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Standalone All-In-One Tool you ever need: Gives you the access for most game values and quality of life improvements, featuring easy-to-use GUI and ability to create presets


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  • Version 1.5.6H2

    FOR AKI 3.2.3
    1.5.6H1 [16.09.2022 5AM GMT+2] - vital flaw detected and fixed, please redownload.

    1.5.6H2 [16.09.2022 10AM GMT+2] - Fixed UI related to bots section. i'm sorry ;-;
    Most likely will be compatible with previous versions up to 3.1.1, no guarantees, all reports I had in terms of uncompats were related to events, other than that - changing number in package.json is enough I won't troubleshoot such doing though, be warned.

    New options to run and/or close the server and launcher.

    New section to tinker with AI types spawn chances.

    New Fields for Bots loadouts - drugs and stims.


    Examining now has separate button for keys.



    Button in raids that made all bosses and raiders appear with 100%


    [1.5.6H1] Fixed new AI chance section being always active and referring to non-existent values.

    [1.5.6H2] Fixed AI chance field didn't disable after section deactivation.

    Updated generation values to be on par with current AKI changes.

    I'll try to form changelogs like this from now on, no guarantees tho.

  • Version 1.5.5H1

    Procrastination is here, I can touch it.

    1.5.5 for 3.2.0
    Works fine on 3.2.1 and 3.2.2

    Mainly a patch for some typos and sleepyhead-ness.
    Added .357 into ammo stacks
    Fixed some Russian tooltips and UI placement.
    Changed certain custom properties field - be advised, if you have modified mags, you might need to add a :0: into the field - check the example on P90 mag.

    Fixed load/unloading typo that it affected speed wrongly.

    No preset changes required(the exception only custom props thing), just replace and play.

    REUPLOAD 18.08.2022, 17:30 GMT+2

    Fixed Raider and Cultist events. - feel free to ignore the hotfix if you don't use these options.

  • Version 1.5.4

    Update for AKI 3.2.0
    Reworked ammo load/unload function, it will work as multiplier now and will have a wider range of effect
    Be advised you might need to adjust the value of it in your preset if you plan to use your old one.

    Other than that - couple of minor stuff adjusted here and there, not much.

  • Version 1.5.3H2

    Ugh, writing own deadlines and doing something is hard

    Version 1.5.3 For 3.1.0-3.1.1, Now includes 20% less bugs!

    All the fixes and new features you can check in comments.

    HOTFIX No.1 8:20 03.08 GMT+2
    Fixes related to armor/gun repair and softcore/safe exits.

    HOTFIX No.2 20:15 03.08 GMT+2
    Fixed Events>Scav To Raider, fixed some UI inconsistencies in Bots loadouts and fixed some importnant Russian locale wording and field placements.
    If it doesn't matter to you, feel free to ignore the hotfix.

  • Version 1.5.2

    6 hours passed, time for release
    1.5.2 for AKI 3.1.X
    I'm so lazy to even write a changelog really, it's frickin' 6:40AM for me.
    In short:
    1. Ditched map loot limits - they werent functional since 3.0.0
    2. Removed most of bots loadouts - due to deprecation and hard maintenance of one.
    3. Added couple of requested features, you can check the list in pinned comment.
    4. Disabled Airdrops - for that - check 3.1.0 changelog article.
    5. Moved stack barter in experimental - it wasn't working flawlessly since the start.

    6. Fixed and probably broke some little stuff here and there.
    7. Added new keychain into CSM

    8. probably something important i forgot to write here

    I'll be passively monitoring comments next 72 hours for any bugs you'll encounter - I did quite a revision inside GFVE so there is a big chance you'll run into bad loading loaders (no pun intended)
    As usual, have fun.

  • Version 1.5.1

    Ayy, Fixes!
    For AKI 3.0.0
    Fixed Fleamarket, Airdrops and Max skills,
    Locked Fence offers due causing lethal error on launch.
    Added new option in Items section that allow you to drop items in raid without their destruction.
    Reupload 24.06.2022. 1PM GMT+3 : Fixed initial message if there is no loader present, no more crashes on startup

    Although i'm surprised there's people doesn't check the mod internals when it has GUI.
    Reupload 26.06.2022 7PM GMT+3 : Fixed a typo in GFVE that didn't allow to save text fields in Bots Loadouts and Quests.
    Sorry for inconvenience.

  • Version 1.5.0

    1.5.0 Is here baby!

    Reupload 1: 22.06.2022 19:30 GMT+3 - Fixed typo in SVM related to Airdrop time.
    You can fix manually - check comments

    Only when i thought i fixed all the bugs, fifteen more shows up killme

    Visuals overhaul,

    Hideout section overhaul,

    Quest section,

    Pockets in CSM,

    fields related to blacklist,

    Airdrops section in "Loot" section,

    little QOL and ability to pre-load presets when you run GFVE,

    and god knows what else with as much bugs as features.

    Have fun!
    TODO for 1.5.1: Localization and limit fixes, probably a lot of them.


  • Version 1.4.9

    1.4.9 Update for 2.3.0+
    Added energy and hydration loss rates, requested by user.

    Added an ability to remove trade limits, also requested by another user.
    Fixed typos related to bots loadouts containers that didn't made function to work
    Fixed typo with ballistic coef not being setup right, also i set minimum limits to 0.3 because it also adjust reticles, be warned.
    Moved `max skills` and related to it funcs into `Old or Experimental` due to not fitting to the general idea of SVM, they won't be removed tho.
    Presets should be completely compatible.
    I forgot to change number in the message that shows on loading ;-;

  • Version 1.4.8-H1

    1.4.8-H1 For 2.3.1
    Hotfix #1 - fixed container multipliers names being unassigned, causing no loot in containers in reserve and lighthouse
    Adjusted insurance values to minimum 0.01 since setting them to 0 would cause a warning message and will set them to 0.3 afterwards
    Increased limb maximum limits in health section to 5k

  • Version 1.4.8

    FOR 2.3.1
    Minimum changes, separated multipliers for Dynamic and Container loot
    updated some weather and skills fatigue values.
    Also cleaned some unused/removed lines both in SVM and GFVE, such as loot overlap.

  • Hi, just a moment ago I installed your mod. It looks great but somehow it doesn't save the stuff I change, it only saves my presets. Any idea how to fix it?

    • By clicking apply?
      Either whole mod is disabled or something is blocking access for GFVE to create a file, in both cases - I can't help without seeing it myself.
      Most likely though it's a human error, so just be sure you did everything correctly, down below in comments you can read how to install a mod.
      As a last resort - Feel free to HMU via link in GFVE in EmuRC dc server.

    • Thx for the reply. it was indeed some stuff that I forgot.

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  • HI,

    This morning, I downloaded your mod. And I unzipped the downloaded 7Z file in the USER/MODS folder. However, the mode is not applied due to the error.

    'Mod ServerValueModifier1.5.6H2 is missing package.json

    Invalid mod (ServerValueModifier1.5.6H2) encountered'

    The client version is 19428.

    Please solve the problem.

    • How to install mods?
      1. Download the mod.
      2. Extract the mod archive into GameFolder/user/mods/, if it doesn't exist, create it!
      3. Be sure to look that you haven't put folder into another folder.
      Path should be precisely like this "GameFolder/user/mods/modfolder/modcontents"
      4. Start the server & the game.

  • Hey, Ive been using your mod for awhile and its great! I have one small issue where I wanna use the "Cultists Everywhere" enabled. I enabled both the raids tab and the cultist everywhere enabled but when i load into a raid theres no AI anywhere and I did not alter anything in game nor with your mod. What mistake am I making. Also when I extract it Never sends me back to main menu :):?:

    • Broken, same with Raiders, fix is already in new (unreleased) version and will be published with 3.2.4

    • Oh I see dang. Well I look forward to whenever it's released keep up the great work!

  • hi Glukhar wont spawn for me even though his spawn chance is at 100% And Reshalas spawn is also 100% and i've seen him once and i do have the subsection Checked

    • Don't play on Medium difficulty, keep `as online`. try again

    • I'm playing as online and still got nothing

    • Then be sure you have LATEST-EST of 3.2.3 because they had hotfix related to that exact issue.

    • Yeah i got the latest version. its really weird cause i found a couple of bots with the loadouts of Glukhars Followers But i also forgot to say i do have a mod called Lua-PlayerBossScav i dont know if maybe thats the problem i will do more testing

    • Ok so i enabled in raid options and set Glukhar and reshala spawns to 99% and now they are spawning

  • Hey, any chance of getting a "Examine Speed" modifier? I love to examine things but I would love for the process to be faster

    • Already was asked, I haven't found how to achieve this, feel free to tell me and i'll add it.

  • hi when i try to run my game with the mod installed i open the server and it closes about a second later

    • Check server logs or run via bat file, so you could at least see what causing it.

      Write this:


    • write it where

    • Google - "How to create a bat file".
      Could've just read logs if you haven't understood the second option.

  • First of all, I love this mod, and have been using it forever.

    But, im running into an issue where I can't change the purified water production. I wanted it to use the same amount of filter per unity of water, so I left that at 66. But I reduced the time per unit to 2 seconds. That caused the problem of the purifier to just eat the filters without ever producing water. I changed it to 100 seconds, which btw still made finished the product in like 5 seconds (idk if it has to do with maxxed out hideout management). This time I get the water, but I get an error when I try to get the next unit of water unless I switch the filter, which only ever loses 1% and you get that 1% back when you re-instert it into the filtration unit. Not sure what's going on. But i'll happily try to provide more info if needed.

    • Bad practice to change values on the fly, specially with hideout.
      Best option would be terminating whole process via removing it from the profile, or setting previous values back.

  • Absolutely loving it!

    I am finding one small issue, but could just be me. I have done everything in the Bots panel with the bosses and have even made Tagilla 100%, yet he doesn't seem to be spawning at all. Even after I save and apply. I even check the loader.json file and it says 100% on there. So maybe I am forgetting one small step? Other than that, works flawlessly!

    • come on, why my clunky ui is clunky.unknown.png

      Be sure the second `Enable` is enabled, or changed values won't go into action.
      By default that menu shouldn't be accessible without enabling it in the first place, but i fucked it up and didn't noticed.
      will be fixed next patch.

    • I did have it enabled and I just did some extra testing.

      Raiders at 100% on reserve works, Reshala works and pretty much the rest work. Tagilla did not for some reason.

    • I can only recommend playing on `as online`, there were multiple issues related to `non-default` difficulty, for example on medium Reshala doesn't spawn but his goons are (or the opposite, can't recall).

  • Lovin the mod :D

    Seem to have an issue with Boss's not spawning depsite being set to 100% chance, i've ticked the enable box and set them to 100%, but when i apply, then save, then relaod even though the enable box is clicked they are greyed out. Any Ideas what im doing wrong?

    • Sounds confusing.
      First of all, 1.5.6 doesn't have that function anymore, instead it has a new menu in bots section. i am bad at reading
      There was a bug with it on first iteration, so you might need to redownload.
      other than that - i need more info, if you're using 1.5.5 - it shouldn't have any issues.

  • Is it possible, to get a more detailed info about the Bots tab?

    Can I set it, that the PMC are not fighting against each other (Like Bears are only killing Scav and USEC)? Because the PMC and Scavs are killing themselfs nearly all the time and I do need PMCs for some missions.

    • Bears do not attack bears and so is usec do not attack usec.
      If you see such behavior - report it to AKI devs, not me.
      Speaking of PMC of your own faction attacking YOU - that can be done via SVM, although I had reports that this function ceased to work on 3.2.X.

  • Hi Ghost! Excellent mod, truly great. This thing alone does what previously required 7 different mods, and even then it's much more streamlined, user-friendly and does more things than those multiple mods did, combined.

    If I may leave one suggestion, it'd be to kindly add health / food / water recovery multiplier. When out of raid, some people would like to have it set very high to automatically heal and and recover almost instantly when out of raid; I'd like it at 0 so that I'm forced to use food / medkits from the stash, and waiting around until I heal for free wouldn't an option.

    • Hmm, making it more is easy but setting it to 0 would be problematic, I'll look into it.

  • hey man, I was wondering if it was possible to add an option into the bot loadout section that enables bots to use weapons from other mods? If not no worries, great mod cant play without it! keepup the great work

    • Hmm, yes but actually no.
      There is some changes going on related to AI loadouts recently, so maybe it will be done without my help.
      I had some plans related to KMC weapons, adding them into mods compats so they could be added to AI, but it has to be done manually with each gun, which didn't happened except once with AN-94.
      So I'll say no, and there is no plans on that yet unless someone will show up with cool collab.
      Or if KMC gets back on track with more recent versions.

  • Greetings all!

    Can I edit my player scav health like my main PMC charachter?

    • Nope, neither health or anything else specific for SCAV.
      SCAV section is planned in the future but I am not really interested in that mechanic at all.

  • Great mod! Quick question though, as it's not compatible with weather mods, do you guys have any tip on what value I should change to make the weather always sunny/clear?

    • It is not strictly incompatible, it just all other mods does the same with no clear success(including svm), server sucks on manipulating rain and fog.
      Best bet - weather control by SamSwat.

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  • Мод не работает, в батнике spt aki пишет что мод деактивирован, никаких других модов не установлено.

    • Как же сложно читать красный текст, или вообще какой-либо текст связаный с модом.
      Берем, запускаем экзешник, выбираем что понравится и жмем 'Применить'.
      Обьязательно нажимаем 'Применить'

  • Im more of a doggo guy, but this katto I like :thumbup:

  • Hey there, just downloaded and redownloaded your mod a few times and whenever I attempt to enable the "bots" section my SPT-AKI 3.2.3 server crashes halfway through the launch. Once I turn it off the server can launch successfully. The rest of the mod is usable except for the bots section. Any help/ advice?

    • Happening to me as well. And this is very strange because I played a few days ago with the bot section selected and it worked perfectly fine. Randomly today it now crashes the server with everything exactly as it was a few days ago. Deactivated the bot section and the server started up just fine.

    • and this is just black magic nonsense now, without server logs I can't help here.

    • Honest question, if i select something that causes the server to be unable to start, how do I get a server log?

    • Come on kids, experiment, you have whole tool stored on ya pc.

      The client (the game logs) located straight in game folder, the server logs located in user folder.

      I am really lacking people with knowledge to report issues about svm or Aki itself.

      Current case with ai and server blackout is internal server infinite loop, clogging up the log up to 10MBs of text not this time, had other mod making too much text..

  • Привет тут такое дело - скачал я SPT AKI 3.2.3 сделал настройки для себя, дополнительно поставил моды. Зашел в игру и вышел в рейд на Таможню - были 3,4 бота и вот в чем проблема в файле я выставил свое время для рейда (в "EscapeTimeLimit": 40,) но то время что я выставил не работает. На discord канале я у парней спросил что делать сказали скачать ServerValueModifier сказали что как делать - все сделал как надо при запуске сервера SVM в нем активируется, в настройках ServerValueModifier галочки выставил в настройках рейда поставил долгий рейд 4 час. Снова вышел в рейд на Таможню - упс настройки на долгий рейд не работает (в игре где то 59 минут) и не одного бота на локации бегаю совсем один. И да в SPT AKI 3.0.0. время рейда у меня 2 часа там все нормально работает без ServerValueModifier. Что мне делать как все настроить.

    • Значит плохо настроил, насчет нехватки ботов это к как раз к АКИ, они намудрили на этой версии.

  • GhostFenixx

    I'm facing a problem everytime I extract I get black screen only using this mod

    how do I fix this

    and this only happening with the new update of the game

    (i have everything new aka full wipe)

    • Should I remind people that I am not a genie and this mod is quite huge to pin point issues?

      Specifically with no info whatsoever?

      For now all the issues that causes such thing roots from bot types, raiders specifically.

      My recommendation - do not use bots sections, and don't set ai difficulty to "normal", keep it "as online", be sure you've reinstalled Aki due to same release having hotfixes.

      Other than that - I'm waiting for any constructive info such as svm/eft/aki version, errors and/or logs.

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    • I'm only getting the Black Screen of Death on Labs :/ When i look at server console it says "unable to find bot pmcBot isPmc: true in cache"

      which i have no clue whats its trying to do. This is messing with the Boss, Raiders, & Cultist chances. So far I love the other way better than this new way but who knows. Maybe im doing something wrong. I have everything the same as GhostFenixx has in there but I was hoping to make the bosses 100% chance to spawn with the Trio rouges on custom alittle bit higher to spawn as well. Sadly, I had no luck in getting them to spawn at all.

      Update: Not sure if this is suppose to be blacked/greyed out when having the box checked. When i have it unchecked then everything lights back up. ScreenShot

    • Update, there were 2 updates already fixing both issues
      UPD: That was for the comment above, not for yours c.crazy, that error may still persist, but wouldn't hurt updating both AKI and SVM.

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    • oh oki thx for telling me i will try to update everything and see if that will fix everything if not then i guess i have to wait

    • GhostFenixx

      sorry for asking this but how do i update SVM? do i download it again or there is away to update it i never done this before

  • Whenever i change settings on the bots tab no bots spawn at all, any fix?

    • Same for me also, I was gonna ask for help also . I have been trying to get bosses but the spawn increase is not working at all

    • Alrite, lemme see.

      Yep, there is multiple fuckups, idk why i haven't tested before release, expect reupload.
      UPD: fixed.

    • Having same problem with getting bosses to spawn. What I noticed is that when I go into the UI the section to adjust boss spawn rates is greyed out, even after updating my preset and saving.with that section activated and boss spawns adjusted. When I click the box again (to be able to access that section) it becomes available without a check being present in the box. Not sure if this info helps at all but figured I'd share my experience.

    • Well great, another bug to fix, ffs.
      Fixed, redownload.

    • just to add on, everything works as intended for me however when ai amount and difficulty is set to Medium, it shows errors, any other setting works. also amazing mod, i always use it whenever u play spt keep it up

  • I see that you removed the Increase Boss Spawn Chance button. Why is that?

    • Because I reworked them in bots section? I'm surprised you read the fact i removed something without checking what's added.

      Crying 1
    • My man I tried. I downloaded the file at work and tried to run it only to find that it wouldn't run without being inside of the mods folder. I read the changelog, must have missed the small text sandwiched between small text. My bad.

  • A hotfix for the SPT-AKI was released to fix raiders not spawning in the labs. However, the function to turn all scavs to raiders is still glitched. Could be an issue with the trigger

    • Aand that's finally fixed, idk when i'll release it tho.

  • Im using v1.5.5 with AKI v3.2.2

    I am trying to reduce the prices on the flea market. I tried changing Flea Market -> AI Generated Offers -> Price range Min: 0.01 Max: 0.05

    But the weapon prices on the flea are still unchanged, no error messages show up during server startup and loading of the mod

    Any tips? Maybe I need to wait or change another setting?

    • It should work as usual, be advised it won't alter the already existing AI offers, so you might need to wait a little for prices to change.
      And obviously be sure you've applied settings.

  • Trying to learn about how loot spawns. When I use your mod to adjust the dynamic loot multiplier for any given map, I know it increases the amount of items that can spawn as loose loot, but does it change anything in terms of the quality of those items?

    Also, since there is obviously more loose loot on the map and only so many loot spawns available, is there a point where you raise the loot multiplier high enough that every potential loot spot on the map now has loot? If the multiplier is raised too high will the mod add loot spawn points to accommodate for the increase in loot? I read somewhere that each map has a cap on the amount of loot that can spawn on it, so I'm just trying to figure out all of the various things changing the loot multiplier does.

    • I'm honestly never paid attention on how exactly loot distribution works since 3.0.0,

      Way back before it was limits, spawn points and multiplier.

      Right now it's only multiplier, which I guess is logical since even with limits set - you can't spawn more than there is loot point, and generally they were lower.

    • Ah, okay. I've been trying to find a damn ledx forever, I'm farming most of the ledx spawns on Shoreline, around 70 straight raids now and not one found. Is there a way to increase the spawn rate for specific items using this mod?

    • Nope

    • I raised the loot multiplier to 20, went to Shoreline and the red keycard was laying there in three of the five spots it can spawn on that map. The blue keycard has three spawns on that map, I checked two (I'm missing a key for the third) and it wasn't at either spot. Very surprised to see that the blue card might have a lower drop rate than the red card. At least for items that can be the only item for a given spawn point, raising the multiplier basically forces the spawn regardless of rarity. There were no ledx's or gpu's on the map, so clearly raising the multiplier doesn't increase the rarity of items in spawn points that have multiple options.

      edit: I did multiple runs to test things. The red keycard spawned in the same three spots every raid. The blue keycard didn't spawn ever. I looked in the server files, for shoreline/loose loot and did a keyword search using the item numbers for these keycards. For "itemDistribution" (items that can potentially spawn for that specific spot) the red keycard was listed three times, once for each of the spots I found it in. The blue keycard isn't listed at all. In other words, the blue keycard has three spawns on Shoreline for the live version of the game, but NONE on Shoreline for SPT. The red keycard has 5 potential spawn locations on Shoreline for live Tarkov, but only three for SPT. The ashtray spawn in Admin building, and the floor spawn next to the bed in West 203 are not valid red keycard spawns for SPT.

      I also tested this by going to a room with a known ledx spawn, west 316, and again for itemDistribution no ledx item number was listed. I wanted to see if I could force spawn items by removing all other possibilities and leaving only one, and I succeeded by leaving only a golden star item number, went into a raid, and that's exactly what was there. I've now replaced the golden star item number with the ledx item number and will see if you can basically just plug whatever you want to find to overwrite an existing item with another.

      My whole point in posting this is to let people know you might be farming areas for specific items that are there for the live version, but have no possibility to spawn in SPT, like I was with the blue keycard. It's best to check first to make sure the item can even spawn, don't rely on spawn info for the live version. Lesson learned.

      edit 2: The ledx spawned, so it's possible to remove all other options, crank up the loose loot spawn chance and spawn in pretty much whatever you want, wherever you want.

    • SPT uses loot tables from offline mode, not from live, that's why.

  • It seems that enabling the "Bots" tab in the GUI fails the server for me. Anyone else having this issue / have any advice?

    • Need more info, what Aki and svm version, and what error does it drops.

      I was testing every page enabled and can't recall issues with it.

    • SPT-AKI 3.2.3 + SVM 1.5.6. The mods I have installed and working include Lua Spawn Rework, FleaMarketPriceUpdater, Custom Spawn Points, AutoProfileBackup, and SPI-AKI Profile editor. I believe everything has been installed in the appropriate manner.

      edit: deleted error cuz someone got tilted. i think the culprit may be lua spawn rework since both of them influence bot behavior

    • For fuck sake, you could throw a file link, you just made a shitlong post.
      Remove it, try to run SVM ONLY, i think you have some mods conflict.

    • I mean, you had like 800 1120 lines there, I'm actually surprised this website allows to do such thing.

  • Ya know sometimes i wish IDE's and stuff actually had stuff that screams at you saying


    Would make searching through your syntax much less painful.

    P.S. thank GOD a new update, I do like me some boss spawn manipulation tho :3

    • Holy heck you scared me with that caps
      They kinda do? I have extensions on visual studio code that support JS and JSON syntax.
      JS isn't type-heavy language so semicolons are completely unrequired yet i do them anyway(if i don't miss it) since my main prog.lang would still be C#.
      Furthermore there is a dedicated SPT extension for VS that can help you with stuff, can't tell is it good or bad though, haven't used it.

    • Most of my language forte has been just straight java

      -i regret every line i made except for a server and client i made for networking class-

      but it'll be something ill look into if i ever get around to actually trying to make a legit mod. Gonna look around for any stuff for eclipse tho or maybe even apache netbeans? honetly netbeans is just a good IDE in java and shortcuts the GUI making process. would recommend if youre FORCED to use java

  • The latest version of SVM, 1.5.6, isn't saving my selection for no flea market fees on 3.2.3.

    • Works fine for me, check the tooltip related to fees.

    • I will try again.

    • AP5k20Y

      This is how it should look, correct?

    • Yes, it should be unchecked if you don't want to have fees, again be sure to read the tooltip on it.

    • Much appreciated, thanks.

  • У меня у одного пустая лаборатория и черный экран при выходе?

    • Я понимаю что из русскоговорящих мододелов я самый известный, но всё же у меня тут не тех.поддержка.
      Проблема известна, решается, с моим модом никак не связана, не советую юзать ивент с рейдерами, результат будет тот же на любой карте.
      Labs Bot Generation seems to be breaking the server.

    • Извини друг, сначало написал, потом подумал

      Вопрос по твоему шикарному моду.

      Планируешь ли ты правки по ИИ?

    • Не моя стезя, для этого есть Фин и его моды, а так же Луа и его спавны.

  • So, I keep getting this error when i attempt to boot it up

    Mod ServerValueModifier1.5.6 is missing package.json

    Invalid mod (ServerValueModifier1.5.6) encountered

    any fixes?

    • and to clarify, it does have that file

    • Nested folder.

      How to install mods? straight from faq

      1. Download the mod.
      2. Extract the mod archive into GameFolder/user/mods/, if it doesn't exist, create it!
      3. Be sure to look that you haven't put folder into another folder.
      Path should be precisely like this "GameFolder/user/mods/modfolder/modcontents"

    • I've done it all like that, and i keep getting the same error

    • Then you have ANOTHER folder, i dunno, usually this error means that server cannot initialize the mod.
      So either you have missing files or path is wrong, and without your screenshot of the path and contents I can't help you.

    • Oh, now i went from one error to the next

      now its this

      SVM: SVM is lacking loader file or there is an error, mod is disabled

      SVM: If it's Syntax error, edit it manually in loader.json or/and edit values with GFVE properly

      SVM: If it can't find module(loader), run GFVE inside mod folder and create it, duh

      Cannot find module '../Loader/loader.json'

      Require stack:

      - C:\Battlestate Games\EFT - SP\user\mods\ServerValueModifier\src\SVM.js

      - C:\Battlestate Games\EFT - SP\obj\bundle.js

  • Damn, it's been a month since last update.
    3.2.3 thread is officially started, I will release 1.5.6 soon enough.
    Not much to add, I've added stims and drugs options into bots loadouts, finished AI spawn chance and marked the ones that has altered values.
    removed `increase boss chance` option since now we have separate fields in bots.
    There were attempts to alter search actions again, but failed.

    I will look more closely into what can be done with globals values, that includes overheat, skills and maybe something else.
    Sadly due to changes of 3.2.3 related to AI types loot, you might need new preset.

    • So there is already a thing to hotfix or push with a new update.
      Custom pockets if unhandled properly can remove pockets COMPLETELY from your profile, happens if you add custom pockets and then remove it without changing it back to default.
      worry not - I already made a workaround for that, the price for it would be the items in your pockets though, INCLUDING SPECIAL SLOTS.
      So be careful when you fiddle with it, it's red for a reason.

      in case you already broke it and you want to fix it straight away - insert this into your profile, look for `securedcontainer` via IDE ctrl-F and insert this:


      "_id": "AnythingWIllDo",

      "_tpl": "627a4e6b255f7527fb05a0f6",

      "parentId": "ReadBelow",

      "slotId": "Pockets"

      For parent ID you'll need to look for `equipment`, it should be in the end of the inventory.items structure, easiest way to look for might be searching for `skills`, it should be above it.

      I'll try to look for the way to recover pockets without losing items, but for now - it is what it is.

  • True Opatchki experience

    Everyone use it, love it, and basically can't play the game without it, so why are you still reading reviews ? Just press the download button Monkam

  • how can we live without you

    mod is great as always, you are so talented <3

  • Amazing Work

    You guys are out here doing such great work! Works amazingly, no hiccups! Thanks for making gaming fun again!

  • Everything you gonna need for server settings configurations

    Made with love and passion :thumbup:

  • Great mod!

    Nothing more I can say. Lots of settings to modify server anyway you like. Appreciate your time and effort! :thumbup: