GTFO 1.0.3

Want to learn maps visually? Use this visual learning tool that will show the in-raid extracts that are available to you and the distance from your players current position. This will help you learn for live instead of looking at a map.

The distance limiter is so you can set it up for the closest extracts only.

There is a timer for determining how long it stays on the screen.

The display is O by default but is configurable via the Bepinex Menu


As far as i know this should work on all versions, but it has only been tested on 3.7.6 - Thanks musicmaniac

Installation Instructions

- unzip the file into your BepInEx\plugins folder.

  • Version 1.0.3

    SPT 3.7.6 build

    1. Added support for Scav Extracts
    2. Fixed issue with displaying extracts that are not eligible for your player.
  • Version 1.0.2

    Use this version if you are on 3.7.6 and are having issues with the previous versions.

  • Version 1.0.1

    Fixed the extract names to display as localized.

  • Version 1.0.0

  • Hey there. Firstly, AMAZING mod. Incredibly helpful for a noob like me that's still learning the maps. I'm having one small issue and it seemed to have happened randomly. The mod is working 99.9 percent as intended. The only issue I'm having, and it is very minor, is that the extract names are sunken into the ground, much lower than the PoE actually is. Again, thank you for this mod. Nothing gamebreaking at all with my issue, just a minor inconvenience.

    • I could adjust it but i think having it lower on the screen in case an enemy shows up is better.

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    • I agree! It is very nice to not have it in your face in case an enemy shows up. Again, it isn't any major issue at all or anything to take time out of your day for! Thanks again for this incredible mod. A must have.

  • Thank you so much for making this. I really liked game panel HUD only for the compass to where to go and on top of that it's having a huge memory leak which makes it unusable. You're a lifesaver for me. ^^

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  • this mod doesnt work on older versions... it just doesnt do anything.

    • unfortunate. i don't have older versions of tarkov to dev for anymore.

  • I have a crap ton of quest coming up for Lighthouse, Streets of Tarkov and Reserve, maps I've never set foot on before, so I'll be installing this mod for sure... I just need to be able to borrow my computer from my daughter... 8)
    Thanks for your work! :thumbup:

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  • hey.. i have a problem :/

    ich extract the mod in the folder.. but i dont see the GTFO in F12 and i dont see anything ingame :/

    • I'm not exactly sure. are you using german locale?

  • so after i extract i click on the file than drag itover to the plugins file?

    • yes, into the plugins folder

  • is the icon for the mod a mobile game app icon

  • I really like this mod. Would it be a tall task to create a mod based on this concept let's say, but one that shows quest locations? It could be added to the same mod under a toggle in the Bepinex menu or just a separate mod altogether i guess.. just spitballing ideas really. i'm not sure tedious that could be to create.

    • That could get really messy depending on how many quests you have active.

      I'd have to look into it more though.

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  • I don't understand why the main game doesn't have this.


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  • Hey, i feel i might be doing something wrong, i extracted the files to the folder as you said but i do not see the waypoint to the exit, or as how your SS shows it maybe im doing something wrong?

    • do you see gtfo when you press f12?

      do you see anything when you press the 'O' key once while not moving?

  • Working as intendent.

    Ty this is a must have mod for me

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  • Does it support 3.8.0?

    • no as 3.8.0 has mods disabled

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  • @Props. Great mod. This was almost "made for me" as I do not know where the extract are, and struggle mightily on just navigating the maps in general. v1.0.2 is now working fine showing the Extract Name: and Distance:.

    1) I noticed on Customs that the [Dorms V-Ex (closed)] extract was not being reported by your mod. Maybe because it was "closed"?

    2) If you are taking suggestions, since this is for "training" purposes, it might be helpful for an option to ONLY show "eligible" extracts.

    3) Also, would be nice if this could also work for the SCAV runs.

    Thanks again for all your work with making and supporting these mods.

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    • Thanks for the feedback.

      1. yes, it didn't report it because the extract was not active

      2. It should only show eligible extracts. If its something like the train and you miss it though, i think it will still show extract on mod.

      3. I'll look into making it work with scav runs.

    • @Props, Thanks again, looking forward to being able to see the extracts for SCAV runs as well.

      As for #2, I just ran a "Customs" run, and after setting the Distance to 1500 meters, pressing [O] showed every possible extract, all 9. When I pressed [O][O] for the game list, it only showed 6 available. I can't tell you more than that, but traveling to one that yours showed that was not in the games list, it did not let me extract there for that current run. Hope that helps.

      Crossroads (All)

      Dorms V-Ex (PMC)

      Old Gas Station (PMC)

      RUAF Roadblock (All)

      Smuggler's Boat (PMC)

      Trailer Park (PMC)

      ZB-013 (Underground) (PMC)

      ZB-1011 (PMC)

      ZB-1012 (PMC)

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    • @Props. Just tested on 3.7.6, and I can confirm your 1.0.3 version addressing both of these is working perfectly. Thanks again for fulfilling my request, and so quickly. Much, much appreciated

      1. support for Scav Extracts
      2. Fixed issue with displaying extracts that are not eligible for your player
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  • does this work with Scav raids? if so then I'll most likely use it since I never know where to go as scav. lol

    • it should. i didn't test tho

    • It does NOT work for SCAV runs.

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    • The wonderful author released v1.0.3 and now this is working with SCAV runs.

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    • sweet awesome to hear it. Thank you

  • Can you make it show the location of my dad? He's been missing for 24 years, right after my birth. Said he's "Somewhere near the milk store"... That would be super helpful!

  • QoL Mod!

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  • also i downloaded 1.0.1 and i'm seeing only

    Extract Name:
    0.00 Meters

    every time i press the button, it seems to just be in the middle of the map every time

  • does it show quests aswell?

  • does it include with scavs? also you should neaten the names in the future when you have a chance because it can be confusing to new players!!! ty!

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  • Hello! I was wondering if you had any plans in the future to update the names of the extracts to something more recognizable? In the screenshot for instance, The D2 extract is pretty self-explanatory but the other two "Hatch" "Alpinist" I can't figure out. (I'm new to eft/spt) I suppose it doesn't really matter too much though because you could just walk up to the extract to see what it is or just discern what it is based on distance if you know the map. Still, just thought I'd ask, thank you for creating a mod that a newbie like me desperately needs btw! This is going to be goated on Woods and Shoreline! :)

    • I am looking into it. I have it trying to find localized names, but i don't think its working right... yet

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