Alex-AIO 1.0.0

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Gameplay Overhaul

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I created this mod to change the offline progression to fit my playstyle.

All ammunitions have different stats. All penetration values are boosted, and all Damage values are decreased proportional to the Original value(0%~45% depending on the cartridge).

This means you dont need to have the meta rounds to be effective, but all scavs also becomes more deadly.

You are very welcome to criticize and give feedback.


  • Will you be updating your mod for 2.1.1? I got this Warning messaging saying I wont get support if there are any issues.

  • i wanna ask where can i find the config file for the makes sense modul in this pack ?
    wanna change some values in there.
    many thx for this mod so far just missing that file

    • it has to be all enabled for operator to work, thats why i only have on/off at the moment.

      ill update with configurable settings once i have a clever solution.

    • thx for that man the makes sense is a really nice mod and i can really recommend it to other

      its fun

  • Disabling gunsmith via the config doesn't work for me. I think the check isn't properly using the "enabled" boolean (line 167).

    • youre right, will fix next update.

  • If you want to be able to holster the PP-9 and PP-91 you can add these lines to mod.js under the holster section

    holster._props.filters[0].Filter.push("57d14d2524597714373db789"); //kedr
    holster._props.filters[0].Filter.push("57f3c6bd24597738e730fa2f"); //kedr suppr
    holster._props.filters[0].Filter.push("57f4c844245977379d5c14d1"); //klin
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    • you can also add this line under the gunsmith section to add the mpr45 to the tt01 adapter which works quite well with the vss and val, makes for a very pretty sniper i think :)Gh8lCJZ.png

      addToFilter("5649d9a14bdc2d79388b4580", "5649a2464bdc2d91118b45a8", 0);
    • rVYclbx.pngAnd to add the mpr45 to the mdr handguard upper tac slot you can add these lines

      addToFilter("5c48a14f2e2216152006edd7", "5649a2464bdc2d91118b45a8", 3);
      addToFilter("5dcbd6b46ec07c0c4347a564", "5649a2464bdc2d91118b45a8", 3);
  • Due to popular demand original Operator and Makes sense mod have been updated

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  • Hey, was wondering how to add more ammos, or if you are going to add more ammos and ammo types to operator because as of current it seems as if there is quite a lack of rounds

    • low tier ammos have been buffed to resolve this issue, any ammo should be decent now.

    • ahh alright, i had kept it so that it was stock ammo config

  • i don't know if this is intentional but, Operator for some reason doesn't sell every ammo type, for example. it doesn't sell 7.62x54r

    • you can use low tier ammos since they all been adjusted.

  • hi I tried loading your mod but it keeps saying "TypeError: Cannot set property 'operator' of undefined" and its followed by some file locations. I downloaded this mod cause same thing happened with the standalone.

    • download current version of server and client, and you would be fine.

      Escape From Tarkov

      SPT-AKI 2.1.0

  • Thanks but no thanks. I wish you weren't forcing people to use your gameplay changes and all the bugs you've introduced with those, when most people only needed 2.1.x compatible "lights and lasers". Yeah, those other options are supposed to be switchable from a file, but you never made any explanations to what any of those values do, plus it seems like some of them aren't working at all as reported by other users. So, uh, yeah. Not great.

    I know, I know, you're doing this for yourself, for free, and sharing with the community in the process. But tell me you don't hate it when something small you need is bundled with a bunch of stuff you don't.

    I guess I'll just scrap by by editing package.json for your outdated standalone mods and wait while someone else makes newer replacements.

    • Unity 2019 engine has different behaviors with lights and lasers. dont have time for research at the moment.

    • What research? Aren't those already in your AIO? retardadothinking You said it incorporates them. What additional research could you possibly need to Separate those changes back into a separate mod?

      Not to mention, just changing the compatible game version in a single json file makes "better lights & lasers" work just fine with 2.1.X. pepelaughing So this whole "I don't have time for research" really feels like a poor excuse to push your AIO. I just don't understand why you're doing this. pepeclown

    • Hey, fuck off. He's making mods for free and we should be thankful he's not only sharing his mods but also considering what others wants from his mods.

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    • Kropotkin, it's funny how you tried to insult me, but ultimately only insulted yourself by showing complete lack of understanding of the global topic of mod making and this particular situation. pepeclown

      He really doesn't listen at all. Nobody wanted this modpack of his which introduces undocumented features you can't turn off as it will break your game. Everyone wanted his standalone mods and keeps asking for them to be updated. And his reply is "It would take research to make those standalone mods which are already functioning in this AIO". Why is it a problem to separate them? Dooont knoooow. It's SCIENCE! Takes research! xD

      Except it doesn't. Just edit one json file and his standalone mods work perfectly fine with 2.1.x

      He is lying and forcing people to use his AIO with undocumented functions you can't turn off. That's bad! I don't know why you think doing something for free makes one a saint angel, but you couldn't be more wrong.

    • Quote from DoxFox

      This mod makes a lot of changes that are all over the place and aren't properly documented anywhere.

      It has no proper documentation on what each feature does and where to switch them off.

      I don't fucking care he doesn't provide documentation, we aren't gonna force modders to do one, and he's not the only one.

      Quote from DoxFox

      Author makes weird excuses about why he won't support the separate mods he incorporated into his AIO, like "it would take additional research". What research? ALEX AIO already has those incorporated, how would separating a feature into a separate mod require research?

      Mods authors aren't forced at all to support their mods, and we won't force them to.
      And yes, bundles have changed in Unity 2019 and he needs to do research to update his bundles to that new unity version.

      Quote from DoxFox

      Not to mention, there's literally no difference between the old standalone mods he incorporated into his AIO and their incorporated versions. Just changing compatible game version in one json file makes them work again perfectly fine and the same! He literally did nothing and claims everyone who wants those features must install his shady undocumented AIO.

      Yet his right, if people want the feature only his mod provide, they gonna install his mod, what's wrong with this ?
      If someone doesn't like his mod, he's free to not download it and doing his own mod that does the same thing(he can even share it aswell, what's amazing).

      Quote from DoxFox

      I don't know why he's doing this, but this is just bad and shady attitude all around that's ruining experience for many users who downloaded his AIO and throws shadow at the entire sp-eft modmaking community. I don't know about you but I usually don't download mods on websites where what I downloaded will either make god knows what changes or outright break the game.

      It's not throwing shadow at the entire modding community at all, come on, and the changes his mods are doing are told on the mod page, so you knows what is going to be changed, don't be ignorant.

      Quote from DoxFox

      He really doesn't listen at all. Nobody wanted this modpack of his which introduces undocumented features you can't turn off as it will break your game. Everyone wanted his standalone mods and keeps asking for them to be updated. And his reply is "It would take research to make those standalone mods which are already functioning in this AIO". Why is it a problem to separate them? Dooont knoooow. It's SCIENCE! Takes research! xD

      You are the one not listening. Updating bundles require new research for the modders, as unity 2019 changed a lot on them. Yes the old one still works, but until which version ? Nobody knows, so modders must update their bundles for the future. And yes, learning bundles takes time.
      Saying that nobody wanted his modpack is wrong. Otherwise nobody would have download his mod. You are actually being more toxic than the one who said to you to go fuck off, honestly.

      Your attitude is completely wrong towards the modders, and yet you only seems someone who got disapointed after downloading a mod, you want the moderation to take the mod down or what ? Not gonna happens because it does respect the website rules.

      So you better stop there.

      As a remindder:
      Not any modders owe anyone something within their mods, they are doing it for free, on their free time, with their limited knowledge. If you aren't happy with the mods, help him improving the mod by being nice and cool, or make a contribution to his mod, or make a proper report of the issue on the support thread of the mods or whatever miight helping him.

      None of your fucking comment is helping him, or is either nice, you are acting like an asshole, trying to be a whiteknight fighting against mods that doesn't fit your view.

      i don't want to see any more comments about that, or i'll be forced to close the comment section of the mods, and anyone who gets back on this topic gets a warning

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  • I'm not sure why but it seems your mod makes all the foregrips to have +10 ergo and -4 recoil. I have everything disabled except Operator, gunsmith and malfunction. Anyone else having this?

    • it's part of his previous standalone weapon mod called "Makes Sense" which is now part of this AIO. Not sure if you can turn it off or not

    • Problem is, individual features turned off can crash the game due to Operator sells presets that only possible with all gunsmith options.

      Shape and Size is subjective anyway, just use your favorite grip rather than using only meta parts.

  • Hey there,

    could you please elaborate on the questTweaks option ?

    Thanks for sharing your work ;)

    • Its not fully implemented yet so it does nothing at the moment.

    • Ok, wait and see then.

  • While I'm not a fan of the other gameplay changes in AIO I very much love the Lights&Lasers mod. Is there any chance you'll update that standalone version for 2.1.0 or will the only means of using it be through AIO now?

    • I dont have much time now as before, so i cant keep all my mods active, but you can turn off other stuff via config.json.

      you can leave comments for how you would improve gamplay changes too.

    • That's a bummer to hear. I'll just try finding another solution to the lights and lasers situation since I just don't vibe with AIO's since they traditionally change too many things from the Vanilla experience, but thanks for the reply. Cheers!

  • mod isnt fully tested yet, comment any bugs here.

    • I turned Thermal & HolsterSMG to false. That should disable them correct? Since I'm using a different mod for both of them.

      I also didn't see the Better Lights & Lasers inside there, is that going to be put into AIO in the future? Because if its already in there, it looks the same to me unless its certain flashlights that were tweaked.

    • I think it's currently not possible to disable the operator trader, with the setting on or off they would still appear for me

    • - lights & lasers are always on, because bundels are loaded before the mod. This version updated the game from unity 2018 to 2019 engine, so changes are active but not as good as old client, but still better than without them.

      - false should disable any corresponding change.

      - im working on that trader setting.

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  • Not sure if anyone else has this issue, but the mod just doesnt work for me at all. i deleted the conflicts and now the mod doesnt work at all, ive checked the config file and everything. I don't know what to do

    • its updated now

  • Pretty nice mod, but two critiques. The ammo pen overhaul I feel is a bit overtweaked. It does make Scavs more dangerous, yes. But it also renders higher-tier armor and ammo rather moot as a result. 7.62x54 LPS-GZH probably shouldn't pen level 6 body armor, y'know? I like the buffs to lower pen ammos so that they're somewhat worth using, but higher power ammo doesn't need a boost. The damage they deal already makes up for any deficiency in penetration.

    My second critique is that it may be wise to add in some sort of option for Price Coefficient/Discount for the trader. He's got some nice stuff and I like using him, but I had to go into your code and modify his prices so that he doesn't buy everything for so much. I'm using this alongside Andrudis' QoL mod, with his Vanilla prices toggle active. I set Operator to have a Price Coefficient of 40, and a Discount of 50 to be more in line with vanilla discounts. Up to you if you actually care about this one, but I'll still say it here in case anyone else has the same nitpick as me.

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    • i do get the imbalanced ammunition, it needs some tweaking, i just want to have some consistency with ttk, and adressing 5 m855 headshots cant kill someone kinda situation.

      I really cant focus on this at the moment, but if i can put out an update, it should be somewhat adressed with some of the concerns you also mentioned

    • Ammunitions further adjusted, buy price config added