SWAG + Donuts - Dynamic Spawn Waves and Custom Spawn Points 3.3.5

Spawn bots anywhere - Reserve D2, Customs Crackhouse, exfils, etc. - all possible with a custom spawn point editor and dynamic spawns. Custom spawn presets, spawn options and much more. Want total spawn unpredictability and freedom? This mod is for you.

SPT 3.8.0-3.8.3 ONLY


Waypoints by DrakiaXYZ


SAIN by Solarint
Looting Bots by Skwizzy
Questing Bots
by DanW


  • Version 3.3.5

    SPT 3.8.0 ONLY

    This update includes performance improvements, bug fixes and some new stuff.

    Performance Improvements

    Some Donuts code has been refactored from running every frame and instead runs every second which should provide a significant performance boost. Huge thanks to Chomp for the idea and DanW (Questing Bots mod author) for using some of their code!

    Global Minimum Spawn Distance From Player Improvements

    Before this update the code for checking player distance from bots was slow at certain times which would still cause certain bots to spawn too close to the player. Now this code has been improved greatly so that it checks this distance value just before the bot is ready to spawn instead of earlier in the process which makes this check far more accurate.

    NEW: Global Minimum Spawn Distance From Other Bots (Optional)

    Similar to Distance From Player, these values set a minimum distance that bots can spawn from each other. If this check fails then that spawn will be skipped. Default is disabled.

    NEW: Set your own Despawn Interval (Advanced Settings, Optional)

    Under the BepInEx Advanced Settings for Donuts you can adjust how fast Donuts despawns bots in your raid. By default this is set to 10 seconds. Note: lowering this value may affect your performance!


    All spawn points re-balanced


    all boss spawn chances updated to match live (Kollontay added to Ground Zero)

  • Version 3.3.4

    SPT 3.8.0 ONLY

    This in a minor update that adds compatibility and support for Punisher mod by GrooveypenguinX and Raid Overhaul mod by DjLang for custom bosses.

    NEW: Legion - Raid Overhaul Custom Boss

    The future SPT 3.8 update of Raid Overhaul will include a custom boss, Legion. To enable, go to bossConfig and scroll down to custom bosses. For more info, stay tuned for the new RO update 8) (thank you DjLang!)


    - Punisher compatibility improvements for SPT 3.8 (contributor: GrooveypenguinX)

    - Labs added to Killa in bossConfig (was previously missing)

  • Version 3.3.3

    SPT 3.8.0 ONLY

    This update includes a number of fixes and improvements that should bring more consistency to spawn counts and PMC/SCAV numbers on all presets, especially at the start of raid.

    Additionally, this update includes performance improvements with bot spawning stutters many people experience, special thanks to DrakiaXYZ!

    Be sure to install Waypoints 1.4.2+ for the best possible performance.

    As always, thank you all for reporting issues and providing feedback and thanks for using this mod! A special thanks to Nahl from the SPT discord for all of their time spent testing many of the changes below.

    NEW: Despawn PMCs or SCAVs

    You can now enable/disable despawning for either PMC, SCAV or both (thank you Solarint for the suggestion!)

    NEW: starting-pmcs-only-late-scavs (preset)

    Same as starting-pmcs-only-live-like but 0 SCAVs spawn at the start of raid (Default is some SCAVs may spawn). With this preset there is a 2-5 minute window from the start of raid before SCAVs can start spawning. This preset has also been added to the random selections of "Starting PMCs Only (Random)" from the Donuts preset selector.


    - Global Minimum Spawn Distance From Player for Each Map not working as intended

    - Customs: SCAV sniper in odd places (was using an incorrect bot zone, thanks Nahl!)


    - spawn point balancing for all points, all presets

    - starting-pmcs-only-live-like-alt: some starting PMC points have been changed on certain maps for added variety

    - live-like-alt-2: now uses the same starting PMC points as above for added variety

    - starting-pmcs-only (all presets)

    - balanced all SCAVs - SCAV pop on all maps should be much better (especially smaller maps)


    - Woods

    - re-grouped points so that it is less crowded in Zone_RedHouse at the start of raid

    - Customs

    - re-grouped points so that it is less crowded in ZoneCustoms at the start of raid


    - performance improvements (contributor: DrakiaXYZ)

    - improved some Donuts menu option descriptions for clarity

    - re-adjusted default Global Minimum Distance From Player values for all maps to more sensible levels


    - re-zoned some bosses and other types (like Bloodhounds) so that no "boss" share a zone (by default). This is to avoid any spawn blockage due to zone sharing (thank you Luna for the suggestion!)

  • Version 3.3.2

    SPT 3.8.0 ONLY

    Global Minimum Spawn Distance From Player for Each Map

    Instead of a single value for all maps you can now set the global min spawn distance per map from the F12 menu. The global option must be enabled for these to work, otherwise the spawn point parameter is used instead (in the Donuts spawn files).



    - all presets, all maps re-balanced

    - added new SCAV hot spot spawn point to Old Gas on Customs (all presets)


    - boss-mania Labs properly spawns bosses instead of PMCs

    - Woods Big Mountain cliff spawn point where bots would fall off and die

    - Ground Zero spawn points inside of the bank, 2nd floor in particular would get pretty crowded

    To Install

    1. download zip

    2. unzip to your SPT directory, overwrite if needed

    3. play

  • Version 3.3.1

    SPT 3.8.0 ONLY

    NEW: Global Min Spawn Player Distance option

    If enabled, uses this distance (in meters) for ALL spawns as the minimum spawn distance from the player (you). Disabled by default (uses the spawn point configs instead).

    - balanced all presets: minor increase to SCAVs; Labs and Factory should be more consistent in spawn count

    - fixed Donuts Force Bot Type option

    - fixed broken Woods spawn point by the big mountain

    - fixed missing scav snipers on Lighthouse and Streets

  • Version 3.3.0

    SPT 3.8.0 ONLY

    SWAG + Donuts v3.3.0

    A huge thanks to the SPT development team for all of their time, efforts and hard work on releasing SPT 3.8 to the masses!

    This is a big update - a lot of things have changed for both SWAG and Donuts. Please take a few minutes to read through the changes as well as the mod page, as I've re-written a lot of the mod page for more clarity. Thank you for using this mod and enjoy!

    SAIN is no longer a requirement though it is strongly recommended along with Looting Bots and Questing Bots. Waypoints is still absolutely required, please make sure you have the latest version installed.


    The majority of spawn points have been completely overhauled. I've created hundreds of new spawn points for all maps that correspond to custom zones. Additionally, some PMC starting points have been adjusted from their live counterparts for better map spread and balance. Each preset has been balanced separately for their given purpose.

    Please see the Custom Zones sections of the mod page for more details.

    NEW: Ground Zero spawn points and presets

    Custom spawn points have been created in custom zones (see: Donuts - Custom Zone Maps). All starting PMC spawn points are separated by zone and side of map. In live, PMC spawns can be a bit too close to each other on Ground Zero. I've adjusted starting PMC spawns so that they make more sense in regards to location. There are 2-3 points per zone, 1 on each side.

    NEW: Force All Bot Type

    You can now force PMC or SCAV spawns for all spawn points from the Donuts F12 menu. This can be toggled mid-raid. I've removed the "all-scav" and "all-pmcs" presets since they are no longer necessary with this option.

    NEW: PMC/SCAV Hotspot Spawn Boost

    If enabled, forces all spawn points labeled with "Hotspot" to always spawn (100% spawn chance) when triggered. This can be toggled mid-raid.

    NEW: PMC/SCAV Hotspot Ignore Hard Cap

    If enabled, all spawn points labeled with "Hotspot" ignore the "Hard Cap" option. I'll explain with a couple of examples:

    Despawn Enabled

    Hard Cap Enabled

    Spawn Boost Enabled

    Hotspot Ignore Hard Cap Enabled

    Customs - 10 PMC, 10 SCAV caps

    - Raid is full (20 bots total)

    - Player enters hot spot area

    - Hot spot spawn point is triggered (100% chance)

    - Donuts spawns bots over the cap (ignore hard cap is enabled)

    - Donuts begins despawning bots furthest away from you down to the max caps

    For an optimal experience I suggest enabling all 4 options above, you'll get extra hot spot spawns but save on FPS with the hard cap.


    - some presets removed

    - all Donuts caps are now the same for all presets by default. Configurable in the ScenarioConfig.json.

    - boss-mania

    - all PMCs removed - it's you vs everyone now

    - bot type is more random now and includes a chance for Bloodhounds, Raiders or Rogues to spawn in addition to named bosses


    - 'INS' and 'DEL' default key binds removed from spawn point editor (not set by default now)



    All SWAG config files have changed name, location or both. Please be sure this is a clean SWAG install. All SWAG files have changed in some way and use a new directory structure:








    Some older SWAG options have been removed (mostly because I don't want to maintain old features anymore), some new options have been added, please read the below:

    NEW: disableAllSpawns

    This new option provides a simple way to disable all bosses or other bot type spawns.

    NEW: useGlobalSpawnChance & useGlobalBossSpawnChance

    Set these to true to use the map spawn chance defined in config.json or bossConfig.json.

    If set to false then SWAG will use the "BossChance" defined in the spawn files (i.e. user\mods\SWAG\config\bosses\kaban.json)

    NEW: Add other bot types to all maps

    You can now add/remove other bot types (i.e. rogues, raiders, etc.) by adjusting the map spawn chance. By default, SWAG adds a single spawn of each bot type to all maps each in a random zone. All spawns are configurable, you can add/remove as much as you would like, see: user\mods\SWAG\config\other\ and the mod page for more info.

    - SWAG difficulty "asonline" is a valid option and now randomly selects between easy, normal, hard and impossible.

  • Version 3.2.5

    SPT 3.7.5-3.7.6 ONLY

    SWAG + Donuts v3.2.5

    Note: SPT 3.7.5+ is required for this update.

    FIX: extra spawns (vanilla spawns) would sometimes occur in the first raid after game load

    This would unfortunately cause a significant performance drop simply due to the number of bots in that raid. This has been fixed. Special thanks to DrakiaXYZ for investigating and troubleshooting and PreyToLive (BSP mod dev).

    NEW: Force PMC faction option

    In the F12 menu under a new section, Additional Spawn Settings, you can set to force all your PMC spawns to be USEC, BEAR, or Default which is random.

    NEW: PMC & SCAV Spawn Hard Stop option

    If enabled, all PMC/SCAV spawns are skipped once there is 300 seconds or less (default) remaining in your raid. The time left in raid is configurable per PMC or SCAV. This is particularly useful for those who prefer fewer spawns depending on time in raid.


    Plans for 3.8.0

    I'm in the process of a huge spawn point rework with what will be custom "zones" on every map with new, properly labeled spawn points throughout. This will hopefully increase spawn location density and parity significantly for all presets, allow for easier user customization, new mod features in the future and some other cool stuff, stay tuned!

  • Version 3.2.4

    SPT 3.7.4-3.7.6 ONLY

    Delete this file BepInEx\config\com.dvize.Donuts.cfg
    lot has changed in the config so this is important to avoid any potential issues.

    A huge personal thank you to props, DrakiaXYZ, DanW, the SPT dev team and all who use this mod!

    This is a big update - there are a lot of new things and changes, please take the time to read through it all <38)

    SWAG + Donuts v3.2.4

    NEW: Santa

    There is a new SWAG config file for event specific bosses, such as Santa. Santa has been added to all maps and his spawn chance, time and zones are defined here: user\mods\SWAG\config\eventsBossConfig.json, similar to bossConfig.json.

    By default, SWAG Santa has a 25% chance to spawn on all maps. SWAG will automatically check if your SPT Christmas event is enabled, if enabled then Santa spawns are automatically enabled. If the SPT event option is disabled, then all Santa spawns are automatically disabled and Christmas is ruined.

    NEW: SCAV Raid Preset Selection

    You can now select a spawn preset specifically for your SCAV raids. "Random SCAV Raids" is selected by default which randomly selects between one of the new SCAV raid presets (see below)

    NEW: scav-raids presets

    "scav-raids" and "scav-raids-starting-pmcs-only" have been added. As of SPT 3.7.4, when you enter a raid as a SCAV it will be mid-raid, just like live. To emulate this behavior with presets, SCAV raid presets can spawn more SCAVs, fewer PMCs at the start with moderate variance and lower bot caps. Instead of PMCs spawning at their usual starting locations they will instead spawn near "hot zones" or other areas of the map to simulate PMC location when you enter the middle of a raid as a SCAV.

    "scav-raids" includes dynamic PMC spawning throughout the raid (useful for longer raid timers)

    "scav-raids-starting-pmcs-only" only spawns a small number of PMCs when you first enter the raid as a SCAV then no more

    Each SCAV preset support SCAV Labs raids too, if that's your thing.

    NEW: Bot Hard Cap (optional)

    If enabled, Donuts will skip PMC and SCAV spawns if your bot count has reached your Donuts caps. Keep in mind that spawn points will continue to trigger regardless, there just won't be any bots spawning if you are at your caps already.

    NEW: Configure group chance weights

    Group chance weights have been changed to relative weights (similar to how random presets work). The way it works is the same: 25/25/10/10/5 where group sizes are 1/2/3/4/5 respectively.

    group odds use this formula: group size weight / total weight = % chance.

    To configure, check "Advanced Settings" in the BepInEx Donuts F12 menu.

    NEW: Group chance "Random" option

    If you can't decide what group chance you want to use selecting "Random" will randomly select between all the group chance options (None and Max included)

    NEW: starting-pmcs-only-live-like-alt-2

    Most PMC points are different and not like most live points. This is to add variety to PMC action/placement for starting-pmcs-only enjoyers. Donuts bot caps are the same as the other starting-pmcs-only presets and it has been added to the random pool.

    NEW: starting-pmcs-only-live-like-late-scavs

    Similar to the other starting-pmcs-only-live-like presets but this preset makes it so that SCAVs only start spawning in several minutes into a raid instead of some at the start. This is mostly for users who don't really like PMCs and SCAVs getting into fights very early on.


    - Rogues and some other bot types ignore SWAG max bot caps

    Huge thanks to Cynco for reporting this and DrakiaXYZ for finding the cause. Previously, SWAG spawned Rogues (and sometimes other bots) would seem to ignore any max bot caps set by SWAG. This is because the spawn time is "-1", which ignores any bot caps (this is base game behavior).

    So because of this I've adjusted all Rogue spawns, some Cultist and Raider spawns to Time: 1 so that they adhere to the max bot caps set by SWAG as intended. Bosses, snipers and triggered spawns will be left at -1 and continue ignoring the cap. Additionally, all SWAG max bot caps have been reduced slightly (mostly for performance reasons). Friendly reminder that SWAG caps only affect SWAG spawns, NOT Donuts spawns.

    - "morescavs" preset had way too many PMCs

    - "impossibleraids" on Factory was too empty unintentionally


    - improved Punisher mod compatibility - now all you have to do is flip the punisher option to true, Punisher mod handles the rest and adds the boss to your SWAG spawns automatically. Huge thanks to GrooveypenguinX for all the hard work!

    - MinSpawnDistanceFromPlayer increased for all spawns. This is primarily to avoid bots from spawning too close to you in any situation, i.e. mid-looting after a tough fight. Going forward by default all bots will spawn a significant distance away from you. If you prefer close spawns please feel free to change this as you wish.

    For spawns that are configured to spawn further away, TriggerDistance is increased to compensate for the increased distance. This is to add variety to the location and distance of scav spawns in particular, so that no matter where you are SCAVs can still far away from you.

  • Version 3.2.3

    SPT 3.7.1-3.7.4 ONLY

    DONUTS (updated to 1.3.3)

    NEW: RandomScenarioConfig file

    You can now create your own random preset pools in a separate file located here: BepInEx\plugins\dvize.Donuts\RandomScenarioConfig.json

    Once they're created they can be selected from the drop-down preset selector menu from the Donuts F12 menu. All Donuts bot caps are still defined in ScenarioConfig.json

    By default, Donuts ships with the following random presets (defaults to "Random Live Like"):

    "Random Live Like" - An equal chance for any of the live-like presets (live-like, alt2, alt3, alt4)

    "Random Starting PMCs Only" - An equal chance for either of the starting-pmcs-only-live-like presets

    "Whole Lotta SCAVs" - An equal chance for either of the morescavs presets with a small chance for "all-scavs"

    "I Like Pain" - A mix of chances for the following presets: "split-starting-pmcs", "crazyraids", "impossibleraids", "boss-mania"

    "Quiet Raids" - An equal chance of either of the quietraids presets

    Random preset pools are defined like this in the new file:


    You can create your own and name them whatever you want, just make sure the preset names match.

    NEW: "split-starting-pmcs" preset

    This preset spawns PMCs at the start like usual, but also respawns all starting PMCs later in the raid and only them. In most cases, this will happen every 10-20 minutes and all spawn points only have a 50% chance, so there's a good bit of randomness. So, dynamic PMC spawns take longer but there may be more of them if they trigger, it's a bit of a gamble. SCAV spawns are the same.

    BUG FIX: Donuts would sometimes not spawn solo bots when supposed to due to a bug in the code. This mostly affected boss-mania bosses, some solo PMC and SCAV spawns, especially when using None or Low group chance. This has been fixed now.

    Other Changes

    - squad spawns greatly improved (thank you DrakiaXYZ!) - this also improves SAIN compatibility with squads

    - lots of balancing in all presets; SCAV spawns increased overall. New points added inside Interchange mall


    Please use Questing Bots 0.3.1+ for full compatibility with squads!

  • Version 3.2.2

    SPT 3.7.1 ONLY

    Special thanks to props and DanW (Questing Bots, Late to the Party mod author) for all of your work on implementing bot groups!

    DONUTS (updated to v1.3.2, thank you props!)

    NEW: PMC and SCAV Squads

    Now and going forward, any spawns with bot counts greater than 1 will spawn as a squad. What does this mean? Donuts squads use squad AI, so they will generally stick together as they roam, loot and fight throughout your raids. If you use Questing Bots (if you don't, you should - be sure to install the latest), all squads will travel as a squad and quest as a squad, so as they move around the map they'll stick together just as you would expect in live.

    NEW: PMC and SCAV Group Chance option

    From the F12 menu, you can select the odds of bot squads in your raids. By default, "Default" is used, which is a mix of solos and groups, with 3, 4 and 5-mans decreasing in chance, respectively. None is all solo. Max is the max possible group size defined for the spawn points (in most cases this is 5). This means you can spawn 10-man PMC death squads if you wanted to.

    The weight distribution is currently as follows and is subject to change based on feedback:

    Group Chance / Solo / 2-man / 3-man / 4-man / 5-man

    "None" - 100% solo

    "Low" 0.80, 0.18, 0.02, 0.0, 0.0

    "Default" 0.42, 0.42, 0.09, 0.05, 0.02

    "High" 0.0, 0.15, 0.35, 0.35, 0.15

    "Max" 100% max possible count


    - All presets have been re-balanced for bot squads

    - live-like presets re-balanced for fewer PMCs and more SCAVs (still

    - impossibleraids, crazyraids bot caps decreased down to live-like bot caps (mostly for performance reasons)

    - all-scavs and morescavs presets re-balanced for SCAV squads



    - Default PMC and SCAV difficulty is now "Normal" instead of "AsOnline". This is because when set to "AsOnline", Donuts has a bit more work to do in the backend to cache bots because of varying difficulties, so spawns might be a bit slower.


    - Killa default spawn chance decreased 35 > 30

    - Cultists default spawn chances increased: Customs 10 > 15, Woods 10 > 15, Shoreline 10 > 12

    - All sniper default spawn chances decreased 65 > 55

    Now and going forward this is how squad spawns work at the start of raid:

    Solos or groups may or may not spawn (depending on preset/SpawnChance) and fill to your PMC cap at the start of raid. If your PMC cap has been reached, then no more starting PMCs will spawn (note: this only applies to START OF RAID PMCs)

    Additionally, lets assume that 10 PMCs have spawned and your cap is 12. If the next spawn that is triggered is supposed to be a 5-man, Donuts will instead spawn a 2-man so that it doesn't go over the cap. This is so that if you want to spam PMC squads you won't get 20+ PMCs at the start.


    Please install the latest release here on the hub for squad compatibility.

  • For anyone wondering about the current status of development:

    Major changes are in progress and have been for quite some time - I'm taking it slow intentionally to avoid any potential burnout and hopefully bugs. When we have something to share we will do so!

    This is a passion project for me and is something I don't plan on abandoning any time soon, so I ask for your patience while we make things great for all of you 8)

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    • Thanks a lot for your hard work, keep this great mod alive.!!cheers

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    • No worries, improvements are appreciated but the mod works very well as is, so there's no rush.

    • LETS GOO!!! Thank you Nooky!!! :D

    • Thanks a lot for all you do, we all appreciate it and it makes playing the game SO MUCH BETTER! <3

  • Hello,

    First off I want to thank you for the excellent mod.

    Quick question, my friends and I are using Fika and the Starting-PMCs-only-like-live preset. Sometime when we spawn in certain areas IE Road to customs on shoreline, Back of Oli on Interchange or crossroads on customs we get an ai pmc spawn right on top of us despite having increased the range on all the minimal global distances on all the maps. Is there something we're doing wrong?

  • question. will this version still work for 3.8.3 with realism

  • are the all-scavs/all-PMCs presets removed from donuts? not seeing them when i check the f12 menu

    i get it if it's for balancing reasons but i like all-scavs because of shitty quests like make ultra great again etc :(

    • you can force all scav or all pmcs through the force bot type option, f12 menu, that's why I removed them, redundancy.

    • bruh i'm dumb how did i not see that smh, thank you

  • For some reason sometimes bots spawn either in textures or they are invisible. This is noticeable when viewing the dynamic map. They are present on the map, but they are not present in the raid itself. How can I fix this problem? Could the problem be in Donuts or in the dynamic map?

    • Im having the same problem


    • Oh, in my case they don't have any gear visible at all, can't see anything at all)

    • I've seen reports of this happening with bot types other than pmc/scav, do you remember what bots these were?

    • I had them marked as pmc on my map (red arrow). Ground Zero map

  • Hey Nooky, I was watching the bot spawns and had two questions.

    1. Is there was a way spread out the PMC spawns a bit?

    I currently play with the live like (random) preset and I notice on maps like customs the PMCs seem to favor the west side of the map (RUAF to big red) regardless of whether or not I spawn there as well.

    2. Could we have a feature in the future or is there a way to allow us to hard cap the live PMCs but also allow them to respawn to a total PMC map cap.

    For example, on customs I would only want 7 PMCs at once but if they die early, I would like the total allowable to be 13 so only another 6 can spawn.

  • Hello!

    I apologize for my probably stupid question, but due to the fact that I don't know English perfectly, I don't quite understand the meaning of weight parameters for randomness? Does "weight" have a literal meaning referring to how much carrying weight the bot will have? Could you please describe what exactly they affect and which parameters a little bit more in detail?

  • SWAG doesn't work for 3.8.3 FYI , nothing in the config menu ( F12 )

  • Hi, I read the instructions on GitHub and there are many values\points for settings that are not in the Config of the mod folder. How do I change these settings correctly?

  • well swag doesn't work for me it made so all bosses just didn't wanna spawn at all so I removed and just kept DONUTS and used server value to add bosses

    But does anyone know why the bosses don't want spawn when I use swag?

    and before anyone asks yes I turned off both server value and relimsen preset you need to do so it is not that

  • Sorry for this dumb question, but if I use the 'More PMC' preset for both PMC and Scav preset selection, will the bosses still spawn?

  • Attempting to get Bloodhounds to spawn on customs. Set the chance to 100 in config. Still no spawns. Running Realism as well. Not sure if theres conflicts?

  • I am using SAIN, should i live PMC/SCAV difficulty to "asonline"? Thanks!

  • Hello, is anyone having issues with the bots constantly swarming you as if you're tagged and cursed? Recently updated latest SP Patch and server says the mod isn't compatible but it's only one version behind so it should be fine. I tried using the SAIN mod to tweak the bots to be super easy (even manually went to personality to make them basically dumb as bricks) yet they constantly attack me in hordes and practically one tap me. If it's just a simple awaiting newest update then no rush on the author, I understand it's a work in progress and greatly appreciate the work author does I just wanna make sure it's not user error. Thanks again for the amazing mod

    • hello, this mod doesn't effect AI in any way, once bots are spawned the rest of the game takes over, any AI behaviors are caused by your AI mods/BSG. with that being said if you're finding too many bots then you can adjust that in a lot of ways, see the mod page guides.

    • Oh I see, thank you so much for that I greatly appreciate it I'll look into it right now.

  • tagged 3.8.3, latest version is 3.8.0 only? what gives?

    • works on 3.8.3, I just haven't pushed an update in a while

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  • Quick Question hopefully an easy answer, how do you stop Boss's from constant spawning late into raid under boss mania, they keep spawning until my fps gets cratered and they ignore the hard cap.

    • its a semi-buggy preset, there is no cap for bosses atm so they'll keep spawning for now

    • thanks for the heads up, i ended up just turning off the first setting and i think it made it so no other spawns happened and only bosses so i was able to play smooth throughout and try and kill boss's as it wasnt max capped like before plus the non stop boss spawns.

  • Anyone else unplayable in bossmania? i do have a turd of a PC, but the two times I've tried to play with this settings, my frame rate drops to an unplayable level, so laggy there's no way to survive.

    AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Six Core

    32GB RAM

    Radeon RX5700.

    def maxes out my VRAM on streets, so i tried bossmania on shoreline and it was just as bad. any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

  • Hi Guys. I would like to set a 30% chance for all bosses to spawn on all maps without any restrictions (all of them may spawn in the same location, etc). Which file should I edit?

    Looking at BossConfig, should I leave TotalBossesPerMap at -1 (random I assume or crank it to 10)?

    Do I also need to edit individual boss records in SWAG\config\bosses?

    Thanks a million!

    • -1 means any number of bosses can spawn

      in your case I would just increase the global spawn chances for all in the bossConfig file, however, consider that bosses cannot spawn in the same location at the same time, if you want to avoid this you'll need to define zones for each (so that they don't overlap).

      additionally, you may need to adjust your SWAG caps (config.json) since all bosses are a lot of bots.

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  • I'd like to request that the Spawn Hard Stop value be per map. I'd like a fairly high hard stop, but that would affect factory more than intended.

    • in the future possibly, we're working on a GUI, that's priority atm

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    • go into the mod files and find the presets you want to use. Go into the the configs and change the max pmc & scav bot cap for day & night etc. Theres a file for each map that has a max pmc and scav cap each set for a values 4-8

    • The bot cap isn't the same thing as the hard stop. Lowering the bot cap would result in overall quieter raids, which isn't the goal, a hard stop mimics raids dying down after people have died off, which is the goal.

  • So I'm using the "starting PMCs only" presets. Just wondering if there is a way to boost the ratio of PMCs that spawn?

    I've upped the max bot count in the config files for scavs and PMCs but I'd like for the max amount of PMCs to spawn at the start (e.g. 14 PMCs to match raised limits and then however many scavs spawns) as I'd like to increase the chances I run into PMCs that are questing later in the raid. I dont want to use despawn settings.

  • SPT 3.8.0 ONLY

    Scares me to break when you state this and not

    SPT 3.8.0+ ONLY or

    SPT 3.8.0-3.8.3 ONLY

    • should be fine on 3.8.3

    • I would think so but the mod file still says 3.8.0 in the package file

    • ignore it, I haven't pushed an update since 3.8.0 that's why

  • The main mod entry says 3.8.3 but when I go to versions it says "3.8.0 ONLY" that's just an oversight yeah?

    • yeah fine to ignore, sorry about that

  • Does anyone know a way to guarantee a certain amount of PMC spawns? I'm trying to use "Starting PMCs only" presets, but want to spawn more PMCs (even if they are not spawned immediately). I've tried to increase amount of PMC bots in the scenario config, but it only helps to a certain degree. Like, I would set 10 PMCs on factory and it'll only spawn 7. Or I've set 13 on Shoreline and it only spawned 8.

    • I'd like to know too

    • starting bots system is getting overhauled, you'll be able to define starting bots much easier/reliably

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    • Great news! Thanks for all the work. I'll keep an eye out on the update!

    • wasnt factory 6pmc's only ?

      or does that not count for spt

  • First off, thanks for the amazing mod! Have discovered SPT recently have had the most fun I've ever had in Tarkov ever, amazing stuff!!

    In fiddling with the settings of this and other mods to tweak my game I had a suggestion which maybe would make the game more random. If it's already possible to do I overlooked it and would love to hear about how.

    Would it be possible to randomise time between scav spawns? Noob me thinks by making the cooldowntimer for spawns (MaxSpawnsBeforeCooldown) to be a range of numbers from which a random one is picked instead of a single value?

    Extra context:

    My preset is starting-pmcs live-like with slightly increased botlimits in the scenario.json. Despawns off; bot hard cap on; min spawn distance on and cooldown timer on 313. Also have questingbots and a sain preset between default and I like pain, most notably the loot value for sav's to extract turned down to 100k. Aside from that some more common mods which don't really influence this context afaik.

    With this I like the way my raids progress so far. One thing I noticed though which promted this question is the predictability in which scavs come to investigate me while looting. For example in Ground zero I tend to spend some time in the offices of the Terragroup building and the offices with the HMG in it. I like to take my time a bit looting and am not completely sneaking around while doing it. SAIN makes scavs come up and put pressure, especially mid raid when more PMCs are dead. This is behaviour I like a lot. But since the ground floors of those buildings and pathways just outside it seem to be frequented by scavs their investigating behaviour, and having to fight my way out of the building, is somewhat guarenteed in my experience.

    Am I correct in thinking that the cooldown timer slider does not dictate time between spawn waves, but time before a spawn point becomes available again after creating a bot? If that's the case then maybe randomising that cooldown within a range could give interesting results. In context of the locations mentioned above perhaps it could randomise the flow of scavs coming in to check for sounds. Longer quiet patches between them or a higher buildup of pressure, all at random.

    Would like to hear your thoughts. And if it already happens to be possible even better, would love to experiment with it to see how the dynamics of the maps would change. And thanks again for the great mod

  • I cant play without this mod so I know, stupid fucking question but I gotta ask: Does this work on 3.8.3?
    And if it does what kind of issues are we looking at this being 3.8.0 and not 3.8.3?

    Would love some detailed answers.

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  • i found a spawn bug with the preset more pmcs in labs

    here the images



    he spawns there in the corner This was close to such a stair climb

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  • bject)

    [Exception] : NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

    Donuts.EditorFunctions.CreateSpawnMarker () (at <b594585e522e4f6b8e3fbe2ed49822fe>:0)

    Donuts.DonutsPlugin.Update () (at <b594585e522e4f6b8e3fbe2ed49822fe>:0)

    UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object)

    Class358:UnityEngine.ILogHandler.LogException(Exception, Object)

    UnityEngine.Debug:CallOverridenDebugHandler(Exception, Object)

    This is what im getting the whole raid with something like this scrolling across the game screen with a green triangle not sure what it is . default settings it work after first down load now im getting this

    • not sure why this would be happening, try a re-install

    • Did a fresh install of everything works great now

  • Looking at the config, does this mean that Rouges are enabled by default with 100% rate on customs? Thanks

    "customs": [


    "BossChance": 100,

    "BossEscortAmount": "1,2",

    "BossEscortType": "exusec",

    "BossName": "exusec",

    "BossZone": null,

    "Time": 1

    • I'm not sure why BossChance is set to 100 but I don't think they'll spawn unless there's also a location specified in the BossZone field as well. With your example, even though BossChance is set to 100 BossZone has the value of null, which I assume means that they won't physically spawn. This seems to make sense; in the Rogues config file, the only map that has locations specified for BossZone field is Lighthouse, which of course is only map that they spawn on by default. I haven't tested this but that's what I figured from looking at the config file.

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  • Could you please advise me on how to set a limit for bot spawning? For example, I want to have 14 bots on the map, and new bots should not appear until there are only 5 bots left on the map. Currently, bots keep spawning continuously, making it very difficult to loot because bots keep coming after me.

    • there are several ways to limit spawning, please read the detailed guides I've written on here on how to do so. as far as specifically setting caps for total bots spawned, not yet, maybe in the future