Featured GTFO 1.2.0

Please do not ask when mod authors will update their mods to 3.9.0
Bothering mod authors will lead to warnings and repeat offenses will lead to eventual bans.

Want to learn maps visually for quests or extracts? Use this visual learning tool that will show extracts and quest objectives that are available to you and the distance from your player's current position.

Installation Instructions

- unzip the file into your BepInEx\plugins folder.



How to Use:

Press the 'O' key (which is configurable in the Bepinex Menu) to display the extracts

Press the 'P' key (which is configurable in the Bepinex Menu) to display quest objectives that have a location in the current in-raid map

Display Time : determines how long the extract or quest indicators display on the screen in seconds.

Description Max Character Limit: limits how many characters are displayed in a description (in case something is like a novel)

Description Word Wrap Character Limit: how many characters are displayed before wrapping the description text to next line.

Text Font Size: the size of the text for the indicators

Extract Distance Limit: Determines which extracts to display that fall under the designated distance limit.

Quest Distance Limit: Determines which quests to display that fall under the designated distance limit.

Display Only Necessary Quest Conditions: will filter quests on whether they are necessary for the quest to be completed.

Quest Selection: a dropdown that will appear once you are in-raid. It will allow you to control and filter which specific quests you would like to see, or you can choose the default 'All' option which will show all quests. Distance Limits and other options still apply on top of this selection.

  • Version 1.2.0

    Update for SPT 3.9.0

  • Version 1.1.6

    SPT 3.8.3

    1. Thanks to Utjan for the PR. Should now fix the issue with partially completed quests ( i had this fixed at one point, don't know what i did)
    2. Also thanks to Utjan for toggles for prefixes and powerswitches. So if you don't want the prefix or want to see powerswitches, you can toggle them off.

    Fixed the zip structure so it unzips in right place

  • Version 1.1.5

    SPT 3.8.0 - 3.8.1

    1. Added power switches to the extract display button. This really hurt my brain.
    2. Pulsating marker animation if a power switch has been triggered.

    The waveTexture png needs an alpha layer if you want to customize it but the color will be red for now.

    powerIcon png can be switched out as well if you want to.

  • Version 1.1.4

    SPT 3.8.0 - 3.8.1

    1. Added icons only option in bepinex config so instead of seeing text you'll see an image marker. You can replace the image files in the dvize.GTFO folder if you want your own custom icons just make sure it is the exact same name and a png file.
    2. Added slider to manipulate the size of the marker.


  • Version 1.1.3

    SPT 3.8.*

    1. Fix display issue for ultrawide 21:9 monitors.

  • Version 1.1.2

    SPT 3.8.0

    1. Updated so that completed quest conditions don't display on a new raid
    2. Null Check to see if any quests to consider before adding quest selection dropdown.
    3. Added null check to the drawer
  • Version 1.1.1

    SPT 3.8.0

    1. Added Quest Distance Limit so if its further than the limit you set, it will not display that quest. Just set this a high value if you always want to see quests like 2000
    2. Added Quest Filtering using a dropdown. Once you enter a raid, a drop down for quest selection will appear that is specific to the map you are raiding. You can choose a specific quest or all.
    3. More null exception fix


    if you have issues with turning in quests, should be fixed. Please redownload

  • Version 1.1.0

    SPT 3.8.0

    1. Fix possible issue where player spawns in zone and component isn't ready. (null reference error)
    2. Add more null checks (Thanks Chomp)
    3. Added ability to customize Max Character Limit and Word Wrap for the description. Basically you can limit it from displaying a paragraph and you can tell it the width of the description based on the word wrap character limit.
      Hopefully this will make things more viewable.
    4. Add font text size and color customization (you can set these in real-time in-raid)
  • Version 1.0.9

    SPT 3.8.0

    1. Stopped display of duplicate location points by just picking one
    2. If you complete a quest condition, it will now remove it from displaying during the raid.
    3. Fixed issue with Quest Objectives not displaying.

    Also no integration with QuestTracker as me removing quests during raid is basically the same thing.

  • Version 1.0.8

    SPT 3.8.0

    • Hopefully fixed issue with marker quests not displaying for some people.
    • Tried to fix up the label display (should account for player camera pitch now) and fix dlss scaling?

    if you say it doesn't work , i don't believe you because i tried multiple raids.

    Screenshot 2024-04-08 085603

  • i don't know if this is intentional, but in 1.1.6 you may have forgotten to put the files in the dvize.gtfo subfolder below plugins.

    • Appears the 1.1.6 download .zip has all the files just in the root of \BepInEx\plugins and not in a subfolder \dvize.GTFO. Just created \BepInEx\plugins\dvize.GTFO (as was like in the previous version), and put the .dll and 4 image files in there. It works.

    • whoops, sorry about that. was testing a zip file generator because i'm too lazy to zip releases everytime now. will fix in a bit

    • Oh whew, thought it was something to do with not being on Windows, looked like the files were all at the root of the zip but had the folder paths as part of their file names for me:


    • the zip is updated now. sorry for that.

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  • Thanks for the mod. Great job. I started fresh after "3.8.3". What I've noticed is that it's only an issue for Ground Zero for now. Since it is a new profile, I did not have the chance to test other missions, but it does not show the Emercom point in the First in Line mission in Ground Zero. It's like he's ignoring the mission. I don't know if a mod is causing it. Although the problem did not exist in version 3.8.1. Version mismatch is more plausible.

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  • Great mod! Helps so much and doesn't interrupt gameplay flow like when using a map.

    Would be nice with a config toggle to not show power switches. In some maps there's just too much text on the screen with both switches and extracts.
    I also have the bug where partially completed tasks still show the completed steps in subsequent raids. I'm on version 1.1.5.
    Also as someone mentioned below it'd be nice to toggle off the "Quest Name:", "Distance:" and "Extract Name:" prefixes. Would help with readability and reduce screen clutter.
    Thank you!

    Edit: I decided to give it a try and fixing it myself, as I do want to learn mod making for SPT.
    I grabbed the project from the github and managed to make toggles for power switches and prefixes. I also fixed the completed task step bug!
    Do you want the fixed files? I can see about doing a pull request. I'm on the SPT discord if you need to msg me

    Edit2: I found a new bug with partial task completion. Partially completing a task that needs to be fully completed in one run will permanently not show the previous completed steps in subsequent runs. I noticed this with The Signal task. Found one signal spot in run 1, the other signal spot in run 2. Then realized I needed to find both and survive in one run, but now the GTFO markers dont show up in runs. I'm gonna try fixing it myself, but I'm still learning. Maybe it's an SPT issue of some kind

    Edit3: I fixed the bug by using quest data getter code from the Quest Tracker mod to double check completed steps

    • Please submit a PR for all your changes and i'll put them in. Thanks!

    • Pull request sent!

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  • This mod rocks! Thanks for making it, Props! 👑

  • Thanks for the great mod. It helped me immensely in learning maps.

    I do wonder if there's anyway to remove the prefix "Quest Name:", "Distance:" and "Extract Name:" ?

    • You could just use the icon mode

    • I was just thinking it would be great to have the extract name for easier callout / identification for my friends which are also newbie without too much text on the screen.

    • I agree. Removing the prefixes would help with readability and general screen clutter. I like to see the names too

  • Hey Props!
    Thanks again for all your work making us these awesome mods! ^^ :thumbup:
    This mod, BB, PRIM, Experience Forever and Props Pause are all MUST HAVES for my installs now!

    One thing I was curious about with this mod is when i enable AMD FSR in graphics settings I get the same issue as RoyTT and Kayn967 were having below where markers are displayed in incorrect locations. Would installing the Widescreen Fix you listed for them work as a fix for FSR too, or will it conflict becuse my resolution is technically getting smaller when i turn it on? :/

    Its not game breaking as ive just been playing with FSR off for the time being, but i would really like to turn it back on for that juicy FPS increase. 8)

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    • That fix should have already been incorporated. its something else thats broken then maybe

    • Yep, turns out I had a slightly older version of GTFO installed. I updated to latest and all is Gucci! Thanks a million for all your work! ^^ :thumbup:

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  • [Exception] : MissingMethodException: string GClass1853.Localized(string,string)

    GTFO.GUIHelper.SetUpdateLabelsInfo[T] (System.Collections.Generic.List`1[T] enabledPoints, System.Func`2[T,TResult] getPosition, System.Func`2[T,TResult] getName) (at <446956c3f1a6407f86bb59cf0fec32ad>:0)

    GTFO.GUIHelper.UpdateLabels () (at <446956c3f1a6407f86bb59cf0fec32ad>:0)

    GTFOComponent.Update () (at <446956c3f1a6407f86bb59cf0fec32ad>:0)

    UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object)

    Class361:UnityEngine.ILogHandler.LogException(Exception, Object)

    UnityEngine.Debug:CallOverridenDebugHandler(Exception, Object)

    this pops up in the console whenever i try to use the mod, i also cant see extracts or quests.

    • It can't grab the localized names from your copy of escape from tarkov.

    • is there a fix?

    • it needs to be able to find the locale files in your SPT-AKI\Aki_Data\Server\database\locales\global

      folder. If you don't have those files, then your spt-aki was installed incorrectly.

      I think there was a locale fix in one of the newer versions so maybe update spt to 3.8.3

  • Still seeing quest objectives that are already completed after updating versions, is there anything that I need to delete/replace for that to be corrected?

    • Are you using custom quests?

    • I am not, just the default ones. I do have a lot of additional mods installed, but no HUD mods besides this one, no trader mods, and no additional quest mods. I don't get any errors in console either.

  • Extract still will be displayed when bot uses a single use extract?



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  • Just wanna say you've made an excellent mod! Thank you!

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  • Hello, I am having an issue with GTFO. It was working previously, but it is not working now on showing quests. It still shows extracts, just not quests. Any ideas?

    Profile Log: https://gist.github.com/Areora…2fa80ecc8e4ce24e110539790
    Server Log
    : https://gist.github.com/Areora…d40b79022353c0efb5d115b6f
    Traces Log
    Log Output
    : https://gist.github.com/Areora…17ab9466aa1df945ceb9d49f7

    Edit: Should note it was working, but has stopped.

  • Excellent mod. Would you consider adding a new category that would show the names of areas and stuff like power switches? For example on customs places like big red, dorms, skeleton, the power switch to enable to extract under fortress, and so on.

    • @Props. I second this suggestion. Using this mod as a "Trainer" it would be great to know the area names. Just tried the new 1.1.5 power switches, and they work and look great.

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    • This, but also locations of locked doors for keys in the inventory

  • The o and p keys do not work completely, I tried to fix it with f12 but I could not solve it. Can someone help me if they have the same problem? When I press the command key, I encounter a long error message.

    • what is your error message

    • [Exception] : MissingMethodException: string GClass1853.Localized(string,string)

      GTFO.GUIHelper.SetUpdateLabelsInfo[T] (System.Collections.Generic.List`1[T] enabledPoints, System.Func`2[T,TResult] getPosition, System.Func`2[T,TResult] getName) (at <9172fd41ff9d4b12b58c5045bc3b124e>:0)

      GTFO.GUIHelper.UpdateLabels () (at <9172fd41ff9d4b12b58c5045bc3b124e>:0)

      GTFOComponent.Update () (at <9172fd41ff9d4b12b58c5045bc3b124e>:0)

      UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object)

      Class361:UnityEngine.ILogHandler.LogException(Exception, Object)

      UnityEngine.Debug:CallOverridenDebugHandler(Exception, Object)

    • You are missing the localized description. are you using non english version with custom quests?

    • I don't use custom quests

  • Hey, me and some buddies are using StayInTarkov to play multiplayer Coop. Currently, it seems like GTFO is not initializing when a raid starts. The plugin loads properly and logs show unloading events when a raid ends, but nothing in LogOutput.log otherwise.

    Attached, a screenshot of my F12 during raid where the "Quest Selection" option is not available and the log file. If you require more info, I'll be happy to provide.

    Thank you!


  • DLSS seems to still break the mod. Turning off DLSS fixes it.
    (Text is not shown where its supposed to be)

    - Is it possible to also add markers removing the text?

    • Are you saying that you want markers with no text at all? and just like an icon or something?

      Also, someone else said dlss changess were working. If you say its broken.. i don't know

      i probably won't touch that again.

    • hi :)

      Ye basicly having an icon rather than text.

      Ive been doing some testing with both DLSS and FSR, both seems to be breaking the mod.
      Only option is turning the mod off or DLSS off, (I am struggeling to even hit 30fps in most cases so disabling DLSS would not be an option for me.

      If you ever decide to have a second look at DLSS il be following this mod checking if theres any updates to it :)

      Edit: Im on a 21:9 ultrawide monitor, not sure if that could have anything to do with it

    • Im also in the same boat as Roy. DLSS breaks the locations in the mod. I've got two images of it with DLSS off and on

    • Please test with this and see if it fixes your utlrawide issue:


    • Yeah that did the trick. Thank you for taking the time to accomidate us UW users. Doing gods work

  • Some quest markers disappear when I approach them close, like 150m or so...

    So far happened with "No Swiping" and "wet Job Part 2"

    anyone else experiencing this?