Featured Amands' Controller 0.3.2

In-Raid Controller support for Movement, Aiming with AimAssist and Interface.

Experimental Amands' Controller

In-Raid Controller support for Movement, Aiming with Aim Assist and Interface.







In-raid only controller support.

Sensitivity, Deadzone, AimAssist Settings and DualsenseIcons can be changed by pressing F12.

(click somewhere else to leave).

Sensitivity is affected by EFT's Mouse sensitivity.

(Sensitivity was tuned to Mouse sensitivity 0.2 and Mouse sensitivity (aiming) 0.1)

for Dualsense controller, emulate a xinput device externally.



SPT-AKI 3.7.1 (26535), 3.7.0+ (26282) PATCH 13 ONLY


Analog movement.

Aiming with AimAssist Stickness and AutoAim.

Layered Commands Reload, Check Mag and Quick Reload.

In-game ContextMenu for Interactable, Doors and Loot.

Interface Navigation and Windows Navigation.

Interface actions Use, QuickMove and Drag.

Interface button prompts bottom right of the screen.

Interface ContextMenu.

Controller Layouts for reference.

Planned Features
Mods key binds support.

Stash controller support.

Hideout controller support.

In-game button prompts.

Interface tabs support Overall, Health, Skills, Map and Tasks.

Inventory management QoL.

In-game Radial menus.

AimAssist improvements.

Dualsense native support.

Known issues

Provisions/Meds Examine only working through ContextMenu.

Unreadable Source code (~6k lines).

Please report any.

Not Implemented

AimAssist Magnetism.

Quick Swap Weapons.

Inspect Window buttons.

for Dualsense Triggers support use Tarkov Dual Sense Adaptive Triggers - Props

Thanks to CWX, SamSWAT for their mods helping me on modding in general.

KMYUHKYUK's Grenade Sprite for the sprite loading used on this mod.

This mod uses SharpDX.

thanks pin for beta testing.

  • Code
    I would like to thank you for this great mod, you have improved my gaming experience 100 times since I moved from console to PC! I recommend this mod to everyone who is used to controllers. Thank you endlessly. Always stay healthy! I have 0 Bugs.
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  • Hey great mod, this will take me some getting used to but will for sure be good when I wanna chill on couch. Quick question after messing wit it for a few. When in raid is there a way I can search an item that’s in my inventory. For example I had a chest rig in my backpack and was unable to search it. Let me know if I can give a better description. I know there’s a chance it may not be implemented yet but maybe I’m just not doing something right, let me know thanks!

    • if you looted unexamined you need to open it and find the search button on the window which will be invisible. but that's not the intended way rather a side effect of the search button being interactable, the intended way is not implemented yet.

    • Ok so not implemented yet. It was something that is examined but did not search it prior to picking it up. Sorry if I’m misunderstanding what you are saying, I am running to little to no sleep. I’ll play around with it when I am playing next. Thank you for this mod. This will be great for me who’s handsome life events that prevent me from sitting at my PC for long periods of time.

  • im running ds4 with inputmapper and the sensitivity is kinda hard to control, it needs more work. highly recommend trying it 11/10

  • like is it the only shown controllers that can be used

  • how do you set it up

    • for xbox controllers you just install the mod and go in raid, for playstation controllers you need to emulate a xbox controller with another program and go in raid

    • i found an alternative i have neither and my main pc controller is a wired ps4 controller made by playmax

    • once you can emulate a xinput device the mod will work, DS4Windows could do it and also Steam using Big Picture mode just make sure to emulate a xbox controller rather than WASD and mouse inputs

    • ah ok thank you

  • For the aim assist, I think a neat feature would be a toggle to make it "discrete" - where it still magnetises and sticks onto an enemy, but without moving the camera (maybe by moving the gun instead or some other method?).
    I ask because sometimes the aim assist sticks onto an enemy before I actually notice them, revealing their position in that way.

    Think there could also be an option to prevent it from sticking to friendly scavs when scav running?

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    • Magnetism isn't implemented yet, once it is it will make aim assist act like you described.

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  • How do i make is so that I hold left trigger for aiming, rather than toggling it?

    • the way to make the Aim continuous is by changing the file SPT/BepInEx/plugins/Controller/Default.json

      on LT Release you add EndAlternativeShooting to the list of commands,

      here's the .json already edited:


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    • oh wonderful, thanks! 💙

  • This works for any xinput control scheme? Trying to get the Steam Deck's controls to work on this.

    • should be a scheme that outputs as a xbox controller and not WASD + Mouse emulation, if that makes sense.

    • Yea, I emulated a game pad through it. Likely the reason it didn't work for me is cos I was on aki 3.5.5 and i wanted to see if i could get away with using it without having to update 😭 lmao

    • I must say that it seemed to say it "loaded" when i was browsing the server log, but i couldn't see it in the server console itself.

    • this is a client mod so it shouldn't appear on server, once in game you can check by pressing F12 and seeing if the mod is on the list.

    • After updating to aki 3.7.1, I can confirm it works with steam deck controls!

      On a related note, any idea when gamepad controls will be supported in the main menu and hideout?

  • When I found this mod, my jaw almost went through the keyboard.

    It would be great if the stick could be reversed left and right when operating the UI(Interface). I want to scroll with the right stick :)

    In the future it would be great to have an option to long press to aim. Anyway, great jooob! <3

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    • choosing what the stick does for interface is already possible, I just forgot to expose to users apparently, will be on next update

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  • the way i got controller working on tarkov, i added bsg launcher as non game on steam then searched fot spt controls ive been using ps5 controller for months but im happy now the triggers work aswell.

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  • Using this in combination with Terkoiz' FreeCam mod results in controller inputs moving the character while in FreeCam mode rather than the camera.
    Would it be possible to somehow make it affect the camera to allow for smooth cinematic controls?

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    • Possible but through the FreeCam mod itself, I'll see what I can do about that

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  • Did not see this coming, awesome

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  • Hello, first of all thank you so much for creating such awesome mod.

    I'm having a bit of issue with PS5 controller with steam input enabled and the SPT tarkov selected on steam as non-steam game in the library.

    When starting a raid in game the controller doesn't recognize the game and doesn't respond.

    I have the mod installed correctly. What could be an issue for this? I'm sure other people might have similar experiences.

    Sincerely, thank you!

    • Try using BigPicture mode to launch SPT with steam input, I can't test Dualsense controller myself.

      I only know that other programs works to emulate xbox controller like DualSenseX and DS4Windows.

      Native DualSense support is planned.

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    • Aha I will try the DualsenseX as a solution thank you and native support will be a great addition! Thanks as ever.

    • Hi guys as update and those who are not so tech savvy like myself, I found this solution:

      When choosing game in the steam library to add as non steam game, don't choose the EFT file but choose the AKI Launcher as the game and start game from big picture mode. Essentially it will just launch the launcher and I started game with mouse. Have the server running in the background before launching from big picture mode. Hope this helps! :sleeping:

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  • Is there also a way to make aiming continuous vs toggle?

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  • Is anyone having issues with the aim assist? No matter the level, my screen shakes violently and I can get it to stop when enemies are near by. It works find if none are near by.

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  • oh my goooood this is so much fun lmao. is there a way to make the controller functional in the main menus as well?

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  • Where was this mod 2 years ago lol but i am already use to M&K

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  • Having trouble getting this to work with an xbox controller. Installed files correctly and steam input for xbox controllers. Is there anything else I'm missing? Am on 3.7.0 if that matters

    • Did you add escape from tarkov to steam as an external application?

      Thats the only way steam input would work.

    • for xbox controllers you don't need Steam input at all.

    • So no need for steam or other emulation for Xbox controller? It should just work normally?

      Without steam input the only thing that would work is the left stick for movement. With it i can use a few more functions but does not match the interface (e.g. sprint is right stick for some reason)

    • for Xbox controllers it should just work normally.

      Some troubleshooting you could do is quitting Steam, if that solves it then you need to Disable Steam Input for Xbox Controllers.

      if you previously used the Xbox Accessories app, make sure that the binds aren't modified there.

  • Any way to change the controller used ingame? I have multiple controllers and it keeps using the wrong controller.

    • There is a controller index that you can switch the number on.. its 1 by default

  • Awsome mod, Love playing with the controller, however opening the invin with the mod causes a heavy bleed with the realisim mod, i have no idea why any fix?

    • on Realism config with Advanced settings enabled, clear any binds that as joystick inputs on them, they are debug keys only.

    • Ok Thanks dude this worked.

  • NO FUCKING SHOT YOU JUST MAKE A MOD FOR CONTROLLER you earn a special place in heaven

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  • I'm waiting for someone to play tarkov with a guitar hero controller.

    Thank you for an amazing mod.

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  • hi, its working with the dualshock 4?

    • for dualshock 4 you need to emulate xinput with an external program, DS4Windows for example.

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  • Holy shit, I've gotta try this out right now. I have RSI and this game is literally causing me physical pain if I have to play it with a mouse for too long.

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  • I'm a lifelong xbox player so finally getting to use a controller in Tarkov is huge

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    • Same! I was just talking to a few friends Wednesday about how great it would be to get controller support.

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  • Now this is peak modding.

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  • u drop nothing but bangers

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  • Do you... do you do anything else with your time? Like, I'm not being mean. I'm just astounded at what you come up with in client modding. Just flabbergasted.

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    • as I play spt exclusively on controller it was a very needed mod personally, and yes this took a long time to develop

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  • Okay Yeah this might be goated if it can work/eventually work with Fontaines Stances.

    Edit: After playing with it, this shit fucks. Get it.

    • Configuration manager accepts joystick buttons as binds, it will be complicated for stances so the planned feature Mods key binds support is needed.

      Externally is easier with other programs emulating keyboard press.

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  • I will personally never use this mod, goddamn do I respect the work you put into it and all your other mods.

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