Amands' Controller 0.3.4

Please do not ask when mod authors will update their mods to 3.9.0
Bothering mod authors will lead to warnings and repeat offenses will lead to eventual bans.

In-Raid Controller support for Movement, Aiming with AimAssist and Interface support.

Experimental Amands' Controller

In-Raid Controller support for Movement, Aiming with Aim Assist and Interface.







In-raid only controller support.

Sensitivity, Deadzone, AimAssist Settings and DualsenseIcons can be changed by pressing F12.

(click somewhere else to leave).

Sensitivity is affected by EFT's Mouse sensitivity.

(Sensitivity was tuned to Mouse sensitivity 0.2 and Mouse sensitivity (aiming) 0.1)

for Dualsense controller, emulate a xinput device externally.



SPT-AKI 3.7.1 (26535), 3.7.0+ (26282) PATCH 13 ONLY


Analog movement.

Aiming with AimAssist Stickness and AutoAim.

Layered Commands Reload, Check Mag and Quick Reload.

In-game ContextMenu for Interactable, Doors and Loot.

Interface Navigation and Windows Navigation.

Interface actions Use, QuickMove and Drag.

Interface button prompts bottom right of the screen.

Interface ContextMenu.

Controller Layouts for reference.

Planned Features
Mods key binds support.

Stash controller support.

Hideout controller support.

In-game button prompts.

Interface tabs support Overall, Health, Skills, Map and Tasks.

Inventory management QoL.

In-game Radial menus.

AimAssist improvements.

Dualsense native support.

Known issues

Provisions/Meds Examine only working through ContextMenu.

Unreadable Source code (~6k lines).

Please report any.

Not Implemented

AimAssist Magnetism.

Quick Swap Weapons.

Inspect Window buttons.

for Dualsense Triggers support use Tarkov Dual Sense Adaptive Triggers - Props

Thanks to CWX, SamSWAT for their mods helping me on modding in general.

KMYUHKYUK's Grenade Sprite for the sprite loading used on this mod.

This mod uses SharpDX.

thanks pin for beta testing.

  • Version 0.3.4

    SPT-AKI 3.8.3 (29197), 3.8.0+ (29197)

    Extract the .zip and move the BepInEx folder to your main SPT directory, 7zip required.


    NEW! Smol things

    HoldAim toggle on F12 menu.

    New Player method patch.

    FIXED! Smol problems

    SPT-AKI 3.8.1 compatibility.

    keyboard fallback now works properly.

    Walk pose bind.

  • Version 0.3.2

    SPT-AKI 3.7.6 (26535), 3.7.0+ (26282) PATCH 13 ONLY


  • Couch potato verified! :potat: :+1:
    It workds out-of-the-box with the good old XBox360 controller for PC.
    The control scheme is very nicely "layered" with it's modifier-button-usage. I tweaked the megnetism of the AutoAim/AimAssist a bit to make it slightly more subtle and adjusted the stick sensitivity to my style and that's it. The perfect experience!

    Unfortunately SPT 3.9.0 freezes on initial loading screen.

  • I am trying to play SPT using a handheld pc(rog ally) and was wondering if I need to change anything in the mod to get the controls to work. I downloaded as normal and added everything to the file but can’t scroll down on my character in the character view screen. All the controls in settings still read as a keyboard. Thanks for the help!

    • the mod only works in raid and doesn't show on the settings screen, if it doesn't work in raid might be because rog ally's controller is not XInput? an easy fix is running SPT through steam and using the steam input with a xinput preset but idk the details about this setup tho

    • I will give it a test run! Thanks for the input!

  • Loving this mod man. Only issue I've been having is when I drag the files from the .zip into the root of the SPtarkov folder, the controller functionality works flawlessly. But I can no longer see the lobby when entering raid that lets you either HOST or JOIN a raid.

    Any idea why this happens for me?

  • I have zero clue why you would want to play a tactical shooter like tarkov like its cod with slide canceling and b hopping but man is it entertaining to watch my friend do it

  • Loving the mod, but I have one complaint.

    I cannot aim while walking. How can I fix this, or is this a known issue at the moment?

    • if you tried an old mod version it might have left an incompatible json file at SPT/BepInEx/plugins/Controller/Default.json delete it and try again

    • Unfortunately, this is my first time ever using the mod, so I have never tried to install it until 5/31/2024.

  • Is there anything special I need to do to get the game to recongnize my controller? Or are there any known mods this is incompatible with? I am using a Dualsense controller (edit: via Bluetooth. Does this matter?) (edit2: Dualsense Wired also is not working). It's working on other games but I haven't been able to get it to work in SPTarkov at all. I have "Controller" settings in the F12 menu.


    Amand's Controller 0.3.4

    Amand's Graphics 1.6.2

    Boss Notifier

    Questing Bots

    Algorithmic Level Progression

    Big Brain

    Search Open Containers

    Task List Fixes


    Props In-Raid Modding

    Expanded Task Text

    Use Loose Loot

    Healing Auto Cancel

    Item Sell Price

    Gilded Key Storage


    Game Panel HUD

    Louder Suppressors

    More Checkmarks

    Collector Early Start

    Hidden Caches

    Ammo Stats

    Remove Timegate From Quests



    Looting Bots

    Stash Search

    Flare Event Notifier

  • Any way to remove the controller inputs but retain the aim assist? Playing on steam deck and using steam for inputs but I need the aim assist

    • Character movement and aiming can't be disabled but you can increase their deadzones to 2;

      for the inputs edit the SPT/BepInEx/plugins/Controller/Default.json file to look like this:

        "AmandsControllerButtonBinds": {
        "AmandsControllerSets": {
    • Thanks Amand <3

  • First of all, this mod is AMAZING! I've been using DS4Windows combined with Anitmicro (for combined input multi-set grouping) for years but this is so much better!

    Only thing I'd like to change is swapping the function of the Left and Right sticks in the "Interface" section. The default has the Right Stick moving the highlighted item up and down while the Left Stick acts like a mouse scroll wheel to move the whole item list up and down (when searching bodies). I see that we can edit the Default.json file to change button function, but is it possible to swap the stick functions so that the Right stick scrolls and the Left stick moves around individual items when searching bodies? I see multiple stick functions in the Default file but the wording has me worried about screwing up the whole file by changing the wrong text.

    • I made a build that Allows you to do it, but I haven't tested yet the implications of it, you can play around with these new settings on the F12 menu:





      AmandsController 0.3.5

    • Thank you, exactly what I was needing! Feels so much more intuitive having Scroll on the RS (since the scroll bar is far right) and the Item-Section selector being on LS since that ties with the Left side having the D-Pad for individual item selecting. Super Smooth transitions now 8)

  • Hi thanks for this awesome Mod. Can i edit the controls to my preference? Also does walking speed gradual increase to the position of LS?

    • yes, but only editing SPT/BepInEx/plugins/Controller/Default.json

      walk speed and angle is gradual with left stick

    • Thanks for the response 🤙

  • @, Hello. New version and feature [Hold Aim] works great. I hope I'm missing something though. How do you swap weapons? The first image shows (Y) on Xbox One controller. It does nothing. It's literally the only button that does not work. You can hold the right stick to switch to the melee weapon, but i can not for the life of me get any weapon to switch. Thanks in advance.

    • to switch weapons, use LB + DPAD Left, Right, Down.

      quick swap on Y is not implemented yet

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    • @Amand, thanks that [Hold] [LB] and DPAD worked, even Up selects a grenade. What you've done with this controller mod is absolutely phenomenal.

      Not sure if this addition/suggestion is already on a list, but

      1) Lean - Add [Hold] like you just did with aim. Nice to have it snap back.

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  • I have just installed the new version but however when I try to aim in merchant it creates a bug and no longer aims, on the other hand when I stop I can aim again, the Hold Aim function works perfectly thank you very much for having it added but it does the same with the activated option impossible to aim while moving

    • hi thanks for the report, can you clarify what "aim in merchant" means, so I can try to replicate the bug

    • basically when I'm walking it's impossible for me to aim, I have to be stationary to be able to aim.

  • the mod is now working with fika. But I wanted to say thank you amands for making this mod. I grew up on controller and this mod helps me with feeling more comfortable playing the game

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  • hello even with the updated version on REddit I can't make it work :/ I would like some help if possible

    • try deleting the file SPT/BepInEx/plugins/Controller/Default.json if you tried the old version of the mod

  • how can I reload from mag selection? Just like hold "R" and scroll mouseweel. :/ :/ :/

    • unsure if i already implemented it, ill check and if not, it will be for next update

    • u r my superman 8)

  • Hi all - Hoping someone can help me.

    I’m running SPT 3.8 annd having trouble getting the mod to work correctly on Steam Deck. I have installed the latest mod from the GitHub and SPT was installed via Lutris. The game launches perfectly and other mods are working. I am launching both the AKI server and launcher through steam in the hopes of enabling the controller support but something isn’t quite right - I can look at around with the right stick, ADS and shoot but I cannot move. Some of the mapping seems to be off as well as several buttons seem to open the disconnect/resume main menu. I think that it may need to be using a certain steam input to stop the clash/conflict??? Can anyone throw some light on this or let me know if they’ve found the right combination of settings for Steam Deck? Cannot wait to be able to play SPT with controller properly!!

    • you might need steam deck to be simulating a xbox controller when in raid.

      I sent you a message so you can send the logs in case the mod itself is not working

  • Thank you very much for this. Your 3.8.0 Update. And all your other mods! Love you. <3

    Edit: Please help me in figuring this out: I only want the Inventory-Management, the Aim-Assist and the Analog-Movement to work. But bind everything else (Shoot, Lean, Reload, etc...) with an external Program. How would my default.json look?

    • not sure how to tell the external program that you are on the inventory so it stops with the its binds, but you can clear out "AmandsControllerButtonBinds" list and remove the sets LB, RB, LB_RB, HealingLimbSelector, Movement, Aiming, Aiming_RB

    • Works perfectly! Thank you very much!!! Got a Patreon or something?

      Edit: Oh yea. I see what you mean... Doesnt work for my case then. Still awesome Mods :D

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  • Hei, I really adore your mods. Sadly, 3.8 broke this one for me. Only the left stick works. No other buttons :(

    I have a "condition" which restricts my right hand / arm to function correctly. So I really love using the controller because it's so much easier for me.

    Please let me know if you will work on this again.

    And for the last years, I would like to say thank you very much. I really love all your mods, but this here is special for me.

    • omg, i cant thank you enough. Will test it right now

    • Long story short, user error ^^

    • try deleting the file SPT/BepInEx/plugins/Controller/Default.json so the mod generates the new default binds.

      I'm assuming you opened the previous mod version and didn't do a clean install of the new mod version

    • Yeah, I saw that I had to overwrite so many files... so I thought it would be "all" new. Thanks a lot for your advice. I just tried it now for 30 seconds, but it feels all familiar now. Oh, my. I got to search your GitHub for a donation chance ^^

      Again, thank you so much. I did work on the default.json but had no idea that I could delete it to get a new one.

      Happy 1
  • thank you very much for doing this mod, being able to chill in the couch or even the bed and being able to play some raids its just in another level.

    i just wanted to know if there is a way to change the reload action and the interaction be in separates buttons of the controller, sometimes while i am trying to open a door or loot any box or whatever i reload and i have been killed few times due this. thank you again and, sorry if this has been asked

    • yes, by changing the json file located at SPT/BepInEx/plugins/Controller/Default.json

      search for ActionPanel below it you can find "X" change it to another xbox controller key

    • thank you very much boss! i just tried it and it worked <3

  • Is there a way to get active aim from Fontaine’s realism mod to work?? I’ve messed around the default json but can’t seem to figure it out.

    I.e. When on mouse you are using a night vision and have a scope that’s not night vision compatible it defaults to active aim so you use your night vision laser happened when you have a face shield as well. With the controller mod activated you push L2 and it does nothing unless you remove your night vision or face shield.

    Thanks in advance for the assistance!!

    • not possible with the default json, you can unbind there and use third party program for right mouse click. Mods key binds support is planned

    • Awesome! I will try that. Thank ya for the help!!

  • how do i unload the conroller mod? i play on keyboard but my brother plays on controller and im unsure how to unload the controller mod because when i switch back to mouse and key, the movement speed slider is set to the minimum due to the inputs from the joysticks if that makes sense.

    • pressing F1/F12, search for User Index and set it to 4, to re-enable set it back to 1.

      not being able to quickly switch is a bug and will be fixed for future versions

    • ive found if i unplug the controller, it turns off, and plugging it back in reactivates it so that works for me haha

  • It works fine. thanks. and I have one question. Can I use 'Aim Assist' option only? except any other controller setting, because i want to use '3rd party mapping program (Rewasd)' to change buttons

    • Character movement and aiming can't be disabled but the rest you can, by editing the

      SPT/BepInEx/plugins/Controller/Default.json file to look like this:

        "AmandsControllerButtonBinds": {
        "AmandsControllerSets": {
  • Noob here. Installed the mod on SPT-AKI 3.7.6 (26535), Loaded the game and nothing on the controller works. Went into the controls menu and I can see that pressing the left analog lets me move through the menu options but besides that nothing else works. Using Xbox One Controller Bluetooth.

  • Was working fine yesterday - now the auto-aim / magnetism is aiming low left of the target regardless of distance making it impossible to hit anything. Any advice here? Thanks!

    • have you changed resolution, super sampling, DLSS or FSR recently?

    • I did do that - I defaulted my settings and now it is working properly. Thank you for your help!

    • I am having the same issue and yes I changed my DLSS settings. Is there a way to fix this without reverting back to the previous DLSS?

      Thanks in advance!!!

    • it should fix itself every start of a raid, either way I'll be looking into a complete fix for next version

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  • So I am missing something here. I have an XBOX controller, installed the mod like any other bepin mod, went into a raid but controller doesn't work. I check F12 for options but nothing listed. How do I activate the controller?

    • Maybe try loading the game via Steam?

    • Yea, that works but the point of the mod is to not need to use Steam if I am understanding this correctly.

    • It was all my fault. I copied my current AKI install to play around with the controller mod in case it caused a profile issue. I completely forgot to change the path in the launcher as it was still pointing to main AKI install. Rookie mistake and quite embarrassing.

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    • Awesome, glad you got it sorted..

  • Hey, so I have a quick question, I suspect I'm misunderstanding the controller scheme. I can't get the walking pose to change, I can slow lean side to side (holding B), but when I hold B and try to use the D-pad either up or down, it doesn't let me change the standing/crouching pose height. Not really the end of the world, but I can't tell if its a bug or if I'm doing something wrong and for some reason it drives me nuts. everything else is perfect except for that. Sorry for being nutty, but thanks regardless for working on such an important (and underrated) mod, proving that tarkov on a controller is possible!

    • Next walk pose and Previous walk pose is not included in the scheme by default apparently, will be fixing for future versions.

    • Ok awesome, thanks for your time!

  • 1st off, thank you for this mod! I have arthritis in my hands and fingers and while I can use a controller I have issues when trying to use KBM..

    I have a few questions.

    1. I am getting stick drift on a few different Xbox Elite controllers. What the best setting to adjust for this?

    2. Will this mod be supported?

    I ask #2 because I have been using Steam Big Picture mode and a preset I found that works okay but this is MUCH, MUCH, MUCH better. I don't want to get use to these controls only to have to revert back later.

    Either way, thanks for the work on this and it works great! :thumbup::)

    • adjusting the deadzones will get rid of stick drift, press F1 or F12 to open the configurator and search for AimDeadzone.

      yes I plan to support the mod, updates do take longer since this is a really big mod.

      you can change the preset to your original steam big picture preset through the .json file located at SPT/BepInEx/plugins/Controller/Default.json if necessary.

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    • Thank you very much for the response.. I wish there was a way to donate to modders like you who make high quality mods that help others play the game and improve upon the game greatly.. :thumbup::)

  • How do I adjust the sensitivity of remote sensing?

    • pressing either F1 or F12 you can search for Sensitivity and AimingSensitivity.

  • absolutely love the mod, however I have noticed the Invert Y axis box in the menu will not change the Y axis of the controller. I am one of the weird ones who plays with my controls inverted... my apologies if this was covered in another thread. Everything else is amazing!

    • if you mean Invert Y on EFT menu, it will not work as that is for mouse input, on the mod settings you can find Sensitivity, AimingSensitivity and InvertY, the bind for it is either F1 or F12.

      you can also just put a minus sign on the Y component of Sensitivity and AimingSensitivity to achieve that.

    • You are a God amongst men. Thank you so much!

  • hey,can u add a option to enable quick grenade

    and disable the grey painkiller effect

    it would be really nice ^^

  • I have several RSIs in both my arms and wrists so this mod is a godsend I cannot thank you enough for. I wanted to ask though. Is there a way I can assign:

    2 to the left d-pad (Primary weapon)

    3 to the right d-pad (Secondary Weapon)

    1 to the up d-pad (Pistol/Derringer)

    change fire mode to the down d-pad

    I feel this would work contextually for weapons more and would work better than the current system (i have no clue how to change weapons without using my keyboard at the moment)

    For late development, I'd suggest assigning lean to the L3 and R3 buttons combo'd with L2 (so if you are either already ADSed or holding ADS, you lean/unlean like Siege) I'm sure this will be absurdly difficult to do so no rush!

    If I weren't a broke university student at the moment I would 100% donate (do you have a donations page of some sort?)

    • changing weapons is L1 + d-pad left and right for secondary and primary and down for pistol.

      as for the requested feature, it is already possible to do through the .json file located at:

      I can do that change for you, just let me know if you still need the weapons to be on d-pad only and not L1 + d-pad

    • Nope! L1 + d-pad works perfectly. I just didn't know that was the bind!

      And definitely! I'd greatly appreciate the leaning feature but I am admittedly lost on implementing it

      Might I also ask what R1 does? I'm completely confused on its usage

    • gQ1cCDC.png

      on the headers that says R1 are the binds, for example R1 + Square is Unload Chamber