Fontaine's Zeroing Quality Of Life 1.0.1

Allows you to choose what ammo each caliber should be zeroed to at any time.



Let's you choose the default ammo for each caliber that's used for zeroing. Ever notice that with some ammo the sights are way off? This allows you fix that at any time in or out of raid.


You need to swap to another weapon and back or reload to update the zeroing of your weapon. Might change that in the future.

Because the config options are dynamically generated, the default ammo for each caliber might not be the best choice so might want to configure common calibers right away.

To add mod ammo you'll need to add it manually to the JSON file in Plugins/Zeroing, it needs to follow the formatting EXACTLY. New calibers aren't supported at this time.

There may be more unforeseen bugs and issues, let me know if you encounter them :thumbup:


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  • A mod to zero 12ga AP-20 properly? You sir must smell of sandalwood. I love sandalwood.

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  • I just noticed changing the default round has an unintended feature of updating the accuracy in the inspect view. image.png

    • Oh that's sick! Normally the game displays accuracy of default ammo if there's no ammo currently in the gun so that makes sense

  • Seems to break handheld red flares. Had the bottom most flare config option zeroed for the red signal flare via the config, then found two out of an airdrop and tried firing it, but nothing happened. It would play the animation, but no flare would be fired, and it remained in my inventory.

    Finished that raid, and reset the zeroed flare to its default green, then went into a raid, and the flare worked this time, except it fired a green flare into the air instead of a red one, and didn't call in an aidrop as a result. Someone else might need to chime in, since I haven't yet tested to see if it might be a mod conflict.

    EDIT: Changed zeroed ammo to "Signal flare (Red)" and that worked just fine, red flare came out, and airdrop was called in. Might be an issue only when the zeroed flare type is set to "25x75mm flare cartridge (Red)" ? Will try to test and see if any of other flare types do the same thing.

    • Can't reproduce. Left it as whatever default was and it had no issues. There's absolutely zero reason to change the default ammo for either flare anyway.

    • Very strange. Default ammo results in the flare firing a green flare when it should be a red on my modded build, or it not firing at all on a fresh 3.5.5 install that only has this mod installed. Setting the ammo to "Signal flare (Red)" makes it work again on both.

      EDIT: and now it randomly works on the fresh install lmao. Yeah, I'm gonna say its not an issue with this mod at all, and is instead something fucky on my end.


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  • I talked about this and the madman finished it in a day.

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  • Really good mod , I did not have any problem.

    Works on 3.54 and you should install it.

  • Amazing must have mod

    So many guns are zeroed with default rounds that cause you to totally miss when you use different ammo. For example I believe all 12ga shotguns are zeroed for 7mm buckshot which has a drop of over 400cm at 150m. Meanwhile superformance and AP20 slugs will only drop 17cm and 19cm at the same 150m distance. End result is your shots will be going way over your targets head unless you zero for a much closer distance and even then it doesn't 100% fix the issue. I thought it was the shotguns high MOA causing me to miss for a long time until I knew better. Many other guns have a similar issue.

    This mod allows you to set the ammo you are actually using as the default ammo for zeroing. Cannot be overstated how important this is. BSG should just make it so the ammo you are using is what the gun uses for zero. Until that changes or if it never does, this mod is what you want.

  • Works great even with custom ammo

    Added a custom 9x39mm round to the config and it works

    The round goes at 910m/s and set the sights to 150m and this is the result at 158m to target.

    Red X marks the point of aim.