Featured SAIN 2.0 - Solarint's AI Modifications - Full AI Combat System Replacement 2.1.6

Bots that don't suck.

REQUIRES latest BigBrain by DrakiaXYZ
REQUIRES latest Waypoints by DrakiaXYZ


HUGE Thanks to everyone in the Discord who helped test the Alpha builds of 2.0. Ya'll are the only reason this mod works as well as it does!

  • Version 2.1.6

    This version will only work with SPT 3.7.3 REQUIRES Latest Big Brain and WayPoints updates for 3.7.3 as well

    • Fix squads not being created properly
    • Tweak to Searching to help with the run/skid/run/skid behaviour (Thanks Saber!)
    • Resolve an issue that stopped SAIN from working when SPT was in debug mode
    • Switch to 7-zip archives for releases
  • Version 2.1.5

    This version will only work with SPT 3.7.1, 3.7.2, 3.7.3 REQUIRES Latest Big Brain and WayPoints updates for 3.7.1/3.7.2/3.7.3 as well

    Updated for 3.7.1

    Also supports 3.7.2, 3.7.3

  • Version 2.1.4

    This version will only work with SPT 3.7.0 REQUIRES Latest Big Brain and WayPoints updates for 3.7.0 as well

    • Fixed Grenades sometimes spamming the console with errors.
    • Fixed (?) some Scavs getting assigned Boss Brains, leading to bizarre and broken behavior.
    • Fixed bots sometimes tracking the player through walls for a few seconds after losing line of sight.
    • Revamped how bots look at sounds they heard, they now look in the direction of the path to the sound instead of directly at its source, looks more natural when looking at a bot, and makes them slightly better to react if an enemy pops up there.
      • If Using DebugOverlay, it now displays a value which shows what a bot is told to steer toward for more information.
    • Fixed bots sometimes being too accurate when turning toward an enemy.
    • Fixed bots checking their own position when checking if a friendly squad member is close, leading to talking at unintended times.
    • Adjusted Bot dynamic lean. They will hold leaning angles for longer, and change lean less frequently.
    • Added New Boss on Streets to SAIN Settings to configure them.
    • Fixed bots sometimes jerking around when aiming at an enemy. ( I Think)
  • Version 2.1.3 hotfix

    Fixed Lighthouse Bosses getting SAIN layers when they shouldn't be.

  • Version 2.1.3

    This version will only work with SPT 3.7.0 REQUIRES Latest Big Brain and WayPoints updates for 3.7.0 as well

    Added new Experimental Feature: (Enabled by Default)

    When a bot notices you, looks at you, and/or starts shooting at you when you haven't noticed them, they will have reduced Accuracy and Vision Speed. This lasts by default for 4 seconds or until you look at them.
    The following options are configurable: Spread Increase Amount, Vision Speed Reduction Amount, Time Limit, Angle to be considering "looking" a bot.
    See tooltips on each config option for more detail.
    All config options are located in the f6 menu under Global Settings => General.

    Currently could be exploitable and I will expand on ways to prevent this in the future, don't cheese it you little worms.

    Increased Default Minimum Reaction speed when Faster CQB Reactions are enabled to 0.33 seconds from 0.2 seconds. (New Preset Required or reverting setting to default)

    Fixed Solo Bots yelling about throwing a grenade all the time. Will now only happen when a bot has a friend close by like other talk behaviors.

    Removed un-used config options in Personality Settings that are planned features (forgot they were in there) (CanAmbush, AmbushChance, SneakySpeed, SneakyPose)

  • Version 2.1.2

    This version will only work with SPT 3.7.0 REQUIRES Latest Big Brain and WayPoints updates for 3.7.0 as well

    • Renamed default difficulty presets for SAIN to be less confusing with in-game difficulty options, and ordered them by difficulty. Expanded tooltips for them to explain what they do a bit more.
    • Added Config options to configure grenades for specific bots under Bot Settings in f6 menu.
    • Added toggle in Global Settings - General to disable all bots using grenades.
    • Fixed included presets being for the wrong version.
  • Version 2.1.1

    This version will only work with SPT 3.7.0 REQUIRES Latest Big Brain and WayPoints updates for 3.7.0 as well

    • Added Grenades back to bots until I can properly implement a revamped system. It is mostly similar to default grenades with a few small changes.
    • Improved squad code to further optimize and make it more consistent.
    • Possibly fixed rare cases of bots shooting at the player through walls.
      • The issue (I think) was that under specific conditions, bots were turning towards stuff they hear while in the middle of shooting a burst of gunfire, causing them to accidentally light you up behind cover. Haven't confirmed this was the source but it was technically possible.
  • Version 2.1

    This version will only work with SPT 3.7.0 REQUIRES Latest Big Brain and WayPoints updates for 3.7.0 as well

    • Updated for 3.7.0
    • Simplified version numbers to be less annoying.
    • Added some temporary fixes to help bots being shot while in cover, should get them moving a bit more.
    • Adjusted default numbers for how a bot's weapon affects their recoil, firerate, and full-auto time. Should make it less frequent where bots are too accurate. - Requires a new Preset
    • Fixed PMCs not Extracting on some maps.
    • Added additional realism mod compatibility to keep bots from being more aggressive than usual with it on.
    • Adjusted default "Time Before Search" for passive personality types to avoid it being way too long. - Requires a new Preset
    • Fixed bots swapping between Move to Engage and Move to Cover over and over again.
    • Bots will now tend to stay in cover when being suppressed rather than walk out.
    • Optimized Squad code to be more performant.

      For Modders:
    • Added Actions when a new decision is made by a bot.
    • Added Actions when a squad leader is killed, and a new squad leader is found.

      Known Issues:
      Infrequent Null Reference error in logs about getting the position of a bot.
      Infrequent Error when getting Ammo Count for a bot.
  • Version 2.0 Beta 3.5.4 for SPT 3.6.1

    This version will only work with SPT 3.6.0 and 3.6.1. REQUIRES Big Brain Update 0.2 AND WayPoints

    Fixed compatibility with mods that add custom bosses.

  • Version 2.0 Beta 3.5.3 for SPT 3.6.1

    This version will only work with SPT 3.6.0 and 3.6.1. REQUIRES Big Brain Update 0.2 AND WayPoints

    1. Reworked Search for bots.
      1. Uses new peeking behaviors. Bots will slow peek around corners.
      2. Bots will be far more cautious when searching for enemies and will hold corners in between moving.
        1. The amount of time they hold a position depends on personality.
        2. Aggressive personalities are more likely to move directly to their search target, and can sprint to it, if they decide to.
      3. Still being worked on and likely needs a few changes.
        1. Bots sometimes "peek" between odd positions
        2. Bots will sometimes lose interest too quickly and start looking around.
      4. Bots will return to patrol quicker if they don't find their enemy while searching.
    2. Weapon Loudness
      1. If using realism mod, weapon "loudness" now affects bot hearing.
      2. Subsonic now takes into account the muzzle velocity coming out of the barrel rather than the default ammo velocity.
      3. Reduced audible distance for gunshots by about 10% overall.
    3. Difficulty Presets.
      1. Select from 5 pre-made presets in the GUI. Currently they only edit global settings, but I will continue tweaking and expanding on them in the future.
    4. Revamped GUI.
      1. Simplified and clarified a lot of stuff.
      2. Fixed Visual bugs.
        1. Some minor bugs are still present.
      3. Completely reworked Bot Settings tab.
        1. You can now edit multiple bots and difficulties at once, and compare their values next to each other.
          1. Known issue: sometimes the values you are viewing can extend off the screen if too many are selected at once.
      4. Added Ability to create new presets while in-game.
      5. Added ability to resize GUI from the "Advanced Tab".
      6. Optimizations galore.
    5. More Config Options.
      1. Added a suite of new config options for the those who like to tweak stuff.
    6. And a ton of tiny fixes and changes that are too numerous to list.
  • headshot protection has got to be the biggest troll i have ever seen, 66 out of 70 deaths have been first shot headshots

  • why doesnt it load up on server keep getting an error code of undefined reading pmc type im pretty sure i did everything right

  • What difficulty preset is default sain preset working on? because I want to set the same setting as swag&donuts.

  • Really a great mod, but 3 things are kinda wonky, 2 of them sour the experience when you're not looking for a maso experience.

    Default preset:

    Taunt settings don't really do anything, taunts barely happen, if at all, no matter the setting. Without SAIN: bots are very talkative.(this is also mentioned by other users in the comments, so just wanted to throw my head into the ring, as it being something that effects my enjoyment of it)

    Headshot prevention works only occasionally(I have also died and not died to headshots without SAIN, so no idea if it's actually doing anything), died to head,jaw or head,eye on all 3 tested difficulty settings.(tested on medium, hard and As Online)

    smg, pistol and shotgun(which I could understand since it's spreading a lot)

    I set a setting on GigaChad by mistake and wanted to set it to default... the reset button on the right gave me a value it really didn't have before, I clicked reset on other values which I didn't touch and they all got set to different values.

    I can't cancel, only save... I restarted the game in hopes it will set it to the settings I had before touching and not saving.

    If nothing else: A cancel changes button would be great!

    Bot Mods:


    Looting Bots


    That's Lit

    Algorithmic Level Progression

    Thank you for your work!

    • Voices: Solar has a whole section of the mod description that states bots are less talkative.

      Headshot protection: It is not guaranteed that bots won't hit your head, it kicks their aim if they are purposely aimed directly at your head. There is still the chance recoil or scatter causes them to shoot you in the face.

      GUI: Honestly I probably won't be adjusting the GUI much, if at all. It's a large piece of code I have zero experience with, and barely use myself, so would risk breaking it more than improving it.

    • Thx for the quick response!

      HS: Yeah that's pretty much what I expected regarding the headshot option, well it's rare enough to not be terribly annoying. ;)

      Voices: I get that the values are tuned, so as to make them less talkative, but even if I change the taunt settings from the default to the highest/max possible, it still won't work?

      Is that something I have to do manually in the files? Or is that an hard coded behaviour for solo bots?

      Guess then I will abandon the menu and change the values by hand, if even the modder does so. haha

    • The voice thing is hard-coded in the source, it's a choice Solarint made when he developed the mod, specific voice lines are entirely blacklisted to reduce how much bots talk.

      I don't change files by hand, I personally just run the default settings with only the global difficulty lowered to 0.85, I don't find the need to change things because the mod works great out of the box in my opinion.

    • Thx for the info, it makes more sense now.

      I will not fiddle too much with the settings, just some fine tunes if necessary.(like headshot protection so I only need a face shield for CQC)

  • I have encountered a weird but serious bug after the last update.

    I am on AKI 3.7.1. I downloaded SAIN 2.1.6 and required versions of BigBrain and Waypoints. After launching the game and loading into the first raid, everything was ok. Then after trying to load into the second raid, I would get stuck at deploying in at 00:00. I replicated the bug several times.

    The console showed some errors relating to AI and bots. Unfortunately, I forgot to save the log.

    I came back to older versions of SAIN, Waypoints, and BigBrain (the ones before the last update), and the issue was solved.

    • Okay... Without logs, I'm going to file this as not a SAIN bug

      Also, I don't personally support old version of SPT, if you want support, I recommend updating to 3.7.3, which is the version I test on

  • I want the SAIN mod to only affect the PMC bot and not other AI such as SCAV or boss, what should I do?

  • What I was able to find from botDebug.

    Bots often go in "Retreat+Reload", sometimes they stuck in it.

    They run to Extract on 00:36:30 Reserve

    They HoldInCover where there is no enemies in their last 4 minutes. They don't try to seek for a good position, or to move away from the threat, or start searching.

    They also can stay in "Walk to cover" to the light pillar in between 1-2-3 and blue garage (near coop) on Reserve. The cover provided is rather small, while they could go away from the open ground.


    Videos are filmed, more will continue

    What can I change to make them go off "Retreat-Reload | HoldInCover" faster? Or, they could do "hold" from heavy threat, and move away if their position is weak.

    • Also, one of Reshala guards stuck in between "MoveToEngage and WalkToCover"

      Another PMC stuck forever in Regroup, when his buddy was killed.

      Those two situations were kinda dead end for their logics

    • Look, going out of your way to watch bots through walls, yes, they're going to act weird sometimes, it happens, making AI is hard.

      There is no magic setting to fix the bugs, they get fixed as they are tracked down, when I have time to look into them. None of this is game breaking, yeah sometimes you run into a bot that's stuck with busy hands and can't shoot back, or that's sitting in not quite enough cover, it happens.

    • No worries! You did a great job, that AI is already breaking the 4th wall.

      In case you need any feedback, or testing, I'd be glad to gather the data!

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  • SAIN 2.1.6 is fully compatible with custom present SAIN 2.1.5?

    • Yes, nothing was changed about the presets, so they should be compatible

  • Bro!!!! Im not sure what you did with this update, but this is out of this world. I have NEVER had the feeling of utter dismay, and anxiety while playing STP like EFT gives me. Until last night after I updated SAIN. Im not sure why, but the PMC are 1000% more deadly. I have died more in the last 12 hours then ever in Tarkov. Yes I even have it set to Normal.... Not sure what you did, but I have the EFT rush again while offline, and this is amazing!!

    • yea i kinda feel the same thing , especially the terminator preset ( even with lit up ) i was on customs in scav base , i was shooting at a pmc with his back on be , he was runing outside, and he makes a instant turn and head eyes me lol

  • z4Y9kPZ

    How should I tweak PMC, to give them chances against SCAV?

    Even regular SCAV smack PMC-bots on Hard, in 15 minutes (sometimes, 5) all PMC are dead

    • 2023-11-27-17-39-7-7-2-7-120-3-0-0-1-0-0-1-0-3-21-06-0.png

      White - PMC, yellow - ordinary SCAV.

      Also, PMC has trash weapons and very bad armor. Does that matter?

    • when you get bigger level , so the pmc, i would tweak the pmc health multi ( only realism ) , also in donuts debug menu in game , pmc to hard and swag to normal ( scavs and other )

    • lower level pmc has lower equipment and ammo stats

    • No SWAG, questing bots.

    • Looks like you're 30 minutes into a raid? I would expect PMCs to be pretty dead by that point, depending on what spawn mod you're using.

      If you're using SWAG+Donuts, lower the difficulty of Scavs, and increase the difficulty of PMCs. But keep in mind, scavs constantly spawn, eventually they will overwhelm the PMCs on the map.

      You can also adjust the individual bot types in the F6 menu for SAIN, but that's a lot more involved.

  • If I have the "can be randomly assigned" option turned off for personalities, but the personality still set to on, will the bots be spawned in with a set personality rather than randomly being assigned a personality at any given time?

    I guess another question is if I have the random personality option set to on, can a bot be assigned a new personality even after they've spawned in the first place?

  • when launching server im getting error Mod (SAIN.2.1.5.for.3.7.1 (1)) is missing package.json any help would be greatly appreciated :)

    • That means you didn't extract it properly. The zip file is set up to just be extracted directly into your SPT folder, not in a subfolder.

  • Unable to get item: kwm_dtkmulti from db

    Defaulting item kwm_dtkmulti to size 1x1

    sand core mod...

    What is this pls? How to repair?

    • This is not related to SAIN

  • Are lasers also visible to AI along with flashlights?

    Can't find anything about that, but don't see why they wouldn't detect lasers too.

  • Still I have a question, is it possible to affect the BOSSES too with this mod? I mean, Birdeye is a real pain in the ass for me. I am very happy with this mod, thanks.

    • It's unlikely that bosses will ever get the full SAIN treatment, because then they'd be no different than any other bot. Bosses in Tarkov each have their own unique brains, and behaviours, and overwriting those with SAIN would take away what makes the bosses unique

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  • Does this affect the level behavior of the bots and gear that bots bring into raid?

  • Strange, during my many scav runs today I have noticed a severe issue that has not been brought up by anyone before. When using BotDebug, I found that some PMCs throughout the raid randomly turn friendly, and if I teleport to them they act as if I was indeed a friendly, though do not respond to gestures like normal scavs do. Even if I shoot them, they do not fire back and it is feels quite broken to have it work this way. They do not spawn friendly so I believe this is not an issue with spawning but the AI in general. Could this mod be the source of the issue? I did tweak bot settings extensively and added a few custom personalities. This issue is pretty much nonexistent during pmc runs as everyone is hostile no matter what. I wonder what this mod could have done to break scav runs this much.

    • Update: Another issue I noticed which could possibly be as a result of this mod is that the goons do not aggro on scavs anymore, but still shoot at me even when I play as a scav

    • SAIN doesn't adjust who bots are and aren't aggro against, it just uses whatever the game says the bot is aggro against. Probably not an issue caused by SAIN

    • I see, it seems to be another mod causing the issue. On another note, could I suggest improving the bot talk frequency settings? I have set them all to the maximum for all bots and it does not seem to make them talk nearly as much as they did previously.

  • Having a crash but only when this mod (and required mods) are installed.
    Crash - After 2 -5 mins in raid game will CTD with no errors to show for it.,
    Server has no errors to show either. that I can find. I've had to resort to just remove to mod to play.

    I9-13900KF - 4070ti - 32 BG Ram

  • I get the error

    2023-11-23 13:49:26.826 +01:00||Error|Default|Aki.Loader: Failed to find module.dll in 'D:\Games\Escape from Tarkov\user\mods\zSolarint-SAIN-ServerMod'

  • I know this problem is probably not related to this mod, however in the last couple update of SPT scav spawns always with basic loot in their pocket, I'm not finding any lab card key,you know the one is worth like 60k rubles. In the live version they are pretty common to find when you loot scav.

    • SAIN has nothing to do with what loot a bot spawns with

  • How can i make this affect the meme PMCs (i.e. ThurmanMurman)? I always get destroyed by them with zero chance. They seem to have their own separate AI. I turned on headshot protection and doubled my hp but still get two tapped head-eyes with no hits on my helmet, armor, or anywhere else on my body. I dont want to keep buffing myself because then the rest of the game is way too easy.

    • I don't know what you mean by "meme PMCs", there are only two types of PMCs, BEAR and USEC, and they share the same brain type.

      If you're having trouble with specific bots, it may be that you're running the "As Online" difficulty in the pre-raid settings or your spawn mod (F12 settings for Donuts). This will spawn bots with a random difficulty, including the Impossible difficulty I believe.

      I recommend setting your spawn mod to use a set difficulty instead of As Online.

    • Thank you for replying. I just assumed they were memes because they are ridiculously difficult and have community member names. I also couldnt find any mention of them in any config files or bot name lists. i literally die to thurmanmurman 6/10 times and have never seen his dogtag.

      I am running SVM with every raid on Easy difficulty. I'm not using Donuts, but i will try it out and see if it overwrites this bot with a normal one lol

  • Does anyone have the silly mode working for how bots react to lasers and flashlights? Mine does not seem to work

  • If I change the settings using the F6 menu in raid, do they apply immediately or only when I start a new raid or restart the game?

  • Oh hell yes, I'm already ready for 3.7.4 when it comes out next week. :^)

    • What the hell? No info on the 3.7.3 and already 3.7.4?

    • it's a joke on how fast the updates get rolled out, and the struggle for modders to keep up...

      ...and how many profiles i had to nuke because of it...

  • Jesus dude this mod is so perfect. I had factory match where i wouldn't notice if it was online or offline. The fights were so much intense and the AI is really fkin smart. This mod really makes me want to play spt-aki tarkov

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  • When I was using this mod, I noticed a very strange phenomenon: when the AI didn't spot me and I shot them, they would suddenly stop (stand still) for a second or two before looking for cover or using a first aid kit. Can I adjust it in the settings of the sain?

    • One of the most annoying things that show how still stupid they are, well, guess its all what we have for now, it is still much much better than it was just half a year ago (when there is no SAIN).

      One more stupid thing, but i think it can be relatively easy to fix: when you hit a bot, he can run a few meters and start usind first aid/surgery, AND then come back at you fully unarmed, or doing it even with a direct sight. X/ Just adding a timer check that make sure bots can't do first aid/surgery when in combat and plus ~20 sec and it should be better.

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    • Yes,sometime they will use first aid or surgery in front of you without any defense

      And look at you affectionately ^^

  • Is there a way to drastically reduce side-strafing accuracy by the AI?

  • can anything be done for the fps drops.... runs at 75 fps the pmc spawn and can go as low as 28..... remove the mod it still drops but only to around 65 while they spawn then back to 75.... love the comabt with this mod but the drops are too much

    • The drop will be dependent on your CPU's single core speed, really. BSG runs the AI on the main Unity thread, there's not really an easy way to work around that limitation.

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  • downloaded this a couple days ago and have yet to see a boss, ik you say this mod doesnt affect bosses but has anyone seen this before?

  • Need some help as to how to turn off looting bots behavior, I didn't install looting bots because bots looting cause immense fps drop for me, and current version of SAIN makes bot loot if they didn't detect Looting bot, pls help

    • Are you certain this is SAIN?

      The latest version of EFT introduced looting bots to vanilla, if I recall correctly.

    • I think it's Sain as this one is the only one that modify Ai behavior for me unless waypoint or realism mod did something, they go through and switch rigs and stuff, I can see rigs on the floor every now and then which I don't think Vanilla bots do

    • SAIN does not implement looting bots behaviour. BSG added a limited subset of bot looting to the base AI, this is probably what you're seeing. SAIN has no control over this.

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    • Understood, I was noticed lag spikes happening if I enable bots so I thought it was SAIN