Server Value Modifier [SVM] 1.8.3

Please do not ask when mod authors will update their mods to 3.9.0
Bothering mod authors will lead to warnings and repeat offenses will lead to eventual bans.

"This should be in AKI by Default" kind of mod. Standalone extensive All-In-One Server mod that comes with User Interface with more than 666+ fields to tinker.

  • Version 1.8.3

    SVM 1.8.3 FOR SPT 3.8.1-3

    2 steps forward, one step back. This is mostly a fix rather update.
    Follow comment section if you're curious about google block


    Clarity for sub-sections


    Turned Quests 'Misc' and 'Ammo Stack' into subsections with switchers - one is user request and second is a mandatory action for profile-editing field.

    Recolored Quests 'Misc' and Raiders everywhere' due to causing issues. Added a tooltip to 'Raiders everywhere'
    Reverted half of functionality from new repeatable quests feature, they cause fatal problems I cannot deal with yet - now the options will only affect already replaced quests, but not newly generated ones.
    Increased storage time cap to 720 hours.
    Limited Reward Spread for repeatable quests to 0-2, because otherwise people would have negatives in rewards.

    Header of UI having a wrong font
    SCAV Pockets and health are now being saved both when you die and extract, again - The solution is not pretty tho. Still broken, but now it's worse, check pinned comment
    Insurance storage time were non-functional due to internal change, fixed.
    PMC stats wasn't being able to change on it's own without other similar sections were enabled, fixed.

    NEW PRESETS ARE RECOMMENDED, Or at least just load-save your current one and be sure to enable ammo stacks if you were using them.

  • Version 1.8.2

    SVM 1.8.2 FOR SPT 3.8.1-3
    40 releases, 500k downloads, wooo! I'd better not fuck up this release.


    Remove timer for new quests - those 24hours blocks are no more

    Drastically increase trader stock quantity - experimental non-balanced feature to forget about stock amounts

    Allow to sell items with no 'found in raid' tag - self explanatory

    New PMC names that represent EmuRC and Fika Communities.

    Disable Fence's for coop extracts - By a user request (hf Leaves)

    Remove reputation penalty for quests reroll

    Multiplier of a cost to reroll a quest


    Header of UI, the icons are placeholders for now, I may edit them properly later.

    Scaled the window size and made it able to move the window via grabbing on any non-control spot.

    Loader.json is now being a part of archive by default instead of being generated - user request (MO compat)


    Heat Factor and Glukhar on Labs are back in UI - I am blind, what can I say.

    Hideout values have an additional digit to be used.

    Proper values and limits for Fleamarket

    Fixes related to altered Scav Health and Pockets when you extract from the raid,

    was only functional when you die

    English and Russian typos, UI scaling for certain texts.

    NEW PRESETS ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - due to fact Fleamarket and PMC names were changed and new features got released.

    Sadly the release got rushed due to fact I've got blackouts - Therefore I did not include custom presets, you've got to wait for lads to upload them on their pages.
    Otherwise - hmu in DMs/Discord/Comments to include your link on this page.

  • Version 1.8.1

    SVM 1.8.1 FOR SPT 3.8.0
    This one is a hell of a ride as well with 'happy accidents'
    Additional limiters to 'Inventory and items', 'Hideout' and 'Traders' - Should avoid people setting values too high so they won't stuck in server loading.
    Keys section got a new field, 'Keys Usage threshold'.
    Section enablers are more visually clearer and functional.

    Removed unused elements in the class

    'Remove FIR requirements for quests' field

    'All containers' field

    'Killa' was missing in Bots section.

    Regeneration values minimum values were changed from 0.01 to 0.

  • Version 1.8.0H4

    SVM 1.8.0 For SPT-AKI 3.8.0
    [H1 02.04 4:37 GMT-0][H2 02.04. 22:15 GMT-0]
    [H3 03.04 22:05 GMT-0]
    [H4 04.04. 1:51 GMT-0]

    [H4 Reupload 04.04. 3:07 GMT-0] Forgot to include newer .ex

    Since the website is fully functional, it's time to list all the changes.
    F.A.Q Section.
    Inventory and items - Flare pistol into special slots

    Hideout section - Stash size
    Traders - Quest assort, Removal of barter and currency assorts, Trader assort price multiplier.
    Loot > Airdrop - got a field to adjust amount of gear (armors, rigs)
    Raid Settings - Add a level restrictions to Ground Zero(Yes, you read it right, AKI doesn't have a restriction for it by default) Snow, disable current events.
    Case Space Manager - Waist Pouch and Dev case.
    CSM> Custom Pockets -'Hide Special Icon' Plugin - allows to disable the visibility of inventories of cases that is inserted into Special slots, Made by Nexus4880 exclusively for SVM.
    User Presets made by Yansen and Puppy.
    The Executable, aka GFVE was remade from scratch on .Net 6 with a new name called `Greed`.
    Completely reworked the system how presets are being stored, applied and manipulated within
    Reworked the system to enable sections, they are now outside of fields inside tab items.
    Licensing, Visuals, Disclaimer of not owning materials, new font, text all over the place.
    A lot of relocations of certain fields.
    Currency stack field in 'Inventory and items' got expanded for more customizability of currencies.
    Infinite keys got expanded for an own sub group.
    Hideout section - a lot fields have been changed to be multipliers, `Remove Constructions requirements` got separated in 3 options for variety.
    Stock time was reduced to affect only Fence and was located to Fence settings however both minimum and maximum now.
    Insurance and repair sections were merged into one and it is called 'Traders Services' + Clothing settings went there as well.
    Clothing got expanded into multiple options - user request.
    PMC Section - Bear Names and Usec names were merged for convenience.
    Numerous fields got reworked to support 3.8.0
    Raid Settings - AI Amount multipliers settings
    Repeatable quests - Levels, Experience, Roubles, Items, Reputation.
    Bots - Spawn per zones and Limits per locations
    PMC Section - Add all keys, Add all containers
    I will not list the whole list in terms of test release (Which also had 10 reuploads in total, yeah, you haven't seen worst yet)
    Therefore I'll just list uncovered and solved so far:

    [H1] Fixes related to app crash on saving empty fields,

    [H1] 6.8 not being added to ammo stacks,

    [H1] missing goons in boss spawn chance section,

    [H1] tooltips related to trader assort and selling.

    [H1] also removed some old loggers

    [H2] Fixed Insurance storage time sharing same number as fence stock size

    [H2] Fixed removal of FIR requirements in tags (untested tho)

    [H2] Fixed misalignment in traders section.

    [H3] Fixed Waist Pouch and Dev container taking no effect

    [H3] Band-Aided Some inconsistency while reloading/saving presets.

    [H3] Added some limits for fields related to hours to mitigate some user errors, plus some other fixes that could remove hanging in server terminal - RELOAD/SAVE YOUR PRESETS JUST IN CASE.

    [H3] Fixed typo related to skills

    [H3] Fixed Prapor/Therapist insurance values being backwards CHECK YOUR CHANGES HERE AS WELL IF YOU USE TRADER SERVICES.

    [H3] Added Yansen's custom preset

    [H4] Fixed Bots Armor/Weapon Durability, might require your attention to adjust numbers properly

    [H4] Boss Weapon Durability minimum and maximum can be adjustable now.

    [H4] Fixed `None` to `NoBots` in AI Amount selection. (I bet Chomp is disappointed at me on this one)

    [H4] Fixed Default `MIA At the end of the raid` to be true, including default user presets that come with SVM.

    [H4] Fixed `Load last preset`

    [H4] Added a text changer if save/load was successful.
    Known Issues: Might as well call it TODO list.
    Missed tooltips,
    Missing limits for fields,
    Typos in both localizations,
    Trader quest assort can cause a server exception, due to trader mods
    Application errors on startup - If you happen to have it, i'd rather recommend you to contact me in discord and include your Event Viewer logs.
    TO CHECK: Quest FIR requirements.
    Planned for next version:
    Attempting to return some fields in one way or another.
    More advanced way to adjust AI, manipulating minimum/maximum of AI via multipliers per map.
    As usual, more tooltips, proper text, a lot of stuff needs to be added in F.A.Q.

    Thanks for everyone contributed within early access release.
    Lacyway, DeadLeaves, Hallow, AtonicX, Yansen, Puppy, Flowless, Mephyr, TheSparta(As usual), Guidot. (Sorry if I missed someone)
    And thanks to many of you who reported listed issues so far.
    Have fun.

  • Version 1.7.2

    1.7.2 [19.11.23 20:00 GMT] FOR AKI 3.7.0-3.7.3
    1.7.2H1[01.12.23 2:45 GMT] FOR AKI 3.7.0-3.7.3

    Just a little one, nothing to look at >_>

    Added user Submitted preset: Yansen's Personal Overhaul by well... Yansen.
    Also updated Oraceon's and Vampucio's Preset to latest one uploaded on their links.
    Fair and Balanced Preset for SVM


    Individual item property changer field checker

    Default sizes of Keycard holder and Injector (Also updated those values in SVM Default, Yansen preset and in my one as well)

    Size of preset field on English localization

    [H1] Fixed PMC Hostility chance pointing to null - whoops, thanks to Lasko for pointing out.

  • Version 1.7.1

    1.7.1 [03.11.23 14:00 GMT] FOR AKI 3.7.0-3.7.1
    1.7.1H1 [03.11.23 15:12 GMT] FOR AKI 3.7.0-3.7.1
    Minor UI hotfix for custom fields, feel free to ignore if you are accustomed how it works

    That's quite the ride with fixes.

    NEW PRESETS ARE RECOMMENDED, but not mandatory, you can just save-load yours and adjust new fields to your likings.


    New field in Raids section - Wave multiplier - this was in plans for ages, allows you to edit AI amount multiplier in Pre-raid options

    New field in Player section - Character XP per action - currently it's not much, but it allows to edit amount of XP given per PMC and SCAV, and their Headshot bonus, I plan to add at least 4 more fields to this box in the next update.

    Added Streets coop extract into extractions settings - that was missed in 3.7.0

    Added Oraceon's Preset into main once again, for all the info you can check here:
    Fair and Balanced Preset for SVM

    Added User Vampucio's submitted preset.
    UPD: He has own page with that preset now, probably updated as well, check it out


    Resized preset name field - Come on Oraceon, couldn't you make it a little bit smaller? :D
    Turns out I only did that on Russian Localization, smh.

    Checks for Quotes and commas in GFVE - there was a check before, but it did quite the opposite as it does right now, I removed it and forgot to add an alternative, one of biggest causes of issues on the previous update

    Moved Post-Raid XP multipliers from Raids section to Player section - because it's more XP related than raid really.

    Ammo stacks backend were rewritten - it is more comprehensible and generally less junk, so if any Modder wants to include their ammo - I'll be happy to provide.

    Daily/Weekly/Scav Elimination quests now include more fields, that is separated by a range of levels, to accomodate with that - New fields with Minimum/Maximum required kill for each quest type.

    Refreshed and rewrote Event `All bosses in Customs` by user 'At0m1cDust', It will mostly follow `Bosses & Rogues Wander` spawn points.


    AI to PMC Converter: Sniper scavs were defined differently. Fixed

    `Cultists everywhere` were bugged due to case sensitivity. Fixed

    Russian locale got one of options (`OP Armor repair`) dislocated in GFVE, ending up unable to access. Fixed

    Fixed the wrong boolean value in `Disable random placement of containers` in loot section

    Fixed visual field related to USEC/BEAR ratio

    Fixed and added compare checks for Airdrops and Quests values

    Added missing Russian translation of changelog

    Updated Quests fields to be on par with default AKI, that was partially missed in 1.7.0

    Lack of notes in my Preset - I swear they were there.

    [H1] Custom field check was pointing to wrong localization message, fixed.

    1.7.0 was quite lively update, thanks for everyone reporting issues, hopefully this one will be less messy.

  • Version 1.7.0

    1.7.0 [15.10 22:40 GMT+3] FOR AKI 3.7.0-3.7.1
    1.7.0H2 [16.10 1:30 GMT+3]
    1.7.0H3 [16.10 2:41 GMT+3]
    1.7.0H3Reupload [16.10 4:05 GMT+ 3] Windows flagged as virus, false-positive due to assembly error Wrong timestamp, .7z doesn't have timezone data, if you have the issue, there is drive link in comments, problem will autoresolve itself in 6 hours.

    Promised in week, here ya have it you seagulls, don't blame me for bugs now >;c


    Scav Daily quest in Quests section

    New fields in Airdrop and loot section - Remove randomized container placement and adjustable weapon boxes in airdrop crates

    New fields in Fleamarket - Added event related offers

    New options to Case Space Manager - Custom pockets can have up to 5 special slots + You can edit filter to allow single cell cases you'd like.

    New boss was added to Boss spawn chance section.

    New examples for Individual Item property field - related to stash settings

    [H3] Added new checks to avoid one of repair fields due to a difference between 3.7.0 and 3.7.1

    Bots loadouts were reworked into new section - PMC - Generational and chance fields were removed, new options were added to accommodate losses, caused by a different approach of items distribution among AI types.

    QoL to Custom boxes such as Flea/Fence blackmarket, Usec/Bear names and Individual Item Property Changer - you can discard follow JSON syntax - aka no more quotes and commas

    Midcore was moved to Experimental caused by an issue related to insurance

    Repair fields were moved to Insurance, eventually merging Insurance and Repair together + Repair price multiplier was reworked to `Repair price markup`, due to visual bug that doesn't show the price being modified.

    Server Launcher delay was increased to 5 seconds to avoid launcher not running the game.

    Loot dynamic containers limits were increased to 40x, due to AKI default values

    Fleamarket blacklist behaves differently now

    Individual item property example had a wrong ID for EOD stash on English locale - wasn't a thing in Russian one, that's why i haven't noticed for so long.

    Bots section and Fleamarket fields were updated to work with 3.7.0 and above - duh

    [H1]My preset Fence's Blackmarket wasn't updated.

    [H1] Individual property field name was wrong due to GFVE recent internal reworks - fixed.

    [H2] Fixed repair causing null in intellect causing profile corruption

    [H3] Removed debug loggers from repair
    Plane height from Airdrop section

    Settings for Rogues/Raiders/SCAV from bots loadouts section, for the reason mentioned above.

    Still haven't released/Planned:

    Settings suggested by alimoncul related to Kill experience and Armor stats.

    Wave amount multipliers.

    Additional presets made by Oraceon and Fire Hawk (Feel free to contact me if you want to have YOUR preset in 1.7.1

    Maybe something else that I forgot to add

    There will be more stuff coming up in next week or two, I need to compensate the lack of features for the skipped month.

  • Version 1.6.6

    1.6.6 [07.08 23:00 GMT] FOR AKI 3.6.0-3.6.1

    Totally didn't took me a week to do all the little things


    2 new events - All bosses on Customs and Goons on factory

    Included Oraceon's Balanced Preset into main build - It is not properly updated with recent functions 1.6.5 and 1.6.6 brings, but it should be completely functional
    For the preset info you can look here:
    Fair and Balanced Preset for SVM


    With the release of Goons on factory - I added fields to adjust Goons and Killa spawn chance on factory - for a lil' element of surprise


    Fixed the possible amount of fresh points

    Fixed Minimum/Maximum values checks on airdrops

    Fixed max bot cap for factory

    Removed unused lines related to minimum durability of a gear to be sold to traders

    Removed duplicate line related to Midcore

    Changed couple of values to match vanilla AKI (Not like i'm not doing that every version anyway)

    Added a check to avoid Softcore/Safe Exit being triggered by SCAV runs

  • Version 1.6.5

    1.6.5 [30.06 17:00 GMT] FOR AKI 3.5.8+

    Finally, a proper update!

    Added a button to override usual numerical limits

    Added a function to experimental - Remove currency stock - Removes any trader offer in USD/EUR/RUB - Sorry, I forgot how exactly I implemented my own piece of code, therefore said a different thing in comments ;-;

    Added a function to turn off offline regen in hideout section

    Added 2nd Fence's stock, when you reach Crown Rank - he has a separate pool of assorts with different pricing. (BSG Design) Now you can manipulate that assort separately.

    Amount of sell offers - now you can set how many you want yourself, took me long enough.

    Added heat Factor multiplier in `Stash and Items` section, I haven't really play test it though, so be advised.


    Updated `load last preset function`, it will be more consistent for you - you wouldn't need to load presets to make it active, any written preset in the field will do.

    Added new checks for custom fields, like Custom properties one and bot names, mostly for quotes for now, maybe I'll make it advanced later on.


    Events > Glukhar in labs works now

    Trader Stock time was selecting a different value, fixed.

    `Stash and items` section had a typo `Stash and item`, fixed - Was completely unplayable because of that, finally fixed.

    Flea and Fence blackmarket was referring to newer fields - I haven't tested them much, if you have experience - I've marked the blacklist from traders.json>fence blacklist and items.json, which both contain blacklists.

    Known Issues:

    Insurance storage time seems to be not working according to Armanello - they are marked blue now.

    NEW PRESETS ARE RECOMMENDED - Although there were no drastic changes in bots loadouds - AKI's defaults boss spawn chances have changed, most of them increased by 10-25%

    Also Including virus total checks for resources.dll and GFVE.exe, I don't think I can put both links into header of the mod, plus they are changing version by version, obviously.…1290de338815edf?nocache=1…6cad6e0444f9a21?nocache=1

  • Version 1.6.4

    1.6.4 [17.05 16:35 GMT] FOR AKI 3.5.6+
    Not really much of a list eh? ;-;


    Added Lighthouse coop extract - that was missed in previous releases


    Repair system got a temporary fix by utilizing different mechanic

    Changed extended raid option, now you can select how much extra minutes you want - not ideal solution, but that was requested after all.


    Tooltips will not vanish after you switch the language

  • SVM is almost ready, couple of finishing touches and proof-checking and it will be ready to serve.
    Planned release is within 48H from this post. (if nothing dramatic will happen)
    Somewhat changelog:


    Bosses on Health Resort event, (including an option field to include guards, if you have a death wish)
    will not add the quest however, IIRC it should be in SPT by default already

    Skier/Peacekeeper squad chances (Event).

    New fields to insurance section.

    New fields to accommodate new version of EFT - Additions to Ground Zero.

    Ukrainian and Korean localizations to UI - by celebrutu and 루퍼, 고라니.


    Internal naming and functionality to work with new version of SPT.

    AI PMC margin was split into two fields.

    Insurance price multipliers were expanded to contain the field per trader levels.

    Reverted the functionality on flea option for selling items with 'Found in raid' tag, instead of removing that option - it does the opposite.


    SCAV pockets/health to not reroll scav on extract.

    Cases disappearance.

    UI fixes related to presets.

    Pockets compatibility with UI Fixes.

    PMC names and karma weren't pointing to all possible places.


    Cultists everywhere - AI issues.

    AI Debug - deprecated functionality.

    Durability setting in pre-raid - doesn't exist anymore.

    Hopefully I did include all notable changes.

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    • You, my man, are a freaking legend, thanks so much for a banger mod to begin with,
      a constant effort to make updates/iterations and optimizations, and all alongside some truly hard life conditions, let alone mod updating conditions (that you are doing entirely by choice to begin with)
      People like you truly make the modding community exist and continue, and us no-code normies get to enjoy everlasting enjoyment from a great base game with absolutely mind blowing mods

      Massive Kudos <3

      Heart 3 Thumbs Up 4
    • Oh finally! I already learned to manually edit containers and more to compensate the lack of SVM :D

      Thumbs Up 1
    • OMG i was religiously checking this page to see if the update was out or not and seeing that its about to drop (hopefully) puts a big smile on my face, thank you for the hard work <3 !

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    • Hyyyyyyype. I made an account just to type this. Amazing work. Thanks.

      Happy 1
    • ty mate what a legend , thanks , best luck there <3

  • Hi Fenixx, wanna ask: does preset import from elder version work?

    Earlier as i remember i tried to import from 3.6 to 3.7 and it was broken af as it imported whole json as is without any validations and didn't populate that json after import with new fields. Every time manually filling things again comparing 2 running apps side by side is kinda boring ||

    • Nope, every major release of SPT also comes with values changed (to be on par with live values), not even talking about changes next version of SVM brings.

  • Hey, love your work, saves me so much time.
    Good luck with work on the update.

  • hi guys,

    any way to reduce/remove the scav cooldown? because when i want to test something, i always do it via scav rounds, so i always have to wait for the cooldown or start pmc rounds and then cancel them

  • How do I make bosses always friendly as a scav in the server files without SVM? Thanks.

  • Since everything you can do in SVM you can do in the files, there are three things I'm curious about that I haven't yet figured out how to do in the files that I presume you know how to. 1. How to unlock all items behind quests (not having to do a quest to be able to buy an item from a trader), 2. How to remove the in raid limits (not being able to put certain bags inside others), and 3. How to increase max amount of items in inventory (only 10 gp coins in inventory, 400k rubles max). If you know how to do any of these I would really appreciate it, and thank you for creating this mod!

    • All 3 options exist within svm, and you can look through the code to understand what exactly being changed.
      Unless you're interested to handle that within 'Individual Item Changer' - that can be possible only with 2 and 3, the field is `StackObjectCount` and `DiscardLimit`.

    • I probably should have worded that better, but what I was asking was because I am on 3.9.0 and don't have access to SVM, how I could do those things in the code.

    • Wait I'm stupid, you are telling me to look through the code of SVM, mb

  • Will this still work for 3.9? I doubt it, but I am being hopeful!

    • It won't, you have to wait for it to update to 3.9.0, trust me I have tested. The server will say that it doesn't match the version or something and no mods will load.

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    • The tag is red for a reason

      Crying 1
  • Hey just curious can you do an option that you remake the "All boss in custom" to "All boss in resolt" (Shorline) ? Like it was in the event before not long time ago? Maybe? Is that possible? :/

    • Doubling this, I'm really waiting for this mod for 2 reasons: 1. Adjust loot spawn rate (marked rooms and labs feels not worth it) and 2. I wanna do all bosses on reserve/shoreline to finish hustle and I want to actually fight the bosses I dont just wanan cheat the quest

    • You can do this through SWAG+DONUTS which you should have installed anyways as it is an essential mod. If you go to (yoursptfolder)/user/mods/SWAG/config then go to bossconfig, it will show you boss chances for every map and you can put bosses on other maps (for example, Killa on Factory). You can also change raider, rogue, and cultist spawns in the regular config file.

    • Already tested and implemented, I did mention that in the changelog in (for some reason it wasn't pinned but was before) top pinned comment, in replies.


    • I know people keep telling me to use swag/donuts but I don't want to set up config myself and pick spawn locations and all that. I'm hoping that SVM has simple "Toggle" buttons to enable the event. I also don't have sain bc I don't like how bots extract and behave differently. When I load into a raid, I want all that loot on the map to be available, even if I gotta hunt down every bot to get it. Plus I usually play hour long+ raids, so I feel like I'd just be alone cause everything would leave (ik I can configure but as I said I'm HOPING this mod will be a simple one click)

  • hero

  • Im not sure if GhostFenixx will answer, but I realy hope so.
    Can you please add 2 things to svm pls?
    1. Add Insurance back up time in seconds, not in hours.
    2. Add reputation multiplier.
    I know there's couple of mods can do this, but this is exactly what must be in SVM, and also will be way easier to everyone download just one mod for it.
    Thank you for your work!

    • 1 - No can do, redoing that will require for me to edit not only default times for both traders but also overriding methods, it's ton of work for diminishing results.…vices/InsuranceService.ts…803fa8b248b4571/base.json
      Both therapist and Prapor store them in hours and SPT converts those to hours correspondingly.

      2 - reputation multiplier as...? Trader standing? Flea Standing? Can you elaborate on that one.

    • Reputation multiplier for quests. A lot of quests give only 0.01 to rep for each trader, for example this mod has rep multiplier:
      Trader QoL

      Regarding insurance - there's couple of mods, like Zero Times. They are pretty small (that means it's not a big deal to do), and also their authors can give you opportunity to add their code to SVM, just need to ask, or look at their code and remade yourself.

      Or there's another variant for insurance - add check box near insurance time settings to allow players make it instant (because even 0 still not working and need to wait).
      It's only a hint, you can do what ever you want with your mod, I just clearly see that insurance change you can do a lot easier than you write above.
      Sorry for my english.

    • I can potentially adjust main quest rewards, it's not specifically difficult (repeatables used to have it but after UI change I didn't manage to recreate it to be writable to JSON properly and cohesive to user yet, this is still planned though, including expanding level range above defaults)
      Albeit not in priority, usually if people want to skip traders they would just alter standing directly.

      My stance on insurance stays the same, I'd like to avoid overriding default methods for now.
      UPD: However..i think i can make an option for exactly 'instant insurnace'.
      I mean, not specifically 'instant', but i remembered one reddit thread discussion related to interval, i will add a field in Greed that allows to modify it.
      It will allow to reduce the time interval for insurance check instead of 10 minutes to 1 minute, lower value risks bloating the server activity

    • Actually, i'm dumb.
      Turns out SPT has the ability to override the timer to seconds(it was in same method i was looking but i did not notice it ;-;), however it would affect each trader.
      Guess i'll have to implement it after all :D

    • image.png?ex=6693b751&is=669265d1&hm=fed39a281d7fedfb2094104c5876f431f07af2dea71b846259cb9f04eb2eeef7&
      Hopefully that will do the trick

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  • ma man 4 - 8 h of electricity and do this ? you are awesome I send all my energy and hope gets better a southamerican bro here know the drill

  • So Ive been scrolling and cant find anything related to this or I may just be slow, Ive installed the mod and made my preset but the server tells me

    SVM 1.8.3 has initialized, You're a PMC, Harry!

    SVM Preset - Zero to Hero - successfully loaded

    TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '627a4e6b255f7527fb05a0f6')

    TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '627a4e6b255f7527fb05a0f6')

    at MainSVM.postDBLoad (E:\SPT\user\mods\ServerValueModifier\src\SVM.js:917:48)

    at PostDBModLoader.executeModsAsync (C:\snapshot\src\loaders\PostDBModLoader.ts:77:45)

    at PostDBModLoader.onLoad (C:\snapshot\src\loaders\PostDBModLoader.ts:30:24)

    at App.load (C:\snapshot\src\utils\App.ts:57:26)

    TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '627a4e6b255f7527fb05a0f6')

    TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '627a4e6b255f7527fb05a0f6')

    at MainSVM.postDBLoad (E:\SPT\user\mods\ServerValueModifier\src\SVM.js:917:48)

    at PostDBModLoader.executeModsAsync (C:\snapshot\src\loaders\PostDBModLoader.ts:77:45)

    at PostDBModLoader.onLoad (C:\snapshot\src\loaders\PostDBModLoader.ts:30:24)

    at App.load (C:\snapshot\src\utils\App.ts:57:26)

    What am I missing last time I downloaded it the mod worked fine???

    • That's...a weird one - it flags the default ID of the pockets. Not sure how's that possible.
      In short - Case Space Manager > Pockets tries to create a custom pocket for you by cloning existing Default ones from Database, but fails.

    • Hmmmm, so the pockets seem to be the issue? I have changed them to be 1X row by 2X column, however I was never able to access server to test, and even once mod is removed I cannot run

  • will be patiently waiting for this update thank you for everything and thanks for letting us know its going to be a while Slava Ukraini

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  • Good afternoon, how is the work on the mod going, can we wait in the near future?

    • It is going.
      Optimist ETA - 14th, Realistic - this month.

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  • I'm having an issue where when I do scav raids no matter what loot and take to extract i will just get a random gear set at the end of raid. Also when on my pmc and leave a raid everything i found in raid will disappears and i will just have the items i went in to raid with.

    Why is this happening and how can i fix it?

  • Quick question. Since I know SVM has a Special slot modifier: Where can I find the Special slot configurations in the regular SPT files ? I would like to edit it to be 2x1s or is that just not possible ?

    • Everything is possible.
      You need to find ID of your pockets in your Profile, find its Parent in Items.json in the DB, and adjust those pockets accordingly.
      However that approach will affect any possible characters with same pockets, meaning any other profile or AI.
      Additionally, you can try to create own pockets entry in DB...but if you go that far, why not just use SVM then?
      Another alternative thanks to Unheard edition - you can use gift code or new profile with increased pockets.

  • SVM won't be ready to the moment of the 3.9 release, will probably take weeks.
    I only have 4-8 hours of electricity per day.
    So don't have high hopes on that.

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    • It's the only mod I used :(

      Crying 2 Thinking 1 Thumbs Up 1
    • and he said dont have high hopes, chill, give him time

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    • I tried thinking of something really witty and sarcastic to say back to this, but I really can't right now.
      Unbelievable dude, maybe you should just try having some patience? I can't believe how many entitled people fill these comment sections.

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    • @skyclad if you're going to donate, you should just do it because you use the mod & enjoy it. it probably would help speed up development but that really shouldn't be the motivation to support people who create the things you use

      edit: also just be patient, my lord. this mod isn't even a necessity, you can edit all of those json files doesn't even take very much imagination or cleverness to be able to figure out which ones you want to edit to change what settings.

      just sayin'.

      also just support your mod developers without being entitled and expecting some sort of payment for it

    • The source for this available on git somewhere?

  • Just a minor issue, not sure if already reported but when you start with "load last loaded preset on launch", categories are highlighted like enabled but all the fields are dimmed/disabled until you click the "load preset" button"

  • is there a way to lower the prices on the flea market?

    • Price range under the flea market tab, lower multipliers = lower prices

      Example: min 0.1, max 0.2 = very low flea prices

    • I do understand the issue, didn't knew it would ever cause a problem though, will look what could be done.

  • Would it be possible for you to add the option to hide the visor overlay, for example on the Altyn and the Maska? Just asking.

    • Nope, this requires client sided mod.

  • Hi all, I am a complete noob and new to SPT.
    I followed the stepbystep, i am getting the Mod (ServerValueModifier1.8.3) is missing package.json. error.
    The file is definitely there. will someone please assist ?


  • im having an issue with trying to launch greed and .net 6.0.0 is installed and all its doing is spinning the loading icon for 3 seconds and does nothing

  • Not really a bug, but user error, if you set "Quest Redeem Time" on the "Traders" tab to 0 (which doesn't make sense, but I probably understood it wrong) it gives a "CRITICAL ERROR: Unable to merge stacks as source item" when redeeming quests and you lose the items.

    To avoid someone being stupid like me (it took me 2 hours to debug by searching which option was the cause of the error), maybe 0 should not be allowed on that field.

    • noted, will set a proper limiter there.

  • Hello! I change the value to speed up magazine reload, but there is no change in the game. Perhaps I found a bug? ))

    • Strange, everything works for me except stores. I set it to 0.25. What could be the problem ?

    • Скорее всего у тебя стоит Dad Gamer mode в плагинах.

    • Точно! Стоит. С этим жить придёться ?

    • Ну либо в нём выкручиваешь, либо убираешь его целиком.

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    • Спасибо за твой мод. И за то что я теперь увидел, что Dad Gamer тоже теперь это настраивает !))

  • Can't play without this mod anymore. Love it.

    Does the option "Removes movement penalty from gear" (in the "Inventory and items" tab) removes inertia?

    Also, what does the "Sell chance multiplier" does? (in the "Flea Market" tab)

  • Hi, I was beginner to modding stuff. If I want to make the insurance to be alway work and instance deliver by items I have to set mini time to 0 and max to 0 with chance to 100 right? I did those but my item doesn't seem to deliver.

  • Seems when you have the pockets setting set to allow things (such as wallet or keychain) anything not in the first slot is sometimes lost on dying, but the first slot is always safe. Anyone know anything about that or how to fix?

  • Hi, i'm new on SPT but i like PVE setting from EFT, so i want to know if someone know what setting PVE use for loot spawn rate / rarity, boss spawn rate, xp from skill / kill / craft / hideout, ...

  • Notice a bug twice now when I die sometimes my wallet/WZwallet/GingyKeychainwill be lost.
    I have the setting turned on to allow those items to be place in the special slot. but it has only happened 2 twice out of a handful of times of dying.