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  • Im having issues with to many PMCs spawning and like no Scavs do you know what i should do

  • Where can I learn more about this? "Gaskets AI/Spawn tweaks"


      Keep in mind this is not your traditional mod as you will be copying files over some server files. It is recommended to back up the two folders it overwrites in case it is too difficult or you don't like how it works. If you only want his AI tweaks, then just copy the files in his bots folder. If you only want his AI spawn tweaks, then only copy the files in the locations folder. If you want both, then obviously both folders.

      I am 20 raids into a wiped profile with Fin's and Gaskets AI overhaul and have a 65% SR. That is me playing slow and cautious and avoiding most fights/hot spots. Just before I replied here, I died twice in a row. Once on Customs to a Glucose boi and once on Woods to a 3 man PMC squad pushing and sniping me into a corner where I just wilted and died.

    • thanks so much, but when I clicked on that link it went to a mod about a sniper rifle.

    • oh is this the most difficult yet mod? I'm aware of that one. thanks again for the tips