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  • tieing into the AI vision settings do you think it would be possible to add a feature:

    scavs recognise player by clothes he is wearing. the further away the less likely they will detect and shoot you. the closer you get the higher the chance they detect you. so you can push closer to scavs by looting there clothes masks bags, but too close and they will see you are a PMC in Scavs clothes??? if possible at all please let me know the amount of time you reckon it would take to do this mode, surely it will just rely heavily on assigning scav clothes and the more you wear give that a value and then tie in the vision system from close and then from far to that value, how does this sound ????

  • hey man, is there a 3.5.0 compatible SAIN version?

  • hey I gotta make a question, in your SAIN beta 3.5 test 2 there's a new GUI and I'm not quite sure how to save the new tweaks I made to the bots like change the difficulty, so what I'm wanting to do is change every BotPreset to what I want it to be, and I want to know what the default difficulty for the bots is? I'm assuming it's Normal difficulty

  • Hey dude! Wanted to pop by and ask why you're flashlight dazzle mod is private now? That was actually a super big game changer for me, given how unfairly accurate raiders and bosses are. And if nothing else it balances the playing field as those types of enemies tend to regularly blind the shit out of me with their flashlights.

    I saw your mod that revamps the AI a lot more intensively and figure it's probably included with that but im not really interested in it at the moment. I can't run over potato mode at the moment so I don't really want gigachad AI until I have a proper framerate eh?

    If you could explain the process real short I could probably recreate it myself if nothing else! Either way thanks for your time and thanks for all your work!

    • it can't really be separated from the whole in the new versions, everything works together to simplify the code drastically.
      you can adjust the difficulty in the game, its aimed to make the ai tough but fair, less aimbotty but smarter.
      It should have around the same performance as older sain versions too.

      Trust me, give it a try.

    • Alright, ill certainly give it a try once im set up on a proper rig and all! The 15 rounds to the right arm nearly killing me with overdamage certainly gets old fast. Not to mention the random perfect head eyes.

      At the moment ive just buffed some of the armors to compensate, and recently I started using stims as well. Real game changer, Meldonin is my go to for taking on bosses and such now, makes things FAR less risky.

      Thanks for the info though! It worked fine for me before, was a nice little slap on to make the more ridiculous AI like Raiders and all managable. These days I just keep a few nades around to spook them, then gun em while they run.