Yim's BulletsNBodyArmor / Ported and Updated 1.0.2

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Port and Update for BNBA that adds compatibility and new armors

Yet another port of one of GhostSignals' mods, this time with BulletsNBodyArmor. However, I actually went and updated the main mod file to include the latest armors as well as porting it to work with the latest AKI ver, so now the new armors are balanced as well.

Once again, this is not my work! All I did was port it and update the new armors to the list.

yim you cant just make these banger mods and just disappear :kekw:

Original Author: GhostSignals

Original Mod Listing: Yim's Bullets 'N Body Armor

  • Umm interesting

    I wonder how newer stuff like Tier5 Rys-T will function in the new system

  • Hi.

    Is it possible to make this work with KMC Gear and KMC Weapons ?

    • No, it only works with base tarkov armors out of the box but im sure theres a way you can get it to work but i dont really know as ive never tried it

    • Ok.

      Thank you for answering. 🙂👍

  • I'm still alive, just been busy; real life is a bitch. That being said: thanks for porting this over! Stamp of approval and all. Maybe soon, I'll come back, brush up on my mod-making skills, and drop something special for you guys. bugcatheadbumping

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    • Yeah I figured you were just busy cause life can be a bitch sometimes, take your time

      Oh and thanks

  • I think the readme file is from a different mod :P

    • That's how it is on Yim's official BNBA mod, they must have just copied it over and never edited it