Custom Spawns for Streets (Bots in Chek15 and Post Office Apartments) 1.0.1

Please do not ask when mod authors will update their mods to 3.9.0
Bothering mod authors will lead to warnings and repeat offenses will lead to eventual bans.

A test version of custom spawns for Streets of Tarkov. Includes patch for Lua's Custom Spawn Points to load Streets configs.

Requires Lua's Custom Spawn Points mod, which is outdated, but functional for 3.5.0.

This includes a patch for it that overwrites some of the mod files so streets configs will be loaded. This was due to a typo by BSG in the Streets file. (Thanks to DrakiaXYZ for finding the problem)

This is a TEST set of spawns and is a work in progress. Most are unlabeled in the presets. Expect weirdness with AI's teleporting away from invalid spawns if you use the Test Preset.

If you use the test preset, you can help me by letting me know where bots are hanging out or staying where they didn't usually. Most locations lack nav data, but I'm in the process of finding everywhere that does.

Includes 3 presets =

1. Chek15 Building and Apartment Spawns (These are functional and work reasonably well)

-Bots will spawn on every level of the Apartments and Chek15, including the sky-bridge MG Nest

2. Almost 1000 test spawns that cover the entire map (Most are invalid and bots will teleport back to their zone. It was done to test where bots can and can't go)

3. Rooftop and balcony test spawns for a few zones. (Most work, but are infrequent when using the test spawns preset as well.

How to Install:
Extract the Lua-CustomSpawnPoints folder in the zip into your user/mods folder and overwrite to apply the patched mod file and config file. (backups are always recommended)

All 3 presets are included, so delete the test ones if you don't want those.

Known Issues:
1. Bots in the Chek15 building and the Post Office Apartments are unable to fully navigate it. They can't leave the Chek15 building at all and sometimes stare at certain walls while trying to path outside of it, but they walk around and take cover somewhat, and usually react to your presence. Bots can't navigate to different levels of the apartments either, so they are "stuck" in there. No way around it as far as I can tell. This is an issue with other spawn presets as well.

2. Disabling default spawns in Lua-customspawnpoints does not work for streets (will be fixed later)

1. Increase the "Spawns per zone" and "Limits per location" with Server Value Modifier for Streets to accommodate bots being stuck inside the buildings.

-I use 10 per zone and 64 as the max limit, but I have a strong CPU (Intel 12700k). Warning: This can lead to tons of bots spawning in other areas, but there's no way to modify the upper limit for individual zones as far as I know.

-The AI max limit may also be overwritten by BetterSpawnsPlus, so change it there in the config as well if you use it.

2. Prop's AI Limit or AI Disabler set to 150m or 200m in combination with the increased bot limits to avoid performance tanking. Your results may vary.

Other Recommended Mods:
BetterSpawnsPlus or SWAG (or both if your feeling spicy)


  • So...will this work with Waypoints mod that increases the maps navmesh?

    • i haven't touched this in ages, but if it manages to load in your 3.5.7 game. Maybe?

    • Fair enough... :)

  • Does this work with 3.5.2 by chance or not yet?
    I'm going to test it myself eventually just wanted to hear if it was already confirmed or not.
    And thx for the mod btw good job!

    • the game launches with it, and I didn't crash when starting a raid on customs, but no idea if its actually working or not. That's about as much as i know. Haven't updated it yet because I'm re-doing some parts.

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  • Thanks for putting the time to make spawn points for street.

    The spawn point are great and jump scare me quite a lot : )

    Game loading stuck for about 1~2 minutes whenever I load into street for some reasons.

    The bots seems to use significantly more CPU resource, maybe related to path finding.

    Sometimes they got stuck too.

    • Bot pathfinding is a mystery that is currently trying to be figured out. Getting stuck is "normal" and unavoidable currently, but I didn't realize it had such a performance impact. I don't really have a solution to this right now, and fixing it is going to require a lot of client patching and modification of how all that stuff is handled by the game's source code. Folks much more skilled than I are looking at it, but I'm not sure if its possible yet.

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    • I see how the freeze come from now.. there were 1000+ spawn position in total :D

      I guess that will have to do for now

  • makes game crash everytime when loading in on streets. I didn't adjust spawns per zone either

    • weird, I haven't had any crashes on my side during testing. Can you check your log files in the main folder for SPT for an error report so I can see whats causing it?

      Edit: I found the issue most likely. The spawns are referencing a zone that is unavailable by default on streets but is opened up by mods like "AllOpenZones". I'm uploading a fixed version right now with that removed.

    • Try out the new version just uploaded and let me know if it still happens.

    • best thing i can recommend is test your mod with no other mods installed.

    • That's a smart thing to do. Problem is that I'm a dumbass.