Featured Looting Bots 1.1.4 (AKI 3.7.1)

This mod aims to add more life to the bots by enhancing some EFT looting behaviors letting bots loot items, containers, and corpses during patrols. More features to come!


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  • Version 1.1.4 (AKI 3.7.1)

    Finally updated GClasses and NoDiscardLimit implementation to work with AKI 3.7.1! Thank you everyone for your patience! ^^


    • Added LootingLayer to the following new bot brains: BossBoar, BoarSniper, FlBoar, Obdolbs and ArenaFighter
    • Fix issue where bots were not picking up usable magazines after equipping a new weapon
    • Fix issue where PMCs/scavs with boss brains were being treated as bosses and not allowed to swap gear
    • Fix issue where helmets were not recognized as equippable
    • Fix mistake in distance math where shortest distance was not being updated resulting in horribly incorrect loot finding.
  • Version 1.1.4 (AKI 3.7.0)

    Finally updated GClasses and NoDiscardLimit implementation to work with AKI 3.7.0!!


    • Added LootingLayer to the following new bot brains: BossBoar, BoarSniper, FlBoar, Obdolbs and ArenaFighter
    • Fix issue where bots were not picking up usable magazines after equipping a new weapon
    • Fix issue where PMCs/scavs with boss brains were being treated as bosses and not allowed to swap gear
    • Fix issue where helmets were not recognized as equippable
    • Fix mistake in distance math where shortest distance was not being updated resulting in horribly incorrect loot finding.
  • Version 1.1.3 (AKI 3.6.1)

    New Features

    • NoDiscardLimit: Settings to remove loot from bot spawns - Thanks to Fontaine, the NoDiscardLimit mod now has options to prevent PMCs and Scavs from spawning with loot already in their inventories. Items such as meds/ammo/food/drinks will still be added to their inventory as part of bot loot generation

      • Settings can be found in user/NoDiscardLimit/config/config.json
      • pmcSpawnWithLoot: When set to true, PMCs will spawn with loot in their bags/pockets (default SPT behavior)
      • scavSpawnWithLoot: When set to true, Scavs will spawn with loot in the bags/pockets (default SPT behavior)
      • Default config: {"pmcSpawnWithLoot": false, "scavSpawnWithLoot": true }
    • Loot Finder (Timer) settings: Delay after spawn - Setting to control the amount of seconds a bot will wait to start their first loot scan after spawning into raid.
    • Loot Settings: Transaction Delay - New setting to control the amount of time a bot will wait after executing a looting transaction before performing another one. Used to simulate the amount of time a bot will take to loot things from a container/corpse. A looting transaction is when a bot decides to take/equip an item


    • Loot Finder scans will only run if the bot has more than 2 available slots in their inventory
    • Loot Finder scans will ignore loose items that will not fit in the bot's current inventory
    • Increased base looting time for containers and corpses to 3 seconds
    • BotDebug menu "Available space" now updated in real time as loot is transferred
    • Fix issue where bots were treated as bosses preventing them from swapping any equipment
    • Fix issue where gear looted from containers or the ground would not be equipped/swapped
    • Bots will forget their target loot when interrupted during looting, triggering a new scan when returning to the looting layer. Previously bots would attempt to navigate to the same loot after the interruption.
    • Fix issue where some items were still not insurable such as the Ronin mask
    • Fix issue where destination was not being reset after LootingLogic had ended. Caused an issue with bots thinking they were close enough to a new lootable container when they were actually not.
    • Show "Calculating path..." in BotDebug menu when distance to loot is being initialized
  • Version 1.1.2 (AKI 3.6.0)

    Update of 1.1.2 to support AKI 3.6.0. Thanks DrakiaXYZ for the updates to GClasses!

  • Version 1.1.2 (AKI 3.5.8)

    Community was quick to sort this one out!

    Update to NoDiscardLimit server mod to fix issue where items like keys and cases were able to be insured when the EnableDiscardLimit server config option was set to false. For items that have a DiscardLimit set, the server mod will now flag those items as InsuranceDisabled which will continue to prevent the user from being able to insure items like keys and cases. Restores what is allowed to be insured back to the EFT Live behavior and fixes the exploit where items can be duplicated via insurance of items in pouches. If you had previously insured items that were not supposed to be insurable, they will no longer be insured.

    You should delete Skiwzzy-NoDiscardLimit-1.0.0 mod in your user directory if you had the previous version installed.

  • Version 1.1.1 (AKI 3.5.8)

    Thanks again to everyone in the discord for all the testing, issue reports, and suggestions! <3

    Smallish update mainly adding some more customizable Mod Settings for looting behavior, fixing some bugs, and adding some new tools for debugging

    New Features

    • Mod Settings: New Detection Radius Settings - Detection radius has been separated into 3 different settings for each type of loot. Now you can configure how far a bot can detect each type of lootable object. Options are: "Detect corpse distance", "Detect container distance", "Detect item distance"
    • Mod Settings: Allow attachment stripping - Option to control whether or not bots should try to take the attachments off a weapon if the weapon cannot be picked up. This is enabled by default.
    • Mod Settings: Allowed gear to equip settings - 2 new settings have been added, PMC: Allowed gear to equip and Scav: Allowed gear to equip. With these 2 settings, bots will only be able to equip gear that have been enabled in the settings. Available choices for both settings are Backpack, TacticalRig, ArmoredRig, ArmorVest, Weapon, Grenade, Helmet, All. PMC setting applies only to PMC bots and Scav settings apply to all other bot types. Defaults to All
    • Mod Settings: Allowed gear to pickup settings - 2 new settings have been added, PMC: Allowed gear to pickup and Scav: Allowed gear to pickup. When encountering gear to loot, bots will only pickup the gear into their bags that have been enabled in the settings. Available choices for both settings are Backpack, TacticalRig, ArmoredRig, ArmorVest, Weapon, Grenade, Helmet, All. PMC setting applies only to PMC bots and Scav settings apply to all other bot types. Defaults to All
    • Mod Settings: Loot Threshold Settings - 2 new settings have been added to the "Loot Settings" section PMC: Loot value threshold and Scav: Loot value threshold. Bots will now only pick up items that have a value in roubles that exceeds the threshold set. PMC bot types will use the "PMC" threshold, while all other bot types will use the "Scav" threshold. If you want bots to pick up any item regardless of value, set these both to 0. PMC defaults to 12000₽, Scav defaults to 5000₽

    Changes and Fixes

    • Only execute Update methods in LootingLogic when BotState is Active
    • Only activate LootingLayer if BotState is Active
    • Only activate looting layer if a bot has available slots for looting
    • Only loot corpses if their Player object is defined
    • Fix issues where bots gets stuck looting with a short "Delay Between Looting". Have tested with a value of 0 and consistely saw bots looting and immediately moving towards the next nearest lootable after looting had ended
    • Add missing LootingLayer to "Knight" and "Killa" bot brains
    • Add BotType for Bloodhounds to Loot Finder settings
    • Integration with BotDebug mod, a new dedicated panel was added for the LootingLayer

      • Debug panel shows "Available space, "Total looted value", "Target Loot", "Distance to Loot" and an indicator when the bot is actively performing looting transactions

    Been a bit busy IRL with work as of late but I will continue to make updates as time allows!

  • Version 1.1.0 (AKI 3.5.8)

    Updated to support AKI 3.5.8 and latest version of BigBrain

  • Version 1.1.0 (AKI 3.5.7)

    Version 1.1.0 is finally here with Loose Item Looting and a huge framework conversion!

    Big Shoutout to the AI modding community! DrakiaXYZ, Solarint for debugging help. TinyTeeth, Props, Nooky and the rest for diligent testing. You guys are the best!

    New Features:

    • New Dependancy DrakiaXYZ BigBrain - MUST ALSO BE INSTALLED FOR LOOTINGBOTS TO WORK! Huge refactor to utilize DrakiaXYZ new BigBrain AI framework. Allows for full control over the bot's logic layer, bypassing the need to patch any existing BSG methods. This has reduced the complexity of the code immensely and allows for much better maintainability.
    • New "LootingLayer" - Added to all bot brains to handle custom looting logic. Bypasses all old BSG code
      • Layer will attempt to activate every 6 seconds while a bot is on patrol and trigger a scan of nearby loot.
      • If a lootable object has been found, the bot will attempt to navigate to the object and commence looting
      • Once looting is completed, the bot will wait the amount of time specified in the "Delay Between Looting" option before attempting another loot scan.
    • Loose Item Looting - Bots are now able to loot loose items found on the map! The LootFinder component now detects all lootable objects (items, containers, corpses)
    • Inventory Management - Bots now have some logic to better manage their inventory when looting to help make sure things like ammo and magazines are able to be looted for weapons that bots are picking up.
      • Bots will now try to reserve a 1x2 grid slot in their rig that will only be used as a place for magazines when bots reload.
      • Item placement in rigs has been adjusted so that bots prefer to place items in slots that match the exact size of the item.
      • Bots will also receive 10 stacks of loose ammo in their secure containers for the weapons they are looting so that they are able to fill empty magazines.
      • Bots will now throw all old magazines for a gun that they are dropping and will not pick up mags that they are not able to use.
    • Corpse looting logic is fully detached from BSG code, meaning bots will now use the custom "LootFinder" to locate nearby corpses. Should see bots looting corpses more frequently
    • All bot types are actually able to loot now! Previously PMC bots using different boss brains would not exhibit custom looting behavior, but now thanks to BigBrain we can bypass that pesky logic with our own! This means even Bosses and Raiders should now be able to loot. Defaults have been adjusted, all looting types are enabled for Scav, PMC, and Raider type bots.

    For a full list of changes view the release notes

  • Version 1.0.2 (AKI 3.5.7)

    Updated for AKI 3.5.7

  • Version 1.0.2 (AKI 3.5.6)

    Updated for AKI 3.5.5

  • Thanks for your patience everyone! Going to be taking a closer look at how the new looting logic is being handled on the BSG side to see if I can improve the behavior of some of the transactions. Our approaches are similar and there are some new utilities I might be able to use. After that back to new feature work, theres a few things like swapping out lower value loot and using nested container space that I want to implement before messing around with the airdrop stuff

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    • Thank you so much!!

    • Thanks for the update! BIG UP!

    • Yaaay. So good to see your lovely piece of work and dedication has resurfaced on the mods page! Appreciate your work!

    • Thanks for the work you do! This is definitely a mod that was sorely missed.

    • nice , thanks bro, this works with AKI 3.7.0 or is only 3.7.1 ?

  • Any update coming to 3.7.2?

    • Working through some issues with the current beta build so this is not a priority for me right now. I'll create a new branch for 3.7.2 after the next beta update

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    • Appreciate the update bud! If you need any assistance feel free to DM me.

    • Wait, does the last version of LootingBots is have some compability issues with the 3.7.2 version of the Aki? It seem to work fine, but to think of it, the fps dips are quite harder than before on the 3.7.1 version, but im not sure.

    • I believe after testing all over the weekend that QuestingBots and/or LootingBots is causing me to freeze and crash when the timer hits zero going in to a raid. The FPS dips tend to be the AI spawning in the raid, maybe lessen or lower the amount of AI and you should see some FPS gains. Are you using 3.7.1 or 3.7.2?

      Edit: and CombatStances as well. I think it's conflicting with other mods, no biggie just have to be patient until they eventually get updated.

  • Hi there, I never actually find loot in the ai's backpacks any reason how that could be fixed?

    • You should be seeing backpack loot. Make sure no discard limits is last in you’re load order

    • About to test it out, I'll let you know if this helped! Thank you for replying :D

    • Can it be anything in KMC mod that I enabled that interfere with the mod?

  • Hello there, question. Few months back when I downloaded looting bots, I'd crank the looting detection ranges in F12 way up so that AI would move all over the map, seeing them in places I never would have otherwise. It was awesome. Since recent, it seems like they don't leave certain areas now, even though I have those cranked up again. Did something change? It's almost like they won't leave loot-heavy areas in search of loot across the map (which I personally enjoyed). Just wondering.

    • Maybe disregard? Removed SWAG DONUTS & they are now traveling the entire maps again. Must be some conflict there. I was only running Big Brain, Waypoints, SAIN, Amands, & SWAG DONUTS. Removing SWAG fixed it. Weird.

  • hey, I have a small dilemma. whenever I press F12 I don't see the looting settings.. I put it last to Load, I get confirmation the mod loaded, and the discard limit is false. Plus my Sain isn't detecting Looting bots..

    Some how I fucked up but not sure where

    • Hmm that usually means that the client mod did not load. This usually happens if the BigBrain dependency is not installed or if you are using a version of SPT-AKI not supported by the mod.

      Double-check the LootingBots plugin exists in your BepInEx/plugins folder, you can also check the Logs directory for the error logs. Also double check you downloaded the correct version of the mod for your installed version of SPT-AKI

    • I am going to do a fresh install and see if that works

  • Thanks for updating this!

    I've been getting this to work alongside Questing Bots for a while, and it's been quite a challenge. I think I have it mostly working now, but I found a condition that's more difficult to solve. It looks like the bots search for loot by checking if it's within a certain radius to them. However, there are cases where the distance to the loot might be within your threshold, but the path the bot must take is super long. For example, if the bot finds loot on the first floor of the mall in Interchange but it's in the parking garage, it will run very far to get it.

    What are your thoughts about "validating" the loot identified by the bot by ensuring the length of the path to it doesn't exceed some threshold (i.e. 2-3X the search distance)? You should be able to check it by doing something like this after telling the bot to start moving:

    Vector3? lastPathPoint = BotOwner.Mover?.CurPathLastPoint;
    float? pathLength = BotOwner.Mover?.ComputePathLengthToPoint(lastPathPoint.Value);

    Aside from the extra code, the main trade-off will be that bots may not explore as far. Since that is one of the appeals of this mod, I can understand you being reluctant to make this change.

    This wasn't a huge issue when I was only controlling solo PMC's, but now that I've been testing PMC groups, it has caused weird behavior. If I allow a group member to loot and a situation like this occurs, the bot will go running into the wilderness leaving its group members behind. I'm going to limit how far group members are allowed to stray, but it'll still hinder the group's movement overall.


    • Yeah thats a totally valid issue that I have noticed as well and have kind of left it in there because of that behavior where it lets bots kind of wander outside of their normal zones a little more. I do like this suggestion though, and now that there are even more AI mods being made I think its fair that the issue be addressed. If the "wandering" behavior is still desired, I could always keep it as a menu option off by default.

      I'll open an issue on github!

    • Sounds good! Thanks!

  • Oui, running into an issue I haven't found addressed either on the github readme or by other users. I'll ask here just for your two cents I know this isn't your issue to fix obviously, but I've taken a serious performance hit after installing the mod. It is unplayable after installing the mod, which is strange because I used this on 3.6 with no issues at all. Is this something you've encountered previous, or is it likely a hardware issue on my end?

    Besides that, thank you for your contributions. <3

    • Hmm no, the only issues ive ever had with reports of performance loss was back in the first couple of versions. There were no significant changes from 3.6 to 3.7 that should have affected performance either. Perhaps there is some sort of conflict and theres a lot of errors/messages being written to the logs?

    • I was having some plugin issues I tied back to other mods, but uninstalling them and reinstalling looting bots produced another one, so I'm sure its a mod conflict with something else. So I figure on a fresh install with just SAIN, its pre-reqs and this mod I should eliminate the issue I'm having. I'll give it a shot and if I remember to update this I will. Thanks boss.

      Edit: Yup, it was something on my end. Looting bots working perfectly fine. <3

  • Hey Skwizzy, I hope this is not a dumb question per se.

    Is it technically possible to "bait" bots in the close vicinity, for example with dropping my backpack?

    I don't want to get jumpscared by 3-4 bots rushing to my location, just for the backpack I dropped to regain stamina / healing etc.

    Love the work you put in, thank you so much! <3

    • Not that this answers your question. However i thought i might point out how you can regain stamina by either crouching or lying when over encumbered (stamina not regenerating when walking or standing). Thus not having to take your backpack off. For instance, when i am 50kg plus and i run out of stamina i will often turn into a little slug slithering along ultimately regaining stamina subsequently springing back up to continue running like the pack mule I am only to rinse and repeat. This way I am constantly on the move!


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    • So I mean this scenario is technically possible, but the logic is not "hey this guy dropped his bag lets go straight for it". During a bot's normal patrol logic they will search for the closest item/container/body to loot, if this item just so happens to be your backpack then the bot will start pathing towards it. They can still be interrupted if they see/hear another enemy (literally any other ai logic that takes priority over patrol), stopping the looting behavior until the bot is back on patrol. They will then repeat the scan process and the cycle continues.

      Also it should not be possible for more than one bot to path to a single lootable at a time. If this is happening, then its a bug. No two bots should be trying to loot the same object at the same time

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    • @Skwizzy Alright, thank you for the explanation! If I encounter more than 1 NPC pathing towards my backpack (Dunno if this is also the same case for groups) I will let you know :)

      (Of course only when I get valid proof, which does not mistakenly include other behavior patterns)

      @Aluv91 True, that's a valid strategy for it too :p

  • Skwizzy, you are a legend. Thanks for all the hard work and updates.

    Do you by chance know if looting bots plays nice with Late to the Party? A friend and I started using that as we waited for your update. We really like it, but I miss all my bots having loot on them.

    • It should be compatible, looking through the mod page they have options related to despawning loot as the raid progresses so I would probably recommend disabling those options if you are going to be using Looting Bots. I have not tested compatibility between the two personally but I dont see a reason why they would conflict

  • Love the mod!

    I was wondering if there was a way to set an upper limit to what bots loot, or possibly a blacklist? Mostly concerned with AI running off with LEDX, Virtex, things of that nature.

    • Thanks! Ah yeah not at the moment, I only have options for a minimum loot value threshold and not one for a maximum. I can adjust the loot threshold logic to be a range instead of just a minimum value, thats pretty straight forward

      I dont think I want to be in the business of managing an item blacklist, as that would likely rely on users having to look up each item ID. If enough people express interest in a blacklist then I can add this as an enhancement

    • A range would be great! And yeah i completely understand not wanting to manage the blacklist, thanks for the response!

  • Thank you for your work

  • take my energy ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ for 3.7.1

  • Does this mod make bots also loot airdrops?

    I use mods bigbrain, waypoints, questingbots.

    I noticed while looting airdrop box as a SCAV there was other SCAV running past me and airdrop box. Of course he ignored the airdrop box as I do not have this mod :) I am hesitating to use it on 3.7.1 as it is not updated yet.

    • Bots will loot airdrops already with this mod, it is treated as a normal lootable container that can be found during a loot scan. At the moment there is no logic for the bots to prioritize looting airdrops vs other containers. This feature has been suggested, and I have added it as a possible enhancement for the future

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    • Ok cool.
      Yes I agree that some priority chance increasing bots interest in airdrop would be cool to see in the future.

  • Hi there, does this work with AI limit? Many thanks, love the mod.

    • I have not tested this recently, but it was compatible in previous versions

    • That's great. Thanks for the quick response and thank you for putting in the time to make this mod :thumbup:

    • @Heiz are you playing on SPT 3.7.0/1 ?

      IMO AI limit should not be any issue for such mod. Drom 1 bot limit to 20 bots should be perfectly the same.

      I see that update is taking some time for Skwizzy so I wonder if this mod work with 3.7.1 so if you are on that version, let us know if this makes bots go to loot places.

    • Seems to work fine on 3.7.1 using the BETA version. However, there seems to be an issue with AI running back and forth as if they can't decide which loot spot to run to first. It might be another mod causing this though, I couldn't say for certain. I'm running SAIN, Waypoints, DONUT, and this MOD, along with AI limit. Apart from that, the mod works great.

    • I forget exactly how AI Limit works, but it may be that a bot is trying to navigate to some loot that is outside the bots "activation range" and so the AI Limit logic deactivates the bot as it moves to the loot? This would cause the bot to patrol back to its zone, re entering the activation range and enabling the bot again. I think I remember seeing similar behavior when I had tested compatibility a few releases ago but I dont think there is a good way to avoid this behavior

  • any good news about a version for 3.7.0?

    great work with this mods and thx for your time =)

    • 3.7.0 will be released alongside 3.7.1 after some issues have been fixed in the current beta build

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  • I noticed the page says bots stop looking for loot once less than 2 slots available in storage.

    Will there be a feature in the future where bots drop loot of lower value in favor of loot of higher value?

    I see there's a minimum value threshold, but that's a little different (even if it gets somewhat similar results).

    • Yeah ive been slowly building towards that point, the swap logic can be a little finicky and Ive been mainly trying to iron out some recurring issues before taking that on as the next new feature

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  • Hey dude, I have an issue an have posted in Discord community support.

    Please feel free to read thread in link below:


    Thanks my man. You're a legend.

    • Thanks for opening the issue, responded in both discord and github

  • Does not work on 3.7.X

    Please wait for Skwizzy to update

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  • Hi, will this be compatible with questing bots?

    • Says on questing bots homepage that this mod is recommended so yes.

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  • This is probably a dumb question, but is this compatible with SAIN+Donuts and SWAG and SVM?

  • gonna try and see if this works on 3.7 i'll report back with my findings

    • Yup doesn't work unfortunately, we shall have to wait a bit longer :) mainly the discarding limit that breaks the server with a red error

  • I have an issue with the mod.

    Whenever I kill a scav or PMC, all the bots on the map eventually make a beeline for the body.

    So much so, that it sometimes becomes impossible to loot anything without killing all the bots on the map...

    This also tends to create hotspots in a few sections of the map - as soon as a bot gets killed, all the other bots flock to the location. If you wait it out, there's a ton of dead bodies, and you might have to kill 1-2 bots to loot it all.

    Is it possible to add some logic regarding bodies, that if the bot was not aware of the enemy it does not make a beeline for the body? Perhaps it should not go for a body unless it's quite close to it already?

    • You could check the F12 settings, i remember that the default was something like 60-100m, i changed it down to like 25m or something. That way they would loot the body only if it was within 25m of them

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    • Waheed writes the right solution. 25 meters might not be enough. Maybe 50-60 Ether would be good.

    • I did two things - set the looting interval check to 30s instead of 15s and also lowered the radius for bodies too 40m. This made it a lot more reasonable. At least I don't get omegaswarmed anymore after dropping someone, but if bots kill each other in a firefight then most of the time they still are close enough to loot.

      I think the container radius needs to be significantly increased though, because on some maps otherwise the bots never cross the map. E.g. Customs, where they will not cross the river no matter what.

      Did anyone try to increase it from the default of 75m?

  • Hi Skwizzy that's completely understandable can't wait for the update love the mod <3 :D

  • Yes I am planning on updating this mod for 3.7.0. I have some time this weekend to start this work, please be patient as I have not had much time to develop recently due to new work responsibilities.

    EDIT: Beta testing for 3.7.1 is available in the Beta tab! Once some more testing has been done with the latest 3.7.1 build, I will upload a 3.7.0 compatible version as well.

    EDIT 10/23: Bug fixes for cases where bots would not equip gear if they have a boss brain. Major fix for bug in distance math for finding closest lootable, made me question why I even have a degree :D. Things have been looking good since yesterday, give it another day or so of testing and I'll release

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    • Irl has the priority ❤️

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    • oh,my friend.thank you.you is my hero

    • Take your time, just nice of you that you took out time to let us know you are updating at one point in the future.

      appreciate it, much better than sitting there guessing if the creator gave up or not just to never see the creator come online again.

    • you are the best!

      take ur time!

    • You are awesome! ❤️

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  • Genuine question: are there any plans to update the mod to 3.7? Love the mod and thanks, man!

  • after unloading and loading mods, it all runs fine but with this mod loaded it wont go into raid when countdown reaches 0

    • If only there was a bright red "3.6.1" label directly under the mod name that indicates this mod is currently only available for 3.6.1. A shame we don't have the technology for such a thing

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    • yes it is as other mods say 3.6.1 in bright red and work fine, that too is directly under the mod name, that indicates it is not compatible with 3.7 so no support will be given (not it dont work). good thing we have technology for that, called spec savers.....LMAO :love: ...... have 18 mods on spt and all but 2 work (ones that mess with bots behaviour).... Awesome mod dude makes it so much more immersive, which is why i thought id mention it.... nope not 2 ....3 dont work (pause)

      ie gilded key storage - 3.6.0 so in red but works fine with 3.7

    • You being a smartass about specsavers doesn't help your argument, because you're still talking about a mod that isn't the same kind as Looting Bots. I wonder why the mods that you seem to have mentioned don't work... Bot behavior (you're most likely on about SAIN and Waypoints) and Pause are all client mods.

      However; Gilded Key Storage is a server mod which, by more margin, has a chance of working across client patches? This is a client mod you're commenting on, and client mods were specifically broken by BSG's changes with 3.7. Server mods may break depending on what they do, but Gilded Key Storage has nothing pointing to being a client mod.

      There is usually a reason the version label for a previous-version mod is red. Red is a common color for the word stop, which means don't continue past this point.

    • glad i didnt see it as stop as all the mods i use are red.... from what ive seen as soon as the mod is a different version it goes red and doesnt mean stop. and just looked unless its 3.7 they are all red as its the incorrect version, dont mean it dont work just no support will be given if theres problems. all i did was point out it wasnt working and replied with a "smart ass comment" to a smart ass comment. just because the version goes red does not mean it wont work

    • Bro, his comment is based off of the update the devs recently released. If you actually read it, then you would've seen:

      Mod compatibility

      • Server mods made for 3.6.x have not been tested for compatibility
      • No client mods made for 3.6.x are compatible

      There are two specified types of mods: client and server.

      Client mods that are 3.6.1 are not compatible with 3.70, which means that client mods will not work with 3.7.0.

      Server mods that are 3.6.1 have NOT been tested for compatibility, which means that there is a chance of working, but may cause issues.

      The reason why versions are highlighted red does not mean support isn't provided, it means that either it might not be compatible or it will not work at all, and the last thing you want is to cause issues with your game version.

      Please refrain from making smart ass comments and actually take responsibility to do research before making a comment.

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  • cries in 3.7.0.

    The unequivocal best mod right now, (imo) borked cause of the update

    ERRROR on 3.7.0

    TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'looseWeaponInBackpackLootMinMax')

    TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'looseWeaponInBackpackLootMinMax')

    at DisableDiscardLimits.postDBLoad (E:\xG\Tarkov SP EFT v3.7.0\user\mods\Skwizzy-NoDiscardLimit\src\mod.js:38:23)

  • Yeah, looking forward to the update.

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  • update to 3.7.0

    • Didn't 13.5 pretty much add this to the game? IIRC bots loot corpses and take weapons, rigs, and backpacks, and they'll drop their current rig if the looted one is better.

    • yeea i thought the same, thanks for remind.

    • You do it.

    • Thats what I tought too, but I'm not sure because I didn't read the live patchnotes and how this works. So... someone has information how this feature works exactly? Does it the same like this mod? If yes, also for PMCs?

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    • must have as was playing last night came across random rigs laying around

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  • one of the few mods that i could imagine in the main game love it thanks