SWAG + Donuts - Dynamic Spawn Waves and Custom Spawn Points 3.5.0

Please do not ask when mod authors will update their mods to 3.9.0
Bothering mod authors will lead to warnings and repeat offenses will lead to eventual bans.

Spawn bots anywhere - Reserve D2, Customs Crackhouse, exfils, etc. - all possible with a custom spawn point editor and dynamic spawns. Custom spawn presets, spawn options and much more. Want total spawn unpredictability and freedom? This mod is for you.

SPT 3.9.0-3.9.2 ONLY


Waypoints by DrakiaXYZ
Unity Toolkit by Arys


SAIN by Solarint
Looting Bots by Skwizzy
Questing Bots
by DanW


  • Version 3.5.0

    SPT 3.9.0-3.9.1 ONLY

    SWAG + Donuts v3.5.0 for SPT 3.9.0-3.9.1
    SWAG + Donuts v3.4.0 for SPT 3.8.x

    Sorry everyone for the wait, I hope it was worth it. 8)

    A huge thank you as always to props, this update would not have been possible without him.

    SWAG + Donuts now requires Unity Toolkit by Arys (in addition to Waypoints). Please download and install that first!

    Unity Toolkit allows for more performant and optimized code in SWAG + Donuts, a huge thanks to Arys for developing this!

    For SPT 3.9.x ONLY: Please use DanW (Author of Questing Bots) AI Hostility Fix mod to fix buggy base game AI hostility: https://github.com/dwesterwick…ityFix/releases/tag/1.0.0
    Please use the hub release of this once that is ready.


    You must uninstall and delete all SWAG + Donuts files first! All mod folders in addition to the BepInEx mod config file- com.dvize.Donuts.cfg file from BepInEx\config folder must be deleted.


    NEW: In-game GUI

    Donuts now has a GUI (all credit goes to props!). Accessible with F9 by default.


    NEW: zoneSpawnPoints folder

    This new folder contains all the spawn points available for Donuts to use. Each spawn points is assigned to a custom zone (defined by you). These spawn points and zones are used by the new spawn config files (read below). All spawn points are entirely configurable, feel free to add/change/remove any as you see fit or try creating your own.

    NEW: map_start.json, map_waves.json files (patterns folders)

    map_start - configs for all starting bots, PMC and SCAV.

    map_waves - configs for all bot waves/respawns

    For details on how these work please see the mod page > Donuts tab.

    NEW: Max PMC/SCAV Respawns per Raid

    You can now set the maximum number of PMC/SCAV respawns in each raid. Default is 0 which is unlimited.

    NEW: Despawn Interval & Replenish Bot Interval

    You can now change the interval at which Donuts despawns bots. Previously this was 10 seconds, now the default is 15 seconds.

    Replenish Bot Interval is the frequency at which Donuts generates bot data during a raid for later use (so that bots spawn immediately when triggered).


    - global minimum distance options are now DISABLED by default. if you don't want bots spawning too close to you then you need to enable this! keep in mind when using this option that if Donuts detects the spawn point is too close then it will skip that spawn entirely.

    - performance improvements and code optimizations (thank you props, Arys for Unity Toolkit!)

    - start of raid performance improvements: Donuts now only generates bot data it needs as defined by your starting bots configs. In other words, if you use lower bot counts/caps then Donuts needs to do less work = more performance.

    - all presets have been changed to the new spawn config system; some presets have been removed

    - SWAG: TotalBossesPerMap for all maps changed to from 1 to -1, this means any number of bosses can spawn per raid. If you do not want the chance of multiple bosses spawning in your raids then you need to change this!


    - fixed cooldown timers not working as expected

    - fixed some grouped timers from not being reset properly resulting in too many spawns in some cases

    - fixed bots sometimes "leaking" through the hard cap

    - lots of other minor fixes, I forgot them all to be honest

  • Version 3.4.0

    SPT 3.8.x ONLY

    SWAG + Donuts v3.4.0 for SPT 3.8.x

    For all who have been waiting so patiently, this one is for you. Please read the SWAG + Donuts v3.5.0 for SPT 3.9.0 changelog for a full list of changes.

  • Version 3.3.5

    SPT 3.8.0 ONLY

    This update includes performance improvements, bug fixes and some new stuff.

    Performance Improvements

    Some Donuts code has been refactored from running every frame and instead runs every second which should provide a significant performance boost. Huge thanks to Chomp for the idea and DanW (Questing Bots mod author) for using some of their code!

    Global Minimum Spawn Distance From Player Improvements

    Before this update the code for checking player distance from bots was slow at certain times which would still cause certain bots to spawn too close to the player. Now this code has been improved greatly so that it checks this distance value just before the bot is ready to spawn instead of earlier in the process which makes this check far more accurate.

    NEW: Global Minimum Spawn Distance From Other Bots (Optional)

    Similar to Distance From Player, these values set a minimum distance that bots can spawn from each other. If this check fails then that spawn will be skipped. Default is disabled.

    NEW: Set your own Despawn Interval (Advanced Settings, Optional)

    Under the BepInEx Advanced Settings for Donuts you can adjust how fast Donuts despawns bots in your raid. By default this is set to 10 seconds. Note: lowering this value may affect your performance!


    All spawn points re-balanced


    all boss spawn chances updated to match live (Kollontay added to Ground Zero)

  • Version 3.3.4

    SPT 3.8.0 ONLY

    This in a minor update that adds compatibility and support for Punisher mod by GrooveypenguinX and Raid Overhaul mod by DjLang for custom bosses.

    NEW: Legion - Raid Overhaul Custom Boss

    The future SPT 3.8 update of Raid Overhaul will include a custom boss, Legion. To enable, go to bossConfig and scroll down to custom bosses. For more info, stay tuned for the new RO update 8) (thank you DjLang!)


    - Punisher compatibility improvements for SPT 3.8 (contributor: GrooveypenguinX)

    - Labs added to Killa in bossConfig (was previously missing)

  • Version 3.3.3

    SPT 3.8.0 ONLY

    This update includes a number of fixes and improvements that should bring more consistency to spawn counts and PMC/SCAV numbers on all presets, especially at the start of raid.

    Additionally, this update includes performance improvements with bot spawning stutters many people experience, special thanks to DrakiaXYZ!

    Be sure to install Waypoints 1.4.2+ for the best possible performance.

    As always, thank you all for reporting issues and providing feedback and thanks for using this mod! A special thanks to Nahl from the SPT discord for all of their time spent testing many of the changes below.

    NEW: Despawn PMCs or SCAVs

    You can now enable/disable despawning for either PMC, SCAV or both (thank you Solarint for the suggestion!)

    NEW: starting-pmcs-only-late-scavs (preset)

    Same as starting-pmcs-only-live-like but 0 SCAVs spawn at the start of raid (Default is some SCAVs may spawn). With this preset there is a 2-5 minute window from the start of raid before SCAVs can start spawning. This preset has also been added to the random selections of "Starting PMCs Only (Random)" from the Donuts preset selector.


    - Global Minimum Spawn Distance From Player for Each Map not working as intended

    - Customs: SCAV sniper in odd places (was using an incorrect bot zone, thanks Nahl!)


    - spawn point balancing for all points, all presets

    - starting-pmcs-only-live-like-alt: some starting PMC points have been changed on certain maps for added variety

    - live-like-alt-2: now uses the same starting PMC points as above for added variety

    - starting-pmcs-only (all presets)

    - balanced all SCAVs - SCAV pop on all maps should be much better (especially smaller maps)


    - Woods

    - re-grouped points so that it is less crowded in Zone_RedHouse at the start of raid

    - Customs

    - re-grouped points so that it is less crowded in ZoneCustoms at the start of raid


    - performance improvements (contributor: DrakiaXYZ)

    - improved some Donuts menu option descriptions for clarity

    - re-adjusted default Global Minimum Distance From Player values for all maps to more sensible levels


    - re-zoned some bosses and other types (like Bloodhounds) so that no "boss" share a zone (by default). This is to avoid any spawn blockage due to zone sharing (thank you Luna for the suggestion!)

  • Version 3.3.2

    SPT 3.8.0 ONLY

    Global Minimum Spawn Distance From Player for Each Map

    Instead of a single value for all maps you can now set the global min spawn distance per map from the F12 menu. The global option must be enabled for these to work, otherwise the spawn point parameter is used instead (in the Donuts spawn files).



    - all presets, all maps re-balanced

    - added new SCAV hot spot spawn point to Old Gas on Customs (all presets)


    - boss-mania Labs properly spawns bosses instead of PMCs

    - Woods Big Mountain cliff spawn point where bots would fall off and die

    - Ground Zero spawn points inside of the bank, 2nd floor in particular would get pretty crowded

    To Install

    1. download zip

    2. unzip to your SPT directory, overwrite if needed

    3. play

  • Version 3.3.1

    SPT 3.8.0 ONLY

    NEW: Global Min Spawn Player Distance option

    If enabled, uses this distance (in meters) for ALL spawns as the minimum spawn distance from the player (you). Disabled by default (uses the spawn point configs instead).

    - balanced all presets: minor increase to SCAVs; Labs and Factory should be more consistent in spawn count

    - fixed Donuts Force Bot Type option

    - fixed broken Woods spawn point by the big mountain

    - fixed missing scav snipers on Lighthouse and Streets

  • Version 3.3.0

    SPT 3.8.0 ONLY

    SWAG + Donuts v3.3.0

    A huge thanks to the SPT development team for all of their time, efforts and hard work on releasing SPT 3.8 to the masses!

    This is a big update - a lot of things have changed for both SWAG and Donuts. Please take a few minutes to read through the changes as well as the mod page, as I've re-written a lot of the mod page for more clarity. Thank you for using this mod and enjoy!

    SAIN is no longer a requirement though it is strongly recommended along with Looting Bots and Questing Bots. Waypoints is still absolutely required, please make sure you have the latest version installed.


    The majority of spawn points have been completely overhauled. I've created hundreds of new spawn points for all maps that correspond to custom zones. Additionally, some PMC starting points have been adjusted from their live counterparts for better map spread and balance. Each preset has been balanced separately for their given purpose.

    Please see the Custom Zones sections of the mod page for more details.

    NEW: Ground Zero spawn points and presets

    Custom spawn points have been created in custom zones (see: Donuts - Custom Zone Maps). All starting PMC spawn points are separated by zone and side of map. In live, PMC spawns can be a bit too close to each other on Ground Zero. I've adjusted starting PMC spawns so that they make more sense in regards to location. There are 2-3 points per zone, 1 on each side.

    NEW: Force All Bot Type

    You can now force PMC or SCAV spawns for all spawn points from the Donuts F12 menu. This can be toggled mid-raid. I've removed the "all-scav" and "all-pmcs" presets since they are no longer necessary with this option.

    NEW: PMC/SCAV Hotspot Spawn Boost

    If enabled, forces all spawn points labeled with "Hotspot" to always spawn (100% spawn chance) when triggered. This can be toggled mid-raid.

    NEW: PMC/SCAV Hotspot Ignore Hard Cap

    If enabled, all spawn points labeled with "Hotspot" ignore the "Hard Cap" option. I'll explain with a couple of examples:

    Despawn Enabled

    Hard Cap Enabled

    Spawn Boost Enabled

    Hotspot Ignore Hard Cap Enabled

    Customs - 10 PMC, 10 SCAV caps

    - Raid is full (20 bots total)

    - Player enters hot spot area

    - Hot spot spawn point is triggered (100% chance)

    - Donuts spawns bots over the cap (ignore hard cap is enabled)

    - Donuts begins despawning bots furthest away from you down to the max caps

    For an optimal experience I suggest enabling all 4 options above, you'll get extra hot spot spawns but save on FPS with the hard cap.


    - some presets removed

    - all Donuts caps are now the same for all presets by default. Configurable in the ScenarioConfig.json.

    - boss-mania

    - all PMCs removed - it's you vs everyone now

    - bot type is more random now and includes a chance for Bloodhounds, Raiders or Rogues to spawn in addition to named bosses


    - 'INS' and 'DEL' default key binds removed from spawn point editor (not set by default now)



    All SWAG config files have changed name, location or both. Please be sure this is a clean SWAG install. All SWAG files have changed in some way and use a new directory structure:








    Some older SWAG options have been removed (mostly because I don't want to maintain old features anymore), some new options have been added, please read the below:

    NEW: disableAllSpawns

    This new option provides a simple way to disable all bosses or other bot type spawns.

    NEW: useGlobalSpawnChance & useGlobalBossSpawnChance

    Set these to true to use the map spawn chance defined in config.json or bossConfig.json.

    If set to false then SWAG will use the "BossChance" defined in the spawn files (i.e. user\mods\SWAG\config\bosses\kaban.json)

    NEW: Add other bot types to all maps

    You can now add/remove other bot types (i.e. rogues, raiders, etc.) by adjusting the map spawn chance. By default, SWAG adds a single spawn of each bot type to all maps each in a random zone. All spawns are configurable, you can add/remove as much as you would like, see: user\mods\SWAG\config\other\ and the mod page for more info.

    - SWAG difficulty "asonline" is a valid option and now randomly selects between easy, normal, hard and impossible.

  • Version 3.2.5

    SPT 3.7.5-3.7.6 ONLY

    SWAG + Donuts v3.2.5

    Note: SPT 3.7.5+ is required for this update.

    FIX: extra spawns (vanilla spawns) would sometimes occur in the first raid after game load

    This would unfortunately cause a significant performance drop simply due to the number of bots in that raid. This has been fixed. Special thanks to DrakiaXYZ for investigating and troubleshooting and PreyToLive (BSP mod dev).

    NEW: Force PMC faction option

    In the F12 menu under a new section, Additional Spawn Settings, you can set to force all your PMC spawns to be USEC, BEAR, or Default which is random.

    NEW: PMC & SCAV Spawn Hard Stop option

    If enabled, all PMC/SCAV spawns are skipped once there is 300 seconds or less (default) remaining in your raid. The time left in raid is configurable per PMC or SCAV. This is particularly useful for those who prefer fewer spawns depending on time in raid.


    Plans for 3.8.0

    I'm in the process of a huge spawn point rework with what will be custom "zones" on every map with new, properly labeled spawn points throughout. This will hopefully increase spawn location density and parity significantly for all presets, allow for easier user customization, new mod features in the future and some other cool stuff, stay tuned!

  • Version 3.2.4

    SPT 3.7.4-3.7.6 ONLY

    Delete this file BepInEx\config\com.dvize.Donuts.cfg
    lot has changed in the config so this is important to avoid any potential issues.

    A huge personal thank you to props, DrakiaXYZ, DanW, the SPT dev team and all who use this mod!

    This is a big update - there are a lot of new things and changes, please take the time to read through it all <38)

    SWAG + Donuts v3.2.4

    NEW: Santa

    There is a new SWAG config file for event specific bosses, such as Santa. Santa has been added to all maps and his spawn chance, time and zones are defined here: user\mods\SWAG\config\eventsBossConfig.json, similar to bossConfig.json.

    By default, SWAG Santa has a 25% chance to spawn on all maps. SWAG will automatically check if your SPT Christmas event is enabled, if enabled then Santa spawns are automatically enabled. If the SPT event option is disabled, then all Santa spawns are automatically disabled and Christmas is ruined.

    NEW: SCAV Raid Preset Selection

    You can now select a spawn preset specifically for your SCAV raids. "Random SCAV Raids" is selected by default which randomly selects between one of the new SCAV raid presets (see below)

    NEW: scav-raids presets

    "scav-raids" and "scav-raids-starting-pmcs-only" have been added. As of SPT 3.7.4, when you enter a raid as a SCAV it will be mid-raid, just like live. To emulate this behavior with presets, SCAV raid presets can spawn more SCAVs, fewer PMCs at the start with moderate variance and lower bot caps. Instead of PMCs spawning at their usual starting locations they will instead spawn near "hot zones" or other areas of the map to simulate PMC location when you enter the middle of a raid as a SCAV.

    "scav-raids" includes dynamic PMC spawning throughout the raid (useful for longer raid timers)

    "scav-raids-starting-pmcs-only" only spawns a small number of PMCs when you first enter the raid as a SCAV then no more

    Each SCAV preset support SCAV Labs raids too, if that's your thing.

    NEW: Bot Hard Cap (optional)

    If enabled, Donuts will skip PMC and SCAV spawns if your bot count has reached your Donuts caps. Keep in mind that spawn points will continue to trigger regardless, there just won't be any bots spawning if you are at your caps already.

    NEW: Configure group chance weights

    Group chance weights have been changed to relative weights (similar to how random presets work). The way it works is the same: 25/25/10/10/5 where group sizes are 1/2/3/4/5 respectively.

    group odds use this formula: group size weight / total weight = % chance.

    To configure, check "Advanced Settings" in the BepInEx Donuts F12 menu.

    NEW: Group chance "Random" option

    If you can't decide what group chance you want to use selecting "Random" will randomly select between all the group chance options (None and Max included)

    NEW: starting-pmcs-only-live-like-alt-2

    Most PMC points are different and not like most live points. This is to add variety to PMC action/placement for starting-pmcs-only enjoyers. Donuts bot caps are the same as the other starting-pmcs-only presets and it has been added to the random pool.

    NEW: starting-pmcs-only-live-like-late-scavs

    Similar to the other starting-pmcs-only-live-like presets but this preset makes it so that SCAVs only start spawning in several minutes into a raid instead of some at the start. This is mostly for users who don't really like PMCs and SCAVs getting into fights very early on.


    - Rogues and some other bot types ignore SWAG max bot caps

    Huge thanks to Cynco for reporting this and DrakiaXYZ for finding the cause. Previously, SWAG spawned Rogues (and sometimes other bots) would seem to ignore any max bot caps set by SWAG. This is because the spawn time is "-1", which ignores any bot caps (this is base game behavior).

    So because of this I've adjusted all Rogue spawns, some Cultist and Raider spawns to Time: 1 so that they adhere to the max bot caps set by SWAG as intended. Bosses, snipers and triggered spawns will be left at -1 and continue ignoring the cap. Additionally, all SWAG max bot caps have been reduced slightly (mostly for performance reasons). Friendly reminder that SWAG caps only affect SWAG spawns, NOT Donuts spawns.

    - "morescavs" preset had way too many PMCs

    - "impossibleraids" on Factory was too empty unintentionally


    - improved Punisher mod compatibility - now all you have to do is flip the punisher option to true, Punisher mod handles the rest and adds the boss to your SWAG spawns automatically. Huge thanks to GrooveypenguinX for all the hard work!

    - MinSpawnDistanceFromPlayer increased for all spawns. This is primarily to avoid bots from spawning too close to you in any situation, i.e. mid-looting after a tough fight. Going forward by default all bots will spawn a significant distance away from you. If you prefer close spawns please feel free to change this as you wish.

    For spawns that are configured to spawn further away, TriggerDistance is increased to compensate for the increased distance. This is to add variety to the location and distance of scav spawns in particular, so that no matter where you are SCAVs can still far away from you.

  • Hi, I have a problem that no bosses spawned. I use "useGlobalBossSpawnChance": true, and change all the Boss chance in bossConfig.json to 100, but still no boss.

  • Please tell me how can I make sure that all bosses appear on maps other than their own? For example, so that all the bosses are at the Sanatorium on the Shoreline map. To complete the quest

  • Any idea why im getting PMCs & Scavs spawning directly next to me

    • having this same issue, pmcs spawn wayyy too close to me. let me know if you find anything, I'll see if i can as well.

  • A friend of mine has a problem regarding the setting window ingame. He is playing with the following resolution: 1920x1080 and the window is too big for his screen, then he must switch to any other resolution and press no on the message. After this the donuts window has the right size.

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  • Hi im having a small problem with the bossconfig folder. all im doing is change the spawn rate of a specific person, so i set "useGlobalBossSpawnChance" to False, and bump up that persons spawn rate.. but for some reason, its spawning every boss onto the map. from tagilla, to rashala in factory.. what am i messing up?

    • Just looking at the .txt for each boss, is the spawn chance supposed to be 35% for all maps? like, they all have a chance to spawn everywhere else if im reading this correctly.


      "customs": [


      "BossChance": 35,

      "BossEscortAmount": "2",

      "BossEscortType": "followerkojaniy",

      "BossName": "bosskojaniy",

      "BossZone": null,

      "Time": -1



      "factory": [


      "BossChance": 35,

      "BossEscortAmount": "2",

      "BossEscortType": "followerkojaniy",

      "BossName": "bosskojaniy",

      "BossZone": null,

      "Time": -1



      "factory_night": [


      "BossChance": 35,

      "BossEscortAmount": "2",

      "BossEscortType": "followerkojaniy",

      "BossName": "bosskojaniy",

      "BossZone": null,

      "Time": -1



      "groundzero": [


      "BossChance": 35,

      "BossEscortAmount": "2",

      "BossEscortType": "followerkojaniy",

      "BossName": "bosskojaniy",

      "BossZone": null,

      "Time": -1



      "interchange": [


      "BossChance": 35,

      "BossEscortAmount": "2",

      "BossEscortType": "followerkojaniy",

      "BossName": "bosskojaniy",

      "BossZone": null,

      "Time": -1



      "laboratory": [


      "BossChance": 35,

      "BossEscortAmount": "2",

      "BossEscortType": "followerkojaniy",

      "BossName": "bosskojaniy",

      "BossZone": null,

      "Time": -1



      this is for stchurman, but its the same for all of them for me, idk why.. gonna change them all and see if that fixes it

  • Hello! I have a question on how the config works. I am trying to balance out the spawns to where AI isn't spawning every 10 seconds so it doesn't turn my PC into a fusion reactor. Can I have some help navigating the menus and how I can also set up a balanced experience?

  • Hey! I have a problem I feel like the new Donuts menu does not work at all. For testing I set the PMC and Scav hard stop to the maximum (10 000) which is about 166 minutes so no PMCs or Scavs should spawn at all however they do. I have Donuts turned on so that can't be an issue. The bots are also spawn extremly close even tho both Global Min Distance is turned on. I also feel like the new SAIN bots are insane. They throwing granades like gods non stop, even tho I configured all granade settings to be as bad as possible. In 3.8.3 everything worked really well, these issues came with 3.9.

    Thank you for the answers in advance, love the mod, just having issues recently.

    • can I see your DefaultPluginVars file in the donuts folder, as well as BepInEx logs? thanks

    • Absolutely!

        "PluginEnabled": true,
        "DespawnEnabledPMC": false,
        "DespawnEnabledSCAV": false,
        "HardCapEnabled": true,
        "coolDownTimer": 400.0,
        "pmcGroupChance": "Default",
        "scavGroupChance": "Default",
        "botDifficultiesPMC": "Normal",
        "botDifficultiesSCAV": "Normal",
        "botDifficultiesOther": "Normal",
        "ShowRandomFolderChoice": true,
        "pmcFaction": "Default",
        "forceAllBotType": "Disabled",
        "useTimeBasedHardStop": true,
        "hardStopOptionPMC": true,
        "hardStopTimePMC": 10000,
        "hardStopPercentPMC": 50,
        "hardStopOptionSCAV": true,
        "hardStopTimeSCAV": 10000,
        "hardStopPercentSCAV": 10,
        "hotspotBoostPMC": false,
        "hotspotBoostSCAV": false,
        "hotspotIgnoreHardCapPMC": false,
        "hotspotIgnoreHardCapSCAV": false,
        "pmcFactionRatio": 50,
        "battleStateCoolDown": 20.0,
        "maxRespawnsPMC": 0,
        "maxRespawnsSCAV": 0,
        "globalMinSpawnDistanceFromPlayerBool": true,
        "globalMinSpawnDistanceFromPlayerFactory": 35.0,
        "globalMinSpawnDistanceFromPlayerCustoms": 60.0,
        "globalMinSpawnDistanceFromPlayerReserve": 80.0,
        "globalMinSpawnDistanceFromPlayerStreets": 80.0,
        "globalMinSpawnDistanceFromPlayerWoods": 125.0,
        "globalMinSpawnDistanceFromPlayerLaboratory": 40.0,
        "globalMinSpawnDistanceFromPlayerShoreline": 100.0,
        "globalMinSpawnDistanceFromPlayerGroundZero": 65.0,
        "globalMinSpawnDistanceFromPlayerInterchange": 85.0,
        "globalMinSpawnDistanceFromPlayerLighthouse": 70.0,
        "globalMinSpawnDistanceFromOtherBotsBool": true,
        "globalMinSpawnDistanceFromOtherBotsFactory": 20.0,
        "globalMinSpawnDistanceFromOtherBotsCustoms": 50.0,
        "globalMinSpawnDistanceFromOtherBotsReserve": 50.0,
        "globalMinSpawnDistanceFromOtherBotsStreets": 80.0,
        "globalMinSpawnDistanceFromOtherBotsWoods": 100.0,
        "globalMinSpawnDistanceFromOtherBotsLaboratory": 40.0,
        "globalMinSpawnDistanceFromOtherBotsShoreline": 80.0,
        "globalMinSpawnDistanceFromOtherBotsGroundZero": 65.0,
        "globalMinSpawnDistanceFromOtherBotsInterchange": 80.0,
        "globalMinSpawnDistanceFromOtherBotsLighthouse": 60.0,
        "replenishInterval": 10.0,
        "maxSpawnTriesPerBot": 5,
        "despawnInterval": 15.0,
        "groupWeightDistroLow": "400,90,9,0,0",
        "groupWeightDistroDefault": "210,210,45,25,10",
        "groupWeightDistroHigh": "0,75,175,175,75",
        "maxRaidDelay": 60.0,
        "DebugGizmos": false,
        "gizmoRealSize": false,
        "spawnName": "Spawn Name Here",
        "groupNum": 1,
        "wildSpawns": "pmc",
        "minSpawnDist": 1.0,
        "maxSpawnDist": 20.0,
        "botTriggerDistance": 100.0,
        "botTimerTrigger": 180.0,
        "maxRandNumBots": 2,
        "spawnChance": 50,
        "maxSpawnsBeforeCooldown": 5,
        "ignoreTimerFirstSpawn": false,
        "minSpawnDistanceFromPlayer": 40.0,
        "CreateSpawnMarkerKey": "None",
        "DeleteSpawnMarkerKey": "None",
        "saveNewFileOnly": false,
        "WriteToFileKey": "KeypadMinus",
        "pmcScenarioSelection": "live-like",
        "scavScenarioSelection": "live-like-alt",
        "windowRectX": 20.0,
        "windowRectY": 20.0,
        "windowRectWidth": 1664.0,
        "windowRectHeight": 936.0

      Sorry for writing the SAIN stuff here I mistook SWAG for SAIN, just ignore that part please. Thank you!

    • I'm using a Linux serve to host the server itself. However the game lobby as far as know is still hosted on the person's computer that hosts it, so it should apply that person's settings. Usually I host the raids so it can't be the problem that the other person has different settings. Unless something big changed in Fika since 3.8.3, but as far as now, the lobby still takes the host's settings.

  • Using SWAG + DONUTS, SAIN, Looting Bots, and SPT-Realism with only enabled bot changes, bot loot changes, bot health, and PMC personality changes enabled and bots do not move or patrol. They just stand still at a location. I also have minimum distance enabled on SWAG + Donuts with starting PMCs and scav raids for scavs.

    Anyone know a workaround to get bots moving again?

    • i have all mods except realism Mod and see an Issue on Woods in the Mountains middle of the MAP. 5 spawned Scavs standing still and do nothing. i Kill them and none of them shoot back.

      really strange

    • im having same issue bots just stay in the same spot the whole raid. i goit the radar mod to see and make sure thats what i seeing and sure enough bots dont move what so ever.

  • Hi, I have a problem with the mod config.
    If I remember correctly from SPT 3.8.x, the mod should have been configurable from the F12 mod menu right?
    But now with SPT 3.9.2 and SWAG DONUTS 3.5.0 I only see one option on donuts, the F9 keybind.

    I have Advanced Settings turned on as well.
    Am I missing something simple here?

    • False alarm, had another mod with the F9 keybind, that's why it didn't work. Re-bound it to F8 and now it's fine.

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  • No bosses spawn for me even with their chance being set to 100 in the config. I have Boss notifier installed and it says the boss is on the map, and there isn't anything there. I don't think its a problem with SAIN, but I have no idea. Raiders don't seem to spawn on reserve either.

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    • Got the same issue. Try to uninstall SWAG and then bosses should spawn

  • little question, does someone know who to activate the boss mania since the rework of the new UI ?

    (try to do the quest to kill all the boss in resort ;-;)

    • I removed it because it was a bit too buggy - I'm planning on bringing it back in the future and it'll be much better/stable.

    • thanks for your reply :)

      (i found a solution btw) you can go user\mods\SWAG\config bossConfig.Json and modify the value to 100 to all boss on shoreline map) "make a copy of the original folder for not losing the original value


  • current problem i have is that bots keep spawning next to me on ground zero, i dont know if its that map specific but they spawn 5m from me even using default settings any fix?

    • you can use the "global min distance to player" in the spawn settings.

      in this menu you can set the distance wished ;)

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    • I have same issue even with 65m distance from players and other bots.

  • 720p problem: UI too large to see save settings button

    Go to /BepInEx\plugins\dvize.Donuts\Config\DefaultPluginVars.json
    Scroll to the bottom and edit the resolution

    "windowRectWidth": 1280.0,

    "windowRectHeight": 720.0

    You're welcome =)

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  • I've had an issue with bots spawning right in front of me, I was next to the machine gun on Ground zero, and I have had 5 bots spawn in the corridor right in front of me.

    Has something changed with the bot spawn radius? or any advice on how I can stop this? I haven't experienced this before with this mod, only on the 3.9+

    • Same happened to me on ground zero in the underground carpark. May just be that map in particular is bugged

    • I may have just fixed this myself by setting the spawn radius.. didn't check that haha

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  • Alright there has to be something wrong with this mod. The base settings for this turn all the ai, even the scavs into the fcking terminator. I thought this was supposed to be a spawn mod? i have the SAIN mod for the ai, using that by itself makes the ai more competent, but using this mod makes them completely insane? i know im not the only person experiencing this cause i can see below some people talking about it as well.

    • I 100% agree with you. Using SWAG and SAIN together turns the difficulty up to 11. To the point where it's borderline unplayable. Something's not right...

  • Every time I start it, it gives this error. Launched a raid on the Factory, there were no bots except Tagilla..qkDzY9zI75o.jpg?size=1303x246&quality=96&sign=bf64a1b1c5a9d0810f6d007fd276e4a8&type=album

  • I dont know what happened, but I changed pmc runs from starting-pmcs-only-more-scavs to livelike-alt and all of a sudden I am scared for my life. Its like the ai has become waaaaay more deadly and smart. And yeah. Now there are more pmc but even the 1on1 encounters with pmcs are so different for some reason. I love it. I felt Like god before but know I am a scared little kitten

  • Hola, thanks for the cool mod. I've been enjoying the starting PMCs only option immensely. For reasons I've been trying to pump out more starting PMCs each raid and I can't seem to get more than 6-7 other PMCs to spawn at the start (for testing I'm using solo spawns only). I've been experimenting on Customs without much luck.

    in config.json for Swag: swagMaxBotCap is 26

    in ScenarioConfig.json for dvize.Donuts: CustomsBotLimit is 13

    in customs_start.json for starting-pmcs-only-live-like: MinCount is 12, MaxCount 13

    Other server mods: SAIN, Andern, Questing Bots, Looting Bots, SVM (no scav/pmc spawn settings),

    For testing purposes: No hard cap, no despawn, no minimum distance.

    Is there something I've missed? Cheers.

  • Hi, after testing, it seems the mod refuses to adhere to the boss config and spawn bosses; also the spawn points seem a little weird on certain maps, such as Reserve having almost exclusively PMCs spawn at the helicopter apartment area, and none near the train station.

    Also never spotted any Raiders either. Inspected with BotDebug from start to end of the match. The mods I used were: Questing bots (A2), Looting Bots, SWAG, Realism (RC2), SAIN 3.0.5, and their dependencies, in addition to BotDebug.

  • I have a question:is it possible to make 8-man squads for ai pmc? I changed the maximum number of 5 pmc bots to 8 ("MaxRandomNumBots": 8), and gave a 100% chance for group to spawn as a 8-man squad ( in f12 menu changed the HIgh chance from "0,0,0,0,100" to "0,0,0,0,0,0,0,100"), but still they continue to spawn as 5-man squad.
    P.s. I made these changes in every config file for every map

    • is this S+D pre-3.4.0 you're using? if so I'm not sure the weight options work as intended, there were some bugs in previous versions.

      edit: you could just try group chance "Max"

    • 3.3.5 version. As far Ias I understand, these problems are solved in 3.5.0 ( not in 3.4.0) version,arent they?

    • And what do you mean by “try group chance “Max”? I havent seen such option in f 12 menu. Is it a new option for only 3.5.0 version?

    • sorry, the group chance option for pmcs and scavs, just under the cooldown timer.

  • The bosses aren't spawning properly! Using the factory as an example, I adjusted the tagilla spawn chance in SWAG to 100%, but he is not spawned. And when I deleted DONUTS, tagilla spawned!

    • Did you turn the setting for "useGlobalBossSpawnChance" to false? Thats the only way your custom spawn chances will work

    • Tried it. It's still not spawned.

      It's my config.

  • Hey There, Just wanted to say Love your MOD. This has been a game changer since the first time I downloaded it. I seem to be having an issue where no bots are being loaded on Ground Zero. Factory, Customs, are fine. I wasn't able to check other maps. No errors are showing up in the server. I used bot debug to see if maybe it was something else, but it's just an empty map.

    • No bots as in 0 bots? Can I see your donuts settings and logs from a raid please?

    • Thanks for replying, I think I found my issue. I was using an old SVM saved preset from 3.8.3 I didn't think a preset would cause any issues. Apparently I was wrong. I uninstalled SVM and it seems to be working fine. I'll attempt a reinstall and create a new preset and test. Thank you

  • i dont understand their is hardly any pmcs at max 5 to 6 in my raids and very few scavs, i have tryed all presets and have increased the bot numbers in both config and in each preset and still the same issue. everything is running great its just very little pmcs and scavs spawn. anyone have any ideas. back on 3.8.3 it was pmc and scav mania lol lol i had to turn stuff down. is this maybe a bsg thisn or spt thing? i even increased the caps for each map in spt locations.

    • I wrote about it yesterday, unfortunately I have the same problem. For now, I removed the mod and everything is normal

    • can you post your donuts settings and logs from a raid please? Ty

    • will do, what logs do you want and do you want screen shots of my settings or the configs from the mod?

    • how do i send you the logs?

  • another bug (I think)

    I was in a room on groundzero and PMCs just started spawning next to me in the room and then scavs too

    and also It felt like there's just no limit how many bots spawn. Especially when I killed the 7th pmc at the same room

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    • Make sure you have enabled the global minimum distance to player options.

      There are many ways to limit respawns, please take a look at hard cap, hard stop and max respawn options.

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  • Just reporting a bug. On every map, there appears to be scavs only spawning in two or three spots, doesn't matter what settings I change. Most repeatable on Woods where scavs spawn in huge numbers at emercom, even though I don't have hot spots on. Same behavior regardless of my settings. Running default settings with Sain, Looting Bots, and required mods (Waypoints, Unity, Bigbrain). Been trying different presets and different settings but that usually ends up in even less or sometimes zero bots spawning. PMCs appear normal but they seem to be running straight to extract and I don't encounter them often.

    • Update: Did a complete clean reinstall of all mods and SPT, first raid on woods felt super active at sawmill very normal and fun. Second raid spawned at village and it was completely dead. I extracted and flew around in free came and found zero scavs were in the raid.

  • Has anyone else experienced the problem on version 3.9.0 where practically no scavs are spawning on the map after installing this mod? I tried different presets and would encounter maybe one scav throughout the entire raid, and sometimes none at all. I want them to spawn in the same quantities as they do live and in the places where they are supposed to spawn, but how can I achieve this?

    • Can I see your donuts settings and logs from a raid? Thanks

  • My Feedback collection after the update 3.5.0 (will be edited):
    -no sniper scavs
    -no raiders Raiders are alive!
    -reserve barracks (around the heli) are a hot spot for PMC/Scavs now
    -ai scavs/pmcs seem to have trouble recognizing/engaging each other when there many bots around an area (reserve barracks area)
    -ai scavs and pmc spawn in the same area and patrol, on the map (Dynamic Maps) it looks like they are ignoring each other - but i could also be mistaken

    • same but I will add some of my feedback:
      - no rogues
      - no bosses (Boss Notifier shows that (Name of a boss) has been located but there is none

      When I uninstalled SWAG, everything is ok..

      Maybe we should wait for an update or something

    • I've been having the same issue about bosses, so i made some test with the bossconfig.json.

      I've tried 100% goons and kaban on factory, and they indeed spawned all.
      But then i've tried the same on woods with 99% kaban and 100% reshala (i tried 99% to see if they just don't spawn when something else than 100%).
      I tried this setup on woods 2 times, and both games there was no bosses on the map, even when the boss notifier tell me they did spawn.

      So idk why they did spawn on factory but not woods, i'm really confuse here.

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  • Hi thanks for the mod , I have the issue that sometimes in shoreline only spawn the scav raider and no other scav, I have checked with the raid replay

    SWAG + DONUTS version: 3.5.0 + aggression IA fix

    Ty mate

  • Anybody els having issues with raider spawns on reserve?

    I can't seem to get any raiders to spawn on reserve, even though i'd set the 100% spawn on reserve in the user\mods\SWAG\config\config.json file and in the user\mods\SWAG\config\other\raiders.json file

    • Can confirm, no raiders on Reserve here to - PMC and Scav runs.

  • I don't get it.

    I have sain + donuts swag.

    Does donuts swag override sain's bot pmc difficulty configuration?

    As far as i can tell it does but to what degree? Scav pmc still use sain AI but with vanilla game settings fir difficulty?

    • Can't work this out myself! Adjusted all options on donuts&sain to easy just to see but still getting nuked by all types of bots. Found a happy group of settings before latest versions but now i just get destroyed. Nades are always right on me, never seem to miss a shot. Hopefully something im doing wrong but not sure. Ive set donuts pmc and scav to easy, sain to baby bots but not seeing a difference :(

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    • Tbf ill just remove the mod im getting rekt

      I was originally atteacted by extended respawn locations but the mod makes everything super pro aimbots and respawn on top of it

    • I noticed that when I was selecting bot difficulty with sain before I went in raid, it wasn't saving. Loaded into a raid, selected what difficulty I wanted on the various types of AI, hit save and export, then save all and there was a difference then. Hope it works for you too. Bots still have some decent aim on normal and easy settings too. Let me know if you try it out

    • I won't be able to for a couple days.

      So you're saying you have to f9 - save difficulty with sain in every raid to keep the settings active? I wonder if it applies to each freshly spawned bot

    • No, it doesn’t override, SAIN modifies base game difficulty, Donuts simply assigns a difficulty for your bots.