Featured Amands's Graphics 1.1.0

Mods made for AKI 2.3.1 or older are NOT compatible with 3.0.0.
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Lighting and postprocessing overhaul

Amands's Graphics

This mod changes EFT's default lighting and postprocessing

Default Brightness, lighting, fog and tone map settings can be changed by pressing F12. Advanced settings allows for better customization









Graphics toggle default key is Insert.

Tone mapping was improved and now has options ACES and Filmic. Brightness can be changed.

ColorCorrectionCurves, LUT, CC_Vintage and CustomGlobalFog were removed to improve black levels.

Experimental maps Sun color was improved.

Presets you can save and load presets, they are saved at BepInEx/plugins/AmandsGraphics/.

EFT's PostFX still works, although I recommend disabling any Color grading.

FPS shouldn't change while GPU limited and not using Cinematic Features.

Cinematic Features HBAO tweaks, Motion blur, Depth of field when using scopes.



Planned Features

Experimental maps Better Sun colors and Skylight colors.

New Cinematic Features.

Known Issues

HBAO Patch warnings.

DepthOfField FOV 60 when using thermal goggles causes hideout to always have DOF.

AmandsGraphics's Compatible mods


SamSWAT's Time & Weather Changer

Thanks to CWX, SamSWAT for their mods helping me on modding in general.

r1ft's ByeByeBlackFilter mod also removes ColorCorrectionCurves.

thanks pin for beta testing











  • Version 1.1.0

    SPT-AKI 3.2.4 (19428), 3.1.0+ (19078)

    Extract the .zip and move the BepInEx folder to your main SPT directory. 7zip recommended

    Please delete the old mod together with its config file BepInEx/config/com.Amanda.Graphics.cfg.


    You can save and load presets, they are saved at BepInEx/plugins/AmandsGraphics/.

    NEW! User friendly configuration

    Default, ACES, Filmic and PerMap tonemap options.

    Experimental Brightness slider.

    Individual settings to enable/disable features.

    DebugMode to compare individual settings, Shift + Insert by default.

    Per map tonemap and fog settings.

    NEW OPTIONAL! Cinematic Features

    Motion blur recommended only for cinematic purposes, lowers FPS. Disabled by default.

    HBAO tweaks were made to fit better the new tonemap settings. Only has effects when using any HBAO preset.

    DepthOfField when using scopes the surrounding image will be blurry. Disabled by default.
    Settings can be changed using Advanced Settings.

    NEW EXPERIMENTAL! Depth Of Field

    FOV Must be above 50 for depth of field to work properly. 51 to 75 works.

    On Graphics settings High-quality color needs to be On for depth of field to work properly.

    NEW! Smol features

    LightsUseLinearIntensity optional light intensity change.

    NVG Color fix When using NVG the mod now enables back useLut, Fog, CC_Vintage and ColorCorrectionCurves.

    FIXED! Smol problems

    Bloom Intensity now works in raid.

  • Version 1.0.0

    SPT-AKI 3.2.4 (19428), 3.1.0+ (19078)

    Extract the .zip and move the BepInEx folder to your main SPT directory. 7zip recommended

  • Wonderful, and just a great mod, must-have.

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  • playing around with DoF - all scopes are blured no matter the setting
    +60 fov
    if that makes any difference I'm running 3840x1660, does Fov have anything to do with aspect ratio?

    • thanks for the feedback, i sent you a private message so you can share more details about it and I'll look into it

    • I'm not sure if this is related or not but I had high quality color on, then attempted to turn it off during the raid which prompts you that it will take affect after the raid, then all the optics go black and you cant see out of them. If you turn the option back on the optics are fine again. Then I tried to turn the high quality color option off while not in a raid and once I went in the optics were black again, so for now I just have to keep the high quality color option enabled.

      Edit: fov is 62

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    • fwiw I've messed with all the options and no optics errors here. Im using ACOG4Life-Optic Rework.

    • Yes, it is related and that's a nice finding, High-quality color needs to be ON for DepthOfField to work properly, thanks for the feedback ^^

    • aaaah shit thats it then - works now

  • Awsome work ! Could I please inquire about your recommended Post FX and Graphics settings ?

    Keep up the GOoD work !


    • PostFX disabled.
      Screenshots Graphics settings

      Ultra preset.

      Object LOD Quality set to 4, HBAO Colored,

      High-quality Color On, Z-Blur Off, Chrom. Aberrations Off and Noise Off.

      Gameplay Graphics settings

      Same except Object LOD Quality set to 2

      Any other graphics preset like Medium and High should work fine

    • Much appreciated !

  • This mod looks TOO DARK for me. Yes, its great to get rid of this damn fog, but contrast settings makes Intercharge, for example, not playable without night vision :nikitathinking: Had to delete it and to return with my standard Post-FX settings

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    • Actually agree, the contrast changes make everything a bit darker even with nvgs, basically making IR beams a necessity. Also, the color changes make all the nvg colors seem really yellow-tinted

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    • You can change the Y value on Interchange from 3 to 5 in the F12 menu and you'll be able to see better. Haven't tried altering values on other maps yet, but I imagine they're similar.

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    • Oh, thanks, I'll try. Cause even with SamSWAT's weather mod this damn fog still there((

  • You need to know that you are cool! Thank you for what you are doing.

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  • Excellent mod , thank you for your work !
    Really beautiful on every map :)

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  • Thank you for lifting the oppressive atmosphere of factory!

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  • Best mod.

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  • do i put this in the mods folder or do i take the bepln and drag and drop

    • move the BepInEx folder to your main SPT directory

  • Great work.

    Quick question though:

    The mod is enabled by default, right, i.e, no need to press insert to enable it after installing?

    • yes the mod is enabled by default, you can however disable per map on F12 overlay using advanced settings.

  • Absolutely incredible.
    Never thought Tarkov could look this good!

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  • Seems very good. Great work !

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  • This is what Tarkov should look like. Great work Amand!

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  • Sooooooo Gooooooood!

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  • Great work, the mod actually improves the performance for me.
    On a related note, is it possible to add more options in F12 to tweak graphic settings for performance outside of what the vanilla offers?

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  • Could you perhaps look into incorporating an optional function that's similar to the mod 'bye bye black filter'? I love this mod otherwise and can't play without it, lol.

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    • This mod already removes ColorCorrectionCurves as in bye bye black filter, i'm gonna update the description to mention that

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  • This looks so damn good, should be in the game by default tbh

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  • Is there a performance hit using this?

    • shouldn't be, only changing existing features and disabling others

    • Okay, I kinda have a toaster PC so, I hope so.

  • Mate, this is game changer material :love:

    *Anime spam for better representation of my feelings: aquadesperateanimebuttmoveanimeproudclapanimehappyhop

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  • This is glorious I love it.

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  • This is incredible.

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  • It's masterpiece...

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  • It all looks so much more natural.

    I didn't realize this would even be possible.

    If this is possible, I wonder if it's also possible to mod the early alpha flashlights back in, those looked wonderful.

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  • Your mod cured my Tarkov depression :aquacries:animedance <3

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  • Works well with 3.1.1, Now spt is somewhat more of an eye candy without performance hit

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  • This is exactly what I didn't know I needed. This is how the game should actually look. Excellent work!

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  • It seems no effect to 3.0.0.But still thanks for your work! :thumbup:

  • Woah, you got rid of the weird distance fog and everything? Gonna have to try this out.

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  • Vevy nice, thank you for what are you doing!

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  • Wow amazing work here!

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  • You know your mod is good when it's the only one in it's category pog

  • Less Depressing

    This mod makes the game look more natural and less like another day in Silent Hill. Get it!

  • Just try it, why are you still reading reviews ?

    I was doubtful, and I decided that i'd give it a try, then I realized by playing with the mod how much vanilla tarkov graphics are so fucking burry and full of bloom and fog and shit and that you just can't see no fucking thing in the distance if the weather is anything else than 200% ultra dry and sunny, and finally I realized I was gonna use this mod forever from now on.

  • The Less is More.

    Finally factory look like factory and not Fallout 76 nuke zone.