Dad Gamer Mode 1.9.2

Please do not ask when mod authors will update their mods to 3.9.0
Bothering mod authors will lead to warnings and repeat offenses will lead to eventual bans.

Allows you to heal all damage and avoid fall damage. Use bepinex menu toggle for godmode in game.

Time for a rebrand since 3.5.0 testing is finished for the most part.


  1. Heal all damage and common negative effects. No Falling damage either for God Mode Option.
  2. Provide No Head Damage Option.
  3. Allow certain % of damage through so you can take say 10% of the damage you normally would.
  4. Infinite Stamina Option.
  5. COD Mode, where health regenerates after a configurable amount of time in the bepinex menu (F12)
  6. Keep 1 Health option if you want to use bandages but not die.

To install:

Drop the dll file within your bepinex/plugins folder.

If you guys enjoy my work and feel like buying me caffeine, here's my kofi.

  • Version 1.9.2

    SPT 3.9.0

    1. Bug Fix for instant production and construction (may have caused false positives on other mods, Sorry Light of the world and thanks Turok for finding this issue).

    Ignore the Backdoor Bandit release. I oopsed.

  • Version 1.9.1

    SPT 3.9.0

    1. Fix the infinite drinking/eating animation bug in COD Mode (even though i think its funny)
  • Version 1.9.0

    Updated for SPT 3.9.0

    • The instant production requires you to complete a raid first.
  • Version 1.8.7

    SPT 3.8.3

    1. Separated the Mag Reload and Unload Speed and made it toggleable as well
    2. Disabling the Reload/Unload speed modifier will reset to default values.

    Unzip to your bepinex/plugins folder as usual.

  • Version 1.8.6

    SPT 3.8.3

    • Added an extra error check with instant production. I still couldn't recreate the issue that someone reported but i've added it here just in case.
  • Version 1.8.5

    SPT 3.8.3

    1. Attempt to fix the issue with overdamage not killing users with CODMode enabled. It will override if you have Keep1Health enabled.
    2. Add instant production and instant construction options.. why is this a thing in a single player game? just a nuisance if you have the resources.
  • Version 1.8.4

    SPT 3.8.0

    1. Fixed dying with the Keep1Health mode. Looks like you have a chance of dying taking damage to a destroyed body part that i missed.
    2. Added total weight percentage that you can set BEFORE a raid. If you set 50%, it will set all items to 50% of their normal weight in raid. Keep in mind your skill gain might suffer with less weight for something like endurance or strength. 100% is the normal value by default.
    3. Enemy Damage Multiplier now a decimal value you can set.

    If for some reason your weight setting is not working right at 0% or 100% (essentially the same), i have fixed this and added it back with the same version. just redownload because i'm a lazy pos.

  • Version 1.8.3

    SPT 3.8.0

    1. Fix COD Mode Bleeding so that if the option is enabled, you will still receive negative effects like bleeding etc.
    2. Fix COD Mode Bleeding so that it does not let you heal destroyed limbs (it will still health through bleeding though)
  • Version 1.8.2

    SPT 3.8.0

    • fix cod mode remove negative effects being applied even without the option enabled.
    • hopefully fix any Keep1Health issues by changing logic up.
  • Version 1.8.1

    SPT 3.8.0

    Fix Negative Health Effects not being removed for COD Mode and Disable Weight Calculation until its working

  • New Version 1.4.0

    Do not report any player health/armor related issues if you are using this mod. reverify those issues without this mod

  • So, I'm not sure if it's this mod or a different mod, but I can't figure it out so some help would be appreciated.

    I can't figure out which mod is replenishing my meds (all meds) after a while when they still on my character. Anyone ran into this before? I don't remember seeing a setting that does such a thing.

    Ex. I could use surgery and have 3/5 left. After a good while and some raids it went back to 5/5. This would go for anything I would use that has more than one use.

    I'm posting this on my recent mods that I've downloaded. Sorry if this isn't the mod causing this.

    • Are you using cod mode in this mod or the Arse Stitching Service mod?

  • Hello, your mod is great, make my game easier, I have translated your mod into Chinese, I want to get your authorization and share the translated mod to the Tarkov Chinese community website, because our community is very strict about illegal theft of works, so I want to get your authorization and share it to our community, their network environment is poor, they also like your mod, it is difficult to enter your community to get mods, thank you

    • Feel free to distribute your translated version on oddba since its a partner community.

    • Thank you

  • Can anyone help me, everytime i try to install the mod its tellon me im missing a j.son package..

    • Sounds like you are installing it in the wrong folder. just uninstall to your spt folder and it should install itself in the bepinex/plugins folder correctly..... sounds like your were installing it in the user/mods folder like a server mod.. which this is not

  • If I use headshot redirect and headshot settings in this will one overide the other?

  • infinite stamina not working

  • Seeing these two messages continually be logged in FullOutputLog in BepInExFolder:

    [Error :DadGamerMode] KeyNotFoundException: The given key 5d5589c1f934db045e6c5492 was not present in the dictionary. Exception: The given key was not present in the dictionary.

    [Error :DadGamerMode] KeyNotFoundException: The given key 5d5c205bd582a50d042a3c0e was not present in the dictionary. Exception: The given key was not present in the dictionary.

    Any ideas? Can provide log, do troubleshooting if need be.

    • Open your player profile in a text editor and make this change to the production section of the pmc character (basically want to clean it up)

      "Production": {},

    • Thanks for replying. I want to make sure I understand your instructions correctly. I added the following to the profile .json

      "info": {},

      "characters": {

      "pmc": {

      "Production": {},

      Was this correct? If it was, it had no effect. If not, I apologize for the misunderstanding.

      Thanks again for your time

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  • is there actually a way to mass produce the bitcoin or do i need to wait for it to do it like normal

  • I just installed the mod everything else works but the Instant Construction and Production, Any idea how to fix it

    • You need to run one raid first after you start producing

  • suing you for emotional damage

    Crying 1
  • I get this error with instant production enabled.

    • hm. you were trying to instant generate bitcoin ? any other mods?

    • I wasn't trying to generate bitcoin or super water. Even with no video cards or water filters it was trying to mass produce bit coins, and was producing super water.

      I have several other mods

      Besides Dadgamer I have


      half potato stack multiplier

      game panel hud


      accurate circular Radar

      Back door bandit

      Hephaestus trader

      NoBush ESP

      More checkmarks

      Expanded task text

      Loot Value

      Harryhideout trader

      Boss notifier

      Quick move to container

      bright lasers

  • Currently running 3.9.0 and imported this mod and had a never ending cycle of eating/drinking animations occur. I went thru my SPT and the bug only occurs when I have this mod installed. This is by far my favorite mod so I'm not trying to talk poorly. Just wanted to share information.

    • Can you share what options you have enabled and when it occurs? Also, i need to know what mods you are using...

    • I have Keep 1 Health, Ignore Headshot, CODMode, No Fall, Infinite Stamina, Instant Construction and Reload/Unload Mag speed enabled. The only other mods I have are HandsAreNotBusy, LootValue, SAIN, and UIFixes

    • Having the same issues, i've been only using COD mode, but even with it disabled you still have a infinite cycle of eating/drinking/healing animations, removing the mod removes the issue.

      Mods i use: dynamic maps, AIlimit and dad gamer mode

    • Fix shortly, forgot to update some numbers with new spt 3.9.0

    • Please test new version and let me know if its still an issue (i tested but you never know if i broke something else)

  • omg i love you thx for update

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  • will it work on spt 3.9.0?

    • Once you try it, please let us know.

    • I tried

      Infinite loading screen :(

  • Having issues where AI and items freeze in air when killed. Removed the mod and everything worked like intended... but I really like the more relaxed version with the mod :/

  • Thank you for this mod :)

    It would be nice to have the ability to completely disable some features for flexibility and to workaround some conflicts.

    I also had the same issue as another player where my load/unload became the same speed (essentially breaking the mechanic), and it overwrites any other mods that alter load speeds. This resulted in me uninstalling in order to resolve my issues.

  • Hello amazing mod! quick question " keep 1 health" is same as god mod but you have to heal and stop bleeding and such? but you can't die?

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  • Does SVM conflict with this mod? as I want to use some things from SVM like the extract settings and other things from this mod like the damage dealt modifier. if it does what SVM options should I refrain from activating/modifying?

  • Getting these errors in the console:

    • I would go clean your production section in your player profile (probably an old mod or something).

      Make sure its like below image example.


  • Suggestion: remove HEAT from weapons via button.


  • Instant Production and Instant Hideout Upgrade is not working at all.

    No errors whatsoever.

    But if i try to use SVM, it works (was tested with and without SVM)

    • Do you have errors in your traces.log in the logs folder? Someone else had an item from an old mod that was causing an issue, maybe the same for you.

      You will need to explain what version of spt you are on, what mods you are using, and you'll probably have to provide me your player profile.json. Also, I do not support fika, so please tell me if this is related to fika first so i don't waste my time.

    • There's literally 0 things happening.

      I don't have SVM now.

      My profile is clean.

      SPT is 3.8.3

      I don't use FIKA.

      All of my mods that i'm using are up to date, except the harmer-inventories, still, this mod DOES NOT affect any buildings whatsoever.

      I just press Insta construction and... nothing happens. The timer for building stuff is still full and as it is in Live Tarkov.

      There are 0 errors, traces.log is fully silent, the console in the game has 0 things to say for me, outside consol of SPT is silent as well.

      I'll try to see what about instant production, haven't tested it yet.

    • Instant Production working as intended. All items does not need any time to wait before being done.

    • Fastly reporting back: if you started upgrading something and it says roughly any time, if you join the raid and end it, buildings will be instadone. Weird, lol, but at least it kinda works.

      P.S: if this is how it must work, then i'm sorry

    • hmm.. did you have these upgrading before you enabled the instant upgrade?

  • Thanks for the mod. Unfortunately instant production and hideout isn't working for me.

    Here is my client log:

    • show me your bepinex/logoutput.log.

  • Would it be possible to receive a toggle for the weight adjustments? I'm also using Custom Weight, but its percentage-based options are being overridden by DGM. A button to toggle the system on and off, to accompany the slider already present, would be perfect, i.e. one like 1 HP or COD Mode.

  • can you make the load speed also affect the unload speed

  • Can you help me understand COD Mode? It seems to never allow me to have blacked limbs. I do not have "Keep x health" enabled nor any other healing options or mods. I only noticed because I was carrying in CMS and surv12 on many raids and I realized I'd never used them despite getting in some heavy firefights.

    The experience I expected was that health would regen but I didn't expect the body parts to be immune from being blacked out. Nor do I expect blacked-out limbs to regen health unless I do field surgery on them (CMS/Surv12). Can the mod do that?

    • Did you enable bleeding damage on for COD? At least that option is supposed to leave bleeding or blacked out limbs for you to heal.

    • I did. I have way more raids now with these settings on. I'm kinda bad at the game and I've been wounded, empty weapon, and totally cornered by chad AI PMC's and still not died. I'm 21 raids with 19 survivals and 170 kills. I'm not this good. I haven't played live in a while but it feels like this mod isn't killing me from zero'd limb damage transferring to torso or something. I'm still not sure what is the intended behavior. I'm going to turn this off for a while and see how I feel about it. I want to be able to die otherwise I might as well enabled GOD mode. If there's no danger, there's no reward. I guess I just need to find the balance.

    • Did you try the newest version? I did fix this as someone else commented below (junglian)

  • Hello,

    It seems that COD mode disables overdamage (enemy shooting me in leg never transfres damage to thorax and so on) That makes me almost immortal because enemy must shoot everything.

    I am not sure whether that is intentional for Cod mode but I am still writing it.

    • That was not intentional. Thanks for reporting. I had written a patch so that you can't die if you overdamage for the keep 1health, maybe its interfering. I will take a look..

    • new patch seems to have done the job, Thx for the fix and keep up the good work!

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  • when i leave a raid, its like i never healed even tho i use cod mode, not sure why or whats causing it

    • Yeah thats just an after effect. i didn't want to bother wasting time trying to fix that too. its only a couple roubles.

    • lmaoo alright

  • Hello everyone, I have encountered a serious problem. Among the necessary mods, this mod is exactly what I need, but for some reason, even without other mods, it has a problem. When I launch anywhere and for anyone, everyone becomes completely immortal, and even the settings of the mod itself were not touched in any way. Has something changed or do I need to put a check mark somewhere so that the other participants in the battle are mortals?

    • What version of spt are you using? There may be another build needed for 3.8.3

    • The newest one, SPT 3.8.3. Now I'm trying to reset the entire tarkov altogether, because this is bullshit with any health-related mod.

    • I was running 3.8.1 and every option worked. Just upgraded to SPT-AKI 3.8.3, and still every option works. I tested them one by one and every option did what was expected. The ONLY issue this mod has (and it's been here for a while and it's not really an "issue") is that you have to pay for healing for all damage taken, even if you extract with it "showing" that you PMC is at full health (i.e. 440). Your PMC "actually" takes damage even when you use the healing or god mode features to restore it. I personally use another mod to get "Free Healing" so your money does not deplete. This mod is a "Godsend" for my older, bad gaming "Dad" self :)

    • Well, if you are using this with FIKA or SIT, i wouldn't expect it to work. I reread your first statement and thats what it sounds like when you said "for anyone"

    • You can forget about it already. Somehow, after reinstalling the API server, everything worked as it should, and the mod is cool.

  • Hello,

    I get this error on startup, even with no other mods installed and using a fresh character.

    • i don't know but its probably because you are using something not spt.

      your ip address in that blurry photo is referencing 192. instead of 127 loop back.

      Your launcher should be using this address if you were playing spt:

    • My bad, I've only used Stay In Tarkov with it's launcher and didn't even consider it as a mod. Thanks.

  • Your mod completely overwrites the reload speed of other mods that change it. In addition, the load and unload speed are the same. It would be nice if you could set the speed for both separately, then I can save myself the extra reload speed mod.