Featured KMC Server Value Modifier 1.5.9H1

Standalone All-In-One Tool you ever need: Gives you the access for most game values and quality of life improvements, featuring easy-to-use GUI and ability to create presets


Check the ReadMe for more info.

  • Version 1.5.9H1

    1.5.9H1 [25.12 0:40 GMT+2] for AKI 3.4.0

    I really need to stop playing Path of Exile

    Not the proudest `update`, but oh well.


    Weather section due it was rewritten on aki side, I recommend using this mod instead:
    Time & Weather Changer
    `Everything in offers` was blacked (once again) due to causing issues.


    Filters for Drugs in `Bots loadouts` were missing.

    [H1] - Fleamarket access level fixed on the back end, my bad

    Moved `Level to access fleamarket` to Fleamarket section, it doesn't fit Traders section.

    Default values related to hideout, fleamarket, bots etc. to fit AKI 3.4.0.
    Drastically reduced launching time for launcher after server via GUI, because server is snappy now.

    On to the bad news - a lot of things were changed, I might need to do a total overhauls of whole sections:
    Recent changes with AI could've made Bots loadouts obsolete, since a lot of stuff related to PMC loadouts and spawns went into configs rather relying on data from DB.
    Flea market also have new fields related to barters that I'm still lacking.

  • Version 1.5.8H1

    1.5.8H1 [18.11 2:50PM] for AKI 3.3.0

    Released earlier, due to the fact of constant blackouts I can't maintain any fixes or tests.


    Examine Time multiplier can be adjustable in 'Items and Stash'


    In Raid moddables were removed since it was causing issues.

    Certain tooltips were referring to non existent fields.

    Softcore/Safe exit functions.
    Raiders/Cultists events functions (not included in changelog)
    [H1] Fixed global prices causing fleamarket to call for 9001 error.
    Certain default values were adjusted to fit current DB, referring to skill progress rate and trader markup.
    Be advised, my preset might not be updated with those values, if you use one.
    (Still need to check Bots and flea default values though)

    [H1] If you are lazy to download the hotfix, change line 745 to this:
    DB.templates.handbook.Items[item].Price = (DB.templates.handbook.Items[item].Price * Config.Items.ItemPriceMult).toFixed()

    For any bug reports: Comments, Support thread, or EmuRC, I check daily.

  • Version 1.5.7

    1.5.7 for AKI 3.2.4-3.2.5 (Works fine, ignore the initial warning)

    1.5.7H1 [05.10.22 1:30 GMT+2]
    I swear there will be at least 3 hotfixes. Didn't age well

    New Section inside Hideout - Regeneration, allows you to manipulate Energy/Water/Health gains outside of raids. (I haven't allowed to use negative numbers, will allow later after some tests)

    Couple of tooltips related to hideout


    Bot spawns section - new configs consist of new fields related to amount of AIs in a location I haven't tested it though.



    Global bot cap field in bot spawn section

    UI Fixes related to special AI spawn chances.

    Raider/Cultists Events,

    multiple typos all over the place,

    Pockets can be created if they got deleted beforehand.

    [1.5.7H1] Fixed default values for AI location limits.
    [1.5.7H1] Removed some unintended loggers.

    Due of changes related to configs - fence blacklist was changed


  • Version 1.5.6H2

    FOR AKI 3.2.3
    1.5.6H1 [16.09.2022 5AM GMT+2] - vital flaw detected and fixed, please redownload.

    1.5.6H2 [16.09.2022 10AM GMT+2] - Fixed UI related to bots section. i'm sorry ;-;
    Most likely will be compatible with previous versions up to 3.1.1, no guarantees, all reports I had in terms of uncompats were related to events, other than that - changing number in package.json is enough I won't troubleshoot such doing though, be warned.

    New options to run and/or close the server and launcher.

    New section to tinker with AI types spawn chances.

    New Fields for Bots loadouts - drugs and stims.


    Examining now has separate button for keys.



    Button in raids that made all bosses and raiders appear with 100%


    [1.5.6H1] Fixed new AI chance section being always active and referring to non-existent values.

    [1.5.6H2] Fixed AI chance field didn't disable after section deactivation.

    Updated generation values to be on par with current AKI changes.

    I'll try to form changelogs like this from now on, no guarantees tho.

  • Version 1.5.5H1

    Procrastination is here, I can touch it.

    1.5.5 for 3.2.0
    Works fine on 3.2.1 and 3.2.2

    Mainly a patch for some typos and sleepyhead-ness.
    Added .357 into ammo stacks
    Fixed some Russian tooltips and UI placement.
    Changed certain custom properties field - be advised, if you have modified mags, you might need to add a :0: into the field - check the example on P90 mag.

    Fixed load/unloading typo that it affected speed wrongly.

    No preset changes required(the exception only custom props thing), just replace and play.

    REUPLOAD 18.08.2022, 17:30 GMT+2

    Fixed Raider and Cultist events. - feel free to ignore the hotfix if you don't use these options.

  • Version 1.5.4

    Update for AKI 3.2.0
    Reworked ammo load/unload function, it will work as multiplier now and will have a wider range of effect
    Be advised you might need to adjust the value of it in your preset if you plan to use your old one.

    Other than that - couple of minor stuff adjusted here and there, not much.

  • Version 1.5.3H2

    Ugh, writing own deadlines and doing something is hard

    Version 1.5.3 For 3.1.0-3.1.1, Now includes 20% less bugs!

    All the fixes and new features you can check in comments.

    HOTFIX No.1 8:20 03.08 GMT+2
    Fixes related to armor/gun repair and softcore/safe exits.

    HOTFIX No.2 20:15 03.08 GMT+2
    Fixed Events>Scav To Raider, fixed some UI inconsistencies in Bots loadouts and fixed some importnant Russian locale wording and field placements.
    If it doesn't matter to you, feel free to ignore the hotfix.

  • Version 1.5.2

    6 hours passed, time for release
    1.5.2 for AKI 3.1.X
    I'm so lazy to even write a changelog really, it's frickin' 6:40AM for me.
    In short:
    1. Ditched map loot limits - they werent functional since 3.0.0
    2. Removed most of bots loadouts - due to deprecation and hard maintenance of one.
    3. Added couple of requested features, you can check the list in pinned comment.
    4. Disabled Airdrops - for that - check 3.1.0 changelog article.
    5. Moved stack barter in experimental - it wasn't working flawlessly since the start.

    6. Fixed and probably broke some little stuff here and there.
    7. Added new keychain into CSM

    8. probably something important i forgot to write here

    I'll be passively monitoring comments next 72 hours for any bugs you'll encounter - I did quite a revision inside GFVE so there is a big chance you'll run into bad loading loaders (no pun intended)
    As usual, have fun.

  • Version 1.5.1

    Ayy, Fixes!
    For AKI 3.0.0
    Fixed Fleamarket, Airdrops and Max skills,
    Locked Fence offers due causing lethal error on launch.
    Added new option in Items section that allow you to drop items in raid without their destruction.
    Reupload 24.06.2022. 1PM GMT+3 : Fixed initial message if there is no loader present, no more crashes on startup

    Although i'm surprised there's people doesn't check the mod internals when it has GUI.
    Reupload 26.06.2022 7PM GMT+3 : Fixed a typo in GFVE that didn't allow to save text fields in Bots Loadouts and Quests.
    Sorry for inconvenience.

  • Version 1.5.0

    1.5.0 Is here baby!

    Reupload 1: 22.06.2022 19:30 GMT+3 - Fixed typo in SVM related to Airdrop time.
    You can fix manually - check comments

    Only when i thought i fixed all the bugs, fifteen more shows up killme

    Visuals overhaul,

    Hideout section overhaul,

    Quest section,

    Pockets in CSM,

    fields related to blacklist,

    Airdrops section in "Loot" section,

    little QOL and ability to pre-load presets when you run GFVE,

    and god knows what else with as much bugs as features.

    Have fun!
    TODO for 1.5.1: Localization and limit fixes, probably a lot of them.


  • So, to keep some people in touch'n'hyped, since i used to have an update every month, even with constant blackouts.
    In short - I'm doing fine, really slowly but working on requested features and QoL.
    doctharock - You might find this one pleasing - I've finished reworking Custom properties.
    It is little optimized than previous version, although it looks completely cursed, i wish no one would look into code, here's the result I guess you wanted to achieve.
    Now it allows up to 10 fields for now, I really hope it would be enough, at least adding new fields won't be a problem.

    Next, Tooltips, It was mentioned before in comments, but i'll show it again - image.png

    Text is bigger, with same font as main app, still exact look is a subject to change but way better than default windows one for sure.(Feel free to suggest)
    There is also some additions (and removals) in experimental section, I'll be adding some debug tools to see the settings or AI the game loads in, maybe some other fiddly options later on.
    And the last one for today for showin - WIP unformatted but functional SCAV section.

    Currently, I've tested health and fields above pockets, haven't tested pockets themself yet, but it should be just fine, and most likely I'll have to rewrite the function anyway when 3.5.0 reaches stable release, so I'm not rushing with that.
    (obviously the format and alignment of buttons and text will be formatted)
    That's it for big changes, there's a lot of internal fixes, like fixing little typos in text, additional links(to this webpage) and fixes related to notes and checks for min/max fields.

    Ain't much but honest work I may say.

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    • As an addition - I tried to fiddle around with other requested things like search speed and additional exfils for PMCs to use scav ones - sadly they are still only inside client files and i can't access them, I bet it can only be doable via Bepinex, I'd like to start learning on how to work with that, maybe I could insert dll installation via SVM to have such tools without making a separate project/site page. For now - I may only recommend to look for other mods for such tasks (if there is one).

      Before someone starts asking When?

      Around first week after public release of 3.5.0

    • :love:

  • Hi, sorry to disturb but i can't make the bossse spawn at 100% with your mods in the bots section ( what should i do to make it work ?)

  • Hey! i messed up i launched an upgrade of security and it's gonna take multiple days is there a way to modify the time of constructions already in process? ;(

    • nvm figured it out
      i edited my save file

  • idk where to look so id thought i'd ask this here, when i launch the ski server it says "Mod (ServerValueModifier1.5.9H1) is missing package.json" idk what to do lol. i did everything correct from what i can see.

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    • You certainly never installed mods before OR haven't looked in Overview>Instructions

  • Привет , Феникс!

    Не так давно пользуюсь твоим модом! Все очень нравится! Спасибо за старания!

    Ответь мне, пожалуйста , на несколько вопросов , ибо я не до конца понимаю значение.

    Первое , - количество спавнов на зону…какое лучше всего цифровое значение указывать на каждой из локаций , чтобы ничего не сломать или не испортить? И если , к примеру , я укажу большую цифру , чем это может обернуться? Будет ли одна зона переполнена ботами , а все остальные будут абсолютно пустыми ?

    И второе ,- если я сейчас установлю SWAG Variety (так как очень хочется внести разнообразия в процесс игры) , то будут ли конфликты с твоим модом?

    Заранее спасибо за ответ!

    • А фиг его знает, поэтому синим и отметил, может быть когда нибудь эти значения доведут до ума.

      Насчет других модов - я совместимостью не занимаюсь, самый лучший подход - загружать подобные моды после СВМ, ибо он новых функций не добавляет, а только влияет на существующие, поэтому любой мод сможет эти значения поверх перезаписать (снова).
      Порядок загрузки модов зависит от их положения в алфавитном порядке в папке с модами.
      Т.е SVM должен быть выше SWAG

    • Спасибо большое за ответ!

  • "Enter Lab for free" dont work :(

    • Works fine for me in 3.4.0
      I don't think DB have changed related to that in 3.4.1 or even 3.5.0
      Check your preset/loader.

  • In 3.4.1 is tagged and cursed with 100% PMC conversion supposed to spawn only scavs? I don't remember that being the case in 3.2.5(though it has been a bit since I played it)

    Edit: I remember it working with pmc's(100% conversion) is what I meant.

    • Tagged and cursed spawns different type of scav AI, called 'cursed assault', although I do have them in converter using same value as usual scav - maybe there is a typo in it.

      Will take a look but no promises, tagged and cursed also breaks PMC AI and makes them shooting walls or being inactive, according to AKI issues in their stable release git section.

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  • Could you recommend how to have friendly PMC Bots while using SVM as the feature was called buggy at the latest release?

    • Ya know, if I had the solution - it wouldn't be a problem.
      The initial problem lies on side of AKI, since I am not reinventing the wheels - those values are taken from AKi configs.

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  • Code
    does it fit for version 3.4.1?
    • yes, i have been using with no issues at all.

  • So, I'm having an issue where with the settings activated to disable repair degradation, it works flawlessly for armor but doesn't at all for weapons. I go to repair a weapon and it actually makes me have to spam the repair button to do a little more repairing until it maxes. And while I can fully repair the gun then, it still degrades so I can't bring it back up to 100/100.

    I've just about removed all my mods one by one and no luck. My logs don't show any sort of errors. Utilizing AKI 3.4.1 with the newest version of SVM.

    Got any ideas of what else I could try to narrow down if it's an issue between SVM or something else?

    • No clue, someone reported similar issue way back and I can't recall how it was settled, will look into it.

  • why i cant see the any cultist & Lab PMC ?

    they are not spawn at all

  • Update the links to the old files, please, I still use 2.2.3... kannacrying

  • please update for 3.5.0

    • I am not dealing with unreleased versions

  • Apologies if this has been asked before, but combing through 1300+ Comments is... daunting.

    For adjusting XP rates for skills and such, the hover-over tool tip isn't exactly clear what way the number should go to make XP rates faster.

    If I understand correctly the value to modify is in the Player and Skills tab, and fudging the "Min.Skill point multiplier". By default it's 0.0025, so if I want "double XP", would I make this number 0.0050? Many other tool-tips tell you what direction to increase or decrease something, but for whatever reason this logic is missing from this specific tool tip.

    Any guidance for adjusting the XP rates would be greatly appreciated!

    • Ctrl F exist, this question was asked recently too, like, 8 comments below.

      XP thing is complicated due to stupid feature bsg made to limit people making multiple levels of same skill in a single raid, which is that section below XP multipliers.

      If you want easiest approach to get more XP - set everything in fatigue box to 1 and set the multiplier to 2/4/anything you feel.

      To be honest I'm quite lazy trying to explain it, you can find how those fields work by reading EFT wiki.

    • Ahh, that must've been made after I scrolled way long past it, sorry. Spent 45 mins scrolling before then made the comment without refreshing.

      Thanks for the response, this helps me understand a little more than I did before.

  • When I load up the server it says

    ModLoader: loading 1 mods...

    Mod (GFVE.resources) is a client mod and should be placed in the following folder: /spt/bepinex/plugins

    • I have no idea how did yo. Achieve that, but most likely you screwed the mods folder. Read overview>instructions.

      SVM is not a plugin neither its contents.

  • Is it possible to add a feature to edit max amount of offers I can put on the flea?

  • How does the scav/PMC converter work? I've spent a lot of time tweaking it but I don't seem to see any difference with the bots. If that's even how it works because again, it's the only feature I'm not sure on.

    • For example - every time Scav spawn it has 'YourValue'% chance to convert into a PMC, and then a converter above will choose either it will be USEC or BEAR.
      PMC doesn't have own spawn waves, they only appear from generated SCAVs or any other Type of AI.
      Surprisingly multiple people found this function `complicated`, new version i am working with already have extended tooltip on that behalf.

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    • Ah ok I see now. appreciate the detailed reply, thanks

  • I want skills to progress 5x faster than live eft. What values should I put for:

    Skill progress:

    Weapon skill:

    Min.Skill point multiplier:

    Skill fatigue added per point:

    Progression while fresh multiplier:

    Amount of fresh skill points:

    Skill points before fatigue starts:

    Skill fatigue reset time in seconds:

    • set everything to 1, set skill progress to 5

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  • Когда будет версия для 3.5.0?

    • после выхода официального релиза для 3.5

    • КТТС

  • Time Acceleration, does a higher or lower number mean time passes in raid faster or slower? I am trying to make it so 1 second in game is 1 second IRL, or at least time passing as slow as possible. Is that what this option does?

    • Yes, it is, basically a multiplication, by default its 7 seconds per one real one.

      Could've just tried changing it and see for yourself though, I guess I'll have to add a tooltip there.

    • thank you for the information.

  • Great mod, thanks for the effort!

    There should really be a way to "multiply" the values for min/max kills in the procedural quests section.

    I really don't mind having to kill Killa twice in one week, but 5x in one day? I ain't got time for that. Nor 15 in a week.

    But I don't want to just lower the values because on the other hand it is cool receiving a "kill 21 scavs in one week, any map" quest

    The way I envision it is that you keep the min/max values as they are, but add a separate multiplier section for
    - scavs
    - scav snipers
    - raiders
    - PMCs
    - Bosses
    - Rogues
    - Cultists
    And other categories if I forgot any

    So if the min/max values for my weekly is 2/20, and my multiplier for bosses is 0.1, then I should be able to receive a weekly quest for killing Reshala between 0.2 and 2 times (always round up, so either 1 or 2).

    • I understand what are you trying to achieve...but this is not something that I am in control with.
      Values are taken from Aki_Data\Server\configs\quest.json, they don't have separated amounts for special AI types.

      There is only 2 solutions on that - you can manually set to 0 of `relativeprobability` of unwanted AI types (or remove fields completely) inside that config file, or try to ask AKI devs to add such value inside server code.

      I could potentially override Repeatable quests functionality or internal values, but it might be too much effort, and it won't be `Server Value Modifier` rather `Server Modifier`.

      I bet AKI lads can insert some additional multiplier around line 710 to allow tinkering with required kills. For example:
      if (target.startsWith("boss"))
      const killDifficulty = (kills * BossMultiplier).ToFixed;
      const killDifficulty = kills;

      and Bossmultiplier would be accessible Inside configs

  • "Probability of a PMC friendly fire"

    Does this mean that when set to 100% BEAR PMC Bots will never shoot at me when I am BEAR or even at other BEAR PMC Bots? But USEC will shoot at BEAR, right?

    • That value works only on player, Iirc one PMC type never shoot same PMC type.

      Also its vice versa, it's 0% makes them friendly toward you.

      Be advised tho this value was being marked non-functional on recent releases, so it may not work.

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  • How can I enableimage.png

    • Was disabled due to causing lethal issues in game, this and fence offers tend to change between aki version, so I just disable them rather removing.

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  • Hey GhostFenixx. Quick question if you don't mind. I tried searching but there are too many comments :D

    In the change individual item property field, I understand the structure and use it often! Love this feature. The only thing I cannot figure out is how to add another item to an existing array. For example, I want to add the razor uh1 to work on the recknagel 30mm scope mount upper slot. I use the following and get no errors when the server starts. but when the game starts it errors out with something like error converting value 0 to type slots[1]._props.filters

    Here is what I am inputting into SVM:


    I am pretty confident I have it right up to Filter: However, I don't really know what to put after that to get it to add to the filter array. I could just go into the items.json and add it manually. but the magic of this is not having to edit things every time there is an update to the SPT code!

    Any help would be extremely appreciated!

    • Currently Custom Props is limited to 6 fields(aka values between ':'), your example has 8.
      You're doing everything right in terms of syntax, it's just I haven't made it to allow editing such fields yet.

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    • Ok. Thank you for the response! items.json it is :D

    • Next update I'll try to rework the function completely cuz currently I don't like how I made it, and it will allow 10 fields.

  • I can't download version 2.2.1 of SPT_AKI, is it no longer supported?

    • I generally don't support old versions, the last one available IIRC is 1.4.9
      Update your AKI, duh.

  • I looked into the comments but I saw none about my "problem". I want to generate money but how do I do that? I want, as example, 1.000.000 Rubles in my stash but how do I do that?

  • the mod is disabled when i try to start the game. The server tells me the loader is missing what do i do

    • Read instructions or that red text to the end.

    • I ran into the error too, even though everything was working fine before the restart. Do you have the same?

      SVM: SVM is lacking loader file or there is an error, mod is disabled

      SVM: If it's Syntax error, edit it manually in loader.json or/and edit values with GFVE properly

      SVM: If it can't find module(loader), run GFVE inside mod folder and create it, duh

      E:\SPT\user\mods\ServerValueModifier\Loader\loader.json: Unexpected string in JSON at position 35368

    • Your case is not missing loader but a syntax error, meaning you screwed manual fields, it can be quest section ones, custom properties ones and bots loadouts ones.

  • So good.But only Cultists don't spawn despite 100% spawn rate. It’s a night time.

  • Hi i am new if I see the Tag for 3.4.0 and its green so its for 3.4.1 too ?

    • Yep, tags scale from latest public release.

    • ok thx then i will use it for my 3.4.1 thx for the easy mod

  • This is the mod that conquers all mods! I like it a lot, it's easy to use and compatible with most other mods unless you override the same stuff.

    I tried a bunch of things and eventually found a good balance, I set Therapists insurance to 100% but at 0.75 the price of items, so insurance is an actual investment that hurts progression if mismanaged. Losing a kit twice in a row considerably hurts profits.

    I made airdrops only available on woods and set at 100% so I have a reason to go there after the early quests. Interchange loose loot set to 3x so it actually looks like a shopping centre with stuff in it.

    I set the flea market price to be MUCH higher and the condition of weapons and armor to be below 90% so I can obtain everything but unlocking traders is still considerably better.

    Added rare items to boss inventory, more stims on PMCs, no health items but more food on scavs...

    I'll probably reshuffle the settings on my next playthrough! Great tool, thanks! <3

    • o7
      Although for the record for those who'll read it, SVM doesn't allow detailed modding of AI gear.

    • But you can set the amount of item MIGHT spawn... right!? I just added the cards to the items that might spawn.

      Anyhow, I appreciate the mod a lot, thanks!