Backdoor Bandit (BB) 1.9.0

Please do not ask when mod authors will update their mods to 3.9.0
Bothering mod authors will lead to warnings and repeat offenses will lead to eventual bans.

Thought breaching a locked door was impossible? Now you can shoot it open and you don't need the key. This will break game balance but i don't care.

I made this because i hated that there was a breach option and it never worked. All you did was stub your toe on 90% of doors.


1. Unzip it into your spt directory. it should install the pieces in the right place.


  1. Added PlebMode toggle in Bepinex Config. Turn on PlebMode if you want all weapons to affect door breaching.
  2. Added weapon restriction and ammo restrictions when PlebMode is off:

On non-metal doors:

  • You can only use shotguns with slugs
  • or melee weapons that are : DeadBlowHammer, FierceBlowSledgeHammer(if you guys can make it equippable), Crash Axe, Crowbar
  • I think regular hand grenades work

On metal doors.

  • You can only use grenade launchers with HE rounds

Thanks DrakiaXYZ for the door code.. I used his as a base and built on it.

If you guys enjoy my work and feel like buying me caffeine, here's my kofi.

  • Version 1.9.0

    Update for SPT 3.9.0

    • Fix for the MTs-255-12ga cylinder to take breach rounds

    unzip to your spt install directory and it will install into the correct places for bepinex plugins and user/mods.

  • Version 1.8.8

    SPT 3.8.0 - 3.8.1

    1. Fix issue with deleting game doors on shoreline and causing y our game to freeze. I had a superficial patch on the last one. This one should work cleanly. Thanks to Nick! He's really good at breaking stuff.
  • Version 1.8.7

    SPT 3.8.0 - 3.8.1

    1. Fixed the hand animations playing when using explosives even though you've stepped away from the door. (Thanks to RaiRaiTheRaichu!)
    2. Added explosive timer sounds that gradually get faster until the final tone (depends how long you set c4 timer for). Its also spatial audio so it will get quieter if you walk distance from it.

    For 312 before who downloaded, i updated zip so it has the check again that you can pickup the c4 and it still explodes and it fixes an error caused with perfect culling that crashed the game.

  • Version 1.8.6

    SPT 3.8.0 - 3.8.1

    1. Fixed not being able to plant C4 with Keypad Lock doors (Labs). Apparently these doors do not have 'locks'. (Thanks Nick!)
    2. Added more null ref checks for people who plant more than one C4 on a door.. highly regarded (Thanks Nick!)

    I have updated this zip with a fix so everyone before 199 downloads, please download again.

  • Version 1.8.5

    SPT 3.8.0 - 3.8.1

    1. Fixed explosive placement to be based on vector from player to lock because bsg has shit standards for door placement. If you look at door at wierd angle and place explosive, it will place it angled. best i could do.
    2. Explosions now destroy the door because fk doors.
    3. Added ability for explosives to cause damage (configurable radius and damage in Bepinex Config. Disabled by default). If you take cover behind an object like a wall, you will not take damage even if you are in radius of explosion.
  • Version 1.8.3

    SPT 3.8.0

    1. Replaced using the TNT explosive with the C4 Charge modeled by Moxopixel. It looks so good now. Thanks Moxo!
    2. Tried to redo logic for placement of explosive so its always on the side facing the player.
    3. C4 takes up 2x1 space so you can't carry crazy amounts of it
  • Version 1.8.2

    SPT 3.8.0

    1. Fixed picking up a shotgun with ammo causing the player to slide
    2. Added ability to customize fuse timer on tnt explosive.
    3. re-enabled breeching boxes as items that can be picked up or bought on flea. Did not add to trader assort because it doesn't seem to work.
  • Version 1.8.1

    SPT 3.8.0

    • Added ability to use breaching rounds on metal doors as an option
    • Added more configuration jsons in the folder so you can use your own custom weapons (and not just melee weapons or grenade launcher item ids)
    • Disabled the assort for the Breach Rounds Box since i can't be bothered to figure out why it sells with 0/5 rounds. now you can only buy individual rounds.
    • Refactor.


    • added MP-43 12ga sawed-off double-barrel shotgun that i forgot to shotgunweapons.json so stubby should now work with breaching rounds.
  • Version 1.8.0

    Updated for SPT 3.8.0

    • Added ability to use TNT-2000 as explosive charges to open any type of material door. Just select plant explosive from your action menu on a door. There is a 10 second delay and no the explosion will not damage you.
  • Version 1.7.2

    Updated for SPT 3.7.4

    New Features:


    If you enable this, you can use any weapon on regular doors, but thin and thick metal doors still need grenade launcher

    Define the random hit points assigned to doors

    You can customize the door hit point range. This determines how many shots it takes to blast open a door. This is randomly assigned between the min and max values you set.

    Set your own weapons you want for grenade and melee

    You can now define what is a valid grenade launcher or melee weapon using the hash id by editing the json files in the folder with it.

  • Is it intentional that C4 isn't sold at any trader?

    • It is intentional. If anything i would have made it so you could create it but i think moxopixel said he was going to make a mod of this for that.

  • How would one go about uninstalling this? Just remove the files?

    • yes from the bepinex/plugins folder and the /user/mods folder (doorbreecher)

    • Thanks. I actually realised afterwards that I could've removed it. I got error messages but it was related to something else. Great mod!

  • Would be cool if the shotgun shells have only a % chance (15?) to open a door and c4 has a 100% chance.
    Same goes for doors maybe you can not use the shotgun shells on any door and c4 works on those (kiba, marked rooms, f.e.) that would be so sick
    Also a added craft for the hideout would be nice.

    otherwise 8/10 would install

    • You can change the health of doors in the f12 menu. Breaching rounds do around 190-200 damage, so just change the minimum and maximum door health to something else

    • ohhh thats a neat workaround. tyvm

  • Is it ok for me to release a small additional mod that increase the price of C4s to 70k and adds a hideout craft for them?

    • Sure, no issue from me.

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  • "Plant Explosive" is always greyed out for me. Do I need to find or purchase the actual explosive before it becomes available?

    • I believe that is a feature not currently implemented and I don't think its from this mod either its just a beta EFT option with no function. UI Fixes basically gets rid of that menu option being shown because it serves no purpose.

    • Its a real feature. You need c4 in your inventory though. Buy from flea if you can't find it.

  • This is a really great mod. For a little extra realism, could you make it so the "claw" muzzle attachment is required for all shotgun breaches and the ksg23 "barrikada" round can knock down any door?

    IRL, my team uses a 12g tungsten round to take out metal door/frames on project houses. We have the claw to grip the metal when we press the shotgun up to it.

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  • Hi,

    the rounds are incompatible with the MTs-255-12ga, it does not help to add the weapon to ShotgunWeapons.json or OtherWeapons.json for the matter.

    As you can see in the server log it loads the cartridge just fine:
    DoorBreacher added to: mag_mc255_ckib_mc255_cylinder_std_12g_5 in weaponPropName: Cartridges

    but it does not add the round to the weapon, and in stash you cannot load the rounds like normal slugs because "incompatible".
    This has probably something to do with your chambers logic as the ammo for the weapon itself, aside from the cartridge, is never loaded (it has no chamber).
    Would be nice to get feedback to this, thanks!

  • Hello again, is there a way to synchronize the breaching between MPT host/clients? Currently everyone has to breach the doors :)

    • That would be nice, but a good workaround is when you breach a door, close it and re open it. It should then be open for everyone now :)

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    • On the Project Fika Discord there's a channel called "mod-releases". There you'll find a Fika compatible version of this mod. F12 options looking a bit different but everything incl. sync is working for me and my buddy.

      Other than that as Rocketman001 already said, if the person who breached the door close and reopen it, everyone else will have a open door.

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  • Hey there ! Could you please tell me how to add the C4 to mechanic ? I tried to look through the code to find it on my own, but I dont see where the functions are called together. Would appreciate it if you could tell me, cause I am lost and my last time programming is a long time ago xD

    Thanks !

    • edit the mod.ts file in the src folder of the doorbreecher mod in mods folder.

    • Thanks ! One more question. I was able to increase the stack size of the C4 to 2, but every time I use a door breach it uses my entire stack of 2. Any way to get around that and only use 1 ?

    • its not supposed to be able to stack from the client code side (stuff you can't modify). you should unstack it before use

    • What program or trick do you use to edit the Mod.ts file? my pc is trying to open it in a media player and refuses to open with notepad or CodeWriter?

    • I use Notepad++

  • Shouldn't be the RSh-12 be also capable of breaching doors as well? IIRC, it was specifically made as an Anti-Material weapon for Russian Special Forces.

    • You can easily add that to the OtherWeapons.json file in the backdoor bandit folder:

      You will want to put the item code 633ec8e4025b096d320a3b1e like the following:
    • Good to know. Thanks!

  • I wonder, if the author can make the toggle option for opening doors after breach only with kick?
    I feel like it will be more spectacular. And(sorry) more realistic.

    but to be honest, I just want to kick down doors)

  • I wonder if it would be possible to have the C4 explosive be a craftable item?

    My recommendation: level 3 workbench. 2 TNT blocks +1 bundles of wires + 1 fuze + 1 MCB.

    Just a random musing, since I don't like buying too much stuff off the fleamarket.

  • I know this says its 3.8.1, but has anyone confirmed this is stable on 3.8.3? I know some 3.8.1 seem to work just fine. Thanks in advance, and thanks for the mod!

    • This is stable on 3.8.3

    • Thank you for the info!
      I downloaded 1.8.8, and I dont happen to have a config in the BepInEx folder for the pleb mode.

    • The pleb mode is in the bepinex configuration menu. If you first install the mod, it creates it automatically. You can access this menu in-game by pressing your F12 key.

  • Any way to configure so that I can use found TP-200's to breach doors, but not enable the breaching rounds / C4? Doing a hardcore playthrough, and would love to have an option to use the TP-200 to offset lack of quest keys, and not allow the shotgun rounds / C4.

    Amazing mod, tons of fun. Switching to a sawed off to blast open a locked door midraid is immediate BDE vibes. :D Thanks!

    • I suppose it would also be viable to remove breaching rounds from vendors, that way you could use them if you found them... newer to SPT, playing with FIKA, so any suggestions here appreciated!

    • well, you could use version 1.8.2 which used to use the tp-200. If you don't want breaching rounds from vendors, you can remove it from the mod.ts file in the src folder of doorbreecher in user/mods. Just comment or delete the assortHelpers blocks

    • My goal is making is so that having the rounds and the C4 available solely in raid supplements keys, so rather than hardcore playthrough making me grind to find a quest key, I can save a few rounds or C4 charges when I get them and use them for the quest doors.

      I bumped the price up on the breaching round to like 400k and removed the barter (I figured out how to edit the TS from your other posts! You rock!). If both rounds and C4 spawn in-world at random, I could even remove them from vendors completely.

      Tons of options here. Loving it. Thanks for the quick response!

  • Hey there, love your mod and I just had an idea that popped into my mind after updating it, I think it would be pretty cool if there was some kind of workbench craft for C4 explosive using 2x TNT + 1x fuse + 1x wire? Or something, just basing it on the C4 explosive model. Cheers!

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  • Hello, I have downloaded the most recent version of 1.8.8, but running into a curious problem

    Server log says the version is 1.1.5
    Game client says the version is 1.8.1

    Of which neither are 1.8.8 (The zip file from which I extracted files into specified folders)

    And no C4 on flea and Breaching rounds have appeared, but they do not fit into the shotguns.

    • That means you installed the game dll wrong in the bepinex/plugins folder as it should be 1.8.8 in your bepinex/logoutput file

      server log version is correct.

    • How would one go about fixing that?

  • I am using this mod with project fika and I can breach open a door but my friend can't see the door open. Just reporting in case someone is using it with fika as well.

    • please ask in fika discord and not here. someone else forked my project and is maintaining it for fika

  • Because of the site blowing up every now and then, and for the sake of figuring out what could be the issue I'll share my problem here (for now at least). I noticed that my game crashes whenever I blow up room 306 for Health Care Privacy Part 2. I tested 1.8.7 down to 1.8.5 with the same outcome. Briefly after the detonation, I walk a couple of steps and my game freezes and I have to kill it and restart. In the logs I found the following exception, hopefully sheds some light into this. I've used the c4 charge before once for a quest related door and had no issues. This is my second time trying to use it.

    I have yet to test without any other mod, but maybe someone else can attempt to replicate in the meantime.

    EXCEPTION: System.NullReferenceException

    at (wrapper managed-to-native) UnityEngine.Renderer.set_enabled(UnityEngine.Renderer,bool)

    at Koenigz.PerfectCulling.EFT.PerfectCullingCrossSceneGroup.method_1 () [0x00070] in <448e567fc8c849f8a66327014c6f134c>:0

    at Koenigz.PerfectCulling.EFT.PerfectCullingCrossSceneGroup.UpdateSwitchQueuesMT () [0x0002d] in <448e567fc8c849f8a66327014c6f134c>:0

    at Koenigz.PerfectCulling.EFT.PerfectCullingCrossSceneGroup.Update () [0x00000] in <448e567fc8c849f8a66327014c6f134c>:0

    2024-05-09 07:58:34.456 -03:00||Error|Default|NullReferenceException

    Koenigz.PerfectCulling.EFT.PerfectCullingCrossSceneGroup.method_1 () (at <448e567fc8c849f8a66327014c6f134c>:0)

    Koenigz.PerfectCulling.EFT.PerfectCullingCrossSceneGroup.UpdateSwitchQueuesMT () (at <448e567fc8c849f8a66327014c6f134c>:0)

    Koenigz.PerfectCulling.EFT.PerfectCullingCrossSceneGroup.Update () (at <448e567fc8c849f8a66327014c6f134c>:0)

    UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object)

    Class358:UnityEngine.ILogHandler.LogException(Exception, Object)

    UnityEngine.Debug:CallOverridenDebugHandler(Exception, Object)

    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work, love this mod.

    • same problem here with any shoreline door (didnt check any other map yet)
      edit: just made a raid with 1.8.3 and it seems fine

    • you want version 1.8.7 which is the latest. The perfectculling issue probably because the door is destroyed

    • @Ness773 please test again with 1.8.7. i have updated the zip for that release in which i think i fixed this error

    • Will do now and edit this comment with the results. Cheers

      UPDATE: I'm glad to report that the issue appears to be fixed. I was able to breach, grab the folder and extract without the game freezing. I appreciate the swiftness in resolving it and the work that you do. I'm looking forward to get into modding because of mods like this one that add to the experience and immersion. I'll be on the lookout if some other issue appears and keep you posted :thumbup:

    • yes the error is now fixed, but now there is a new one.
      all doors are invisible after blowing one up

  • when shooting far away from a door the hand animation pops if you've shot the same door a few times.

  • Hello, i have problem. When i try to put Breacher round in to shotgun it say wrong ammo.

    • You probably did not install the server mod part of this correctly

  • Hello! Have you already added sound "BEEP" С4 to version 1.8.6?

    • Adding sound is more complex since every can set a different length for the explosive timer, so no, not yet.

    • It's a pity. The signal sound is exactly what your mod is missing!

  • I can't open red keycard door in the labs with C4, nothing happens when I press "plant explosive". But I still can breach violet keycard door without any problems

    • I have just fixed this.. again. please redownload 1.8.6 as i just updated the zip

  • Can you help me? I don't have C4 in flea (or from the mod.ts file) was wondering if this was a new update to remove this? I would love to know what the C4 can do.. I do however, have the breaching rounds, I haven't used them yet however. I am running 3.8.0 SPT

    • Sounds like you updated this incorrectly and didn't unzip the doorbreecher in the user/mods folder with the updated version

    • I just re-downloaded the file, Going to un-zip into spt file and replace all. (I will update with any changes). thank you :)

  • How do you use melee weapons to breach doors? I've tried to use a crash axe to open several wooden and doors like the ones in dorms and the locked door in factory down the hall from office.

    • make sure the weapon is added to the melee weapons list in bepinex/plugins/dvize.BackdoorBandit/meleeweapons.json file. You can find the item id

      Also, yoiu have to hit at wierd angle sometimes and it may take a lot of hits depending on the hp of the door.

  • Hey, is it possible to turn off the hand animation when blowing up a door? I noticed that when i place TNT on a door it plays the animation as if I opened the door.

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  • Hello! Please add this sound file to your mod so that it plays when a C4 charge is placed on the door. I think it will be very cool !

    Activated C4 10SEC (Mono22).wav

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  • How can I increase the price for c4 at a flea market?

    • You can go into user/mods/doorbreacher/src folder and then edit the mod.ts file with a text editor. Just change the 25000 value and handbook value to whatever:

        //add new custom item
        const C4Explosive: NewItemDetails = {
          newItem: itemsjson.C4Explosive,
          fleaPriceRoubles: 25000,
          handbookPriceRoubles: 30000,
          handbookParentId: "5b47574386f77428ca22b2f2",
          locales: C4ExplosiveLocale,
      Heart 1
    • It worked. Thanks for the help :thumbup:

  • Hello, i download your modification unzip it into my spt directory but when i in game press f12 i see only BeplnEx settings ( ) where is my mistake?

    • Did you install the mod into the bepinex/plugins folder? if not, please send server logs.

  • Can you make sure that when you shoot, the doors open only in the direction in which you are shooting?

    (if you are in a room and the doors open in your direction, then when you shoot they open towards you)

    • I can't change the direction the doors open.

    • if you do not change the direction of door opening. namely from which side you need to shoot in order to open, as happens with a kick when knocking down a door

  • so,where to take c4? i see it on flea,offers from players,no offers from traders. L3 workbench?

    • Meant to be either picked up or bought from flea. It is not sold at traders.

    • ok