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  • ayo its me dababy

  • Hello korba!!!!

  • i found a more realistic armor plate model here if your curious.

    Its basically just the same one in your mod minus the grey/white camo.


  • updates of your ports for aki 3.2.3 would be big, especially honeybadger
    love your amazing work

    • yeah sorry, right now I'm on a bit of a break both cause I'm a bit burned out on tarkov and because I've been further pursuing programming

      can't say when I might be back but when I am I plan to update my mods

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  • Hi, first of all I don't speak English very well, I',m sorry for that. Then I would like to say that your coding skills look pretty good that why I would like to ask you how you proceed to eventually make my own updates/ports? Thanks in advance and also for your work.

    • dont port or update make your own stuff

  • hey i extracted the Kobras AIO into my mod folder and it says its missing the package.json and im not sure how to fix it

    • it says this in the server application

    • you didn't install it right, make sure its not subfoldered, when you open the folder it should go straight to the files

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    • oooooh that makes sense

  • can you port the friggin any ammo in any mag mod?

    • mayhaps

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    • im so desperate to create a dissonance firing glock that ill take mayhaps as a "yes definetly"

    • also @Kobrakon why do you hate D-EVO sight so much?

    • I used it IRL its a pretty doodoo sight with terrible eye relief

    • man i wish i was able to use sights and shit like that, sadly serbia has shitty laws (im talking out of character)

  • hello // this is me saying hello

    please dont comment all lines of code // people looking at code know how code works

    instead only comment when something could be confusing in a way // code should be self-explanatory

    • No, I do that specifically for the noobs

      Please don’t comment unless it’s an actual issue

      Why are you even complaining about this?

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    • hey, i'm just trying to help the noobs, no need to be so conceited

    • Sorry but you struck a huge pet peeve of mine

  • Hello, I am using SPO 10.2.

    according to the script.js:

    locales.en.interface["ragfair/Unlocked at character LVL {0}"] = "The Intelligence Center must be installed in your Hideout in order to communicate with the Flea Market network."

    but I've already installed Intelligence Center, still cannot get the Flea Market. Can you help me?

  • Too bad you no longer support KCH-ModPack. But this is the best mod of all today, and there are no analogues to it.

  • Saw your comment about porting Yim's ClearNVGs Redux on discord, you ever got around to releasing it? Thanks for the ports btw, much appreciated.

  • hey,can you update FERSHTE'S BALANCE PATCH ? thank you

    • I'll keep it in mind, but note that I am now prioritizing creating original mods over porting older ones

  • iv seen u have ported alot of mods any chance u can port the operator trader mod up to date ??

  • planning on modding in a Daniel Defense MK18

    • Well can't you make one in the default game using the parts handed to you?

    • Nah it has different parts, namely, it doesn't actually have the DD MK18 upper and lower along with the other parts

    • cancelled

    • but whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    • KMC already did it >>>>>>:((((

      but I'm working on an AR-15 pack now

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  • Kobrakon doing us all huge favours porting old mods to 2.1.2, huge thankyou from me

  • Not sure how amazing your modding skills are but i know there waaaay better than mine. Is there any way you could bring back Online Ragfair 2 & Faceshieldtweaks back from the dead? Thank you for putting your time and effort into making out dated mods great again.

    • Well, online ragfair relies on an online server in which I doubt is still up, and for faceshield tweaks give the Bullets N Body Armor mod I ported a try as that tweaks all armors and face shields

    • I know Bullets N Body Armor mod messes with the armor class and lowers the stats on most armor.. Which i Just want to keep everything the same. Faceshield just acted like the faceshield is on/down but without the vision restriction.

      No worries on the online ragfair, I was hoping you had a server by chance :p Worth asking just in case.

      Thank you for replaying back to me.

  • fixed it

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