOTECH VUDU OVERHAUL to work with this? I think the scope breaks the recoil system somehow. Just wondering if I can tweak something to get them working together.

    Thank you.

    • That would be up to SamSwat to look into and fix

  • I'm not sure if its an error on my part or not but the CPC says its IIIA when it should stop rifle rounds.

    • Which CPC?

    • The CPC 2.0 rig non boss item.

    • Ah I see, thanks it's been corrected. The actual armor class value used by the game is correct, I must have miss-typed the IRL class :S

    • Will it be in the next update? Also thank you for maintaining your mod its great.

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    • Yeah of course. Next update will likely only be whenever 3.5.0 comes out or is more stable and with mod support though.

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  • Question: do I need to select realism mod when creating a new profile or will your mod just work if I create an EoD profile for ex? Thanks.

    • You can use whatever profile you want

  • Hi Fontaine,

    really love your mod!

    I just noticed that all items bought from traders or flea are found in raid. Is there a way for me to disable that "feature" ;)

    • check the config program in the mod folder

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  • Thank you for your hard work, Fontaine. It's really an amazing mod :3

    Can I suggest to make stats for the weapons added by SamSWAT mods (L85A2, SCAR-H, FAMAS, Vepr12 and M1014)? They are really great addition to the game and would be great candidate for compatibility patches like the weapons of patch 13 (and they don't have too much attachements I guess ^^)

    Also can't wait for the compatibility patch about the weapons of KMC as well :D I wonder how the StG44 will perform with your modifications.

    Take all the time you need. You are doing soooooo much better than BSG on so many levels.

    Thumbs Up 1
    • Planning on adding stats for some of Sam's weapons. KMC will take a very long time unfortunately.

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    • So happy to hear it :D
      Don't worry, take all your time, we will wait and support you all the way!

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  • first off, wonderful mod, thank you for your hard work.

    Question regarding loot - I've noticed that keys seem to drop way more frequently from bots/PMCs than in live, some rare keys as well. Is there a way to adjust this within Realism or otherwise? thanks!

    • I've added all quest keys to PMC and scav loot, if I can think of any easy way to make it configurable I will, thanks for feedback.

  • There is a problem with your mod, aiming does not work on any weapon. I would be glad if you could help me with this problem.SPT version 3.4.1

    • Please check the overview page and check what features the mod has:


      Faceshields will now block ADS, unless the weapon does not have a stock, or the stock does not have shoulder contact, or that specific weapon/stock/faceshield allows it.

      Faceshields that allow ADS will have text in their description saying so.

      This feature can be disabled in the config.

  • Heya. Looted an AVS rig off a PMC that I killed and it has 500 durability with NIJ III+ armor rating. Not sure if this is intended lol. Missing a dot maybe?

    • From the Overview page:


      "Steel armor will have *very* high durability to counter that fact that all rounds do a minimum amount of durability loss. Steel plates should be almost indestructible, so to prevent buckshot from melting it like it does to other armor they have been given high durability. This is offset by the fact they allow very high blunt damage."

    • Ah, I see. I'm guessing, slicks are not affected, then? The ones I've seen stayed at 80, that's why I was confused

    • Slicks should have max 150 durability

  • Is this mod compatible with Kobrakan-Immersive raids?

    • Don't see why it wouldn't be!

  • KMC released their weapons package for 3.4.1 which could definitely use a patch from this mod!

    • I plan to, it'll just take a very, very, very long time :D

    • Ugh, I know. I wanted to use the MCX Spear and was sad to see how weak the rounds were considering the ridiculous pressure load. Then I realized that all of the ammo is underpowered and all of the components don't make sense since a lot of the ergonomics are strange.

    • Yeah, I'd have to rebalance all the ammo. I could just copy existing stats from *similar* ammo but that would be lame and defeat the point of this mod. The ammo alone will take me a very long time just to find all the info I'd need. Then there's dozens of weapons and 100s of attachments. I aim to first get the weapons at least functional, and release my stat changes tiny bit by bit. Working on this mod takes precedent though.

  • Hey Fontaine, love the mod and the config options. only question i have is if i want to remove certain bosses from certain maps. like glukar on customs, would i just set the "bosschance" for that maps to 0? Thank you

    • If you want to disable all the boss spawn changes, you can turn off "Spawn Tweaks". To alter the spawn chances of Realism Mod, go to db/maps/bossspwans.json and change the BossChance to 0 like you thought.

    • and I want 100% spawn chance set to 100?

    • Yup

  • Fontaine,

    What are your thoughts on Savid's Recoil Preset mod? How is it different from the base recoil in SPT-Realism Mod, and do you recommend it? Is it even necessary to install his mod, or are his changes included in the latest version of Realism Mod?

    • Savid's Recoil Preset just tweaks weapon stats and config options, it doesn't work fundamentally different as it's still the same mechanics (code). From what I've seen he turned up the camera recoil and dispersion/spread. If you're curious about which to use I recommend giving both a try.

  • With the HK416 i think one of the barrels might have been missed as the 16.5 inch barrel has an MOA of 3.09 where every other barrel has an average MOA of around 1 including the 10 inch barrel. I dont know if this is intended but its something i noticed while messing about. Just thought i was losing my mind and forgot how ballistics work. This obviously isn't important in comparison to every other amazing change, just noticed. ^^

  • Hi Fontaine,

    Been having a blast with your mod recently (even more so after upgrading from 3.3.0 to 3.4.1). The changes to bots/tiers/spawning I especially enjoy, as it makes the early game feel more prolonged (e.g., I'm no longer running into Death Knight during my first raid and immediately getting an end-game kit).

    I had some thoughts/suggestions for additional functionality that might be appealing to some people:

    • "Hardcore" ruleset: would it be possible to add an option to enforce a hardcore ruleset (most current ruleset can be found here: https://imgur.com/a/nONOJhn)? Of particular interest would be to disable the flea entirely and remove all vendor items except for barters, cases, and special items. I think this aligns with the "realism" trope of the mod nicely, and would be an incremental change in many ways to the trader overhaul already present. This really creates a "survival" aspect to the game, where scavenging not just for quest/hideout items is essential, but also for gun parts. It makes incrementally building a "meta" kitted gun from found-in-raid items over many raids quite rewarding.
    • More options for the Hideout: I think the crafting times for the hideout are designed with multiplayer in mind to hinder the acquisition of top-tier ammos, meds, etc. (especially when combined with access to anything you need to craft via the flea market). With such a restricted flea market already in this mod (and with my self-imposed hardcore ruleset), the only way to craft is to find items in raid and/or barter for items with items found in raid.
      • My question is: could there be added functionality which reduces craft times at all stations to some nominal amount (1-5 seconds)? Given that this mod is singleplayer, waiting 18 hours to craft BP rounds doesn't make any sense – it already took me 10 raids to find all the prerequisite items. If crafting is instantaneous, I won't be able to craft BP rounds again till I find the materials in another 10 raids. The "craft time cooldown" is correlated thus with in-raid time, where as the cooldown in Tarkov multiplayer is in place since access to prerequisite materials is essentially infinite and instantaneous. Sorry for the rambling explanation.
      • I was thinking if crafting times are instantaneous, some other modules in the hideout would still make sense to function normally (e.g., air-filter, bitcoin farm).

    Just wanted your thoughts if these changes are feasible and/or could be expected in a future Realism update.

    Thanks again for all your hard work!

    • Thanks for the suggestions. In the future I plan to make a barter-only option, but I first need to write an automated way of generating them. To disable flea, you could use SVM and set the unlock level requirement impossibly high. Just make sure SVM is last in the load order. IIRC, SVM also has options for changing craft times. I have plans for changing crafts entirely to be more "realistic"/plausible too, but other features take precedent and my main focus is on updating SPTRM to 3.5.0.

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    • Thanks for the tip.

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  • I have a question - I kinda liked vanilla random weapon sway and breath holding mechanic, with this mod on, it seems like ADSing is like laser locking on a target even without breath holding.

    Also ADS stamina can be pretty much ignored.

    Also, from a "realism" standpoint - speed of ADS and weapon sway should be much more impacted by weapon weight.

    I do understand you tried balancing it out this way already, but gameplay wise it feels overtuned (too little aim sway) and undertuned (weight impacting ergo).

    So my humble suggestion would be that weight should be much more pronounced for base ergo calculations.

    Light weapons, like pistols, should get truly ridiculous ergo (say, 100+?) and aiming stability, just like in real life (and gameplay wise this would make pistols niche, but very viable), while heavy weapons like 5.2Kg SV-98 should drain aim stamina like crazy while standing and sway a lot more.

    As a band aid gameplay fix for such heavy weapons, maybe reintroduce breath holding at cost of really big aim stamina multiplier?

    Continuing this thought, weapon changing and reload speeds could also be depended heavily on ergo and weight. Again, this will make pistols for example, an actually viable loadout option as a high speed backup weapon.

    • In normal EFT weight does not affect sway, aside from how heavier guns will cause more arm stam drain, which itself effects sway, and so you'll get more sway indirectly. So I'm modifying a value in a way it was never designed to be.

      The values involved with sway are not straightforward in their effects and also affect recoil in some very strange ways. So unfortunately I have to keep the effect of weight on the subtle side when it comes to sway.

      So, for example, you won't notice a huge difference between the lightest AKM build and the heaviest (it's there but it's subtle), but there's a noticeable difference between a stock M4 and AKM and huge difference between an MP9 and an AKM in terms of sway.

      Having said that, sway is supposed to make shots past 100m difficult, not 50 meters and in.

      If you still feel sway is too low, I do recommend disabling "hold breath" in the overview page and I'll probably disable it in the future. It makes the sway mechanic irrelevant even in unmodded EFT.

      As for weight and ergo. All rifles have a base ergo of 80. A stock AKM has about 44 ergo, that means from weight and balance alone you're losing 36 ergo, and keep in mind that a stock AKM has no parts that have a negative ergo stat. I think that's more than enough of a penalty. Very few weapons, and very few builds of those weapons, can get to positive ergo, because of the weight and balance mechanics.

      I think pistols should have more sway which is how it currently is balanced. Holding a pistol steady is a lot harder than, say, an M4. Shooting pistols accurately is also much harder so this helps achieve that. This is also why I recommend disabling "hold breath".

      I disagree with weapons draining crazy amount of stamina. Maybe it can be tweaked further, but I very much dislike the way it's balanced in unmodded EFT and find it very unrealistic. Even me with my noodle arms can hold up a heavy rifle longer than your PMC. Having said that, heavy builds do drain stamina pretty damn quick. My goal is make weapon builds that are reasonable to not impede you in terms of sway or stam drain, and to punish ridiculously heavy and unbalanced builds with all kinds of crap on it. Try a meta build from live like for the SVDS for example.

      ADS speed is hugely impacted by weight via the ergo stat already. REload speed is already dependent on ergo, weapon weight, magazine weight and the magazine's reload speed stat. There's only so much that can be done however due to the animations for all weapons being different lengths and inconsistent across the same weapon type.

      Also do make sure you're not using any conflicting mods that could be giving a false impression. If you feel a particular build should have worse ergo/stam drain than it does please do send them on to me, I'm always tweaking things.

    • Thank you for such thorough explanation behind the reasoning of your decisions, mad respect!

      It clears things up a lot. Thank you for your hard work, it is actually insane how good it is.

      P.S. I made a nice QoL mod, check it out, you might find it interesting - Item Info

    • Sorry sometimes I get carried away :D I did more experimenting with sway and unfortunately there's no way to separate the value's affects on recoil from sway, it's a big mess. I did tweak it slightly though so there should be more sway in general next version. Cool mod btw, these QOL things are very useful.

  • surprisingly good mod

    I was trying to aim down the sights but it was not working I thought It was some kind of bug but I figured out 8) that was the protetive visor hahaha, very nice man. Love it

  • An awesome and balanced overhaul

    Been playing with this mod since SPT 3.0.0 and I must say it just keeps getting better and better. Game balance feels really good and I love the touch of realism animedance2

    Even just the fact that picking a stronger caliber ammo now has much higher effect than a stronger ammo within a caliber makes this mod a borderline must-have. All the shooting-related changes (recoil feels good now, hot damn), and also other changes like tiered bot loadouts, limited trader inventories and tiered flea market go perfectly along the realism line. Well as far as playing against bots can go chikastaring

    I personally play without med changes as I don't consider it fun, limping half dead across the map through gutter and shit looking over the shoulder all the time because a scav rat shot off both my legs and an arm with a makarov just when I looted a few bolts for that lvl 1 workbench for the 69th time without the ability to fix that mess. However that's because I suck animeproudclap

    Also I switched off fall damage setting since that's just too cruel. Probably realistic to break your legs when dropping half a meter off a piece of rubble while carrying 60kg, but cruel.

    Works well with POOP, SWAG and ServerValueModifier. It would be nice to also have support for Kobrakon's armor plates animeshy

    This mod makes me enjoy Tarkov more by fixing some of the unrealistic artificial features that the most realistic shooter game still uses.

    Thx man! animehappynod

  • Most Immersive Gameplay Ever

    I was very apprehensive to downloading this mod. I was afraid stuff would be broken, wouldn't work as described, would take a lot of work to get running smoothly/correctly, since it changes so many things. Managing Skyrim mods for hundreds of hours is probably what traumatized me. I've even spent ungodly amounts of time modding Fallout 4 into the most immersive, tactical shooter experience ever, but the core game aspects I couldn't change still bugged me even after 300 mods. Played Arma 3, Ghost Recon, Ground Branch, Ready or Not, all good games in their own way, but were all missing something I so craved in the tactical experience. Even made some of my own mods for those games. Picked up Tarkov recently, discovered SPTarkov, which I loved but still wanted a teeny bit more, then found this mod. Install super easy, config menu easy, shit works, love it. Easily the most immersive standalone tactical gameplay ever imo(Not including story rich games or narratives, only pure gameplay.) Thank you sir.

    Once I graduate and become filthy rich in the future I promise to repay all the modders for their hard work. Love modders <3

  • One of the best Mods

    Man what can I say, finally i can play the Version of Tarkov which was promised to me but got never fullfilled. No silly recoill, an Assault Rifle is an Assault Rifle even with standard Ammo. And if you´re like me, then the Health changes are a good addition.

  • Best Mod for SPT

    Whether you're looking to make Tarkov less forgiving than it already is or just trying to make the game better, this is the mod for you. There are some pretty hardcore changes that I personally leave off, but things like the recoil, health, and ballistic/armor changes are worthwhile for just about every player. Plus, now there is a nice little config app to help you make SPT Realism pretty much exactly how'd you like it.

    This mod spoiled me, and now my recoil control in live is straight booty. Great mod, everyone needs it, especially for bot tiers/progression!!